BREAKING: Samsung ditches own AMOLED and EXYNOS inside new Galaxy S IV

Yes you just read the title of this message right. Our insider just gave us the first official “unconfirmed” specifications of the next generation Galaxy S, the Galaxy S IV. The Galaxy S IV will no longer use the Samsung EXYNOS processor and according to the latest rumours this processor has overheating issues. Today we can confirm Samsung will use the Snapdragon 600 and it is clocked at 1.9 Ghz which is 0.2 Ghz higher than the HTC One. The Galaxy S IV will have 2 GB of RAM and will come in three variants 16, 32 or 64 GB. As the rumours earlier reported Samsung is going to use a Full HD display. The Galaxy S IV uses a 4,99″ Full-HD SoLux Display we have no information if this is based on LCD3 like the HTC One. But a couple of months ago we posted the first hint regarding Samsung’s LCD factory is ready to produce Full HD panels from early 2013. And we also know Samsung’s AMOLED factory does have many problems with the production of full HD AMOLED screens.

We also know more about the build and dimensions of the device. According to our insider the dimensions of the device are 140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7mm and the weight is 138 gram, the new Galaxy S IV will use a home button and will have touch buttons. If you look at the photo below you will see that it will be square formed again, so they dropped the Galaxy SIII design line. He also said the sides are made from aluminium but the back is still plastic which automatic hints to a removable battery which is good to know.

Yesterday we already found out that the Galaxy S IV will have a 13 megapixel camera. Some leaked photos created by the Galaxy S IV showed up to confirm that.

If our insider is right again this is a bad sign for all the EXYNOS and AMOLED freaks out there. Below a list of the confirmed specifications through us right under the specification list you will see the boot screen photo.

- 4,99″ Full-HD SoLux Display
- Snapdragon 600 1.9 Ghz
- 2 GB RAM
- 16, 32 or 64 GB
- 13 Megapixel
- 140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7mm
- 138 gram
- Home button with touch buttons
- Plastic back with aluminium sides
- Removable battery
- Black / White


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  1. hopefully the processor and amoled issues will be resolved when the note 3 comes out!

    • Yeah they better have these issues contained by the Galaxy Note 3 come October/November. I love my current Galaxy Note 2 this is the BEST handset ever made period. So yes the Galaxy Note 3 is a definite automatic purchase.

    • Maybe.. I’m hoping for the Note III as well as I’m thinking that a good 5 incher plus (was gonna say phablet but apparently it’s politically incorrect to some ;p) this are due for me this year.

      /i9100g/rooted JZO54K.I9100GXXLSR (4.1.2) + Blazing-v4 kernel user.

  2. Well, I’m not surprised about the phone not using amoled screen. Remember the S3, which has a 720 line screen, had to use the pentile version so I’m not surprised they’ve been unable to make a 1080 amoled screen.
    Personally I’d be happy with a non-pentile 720 amoled screen but they have to keep up with the competitors.
    The processor change I care less about. If it work fast and fluid I couldn’t care less which processor it uses.

  3. Snapdragon 600 is a really good CPU. No problem, if samsung uses this cpu.
    BUT: No Amoled Display?! This are bad News!
    But are you 100% sure? Because when i look at the picture, i don´t think that samsung will use this big bezels in the S4. So hopefully there is a chance samsung will use Amoled again. and this is not the final design and final device.

  4. Very disappointing :f

  5. If that will be s4, NOT FOR ME!!!It’s same like others. :(

  6. May people ditch Samsung Galaxy S4.

  7. Nothing is sure until final release..
    Samsung is losing credibility…

  8. Hmmm is the picture also taken with a white version of the galaxy S4??
    Because when you look at the picture carefully, you can see the “reflections” of another device (Below the Galaxy S4 lettering). But for me, this is not the S3, or is it?

    • imo it looks exactly like S3

      • If you change the contrast of the picture, you can see, stat there is no led flash light and the camera is to small in porportion to the backcase, so you can see that it is the galaxy note 8. This means that this picture isnt fake, because the galaxy note 8 was just presented today , and this foto is from yesterday :)

  9. snapdragon 600 is a really good cpu but there is also snapdragon 800.
    Apart from that there is also some other model of exynos that can do the job.
    Samsung always hide specs and general from future releases so it will not surprise me if all those have nothing to do with reality.Its the way sammy do such things,and always wait to release after all the others.
    We have to wait until official specs release..

  10. Really Sammobile, why posting a picture of a s2 with a custom s4 bootscreen as if it’s the s4???

    • SII uses AMOLED.. BLACK should be OFF… Because this is LCD the picture looks real to us…

      • mmm you’re right about the black…..

      • yea look at the top left of the screen

  11. what????
    NO AMOLED??????????????
    Sorry sammy but this is NOT FOR MEEEEE!!!!!!!!
    I Had Galaxy S-Galaxy S2-Galaxy S3-Galaxy Note2
    i love samsung but this is not a samsung Smart Phone
    Galaxy=AMOLED Display+Exynos CHIP+Touchwiz UI
    one proble is acceptable
    but 2???
    CPU & Display???

    • same i welcome overheating thats y i didnt buy the s3

    • Galaxy doesn’t automatically mean AMOLED or Exynos. Only the Galaxy S series had AMOLED-screens all the way through. In terms of processor, the Galaxy S had a Hummingbird cpu and the late S2 had an OMAP from TI. So, it’s not like the customers have a right to insist on any of that.

      I don’t really get the problem here for the customer. The Snapdragon has proven to be an excellent processor and easily capable of what it needs to be in a high-end smartphone. And there’s been lots of top display-panels from other manufacturers as well when we should also keep in mind that Samsung still has the technology. It’s been them building the iPhone-screens for a long time.

      • yes i mean GALAXY S..
        and if sammy wants to use Qualcomm CHIP that must be Snapdragon 800 Instead OF 600

        • ZTE Grand Memo = Snapdragon 800

          Please Samsung, more respect! It’s a flagship device!!!

          Learn from HTC, Aluminium, not plastic.

  12. I hope this issue is resolved in the note 3. I really like amoleds.

  13. the pic is a bit vague. as in very dark, not much detail. ask your source to try for a better image :)

  14. Goodbye to true black. Shame.

    • Anyway, I’m sure that won’t be the final design of the S4. Guessing it is a prototype for development like that prototype SII they had on video.

  15. This is very good news!

    I’ve always wanted a good, optimized processor in my Samsung device, and also a good quality screen. Now this seems to come true. At last they’ll get rid of this PenTile and put a true RGB screen into the phone. Samsung’s AMOLED displays have been in beta stage and they have to disappear until they’re production ready. So many times we have read about quality issues with these displays.

    What sucks is the build quality. Samsung doesn’t seem to notice that the competitors make beautifully crafted devices and goes with that plasticky design again and again. Who cares about removable battery? How many people replace the battery – 0,1%?

    • I do care about the replaceable battery. If it hadn’t one I might as well get a HTC.
      I always have with me a spare battery with me for my s2 and it comes in handy many times

  16. why I bought Samsung all these years? Believe me, ONLY because of AMOLED. It’s just sharp and way better that any other display out in the market. (honestly including Retina too)

    So no AMOLED, no S4.
    I LOVE my S3 for ever. Won’t upgrade to S4, if it isn’t an AMOLED.

    Processor, no problem at all. but it would be cool if it has 8 cores :P

  17. No exynos.
    No amoled.

    S IV is ruined ;____;

  18. This is extremely disappointing without question. The Galaxy S4 is if correct is about to break some serious traditions which can’t be good. No Exynos 5 Octa, No Amoled, the same 16, 32, 64, configuration which weren’t supposed to be it was to be 32gb and 64gb internal this is not kool. This the states will get 16gb and 32gb version only NO 64GB will make it to the states. Using Snapdragon 600 instead of Exynos 5 Octa leads me to believe that the Exynos 5 Octa will arrive later this year in the Galaxy Note 3. Matter of fact it looks like Samsung will be using all of it’s industry leading best in the Galaxy Note 3. That’s what I will be purchasing this year anyway I was hoping to be able to possibly pick up the S4 in April/May cause I always look to get a device early in the year as well as late. Samsung usually up the specs they ain’t doing that either same 2gb of ram, same internal storage as 2012, screen not that much bigger from the 4.8 inch screen from the Galaxy S3. This is very disappointing to say the least. The software better be groundbreaking here that’s for sure.

  19. Hey Danny is the battery size still looking like 2600mah?

    Also if this screen is the same as the DNA, I consider that great news. As for the CPU, I don’t really care either way.

  20. Ok it’s me again. Watched at the image again and it could be a Sony Xperia Z with s4 bootscreen…..can it?

    • Another thing. Why is the “g” from samsung noy above the “x”from galaxy as it is with s2 and s3?

  21. So lets say its true. Galaxy SIV is “ruined” (RUINED) because it will have a Full HD display with a pixel density of 468ppi (the highest pixel density on the planet). At the same time it will have the Snapdragon S600 (one of the fastest cpus ever). Yeah SIV is ruined noone will buy it.


    • I’m not quite sure where you’re getting your information, however, 468 is currently the highest on the planet and it resides inside the HTC One. I do appreciate the Snapdragon 600 though. Samsung said their pixel would be around 440.SGS4 Did clock in at 1.9ghz which is .2ghz higher than the One. I am a big fan of Samsung and also used to be a huge HTC fan. That all being said, I have grown a little tired of their (Samsung) design; I’m a grown up now and no longer want to play with plastic, toy phones. lol
      HTC really knocked it out of the park for me with their new “One”. I am willing to sacrifice the .2ghz for a much better quality phone in my hand. That is just my opinion and everyone is entitled to their own, I’m more than certain that the S4 will be an amazing phone and Samsung will still sell more phones than I care to count. I for one am switching back to HTC for their “One”, and sadly enough I am writing this on my SGS3 :-(

  22. I actually like this change. Dumping the Exynos with its big-little design for te qualcomm is a good idea. Also the dimensions of the phone are still in the acceptable range. Almost the same size as the S3.

  23. I call BS/fakey on both rumored last-minute changes. Complete nonsensical BS from some Apple zealot. First, wouldn’t you expect a different screenshot sample besides a white-on-black, obviously fake, banner? Gorgeous sample screen, ain’t it? If any of you watched the Sammie CES Keynote from January, they were pimping both AMOLED and Exynos in a big way. I *highly* doubt they would’ve done this so close to the product announcement were they contemplating even one of these outlandish claims. If it doesn’t make sense (which it doesn’t), then it’s a flat-out lie.

  24. Obviously, the picture is fake as the newly announced Note 8.0 sports the curved, rounded design.

    • This shows they are not ditching the design.

  25. Wtf no exynos and amoled :S:S

  26. The picture is fake. On all Samsung Galaxy S bootscreens the X in the word Galaxy touches the g in the word Samsung. This is the same on all resolutions 800×480, 1280×720 and 1280×800 so it will be the same on 1920×1080.

    Also these romours could be fake so that we will be even more supprised when the S4 comes out and it has Exynos and Amoled

    • I completely agree with you, emieltes. This is Sammie’s flagship smartphone, and they’ll do the right thing.

      • Haha I’m sure that the picture is fake…because of the same reason
        I hope to see Exynos 5 octa inside the Galaxy SIV…;)

  27. Just helped me out with my decision; I will retire my SGS3 and picking up the HTC One !!!

    • You seriously want to tangle with the hassle of HTC’s S-On/S-Off bootloaders? At the very least Samsung’s bootloaders are unlocked (minus Verizon) and you have Odin mode as a last ditch savior.

  28. Whether this is true or not I think many people are overlooking one important fact. With Samsung possibly using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 600, maybe, hopefully the source code required for the people at CyanogenMod will be easier to get. It’s quite a shame that my Galaxy S I9000M runs CM10.1 better than my brand new I9300. Seriously, the keyboard animations, transition animations, and camera all work flawlessly on my I9000M (which has been given to family). Too bad the same can’t be said for my I9300. It kind of sucks knowing I paid over $600 for the I9300 that, while powerful, is not getting its true potential used. While hummingbird/exynos is the most powerful SoC now and probably in the future, all that power is doing no good being locked up in Samsung’s Microsoft style proprietary source code model.

    I thought easily unlocked bootloaders and Cyanogenmod availability was the only thing to worry about (besides raw power) when buying a smart phone. It certainly was when I got my I9000M. Now, you need to add: source code available for a perfected Cyanogenmod.

  29. Well all I have to say is before this galaxy S business came about with this company I used to tell people to stay away from their products as they made the worst flacking phones in the world, because they don’t listen to customers and put out poor quality and laggy camera’s and laggy performing phones consistently which proves they are just like every other corporation out there big, greedy and lazy expecting something for nothing.

    Had nothing to do with brand religion it’s just the facts, the other issues were their phones were way too expensive without warrant to the fact of the other major issues their phones used to have, like overheating and spontaneous rebooting not to mention lack of style and design, and had I said something earlier before now I would have been able to cast bets on the one fact Samsung was going to fumble the ball just as all companies do after they release great products like the S3. I hated Motorola for these same reason’s because everyone is so programmed to follow the brand and all this does is allow companies like these two to keep putting minimal effort into the future products.

    We need to punish this kind of behaviour by not supporting their company or products when they don’t do something right instead of just continuing to buy crap products because the last one was good and we don’t want to look like fools to the friends last year we recommended these companies to, but let’s get real it was good last year and this year it’s crap so let others know that so we don’t have to put up with more crap products down the road everything on this planet is earned and nothing comes cheap or free and I mean everything let’s stop making excuses for companies which don’t keep their motto’s and reward someone else I have no more affection for Samsung, but I did last year and I am not afraid or ashamed to admit it but defending them now is not the right thing to do for any of us because for the first time I seen progress and it only happened because they were losing interest and market share do give them anything for free because everything they offer us cost’s us more than money but time as well.

    Now when they released the S3 I gave them a 360 degree perfect rating well deserved and only for ONE reason, they hit a homerun and I told the same people I had been telling for years to get the Samsung Galaxy S3 and still do. But if this is what they release then no I will not tell one soul to cast a single dollar on their company because they are coming over as GREEDY and I have had it with greed these last few years. Putting sub par product out and expecting to make the same or even more money is CORRUPT and SINISTER to say the least.

    Regardless of the rumored spec’s I knew for 100% fact anytime a company releases a product this dang good meaning the S3 and Note II they fall on their face just like Apple did and lose everything they have gained.

    The people who worked on this project for the upcoming Galaxy S4 should and maybe will be fired, they miss the mark all together because a great selling phone has to be designed just as good or better than the S3 and anything less than that benchmark of greatness regardless of whether your a geek or not is a TOTAL AND COMPREHENSIVE FAILURE and that is what the S4 will be.

    They should understand that in order to get a consumer to purchase a S4 coming from an S3 you will have to up the ante being most cell phone contracts are two years not one year and also the winner is not just the phone with the best feature set but the phone with the most sex appeal, just like sports cars when they hire designers they have to understand all humans see beauty the same way it’s one of the few absolute truths especially living in a predominant relative truth world.

    The design goals should always be to design the software to act like the utility it’s meant to be NO LAG EVER ON ANYTHING.. MUST BE INSTANT RESPONSE, then the software must be designed to consider the operations and it’s interface should be designed to operate 80% of it’s features being IT IS A PHONE first and foremost using only one hand. Then it must have the most stunning cosmetics to appeal to the majority or it’s only sub-par.

    Now don’t flame me for the statement I will make next but not many people like UGLY anything for example two people apply for a job both have the skills to do the job one dresses like in a G-Q in a 5 star suit and looks like he should be modeling for famous magazines the other guy dresses like a bum torn jeans and wife beater t-shirts and holes in his shoes, who do you think gets the job?

    We live in a world with certain standards and those standards thanks to competition only get more strict with each generation of new creations the bar goes higher and higher, but the problem with publicly traded companies are they are COLD BLOODED and only think about profit NOT VOLUME and VOLUME in any business is KING and this strategy to running a company is why CHINA is killing every one of their competitors because they would build and sell everyone on the planet a product that beats everyone else because it’s accessible to everyone’s budget and appeals to all classes. They will sell 2 million units for a one dollar profit a piece and perform 100 times better than a county which adopts the capital approach to sell one hundred thousand units for 200 profit a piece and that product is crap and not many can afford it giving a company like that no chance of becoming a mega giant compared to the product which sold for the one dollar profit and this example applies to Samsung now and once did for Motorola, Sony is another company that misses it all together and HTC has always had reboot and heat issues so that leaves who to wipe up the slop Apple who also missing it and always has because their arrogance is killing them and their greed is like none other but fact remains they will be the ones winning here because they product quality in all aspects of the only criteria when it comes to product design for what people are generally looking for out of features and functionality, they just are too greedy to open up and share with anyone and don’t understand what people want from a cell phone as they proved with the release of the iPhone 5 which sucks as it offers nothing over any other version more than software add-on’s and they are being punished for that because many have defected to Samsung and now Samsung is handing them back to apple..

    Not saying they can correct these issues but it’s too late as you can see they are taking the wrong turns already and everyone who reads this should expect them to fall just like, Apple is doing, Microsoft is doing and everyone other company like Samsung will do, these are called one hit wonders they don’t have what it takes to be a great company and nothing they do now after THIS FAILURE is going to help them.

    BIG HUGE MISTAKES and SHAME ON THE LAZY EMPLOYEE’s who worked on this product you have nothing to brag about or be proud of, and now instead of this being the NEXT BIG THING IS COMING, it’s going to be the NEXT BIG FLOP of 2013 what a joke of engineering because the only company capable of taking the crown of excellence and keeping it these days was Samsung because it appeared they were listening and doing everything the right way, now it’s exposed they are no different than any other company, now Google stands a chance to be the King this year if they can do something smart and steal the success Samsung has shown the world they can have if they start doing what Samsung did last year.

    BRAND RELIGION is DEAD the only company’s who get my money from here on out are the kind of companies which see reality for what it is and start earning the business of it’s customers and this is the beginning of the end for this company ONE HIT WONDERS.. GOT TO LOVE THEM as the only thing they are good for is showing their competitors how to do it right.

    To say I’m PISSED about this company would be an under-statement.

    I think I speak for many who see things the same way I have vented here. I’m sure there are more things mostly negative we can all say about these companies but don’t defend them for yesterday’s products please for the sake of us all in the future punish them for their bad decisions, then we will get what we really want and you better believe that is the only way we will get it.


    • Wow! so true. If the prozessor wont be an octa core and they wont use an unbreakable Amoled display, than the S4 is exactly the same like the Xperia Z and the HTC One. At least the One has some inovations e.g. the camera and the stereo speakers. Therefore everyone won´t buy the S4, because it isnt something special and ,as you said, the S3 will be just an “one hit wonder”.

      So please Sammy, don´t do the mainstream sh** like the other companys!

      • Note to Samsung, don’t release a phone just to fulfill some release schedule to keep your stock holders happy because you will be doing them an injustice and it will backfire on you.

        Release a phone worthy of your new reputation you have earned 100% since last years product lineup and don’t give that success away with cheap-shot effort and design, from staff who was probably pushed to make crappy hardware. TAKE YOUR TIME and do this next release right and everyone wins.

        I say scrap this upcoming release all together and get your bugs fixed because this kind of black eye is too hard to recover from because times are changing and expectation increase with every dollar you charge more than the last model and this new world of consumers do not forgive easily especially when they have to pay $500-$1000 dollar for a phone!!!!

        Oh and it’s so much more than a phone to most and it has nothing to do with a special group everyone these days considers their phone a sacred thing, much like fashion and for the women out there like shoes.. Get it this thing is really going to heat up the more people get the bad news!!!! So much more than a phone that’s for sure.

    • It’s just a phone for, for God’s sake.

  30. Samsung Galaxy S4 = Snapdragon 600
    ZTE Grand Memo = Snapdragon 800

    Please Samsung, more respect! It’s a flagship device!!!

    Learn from HTC, Aluminium, not plastic.

  31. I was hoping for an end-to-end screen. No bevel. When are we going to get that?

  32. It`s funny how people go jumping into conclusions before seeing the actual final product! Just wait, be pacient and when the day comes, unleash your warth upon samsung if you really have a reason to.Until then just relax and enjoy the rumors either the good or bad ones:) Im still hopefull we ll be positively surprised:)

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