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Galaxy S3 sudden death to be fixed by firmware update

Samsung Benelux reported to that Samsung is busy to fix the ”sudden death” problem of the Galaxy S III. Many Galaxy S III devices stopped working because of a firmware bug. Samsung says they want to bring an update as soon as possible. Samsung even reported to tweakers about the HMTL code to reset Galaxy S III devices. This way is no longer possible.

Since begin December Samsung started to update the Galaxy S III to Android 4.1.2. The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s best selling Android device ever. Samsung sold over 30 million Galaxy S III devices. The next Galaxy S, Galaxy S IV is expected for the first half of 2013.

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51 comments on “Galaxy S3 sudden death to be fixed by firmware update

  1. mufaddal.ezzi 2 years ago said:

    Its good that now S3 users will suffer as we S2 users are going trough..i hope they release 4.1.2 for S2 early this month.

  2. Gwystyl 2 years ago said:

    Are the current XXELL4 and XXELL5 firmwares (android 4.1.2) still susceptible to this bug or is it fixed already? I’m running a russian XXELL4 now, but I’m waiting for the Dutch release…

  3. Offgrey 2 years ago said:

    mufaddal.ezzi, how is it ever good that anyone suffers from anything? -___- That doesn’t sound so nice.

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  4. leroytorner 2 years ago said:

    By this, Samsung takes the blame for the deaths?

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  5. rocksontrees 2 years ago said:

    it’s a shame because it happened to me. I send my s3 to samsung poland and they canceled my warranty and said that it is my fault. I had to repair my phone in not authorised service and pay 100 euros for this.

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  6. trifonwifon 2 years ago said:

    to lebo si uplny pako a nevies to vratit s5, tak ti treba, ked nevies hybat rozumom a citat tak kludne plat, ti to patri, no rozhodne ti nepatri S3-ka do ruk. Dat ti flasu horcice, nic viac si nezasluzis :D

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  7. leroytorner 2 years ago said:

    Really shame @rocksontrees! In my country (Paraguay), my carrier give me (tomorrow) a new unit, even without warrranty. They recognize that is a Samsung problem.

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  8. VictorSII 2 years ago said:

    another excuse for not updating the Galaxy SII?.

    Let Samsung update once and for all to the Galaxy SII 4.1.2 JB. We can not wait any longer.

    S2 Update to Jelly Bean, NOW!

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  9. Alfred03 2 years ago said:

    Hi! Can I update my SGS3 international version and free with the new firmware? I’m from Colombia. Best regards!

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  10. Said1995 2 years ago said:

    Is the firmware update be availabe will be for all Galaxy SIII including Carriers like Vodafone UK

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  11. drugstein 2 years ago said:

    I always use United Kingdom firmwares on my s3… I’m using the 4.1.2 one and had any problems… UK firmwares are the best…

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  12. van_1104 2 years ago said:

    im using poland 4.1.2 version so far its ok

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  13. chokey84 2 years ago said:

    for now i didn’t suffer from any problems on my S3.. running smooth with the XL4 rom..
    now downloading the UK firmware XLA to give a try.. :) to S2 users just upgrade yourself
    to S3, note2 or etc..

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  14. afriii 2 years ago said:

    i’m using 4.1.2 poland too , my phone run perfectly

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  15. afriii 2 years ago said:

    ask , what is different firmware on every region ? ._.
    ex : uk, poland , korea

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  16. taddyj 2 years ago said:

    LOL at people complaining about their S2 not being updated,
    Just imagine how would feel if you had another brand of phone.
    Some of my friends still only have ICS 4.0.3 on their “Flagship” devices.
    Just be glad Samsung has committed to a build for your phone at all!!!

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  17. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    And which phone are you using, taddyj, seeing that you seem to be so equamnimous? The S2 consumers can complain, let them complain, it is their right after all because they paid a lot of money for the full package including promising firmwares. Maybe Samsung should stop mobile business, eh? Preference are not the same by many people standard. Some prefer to be up to date and not back dated with their mobile equipments. Take you for example, you can wait and be satified, but considering that you could have more leverage than some. Moreover, this is not Samsung 2nd bug.

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  18. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    Oh, and taddyj, while you are criticizing others complaints, you should also seize to complain about other complaints :)

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  19. arnelelero 2 years ago said:

    Galaxy note 10.1 wifi also, after I update my tablet to German JB, I can’t charge my tablet anymore until it runout of battery.. please fix it soon… now I need to bring it to Samsung to fix it.
    So sad :-(

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  20. arbi123 2 years ago said:

    jelly bean for s2

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  21. arbi123 2 years ago said:


  22. shadad 2 years ago said:

    anyone who have Jelly bean try this :

    open dialer or contacts only. you’ll notice a lag. i tried every thing but i notice this issue on every jelly bean S3. even the new Gallery app face a small lag.

    now ICS never face these why?

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  23. Deciduous Sprue 2 years ago said:

    To the S2 moaners.
    This isn’t an article about the S2. Go and be whining children in a more appropriate forum.

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  24. VictorSII 2 years ago said:

    @Caduco Sprue…….

    already you want to see when your Galaxy S3 go down in history with the arrival of the S4, you will be equal to or worse than S2 owners.

    More respect, remember that 2011 was the best smartphone S2, S3 in 2012 and this year will be the S4 and hence as usual from Samsung will give priority to the S4 and you “so grandiose S3″ will be forgotten … remember

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  25. Shoomyrovich 2 years ago said:

    I am using Serbian update of 4.1.2 Jelly Bean and everything works just fine until now…No problems, no ”deaths”, no sudden restarts of the phone, everything is just as it supposed to be. I hope it would stay that way…

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  26. Blazy 2 years ago said:

    Did they fixed the bug in the XXELLA 4.1.2?

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  27. juniorLima 2 years ago said:

    I can only come to one conclusion: the problem then it is software and not hardware … is it? because otherwise, how can a rom update, finish a problem this greatness?

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  28. iPat__ 2 years ago said:

    My device died during Xmas. Day 2 when I woke up I wanted to check time in the morning but no response. No led, nothing. Tried all ‘reset-trics’ but no result. It’s at the repair centre at the moment. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    By the way, the metal bezel around the device had cracks on both sides. I am not talking about the corners, which have visible seams. Somewhere in the middle along the long side of the phone.

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  29. matejkuhajdik 2 years ago said:

    jelly bean for s2 will be released on or after the 15 january 2013.confirmed by samsung friend.they still polishing all just stay calm and wait it will be very smooth and fast.the test firmware still missing lots of features and there ar problems with battery logs and battery will drain very quickly.this is what i was told by my friend from samsung(software developer team)

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  30. Iyenk Vines 2 years ago said:

    Dont Cry about samfirmware… you can buy 2nd GALAXY S I9000 then upgrade to CM10.1 … I did it.. B-)

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  31. Alfred03 2 years ago said:

    Hi again! I must confess I’ve updated my SGS3 GT I9300 free with the UK firmware yesterday, very happy….now I’m using the I9300XXELLA in my device, very sweet, very fluid and fast…very thanx Samsung, I will always be true to U! Best regards! :)

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  32. star1502 2 years ago said:

    @ gwystil for dutch you have more locall app @ playstore.

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  33. jerodriguez 2 years ago said:

    the I9300XXELLA fix the sudden death issue??

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  34. maxbox 2 years ago said:

    Today my S3 16gb is death ! really 180 days from when I buy it (09/06/2012) !!!
    It’s incredible !!
    So What I can do now ?
    I’m from Italy ?
    Samsung change or repair the device ?
    And if they repair, how can they do it ? Which component they change ?

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  35. chiebai_13 2 years ago said:

    ive been using the Jellybean 4.1.2 leaked firmware for my SII since November (when it first came out), and to be honest.. there’s nothing wrong with it. Everything is buttery smooth.. and it’s a whole lot faster than before.. just go ahead and try it if you don’t want to wait for the official release.. =)

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  36. oblak 2 years ago said:


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  37. guerouig 2 years ago said:

    1. once and for all, can anyone tell us what does XELLA really fix? exynos vulnerability? sudden death ? both?
    2. I’m runing XELLA right now, updated through kies. but when i run the exynos mem bug checker (installed from google play) it says the bug is present in my device???????

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  38. guerouig 2 years ago said:

    I’m still waiting for an answer from those in connexion with samsung out there

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  39. mktha.dr 2 years ago said:

    I am from Malaysia.
    My S3 suffered sudden death last night while charging.
    Will go to the dealer this morning.

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  40. louka11 2 years ago said:

    i had that stupid sudden death and now i have to wait 15 days to know when they will be able to fix it ….. very very very annoying .. didn’t expect that form samsung or s3 they should change the mobile not trying to fix it samsung Egypt is suck

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  41. fito95 2 years ago said:


    Mine died yesterday. Had my SIII 6 months ago. I took it to Samsung repair dealer. As soon I get an answer I’ll share it with you.

    Until now I’m satisfied with the 1800 and dealer service.



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    • fito95 2 years ago said:

      After 1 week I received my Samsung S3 repaired at no cost. They replaced the motherboard.

      However a friend of mine had the same problem and Samsung didn’t accept his reclaim because it had dust on the usb port. WTF??!

      Although I am happy with my case, I just feel lucky and not sure about Samsung customer service.

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  42. humbertm 2 years ago said:

    WORST SERVICE EVER!!!! NEVER BUY A SAMSUNG PHONE!!!!!, my phone (samsung galaxy s3) presented sudden death because of the cheapy motherboard in samsungs phone and now samsung doesn’t take responsible of the repair of my phone. i would never buy a samsung phone or anything made by samsung. i was a faithfull samsung costumer i have a samsung smart tv, samsung refigerator, 2 samsung galaxys s3, a samsung air conditioner my wife has another samsung s3. I WOULD NEVER BUY another samsung piece of crap. they said that their products have a warranty but they not have anything.

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    • fito95 2 years ago said:

      Too bad you had that crappy experience. I still thing that if you send a letter of complaint like your post to Samsung, there must be something they can consider in order to keep you as customer.

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  43. pablopila78 2 years ago said:

    When DBT will get updates of eliminating sudden death?

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  45. amged1976 2 years ago said:

    it happened with me in Iraq and the company didn’t help me and told that problem from me and they want 250 $ to solve it

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  46. sickofit 2 years ago said:

    i purchased an S3 in february, the phone lasted me 8 months and then today i had the sudden death happen to my phone, and it was completely updated… so much for that fix eh? waiting on a replacement phone… I didn’t even bother with trying to get it fixed.

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