Samsung to show off 5.5-inch Flexible Display at CES 2013

Samsung’s subsidiary, Samsung Display will showcase two flexible displays at the CES next month. The first display panel will cater to smartphones that will have a display size of 5.5-inches and 1280×720 HD resolution whereas the second one will be a 55-incher for televisions.

Samsung says the screens can be bent but they cannot be rolled up completely.
Hopefully, Samsung will reveal more details at the CES as to when we can expect it in a real device.


Phones 8
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  1. This will be note 3 for 5.5 inch

  2. curved device on pocket? lol..

  3. la ayre

  4. Flexible display on any phone could be a big advantage. How many times a user, while talking on the phone, leaves some sweat on the screen in the summer time or ladies smear the screen with their facial makeup. Having the screen curved a little inward would literally eliminate that. When you add unbreakability of a flexible screen, then you have a great screen.

    The problem is rather built and design of the rest of Samsung phone. Currently, Samsung phones have sturdier screens than the back cover and the side frames. Most of the time we have to put our Samsung phones in a third party cases in order to protect them. Not only it cost us extra money, but cases cover original Samsung design. This does not work neither for us users, nor for Samsung. HTC phones with Gorilla glass do not need a protection cases and their brand design is always visible and recognizable from a distance, they keep fresh look significantly longer than Samsung. I think a 500 Euros phone should be able to keep its reasonably fresh look for about two years at least.

  5. bullshit samsung did not say any of above :D

  6. indeed, the above sounds like belf to me.

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