Spotted: Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105

This is the Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105… As you can see the phone looks a lot as the real Galaxy S II.
Samsung will be announcing the Galaxy S II Plus in 2 colors Chic White and Dark Blue.
According to the information that our insiders have just sent to us, The Galaxy S II Plus will only be available with a 8GB storage option.
The Galaxy S II Plus is planned to come in 2013 Q1, according to our information Samsung will start shipping the Galaxy S II Plus Chic White from week 3 and the Galaxy S II plus Dark Blue version from week 5.

Rumored specifications.
The Galaxy S II Plus looks not to be an upgrade more a cheaper downgrade…
Screensize and resolution are the same as the current S II (4.3” 480 x 800)
Samsung even downgraded the processor to 1ghz dual-core processor.
The Samsung Galaxy S II Plus GT-I9105 is based on Android 4.1.1 or 4.1.2  Jelly Bean.

 source source (translated)

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  1. So it’s rather a Galaxy S II Minus.

  2. So will there be a Galaxy S II Advance after this? Because after the Plus there is the Advance version like my Galaxy S Advance which is basically a dual core version of the original Galaxy S.

  3. Galaxy S Advance Jelly Bean update..staying tuned at SamMobile..waiting for the good news for my phone!

  4. so…. downgrade hardware, update software, call it a “plus” and forget about the i9100 ehhh…..

  5. SuckSung

  6. I see no purpose with this phone, since the ”real S2” prices are dropping anyway… Especially if you purchase them through ”questionable channels” ;))

  7. this release will just bury I9100 updates, so there will not be more updates after 4.1.2, if you want an S2 with the lastest android you will have to buy this phone (i9105).

  8. too many android devices! update process would be quite horrible if they have even thinked to upgrade all those phones ever to newer android version. I think samsung is shooting their own legs even now so many people complain about slow update progress.

  9. this will disgrace the mighty S2 name..bullSh*T

  10. so now give us jellybean!!!!!

  11. What if it’s actually a dual-A15 1 GHz CPU, about two times faster than the original dual-A9 1.2 GHz one ? That would make a lotta more sense.

  12. @824587

    Yes, but only if the price will not be (too) high…

  13. I still think s advance is fast enough to run jb..
    did samsung forgot about this phone

  14. I think no-one really need such a device. Specifications like the Galaxy S I9000 with the case of the Galaxy S II I9100. Senseless work combined with waisted time. They even more should concentrate a less various devices, but more concentrate on features, functionality and quality.
    In my eyes it’s just to make money.
    And to the software: why is this device “capable” of ICS and Jelly Bean and why do they claim the Galaxy S I9000 would not be able to run ICS and Jelly Bean? We all know that’s not true.
    They should do more for their customers, especially in the matter of updates. It would not cause that much work as to design and create a new “useless” model.

  15. it should be called samsung galaxy s II minus

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