Samsung to introduce a 4.99″ Full HD AMOLED at CES 2013 in Vegas!

The Engineers over at Samsung display out done themselves this time, they managed to make a 4.99″ Full HD display with a stunning PPI of 441.

First we heard the rumors that Samsung would use Full HD LCD’s, because the production seemed to be too difficult, but now according to Asiae Samsung will showcase their new AMOLED screens at CES 2013.

They will start mass production in Q1 2013 and will be launched with the Galaxy S IV we presume.

An official from Samsung Display said: “it has more than 100 pixels per inch more than the  Apple iPhone’s 326 ppi  stretched beyond the limits of the human eye level”.

So once again innovation at its best at Samsung!



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[...] que últimamente estamos viviendo. Samsung es muy consciente de ésto y, como bien podemos leer en Sammobile, los surcoreanos siguen demostrando que están al tanto de las últimas innovaciones y, por ello, [...]

4 years 13 days ago

Samsung galaxy Nexus would be sick too:DD

4 years 15 days ago

Good,….galaxy note 3!!!

4 years 16 days ago

I have the galaxy s3 and for my opinion the size of it is enough big for a smartphone that use as phone.

4 years 16 days ago

The mains improvement that I would samsung introduces in next gen of galaxy are:
dedicated button for camera
mettalic body as the samsung wave S8500 phone
physical buttons for the calls
2 gb ram
a display more resistant to scratches
Super Amoled PLUS (no pentile) with HD or full HD resolution.
Better sound with stereo speacker
bigger battery, 2600 mAh i.e.

4 years 16 days ago

Oh brother…and Galaxy S VIII will have a 9 inch display? :))

4 years 16 days ago

I have an S2 now (just updated to 4.1.2 :)) and I’ll replace it only with S4!
Full HD screen for a phone, this is really sick!

4 years 16 days ago

if they get rid of hardware microphone on the top and replace it with software microphone, they can fit it in sgs3 design
4 years 16 days ago


4 years 17 days ago

Would not pentile matrix Samsung.Give a Super Amoled HD PLUS 1920×1080 12subpixels.

4 years 17 days ago

I believe Samsung could make 4.99 inch S4 with the same body dimension as S3 and hopefully still keeping the physical home button.

Note 2:
Horizontal bezel: 11.35 mm
Vertical bezel: 28.1 mm

SGS 3:
Horizontal bezel: 10.9 mm
Vertical bezel: 30.4 mm

SGS 4 requirement to retain SGS 3 body dimensions:
Horizontal bezel: 8.4 mm (this is not impossible, RAZR M has 7.3 mm)
Vertical bezel: 26.1 mm (this is only 2 mm less than what they achieved for Note 2)

Go Samsung!

4 years 17 days ago

4.99 inches could be fine for the S4. Either they fit software buttons in the extra space or the resize the space between screen and edge on top and bottom. S3 has a lot of space left on the bottom and also a bit on the top between edge and speaker.

4 years 17 days ago

reducing the bezel size of the galaxy s3 frame will fit this monster screen within the dimensions of s3… wow!! really exciting

4 years 17 days ago

+1 yea 4.99 very big

4 years 17 days ago

haha… next gen Galaxy no homebutton.

4 years 17 days ago

… and very small for GNotes series!

4 years 17 days ago

nooooo, 4,99 is very big for Galaxy S device