I9100XXLSJ – Galaxy S II Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean TEST firmware

We of SamMobile would like to give you the latest I9300XXLSJ Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Test firmware for the Galaxy S II. I9100XXLSJ is the first ever Jelly Bean leak for the Galaxy S II and surprisingly it’s really stable as well. This TEST Firmware was leaked by Forum Member izap of XDA-Developers.

This build is very much near perfect so we believe that Samsung will actually start rolling out the Official Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S II very soon. The day Samsung starts to roll out the official update you will be able to install the latest update through Kies or OTA update.

Some of the Enhancements in the new Jelly Bean Update:
- Buttery Smooth Performance & Great Stability (Thanks to Project Butter)
- New TouchWiz Nature UX (Same UI as of the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II)
- Samsung’s Cloud services
- Direct Call, Smart Stay and Pop-up Play Features
- New Widgets From the Galaxy S III
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now

This is a PRE-RELEASE version so not official from KIES.
As this is a PRE-RELEASE firmware so expect some minor bugs.
Firmware Details: 
Android Version: 4.1.2 – JZO54K (Jelly Bean)
Changelist: 462349
Build Date: 6th November 2012


Flashing Instructions:

- Unzip the file
- Open Odin 3.04 (already included in the firmware package)
- Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin
- Add CODE_I9100XXLSJ.tar to PDA
- Add MODEM_I9100XXLS6.tar to PHONE
- Add CSC_HOME_OXX_I9100OXXLS1.tar to CSC
- Make sure re-partition NOT ticked
- Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

(Source: XDA-Developers)

*Better video tomorrow!

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  1. LET ME LOVE YOU!!! I was complaining today “why aren’t there any JB leaks for SGS2″ and poof! SamMobile did it again.
    “Minor bugs” they can’t be worse than the RIL-crashes-and-sleeps-of-death-fest on CyanogenMod 10.
    (Wait… How to root this, will a CF-Root flash do?)
    Thanks once again <3

  2. finally !!!!!!!!!

  3. And we’re off yeeehaawwww :)

  4. #GodBlessSamsung

  5. I hope I9100XXLSL coming soon.

  6. Very good firmware from Samsung, that have almost all features from S3 (I hope ripple locksreen will come in final version aswell), my next phone will be definitely from Samsung. Very good job on firmware.

  7. thank u very much!!!!!!
    i really happy today.
    You are great team.
    AAAAA team

  8. teşekkürler sammobile :)

  9. Yeah buddy! Thanks SamMobile for sharing it!!!!

  10. 500mb????? OMG.

  11. answer me when note update n7000xxls7 plz plz plz plz plz plz answer me

  12. no water screen lock? shit

  13. sammobile thanks when update note plz plz plz plz plz

  14. plz sammobile

  15. support arabic?

  16. There is no ripple-screenlock, but as they mentioned it’s a pre-release which some things could be changed after release

  17. Finally…!!!!!! thanks, thanks and very thanks..

    4.1.2 and New TouchWiz Nature UX

    Pop-up Play Features

    2 Home screen modes

    I had the Galaxy S, now I have S2 and S3. I will have S4 for this support.

  18. dosent Multi-View and popupvideo support ?

  19. finally came out the lacked! when you receive the official version? we will also us the multi-view?

  20. What about Samsung Galaxy S Advance? :(, we want jelly bean too!!

  21. any news about i9100G

  22. Great job sammobile ! Good news sgs2 Jb!!!

  23. th’x samsung <3

  24. i’m buying another S2 :D

  25. I love you Samsung :)

  26. Now there is no doubt: JB it’s here for our Samsung Galaxy S2.
    Good work Samsung.

  27. how to extract this file to become a good ?????????????? I9100XXLSJ_I9100OXXLS1_OXX.zip

    are only getting error error error

    somebody help me please………..

  28. It says “Add I9100XXLSJ_ I9100OXXLS1_I9100XXLS6_HOME.tar to PDA”
    But i do not have this file? ^^

  29. MODEM_I9100XXLS6.tar 12Mb
    CSC_HOME_OXX_I9100OXXLS1.tar 29Mb
    CHECKSUM.md5 478 Bytes

    Extracted files :-((((

  30. Finally ,God Arrive In To The World.

  31. After unzipping the file i had 3 main files. CODE, CSC and MODEM. I downloaded odin 3.07 off XDA. Place the CODE file under PDA, MODEM under PHONE and CSC under CSC then hit the start button . Remember to enable usb debugging before switching off into download mode.

  32. There is no odin in the rar :( neither the files needed to flash JB on S2
    Someone please do a “step by step” ‘cos i think i missed something xD
    I download the I9100XXLSJ_I9100OXX…zip file

  33. I flashed it with Mobile Odin without Data partition. Thanks to this I have a new rom without wipe.

  34. i was waiting for this thanks sammob :))))))))))))))

  35. So when the official rom comes out, do i flash back to stock 4.0.4 ICS and do an official update?

  36. i’m so happy now !!!!!!

  37. Big plus to SAMMOBILE.COM !
    Wonderfull leak !
    Now remains one question: is it pre-rooted ?
    If no… how to root ?

  38. THANK YOU FOR THIS! *teary eyes* lol….

  39. Alguien que hable es español, como van los archivos en el odin, bajaron de otro lado la version de odin 3.04, me pueden ayudar @klownmx en twitter

  40. Congo to all s2 owners for their first official leak.

  41. brick bug present in this rom caution

  42. 4.1.2 sgs2 before sgn2 :D not that im mad or anything :D its just now is the right time talk about fairness, anyways im happy for sgs2 users, cograts and enjoy

  43. Just flashed it, couldn’t be more happier!
    Thanks Sammobile! I always visit your site for news about updates!

  44. what is that about 2 home screen mode?

  45. This is how you do business. Now I will get Note II just to enhanced my Galaxy sets.

  46. go to settings – about device and click on the android version really quick. you are in for a little suprise

  47. hahahaha dont tell me… hmmm… 4.0.5 ics? xD

  48. No ripple effect and no multi-view… worst, still has the brick bug.

    For the most part, it can be almost considered for daily use… almost…

    You guys have been warned XD

  49. enfin jelly bean pr mn s2 youpiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii :)

  50. s ii guys? are you happy now? haha

  51. how about my note 10.1?? zzzz

  52. petit problème,après avoir flashé cette “rom” j’ai perdu mon desimlockage et je me suis retrouver avec ce beau message “Saisir la clé de contrôle du blocage du réseau” ! ATTENTION !

  53. I will wait for the official… i don’t like costom roms i have tried alot most of them has bugs….

  54. Finally !!!….. Am happy…. But still have to wait for the official release…. Well, atleast we now know that Samsung is working on S2….

  55. Thank you so much Samsung.This rom even as leak and pre-released is so amazing and fast.I wonder how perfect will be the complete official release of 4.1.2 I wait so badly.Thank you that you not forget your galaxy s ii customers

  56. Love u guys. Now downloading the test firmware.

  57. WOOOOHH!!! Many people WAITING for this!!! oh! my GOSH!! I thought i will not buy samsung anymore if this will not release as they promise.. Thank God! Samsung for doing what you’ve promise for us…. i hope we can have the stable version soon… and have the same S MEMO like in Sg3 and Video popup play… THANK YOU SO MUCH SAMSUNG FOR A GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR SG2 USERS LIKE ME… SUCH A GREAT YEAR!! CHEERSS!! :)))

  58. looking forward :) for the best GREAT SAMSUNG WORKS!

  59. tank you samsung i wait stable jelly bean

  60. i have installed it on my S2 and works 100%, and the old USB jig tool has reset the binary counter removed the triangle and set to official firmware, (google how to make a jig from a usb plug and your all set)

  61. love you samsung<3 waiting for this for a long time:D i will try it and get back to the 4.0.4 and wait for the official release…thx again guys for your work:D

  62. Is root required to flash this rom? Or one can directly flash it on the stock rom via odin.. ?? Please reply.. I’m bored with the stock ICS 4.0.4 on my GS2

  63. i love you!!!

  64. can this be hellraised to the sgh-i777


  66. There is no odin in the rar neither the files needed to flash JB on S2
    Someone please do a “step by step” ‘cos i think i missed something xD
    I download the I9100XXLSJ_I9100OXX…zip file

  67. does it support USB Keyboard, mouse and joystick????

  68. wow….finally amazing …. thnxxxx samsung :)

  69. How to add images for my post

  70. My sim not working …. it asks me to enter sim unlock code ???? What is it -??? Kindly help

  71. I CAN NOT unpack this file I9100XXLSJ_I9100OXXLS1_OXX.zip because she fails to winrar. Incorrect file as shown


  72. plssssssssssssssssssss add ripple-screenlock many people waiting…….

  73. how best to go to JB with 2.3.6 or 4.0.4?

  74. can I install this update if my GS2 is not rooted??

  75. ROOTED ROOTED …….. somedbody help me. how to extract this file???????? Step by step firmware update please

  76. Can I have this update on my 4.0.4 without rooting?? Please help

  77. Great SAMMOBILE !! +100 Thanks for info and screenshots !!!

    Very happy day !

  78. Can I have this update on my 4.0.4 without rooting?? Please help!!!!!!

  79. My sim not working …. it asks me to enter sim unlock code ???? What is it -???

  80. big hug to samsung and all fellow sgs2 owners… prepare for a party soon when the official will be leaked!!

  81. @ Summerke76 Sim Unlock code is something you set up on your own… absolutely related to your sim.. contact your Service Provider..they’ll help you.. till then..use another SIM or remove your current sim..this should help

  82. Jeeeaaaah!!!!!!

  83. can I get this update without rooting!?

  84. this firmware can using for I9100G ? or only for some s2 model only?

  85. Install it and it would remove your root.

  86. Just wait to official rom leakec guys. Dont flash your phone now if you want a stable jb later. It may brick your phone with this test firmware. This leaked just for developers use not for normal customer like as. If brick(hardbrick), u should buy a new sgs2. So which one is agood one.wait until official rom leaked or die with your test firmware now.

  87. Only for GTI9100 international. Sorry for “G” version.

  88. my phone is not rooted… can I still install it with ODIN or I need to root the phone?

  89. Elli yılda yayınladınız SAMMOBILE TÜRKİYE de yaşayan kullanıcınız olarak sizden utanıyorum. 4.0.4 gelmedi bile

  90. can I get this update by following the above steps?? I HAVE NOT ROOTED MY PHONE. IS ROOTING REQUIRED?

  91. what about i9100G ? 4.1.2

  92. why there is no note 2 gallery app ?

  93. Expected at the end of the news and update leaked, and I hope you do not ignore the turkey as in version 4.0.4 samsung …

  94. Dear prople,

    You should be very happy with this massive wonderful upgrade! Looking back to other Android manufacturers like HTC or LG, Samsung is doing a wonderful job. When I bought my S2 with Android 2.3.4 I cound not imagine that one day I could get for the same money a Galasy S3. I„m not joking, because with the new interface, the new features and it„s powerful hardware, the Galaxy S2 Jally bean is more than you can ask. it is smarther than an iPhone 5, it is fast, and has a lot of useful features that make life easyer. look at smart stay, direct call, motion sensors with new powers, new keyboard, Google Now, floating video player, new gallert with face tagging, group cast, notifications, toggles and brightness slider in notifications, lockscreen with shortcuts,blocking mobe (do not disturb feature), S Planer, widgets, 50 GB Cloud backup (it blows iCloud)… it has the best of Galaxy S3, the best of Samsung inovations from 2013 on a 2011 phone!

  95. my phone was factory unlocked. I put it in a jelly bean. and now the wire fence enclosed. What’s this??

    WHAT IS IT ?

  97. This firmware is ok for daily use. Ahsan161, you can use galaxsim from market to unlock your SIM in seconds.

  98. Sim unlock thing? happens in every case? DO I NEED TO BACK UP MY DATA?

  99. How to root galaxy s2 jelly bean 4.1.2 ? my phone not factory unlocked.

  100. will the brick bug be fixed with this release???

  101. Dose it support s2G GTI9100G ? Plz any body answer me

  102. i9100G will probably follow later, same as with ICS update.

  103. When official jb come out for Samsung galaxy note ? Samsung plz say it plz samy!! I will buy gn3 100%%%%
    Samsung. Is the best best

  104. Any news about i9100G?

  105. Hoooooow toooooo unlooooock galaxy s2 Jelly Bean ????????????????????????????????????

  106. works like butter..!! i guess that’s why its called project butter…!!

  107. Nice!! this is the only way to build up brand loyalty, i was thinking on buying a Nexus 4, but this give me confidence to stay with samsung (also I don’t want to go back to LCD after this amazing AMOLED… :)

  108. thank u so much

  109. Hi if you want the ripple lockscreen to work set your dpi to 180 :) this is a very good rom much better than cm10

  110. man!! it even has smart stay!!! this is what i call worth waiting for!!…..

  111. how to add ripple-screenlock this rom… ?

  112. NTER SIM UNLOCK CODE ! This appeared after installin this firmware … Why ? I do not have simlock.

  113. Central and local directory mismatch for file “I9100XXLSJ_I9100OXXLS1_OXX/” (general purpose flags – local: 0 hex central: 800 hex).
    Severe Error: Local and central GPFlags values don’t match.
    How can I solve this?

  114. When I try to unzip the file, I get the following error message:
    Central and local directory mismatch for file “I9100XXLSJ_I9100OXXLS1_OXX/” (general purpose flags – local: 0 hex central: 800 hex).
    Severe Error: Local and central GPFlags values don’t match.
    Can anyone help me?

  115. Finally IT’S here YAY…. Hope samsung releases HW composer source too.

  116. my cell got sim locked after installing this update :’( ,,,,kindly help plz i also tried to install older firmware which was previously installed but it is now network locked ,,, plz help

  117. It is amazing! All work! Simply perfect! Thanks sammobile. …now , sgs2 it is a new

  118. yes…. finally.. downloading it later and will be testing it also later..
    i will give my feedback to it once it works.. thanks for this..

  119. I can’t unzip the file…

  120. Now I love my phone again! best phone ever!

    It got locked to Vodafone again, but thanks to Chainfire, it’s unlocked again!

    Kudos, Samsung!

  121. After installing ROM, I too got the SIMUnlock page, where do I go from here?

  122. Managed to unzip it! (:

  123. Han_Dong -> Good 4 U. (I’m really pi….. off bout this faky!!!)

    Hey all of U guy’s n Gals, WAIT till the official comes out unless U can live without ur bricked phone, then – go ahead “Testing”… LOOL.

  124. SIM locked… of which carrier ?

  125. i just install today
    its really awesome
    same like sgs3 just i cant see s voice and multiwindow

    thx sammobile i just like using new phone

  126. This update is amazing !
    I’ve been using it a lot, and it doesn’t have any kind of bug of slowness on my Galaxy S2 !
    So everyone, go and download it, this update is PERFECT !!!!!

  127. After using for 1 night, i can say this leak can be your daily. Stable. I havent encountered any force closes/crash. Very nice. I cant wait for some more improvements. :)

  128. upgraded today, works perfectly :)

  129. Thanks Sammobile?? You crazy? Sammobile has absolutely nothing to do with it!! Thanks to izap that got insulted and called troll because no one believed he would deliver what he promised the day before

  130. yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhhhh samsung has learned

  131. To everyone who is writing this is fake….you have no clue! Running it without problems since yesterday night

  132. Well touchwiz is getting better, giving us more customizations, but not as much as CM10 and AOSP. But yea, almost there. Needs time to set things up to your preferences. Hmmm..

    Again, its perfect. Just without pop-up play yet (its still a leaked test firmware anyway) :)

  133. Element2k3, yours run smoothly?

  134. TMDK62, did you flash it correctly or are you just plain pretending?

  135. So, which is it? How many have flashed it on international S2 and other S2 series? Sammobile said they have tested it, so….

  136. si lo actualizo a la version beta mediante odin, luego podre actualizarlo a la version full median kies o ota?

  137. I installed this firmware. it is really smooth. And i didn’t face any other Problem.

    Hope stable version will Rock S2.

    Long live Samsung.

  138. For those with sim network lock:
    Flash back to 4.0.4 with Odin. Root and unlock with galaxsim unlock app from market. Then you can flash back jelly and you are good.

  139. Installed it. everything is smooth and stable except the exchange server sync. Groups (Categories) are not syncing although all contacts and e-mail are syncing normally. hope in the final release they will fix this bug

  140. And don’t panic as you will be locked also when you go back to 4.0.4 :)

  141. pls add new quality video :)

  142. not support app nolea

  143. This leak is really good, works all perfect and pretty fast, only the battery drain needs to be improved. Looks like the final Firmware to be released very soon. Realy good and very fast the long waiting has an end!
    This is an wipe Firmware, this Firmware changes the path of the ext. SD, so My Backup_Pro don´t find the backup :\

  144. Veryyyy gooddd stable and fast rom :) screen capture is missing and a small lag with the browser as is sometimes zooms in instead of scrolling with one finger touching. As off other things its btr than any older roms for sureeee samsung leadsss!!!

  145. the rom is very stable not FCs or anything except 2 things. the battery life is very poor and the screen is tinted blue-ish when i open the camera, gallery and exchange e-mail.. it’s like a harmless bug.

    one last note is that the used memory is slightly increased which makes cleaning the memory more often a good idea since it tends to slow down.

    most probably i’ll head back to CM10 untill the final version lands officially

  146. Screencapture:
    Home button + power button ;)
    Don´t know why samsung changed it ^^

  147. thank u sammobile:)))

  148. @BeyongGalaxy smoothly, no freezes/hang ups jet (running almost 24 hours), battery drain like 4.0.4 stock (which means little)

  149. I am already on it, it’s fantastic, thank you SAMMOBILE TEAM.

  150. @hamalawy the bluish tint is because of the power saving setting: background color. deactivate it and it will look normal

    • Dude thank you so so many much, I thought it was an update problem and wanted to reinstall due to my dependency on the browser. Thank you again :-D


    Can we also experience SGnote2 gallery??? please…. and other Features of SG3?? please…. BY THE WAY… AGAIN THANK YOU SAMSUNG FOR NOT LEAVING US… Samsung is Great!!! I didn’t have the wrong choice for buying SG2 or any samsung products ^_^… GREAT CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEARS GIFT FOR SG2 USERS!!! CHEERS! :D

  152. y a il une repense pour le déverrouillage de sim !!!!!!

  153. Sorry, but I’m new in Android phones… I don’t know what to do . Should i wait for the official update for my S2 or… what? Does my phone needs to be rooted to get this ROM? Guys please help!

  154. 1- This is a perfect beautiful rom, do not hesitate to install it.

    2- You do not have root your phone before installing it. Open the phone in download mode and follow the instructions about ODIN based installation.

    3- The Android 4.1.2 you come up with after installation is (of course) not rooted. But it works perfect.

    4- If you want to root it (to use certain applications for example) do not use Root .tar files (kernels) available for earlier versions of Android, wait for a tested And. 4.1.2 Jb spesific root procedure. (I didn’t, phone bricked, I had to reinstall this rom)

  155. Well done Samsung, it’s smooth & fast

  156. It works very fine on my Samsung Galaxy S2. Real awesome Launcher from the S3, but I have a Question! Can I do an update from the test firmware to the official firmware from Samsung via over the air or kies, or I have to flash it to Ice Cream Sandwich and then do an Update to JB???

  157. Is the firmware will increase the binary counter.

  158. Where is Odin in that package?

  159. updated JB and my phone got sim locked, downgraded to 4.0.4 tried rooting and unlocking but nothing will work, now the phone is stuck with sim lock. any solutions? I can see I am not the only one with this issue

  160. Good job sami. i hope sami continue to support its customers, if not, i am sure they lose its customers

  161. Hey guys, I have a trick for superusers.If you want to root this ROM you have to flash it via Mobile Odin and then check CFroot + SuperSU that’s all, enjoy.

  162. excelente aporte mi s2 corre de maravillacon esta rom

  163. Another Observation / Bug. sometimes the lock screen freezes for about 5 seconds than it responds to your fingers :)

    So My Observations are:

    1- Exchange Server Sync is fine except for Categorizes they are not syncing
    2- Bluetooth not responding to Headset for Pause and Next Track
    3- Lock Screen Freezes from Time to time
    4- Battery life can be better

    Hope the above will be resolved in the final ROM but still I will keep on using this ROM

  164. OMG I love Samsung. The new 4.1.2 Jelly Bean ROM from Samsung is awesome.

  165. 1- This is a beautiful rom, do not hesitate to install it.
    2- You can have root on your phone before installing it.
    3- TW is good but its 4/5 and not 5/5 that is not good for my.
    4. I hoop that the next relis samsung will give the rom moor paunch faster and smother

  166. I was very surprized to see 4.1.2..god news….download and installation without any issues, but does not contain odin. Just FYI..

  167. Apparently this firmware comes with FREE 48gb Extra Dropbox space!!!!! Got the email after i signed in with dropbox at the initial setup! THANK YOU SAMSUNG!!!

  168. It will be amazing also if in complete release of 4.1.2 you guys put the ripple water lock screen.Is the last thing in my opinion that missing to touch the perfect :) Keep going.I know you can do this cause you have show where your talents can reach in this release ;)

  169. que puedo hacer al poner la rom a hora el telefono me pide codigo de desbloque de la red que puedo hacer ayuda por favor

  170. Ok, I got the SIM UNLOCK screen.

    If you saved the EFS folder you can fix it easy.

    Just install Busybox Root and install ROOT EXPLORER.

    Once you have installed root explorer extract EFS folder
    and copy it in overwriting files in /efs and reboot. Once
    you have rebooted the efs folder and imei information
    should have been restored and you can use you phone
    without the sim unlock problem


    Respecto al tema del problema del SIM UNLOCK:

    SI salvasteis la carpeta EFS cuando hicisteis root
    el problema tiene facil solucion

    Una vez tengais instalada la nueva rom Jelly Bean
    de samsung y hayais tenido el problema del sim
    unlock , lo que teneis que hacer es instalar el
    Busybox root para rootear el telefono.

    Una vez reinicies el terminal rooteado instalaros un gestor
    de ficheros tipo Root Explorer y descomprimir vuestro backup
    de la carpeta EFs. Mover y sobreescribir los ficheros que se
    encuentran en la carpeta /EFS y reiniciar el teléfono.

    El mensaje del sim unlock no debería salir mas y deberiais
    poder usar el teléfono con normalidad.

    Un saludo

  171. Ok, it works. Smooth and smooth. It is excellent for daily use. Not all of the features are present yet because it is a test firmware. But I love the zoom effect when browsing web page just by sliding a finger (thumb) on either side of your screen! – smart. Browser bugs are mostly fixed. This is a very good test firmware(only international version S2)

  172. The UIs is awsome, really!!!!!!!

  173. Very good, looking forward to the last an stable one release, to not doing test. Test only for carbonate soft drinks….ha,ha In others words.”las pruebas con gaseosa”.
    Keep going ahead Samsung!! Please release the stable one asap!
    Thanks to your clients’ concerns you’re working for our help and satisfation.

    No Odin appears after extracting files downloaded!!

    Thank you very much and kind regards.


  175. The gallery is not gud…!! there should be some change in it…!! btw thnx for uploading jelly bean.!!<3

  176. The gallery is not gud…!! there should be some change in it…!! btw thnx for uploading jelly bean.!!

  177. Hi guys! I’m from the Philippines, and I’ve been using my Galaxy SII for 15 months now. It’s currently running on v4.04. I have not yet rooted nor flashed my unit, but I’m interested in flashing this leaked JB firmware for my device. I apologize for this noob statement but I just have a few questions, and I hope somebody can help me find answers to them. If ever I decide to flash my phone with this leaked test firmware using Odin, Will KIES still detect my device once I’m done with the flashing process? Can I still get firmware updates if ever the official ROM is already available or other succeeding firmware updates in KIES or through OTA update? How can I also go back to v4.0.4? (just in case I decide to go back from my previous firmware.) I would gladly appreciate your assistance. Thanks in advance! (NOTE: My phone is NOT rooted)

  178. Yahooo !!!! upgraded last night and rooted too ?!?


  180. Works really well. And it is easy to do (just remember to backup in Kies ;-))

  181. Lorsque j’essaie de compresser, j’ai un message m’indiquant “méthode de compression non valide pour fichier “untel””
    or j’ai utilisé 7zip puis winzip, sans succès
    quelqu’un a eu ce souci ?

  182. 4.2. For note 2? :DDD

  183. I’m unable to find my external sd card !! Its certainly there as I can see it in setting but not available in File manager!! There is no folder called /storage !!

  184. @blackmagick21: If you flash this it won’t be recognised by Kies becase:

    a) This comes from Samsung, but is not official release, it’s a leaked test version;
    b) It does not have the CSC (which depends on your region and carrier).

    If you want to flash this leaked firmware, you will need to use Odin (XDA has some guides in how to flash via Odin). Your phone will NOT be automatically rooted, as this firmware does not come rooted, you will need to flash a pre-rooted Kernel (Philz Kernel) or root it with other methods, which are kind of weird to use.

    If you want to revert to your original carrier-provided firmware, that is a bit tricky. First of all, you need to know your CSC (which can be done either with a special command, *#1234# . Write down the CSC, that is what you are going to require in order for your phone to be recognised by Kies and receive updates from your carrier via that program. VERY IMPORTANT! You need to know this information BEFORE attempting flashing any leaked or custom ROM. In order to revert, what I usually do is the following: I flash XXKL1 (Android 2.3.6 Open Europe, just so it’s unbranded), I like this because it also has .pit file which I know is safe, this step can be skipped, but I’ve read it’s good to do it especially when coming back from a custom ROM. Then I upgrade to ICS 4.0.3 XXLPJ – Open Europe (which is before LPQ – the first final release of ICS). Both packages come with PDA, Modem and CSC files seperately. After that, you can flash the ROM of your choice (the one corresponding with your CSC which, as I said, you need to have it somewhere put down) on your phone. You are probably wondering why make all these steps? Here’s what I noticed on my own experience, which seems to be confirmed by other posts on the Internet: firmwares that start with XX (like this one – XXLSJ) are WIPE updates and they can be flashed regardless of what you are coming from, whereas those starting with XW are non-wipe, update packages and. So the idea is, you need to go incrementally.

    When you have installed the desired firmware, you will need to select CSC which can be done either with a command (which you can find on the Internet) or with a program called SGS CSC which can be found on the Play Store. Normally, if the process occured correctly, you should have your CSC in that list and select it. Beware that this will factory reset your phone.

    A very important thing is to do all this flashing with high battery (over 85%) and WITHOUT SIM card in. I have had trouble once when I flashed with SIM card in, CSC went completely haywire.

    Hope this will help you.

  185. how to root this rom

  186. is updating to 2.3.6 necessary to revert it bak ?
    actually after installing this 4.1.2 test firmware my ga;axy s2 got network locked :(
    plz help

    if i install XXLPJ ,,,will it be network relocked ??

  187. Well, it is a little late for me to yank out my sim card. But there were no problems.

  188. From what I know, when you unlock a phone that has been previously locked by carrier, the unlock code is installed in the /efs partition, which contains, among others, your IMEI and many information unique to each handset, normally you shouldn’t have it unlocked. You should check your IMEI to see if it has been modified in the first place. Other than that, I don’t exactly know how ROM updates work on locked phone, as I got it carrier-free so unlocked.

    As I said in my earlier post, it’s not completely necessary to go back all the way to 2.3.6, but I usually do it, because it has that .pit file which is safe (btw, make sure the .pit file is suitable for your phone 16gb or 32gb), but this step can be skipped and go directly to XXLPJ.

  189. have some problem with network and with gapp

  190. @darkmind : my phone was not previously unlocked …. its only after when i installed 4.1.2 jelly bean update ,,it got locked :(

  191. I don’t get you, was it or was it not unlocked when you purchased it?

  192. my cell was unlocked but after installing the test 4.1.2 it got network locked ,,,, i guess it happened becz of the csc and modem in the test firmware …
    anyways can u tell me the solution to get it unlocked ,,, i also rooted my cell and tried unlock app by chainfire but it couldn t find the code ,,,plz help

  193. @darkmind : my phone was not previously unlocked …. its only after when i installed 4.1.2 jelly bean update ,,it got locked :(
    plz tell me any solution to get it unlocked again !!!!!!!! any1 plz help

  194. my cell was not at all locked ,,it was working fine since laxt year ,,,,only after installing this update it got locked and asks me to enter network lock ket ????
    then i also installed 4.0.4 in it which was previously installed but i am getting the same error that to enter ntwrok lock control ?>
    plz help me what to do
    i also rooted my cell and tried app to unlock my network lock by chainfire but it couldnt find the code ?
    :’( plz help

  195. Perfect ! :D Thank you :D

  196. I’m sorry, I am at a loss at what to help you. Maybe you can flash back the stock rom you had and take it so they service it or buy an unlock code (although it’s 20 euros and it’s wasted money since you said it was never locked).

  197. Guys, please help me! Yesterday I got this ROM on my SGSII…. Every time i try tu unlock SIM card, the informacion says that this code is wrong! WTF! Help PLEASE!!!

  198. this is great!
    the only thing that keeps reminding me that this is a leaked and beta version, is that the lock screen doesn’t have the ripple thing yet! hope you manage 2 put that on the stable version,though this one is quite stable! :)

  199. Anyone know if there will be jb SGH-i777 for AT & T (Alguien sabe si habrá jb para el sgh-i777 de at&t)

  200. Guys Beware, My gallery got stuck and battery started to drain too much,…….. otherwise buttery smooth ……

  201. how to root this firm!?

  202. Any rooting kernel + method ??? please help

  203. IMPORTANT : For those who GOT their cell network locked after installing this update …
    Install XXLPJ 4.0.3
    …this firmware has all the 3 files … Code ,modem,csc …flash it through odin ….then root ur cell …busybox b…….then install the app from play store galaxy s unlock and try step 1and 2 …repeat step 2 if it doesn t work …. For me i repeated abt 3 times and then my cell got unlocked …….
    After tat install firmware of ur own choice

  204. @Darkmind :thanks alot 4 helping bro … U told to use xxlpj and problem got solved :)

  205. I also have some problem with network.
    I can instal my gmail account, but I can’t instal my other (not gmail) account.
    Works fine.
    But I went back to ICS 4.0.4 till the final release.

  206. SAMSUNG

    Please can we also have multiwindow features like Sg3 and Note?? Please

  207. this rom lock ur phone (simlock)

  208. Dear Team,

    i backup all the items before upgrading to this firmware. but now im not able to restore my contacts using kies software. please help

  209. Battery drains very quickly, please solve this issue in final release.

  210. Flash no work

  211. Tnx! :-)

  212. somehow it was good and very smooth. got 4.1.2 fully rooted! when it comes to battery life- nah aint good, still acceptable because its not yet official, read back again the title above yeah.. anyway still need to wait for the official JB rom

  213. Yea i agree. Poor battery life, but hey its still a test firmware. Also it seems the Photo Editor from the Galaxy S2 ICS version is missing. Although downloadable from the Samsung Apps, the app itself doesnt have the Select tool like the ICS version.
    Hope they get it back.

  214. The ROM is fast and smooth, but i want in final version to have the possibility to edit the toggles, and the icons in the notification area and status bar are to big, please make them smaller, this is not an 720p display.

  215. I forgot about the camera which is very bad, i hope the final its gone be like the camera from android stock in performance.

  216. i cant seem to get my contact sms ect ect on my phone with kies after i flash jb just get error messages :( can someone help please?


  217. Can You Change To 720p Display for S2 ?????

  218. RAM shows. 650 mb + always. which is not good. if we open more apps. its near full., Also. Notification bar looks bigger than 4.0.4 – and touch could be better than thiz. hope these all they will fix in Original version later.


  219. yes. resolution should be better than this.. Notification we don’t want this much bigger, battery life should be better than this,, multiple window option need.. ram should not increase more than 600 mb.

  220. i get light blue color in odin id com tab when connecting my phone
    can i continue?
    reply asap!

  221. @gauthamb,

    Make sure you put your phone in download mode (hold volume down,power,home) and it should say in odin (Added!) if all that is correct then yeah you can :)

  222. Has anyone had any problem restoring from kies after flashing Jellybean???

  223. how to extract the zip file? plz help all the extracted files are 0 bites..

  224. winrar i used

  225. No, I restored fine.

  226. Because we were complaining so much, they released test firmware out just to cool us down a little. Well there is proof that JB works well on S2. But like a test fighter plane, the plane came with minimal functions just enough to fly and land again. For me I am in bliss.

  227. ***** I got these files from various sources (just share them here with a small installation guide), I am not responsible for sowftbrick, or hardbrick *****

  228. For root, install this file with Odin (goes in PDA) – 36.zippyshare. com/view.jsp?locale=es&key=90244679

    Take this file to the internal SD and install from CWM — mediafire. com/?p5r503u1run77w2

    If you get the Yellow Triangle, download, extract from the PC and install this — mauricioaedo. com/wp-content/uploads/TriangleAway-v1.80.apk_.zip

    ***** I got these files from various sources (just share them here with a small installation guide), I am not responsible for sowftbrick, or hardbrick *****

  229. If any help with flashing needed, pm skype: nanemo

  230. La bateria no dura nada. En 3 horas se muere el cel

  231. I don’t understand why people are expecting the Galaxy S2 to suddenly get 720p with Jelly Bean when this isn’t a firmware feature, but hardware. The screen is build to support 480×800, if you want higher res you should design a new 4.3 inch screen panel that supports 720p :P

  232. whats the problem in the camera? I dont see any problem with it. I just need my photo editor back, Samsung stock, not the one from Samsung apps.

    also the battery life is an issue.

  233. hopefully sgs 2 g version will get jellybean

  234. Amazingly, I installed it on my Galaxy SII and it’s like the SIII has changed!
    Except for a stop of the camera after finishing upgrade to SIII, a properly functioning state in all applications!
    Thanks to Sammobile and izap for sharing this ROM. If this is the test version, I wonder how will the final version!
    Excuse my english, was traslate by Google.

  235. There are no burst shot or best face function in Camera. I wonder if this a software or hardware requirements. If it is software then it should come with the arrival of the official firmware release. There was no S voice app either.

  236. oh, still on the camera, the frame supposed to be in full screen with virtual funtions and shutter buttons superimposed on it.

  237. The jelly bean is very nice but i think the stay awake function is not working.. Yes my s2 detected my eye becoz i can see eye icon on top right but after 15sec the lighg still turning off.. The motion also not working when i swith on and tick all the function.. After i go to contact and put the phone on my ear, its not dialing like the s3 does. So sad.. And when i try dialing the screen suddenty turn black but still dialing, i cannot end the call.. After the dialing tone finish then it turn back.. Fuh.. I thought my s2 has brick.. But this is test firmware.. I hope the real one will nothave problem.

  238. Even on sleep mode still drains my battery.. need to restore cyanogenMOD.

  239. This goes to most computer geeks. When you give advice to a novice user, it would be better to do it without MSG (sarcasm) added. Just guide them without being territorially defensive. Geeks may seem to own the world but they don’t. Not in the real world anyway. If you guys do own it, it would mean that you must have brushed up on your public relation or human relation skills already. And write english properly, at the least. I am sure that literacy is still a neecessary part of communication.

  240. whether I can install to model i9100G

  241. Thank you samsung for your support for SGS2…
    Waiting for JB…

  242. I have been using This Rom since 16th Nov & I’ve to say that It’s really Very Stable but I watch Some Minor Bugs…….

    1. Music Player Custom Equalizer Not Working Properly.

    2. Consumes Too much Ram.

    3. Battery Power consumption is Too High.(Battery Drains Very quickly)

    4. Setting Wallpaper in background & Lock screen have some issue.

    5. Face detection in Wallpapers have bugs detect those are not face or even look like faces,
    Custom face detection need to be Improved :P

    Hope They will Fixed this in Final Release..Everything Else is Working Fine. & One More things to say.. New Touch Wiz Nature UX is Awesome. :D

  243. Yeah, Jelly Bang 4 S2 :) Works fine for daily use, Battery drain is a little higher, need´s new battery calibration, because of wipe Firmware. I never flash back to ICS!

  244. Testing….

    Display is working properly, messaging clients also work perfectly, new widgets, more stable connections, improves faster detection of wifi, gps faster, new and interesting features, more fluency previous versions.

    Disadvantages: the battery does not last, and suddenly Marks 30% a reboot and marks 55% and suddenly drops to 19%, I think it’s the only inconvenient.

  245. Runs smoothly.

    Some bugs…
    Battery is draining – I did manage to keep it going until midnight yesterday – but it was also sunday – and my use is not quite that much as a day at work.
    Some times I have a freeze on my lockscreen – it doesn’t recognize that I touch the screen. Turn of+on screen – and it works again.

  246. wat abt the official jelly bean update for s2??

  247. I have this rom installed now for about 2 days and so far nu crashes or whatever!
    Runs very smooth!
    What i noticed so far:
    * When typing something the keyboard sometimes lags a bit.
    * Scrolling in play music app is a bit less smooth then cyanogenmod 10.
    * Batterydrain when using moon+ reader pro (7% in 14 minutes with 2000mah battery) and also stuttery scrolling.
    Overall nice experience with 4.1.2 test version.

    Installed with mobile odin pro so my device is rooted.

  248. ok can someone tell me how they restored after flashing as i cant do it using kies stupid errors for some reason :(

  249. it looks nice for 2 days. :) but i am very upset because of multi-view. i hope they will add this in final version.

    i want to say someting:
    1. sometimes phone loses wifi connection
    2. sometimes touchscreen doesnot sense when i try to unlock or answer a call
    3. battery goes very fast. it decreased to 68% in 5 hours.

  250. stable and nice and quick rom but don`t support nfc for my mobile I9100P

  251. Hi guys

    Have a little issue after installing this ROM the Package Data as well as GPS doesn’t work.

    Please advice if anyone has any insight to this.

    (Other than that great work by Sammobile!)

  252. Este Test Firmware esta muy bien terminado, no da problemas, no me he percatado de ningún error hasta el momento, RECOMENDADO 100%, pruébenlo. Es seguro y totalmente funcional. Con este OS se explota el potencial de nuestros Galaxy SII. Siganme en Twitter. @TechByMe (Cuenta en Español)

    This Test Firmware is very well done, does not give problems, I have not noticed any errors so far, recommended 100%, try it. It is safe and fully functional. This OS is exploited the potential of our Galaxy SII. Follow me on Twitter. @ TechByMe (Account in Spanish)

  253. And as expected, the SRS UnlockServer can handle also version 4.1.2 without any issues:)

    11:07:31 – Starting ADB Server
    11:07:32 – ADB Device: GT-I9100
    11:07:32 – SW Version: I9100XXLS6 (Android: 4.1.2)
    11:07:32 – Phone Serial: 00000000000
    11:07:32 – Checking SU Root Access..
    11:07:32 – ROOT Access: True (SuperUser) Processing..
    11:07:38 – NVM Readed Clearing Simlocks

    11:07:46 – Unlock Done..

    – Operation done in 19 seconds –

  254. i need the same updates for I9100G

  255. very good .1st time flashed my phone with odin that was so easy .4.1.2is stable really thanks people who prepared this1

  256. I hope Samsung will update I9100G to 4.1.2 in this year. We have got horrible ICS because of the poor 3D performance. So…We want a perfect phone as we bought the S2 at very high price.

  257. been using 4.1.2 for 3 days now but have had to give in and flash back ics. Battery drian was just getting stupid. I could lose 70% battery just restarting. sometimes it would take 3/4 hours to use 2% then you unlock screen open an app and the phone re-boots (guessing because of high ram usage). Its an awesome preview of whats to come and i look forward to its arrival. but for now its gotta stay stable ics.

  258. People complaining remember is a leak, those with battery problems let at least 3 charging cycles to get to normal, im in my 3d and just beggining to get better battery eficiency.

  259. Samsung I love you!!!! :)))

  260. i have been using for 2 days now. it is a great rom for s2. we weren’t very surprised as it is 95% same as the s3 rom. but it is a great fun to have JB on my s2.

    right now, i am having issues with battery but i think it is temporary for the moment.

    also, i really liked the new notifications bar. its really handy.

    the biggest surprise from Samsung was that the rom came with 4.1.2 while everybody was expecting it to be 4.1.0

    thanks Samsung!
    impatiently waiting for the genuine rom to arrive that has the minor problems fixed! :)

  261. is very good (Y) But i want my unlock code network Plllllllllllllllllz now :’( :’(

  262. damn SIMLOCK!!! u.u

  263. Perfect, I just installed JB on 11/18/2012 and it is working perfect, I just found one bug!

  264. Instagram is not working. Says version is incompatible. Other than this, great rom. Can’t wait for the official release.

  265. also, screen sometimes freezes or works slow during screen unlock.

  266. Issues:

    1. Battery Drain – couldnt last a day with regular use.
    2. Smart Stay not working right
    3. No Popup play (iuno if its included for GS2)
    4. Portable WiFi hotspot not working right – my other device connects but doesnt give internet.
    5. Power saving modes lacks feature from ICS – Advanced System Power saving? Probably the reason behind battery drain.
    6. Doesnt include Photo Editor from GS2 ICS. (those with awesome healing touch pen and select tool)
    7. Folders couldnt keep more than 7 apps.
    8. Typing and scrolling somewhere in the phone lags a bit. Not smooth.

    So far that is all, never encountered any crashes. But hey, its still a test so we can hint problems out for them to improve. Im sure some Samsung tech/dev are viewing this. :)

    I would use this Jelly Bean daily and wait and be happy at the same time. lol.

  267. A bug that it is unable to automatically connect to saved Wifi hotspots, need to disable Wifi and enable it again then manually to connect to the hotspots.

  268. I Just installed on my S2.
    Flashing was successful.
    Very Fine.
    Later will update about performance…………

  269. this rom wipe…..haha, my game record gone

  270. wow it is so so best firmware but when i use it my internal memory decrease from 11.5 GB to 4.1 pls i need a help if u can


  271. cannot download the firmware as hotfile gives a timeout error after downloading 78%
    of the file in regular download mode.hence please provide an alternate download link.

  272. pour ceux qui ont le problème de verrouillage de réseau j’arrive à résoudre ce problème avec succès
    1- revenir à la version ICS
    2- télécharger EFS Pro v1.0.1 (fourme XDA)
    3-suivre ce vidéo pour savoir comment sauvegarder le dossier /efs
    4-installer cette rom 4.1.2
    5-rooter votre GS2
    6-installer busy box et root explorer
    7- supprimer le dossier /efs a partir de root explorer
    8-restaurer le dossier /efs avec EFS Pro v1.0.1
    et voila votre réseau est libéré

  273. hello all,
    can anyone tell me to try this rom or it’s still early?
    Sammobile indiates that first test were smooth, however the comments of ‘iamthemarvin’ really scared me!
    did you all face the same issues?

    thanks in advance.

  274. Alright my findings sofar:

    Feels smooth.
    No crashes yet.
    Sms scrolling is a bit stuttery.
    Play music app not that smooth as cyanogenmod 10
    Battery drain pretty quick, phone doesn’t appear to go to deep sleep.
    With 4.0.4 i almost had 4 days battery (2000mah)and now with somewhat same stuff using the phone i get 1 day and 19 hours. Thats almost 2 days less!!

  275. I hope this firmware gets a nice new kernel with onderclocking and undervolting stuff, like dreamkernel etc.
    Lets wait and see:)

  276. For those who installed the Jelly Bean and is asking for network unlock code, there goes the solution …

    - Reinstall ICS, preferably a version Open Europe OXA
    - Proucure on google for downloading supersu v0.98 or newer and copy to the sdcard
    - Boot into Recovery Mode, Volume Up + Home + Power
    - Go to ‘apply update from external storage’ and find the supersu, once installed restart and the device is already in root
    - When starting the system continues asking the network unlock code now install applications, BusyBox and Galaxy_S Unlock available on Google Play
    - Start BusyBox and tap Install, close to the finish and start the application Galaxy_S Unlock, tap Unlock> See Unlock Code Yes, if everything went well tap Unlock Yes, Pronto!

    The machine goes offline and back already with the network working …

    After the Galaxy_S Unlock backup the EFS to prevent future losses;-)

    Now you can reinstall the Jelly Bean, if the device is locked again, restore the EFS with Galaxy_S Unlock or EFS Pro

  277. thanks a lot Sjokoprins for your unvaluable feedback!

  278. Para os meus amigos Brasileiros

    Para quem instalou o Jelly Bean e está pedindo o codigo de desbloqueio de rede, ai vai a solução…

    - Reinstale o ICS, de preferencia a versao Open Europe OXA
    - Proucure no google pelo download do supersu v0.98 ou mais recente e copie para o sdcard
    - Inicie no modo de recuperação, Volume cima + Home + Power
    - Vá em ‘apply update from external storage’ e encontre o supersu, depois de instalado reinicie e o aparelho já estará em root
    - Ao iniciar o sistema continuará pedindo o codigo de desbloqueio de rede, agora instale os aplicativos, BusyBox e Galaxy_S Unlock disponivel no Google Play
    - Inicie o BusyBox e toque em Install, ao terminar feche e inicie o aplicativo Galaxy_S Unlock, toque em Unlock > See Sim Unlock Code, se tudo correu bem toque em Sim Unlock, Pronto!

    O aparelho ficará offline e voltará já com a rede funcionando…

    Depois no Galaxy_S Unlock faça o backup do EFS para previnir perdas futuras ;-)

    Agora pode reinstalar o Jelly Bean, caso o aparelho seja bloqueado novamente, restaure o EFS com o Galaxy_S Unlock

  279. Is any body elese having the mobile data not working problem?
    is it due to the rom?
    Quelque dautre que moi a le probleme du mobile data qui ne sallume pas?
    cest a cause du 4.1.2?

  280. I’m also having the mobile data problem… I’m from South Africa. Any firmware upgrade after Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0.3. is giving me the same mobile data problem…


  281. people know when is going to release the final version?

  282. I got 50 gigas free from Dropbox!

  283. Swype Keyboard not good on this test ver JB, why underline is coming always with words, also autoCAPS sometime not working, Widgets needs to be removed. as its eating memory shows above 650 mb, battery draining. Thanks a lot. its supporting Indian Unicode languages. that’s nice!! Thank you Samsung, XDA, and sammobile for giving us to test S2 JB 4.1.2 . hope bugs will be fixed on Original version..

  284. Samsung can be happy on this.. i never saw this much huge response about any firmware, JB Jelly Bean for SII , response shows what users need. S2 is the success powerful Fast Smart phone of samsung.. Samsung always caring S2 users. and bringing best for them. really appreciated. Still. users are buying S2 from market… its endless bhooming phone.. Samsung can sell again more S2.. bring JB latest version updates.. Thanks alot Samsung.. Love u guyz

  285. Pattern screen unlock.. sometime. its get freeze for few seconds during unlock. please fix that bug too in future version. screen never off when we look on..EYES detection not working always ?? Enjoying Multi small Video screen on home screen.. Thanks alot!!!

  286. I have flashed this firmware for several days, I can tell that this firmware is very stable. but I notice only 1 thing is that the battery drains a bit faster than 4.0.3

  287. Anybody using this rom…….?

    Is the camera shoot fast like galaxy s3 or just same or faster then old version ?

  288. Hmm reverted back to salman rom v4.2 which has some s3 looks with it.
    That way i can install different kernels which can undervolt etc.
    For now 4.1.2 was very stable and fast but huge battery drain.


  290. I updated my phone two days and everything is running perfect (GSII – BRAZIL-ZTO), the only problem I’ve seen so far is that the battery is running out faster than with the previous version (4.0.4).

  291. muxaS GRACIAS a los de sammovile

  292. oh finally,

    Quadrant benchmark score is 4337 with this files. imba.

  293. thank all that have made this available ,it works perfectly on my 9100P and even got nfc working thanks to a quick search on the internet.

  294. Works perfectly on my 9100

  295. Anyone notice.. after installing JB S2 test version.its works 3..4. days well. but every few days. battery needs to remove and plugin again. its heating heavy every few days. and battery drain.. hope Samsung gonna check everything thero and bring Original version as stable. thanks..

  296. nice work! i am really surprised !! thanks samsung
    work prefectly for me like a SIII :D

  297. This is outstanding! one question though.. Kies can not detect the device. there is an error happening. is there a solution with this?? as for some people they use samsung kies for backing up and restoring files.

    please help??? if anyone knows any solution for this?? would very much appreciate it!

    thanks! cheers!

  298. fix the sim lock please :(

  299. This is great!

    I have two bugs:
    1. WIFI goes stuck after some time unused – even when it show it is connected you cant do anything online
    2. When you try to activate your phone from stand by you cant unlock your screen nothing happens until BACK and MENU button (left and right near HOME button) goes on and then you are able to unlock your screen!

  300. I can’t view images by using the gallery at all.. Something wrong with this rom..

  301. After flashing this leak, my phone was sim locked. (my s2 was purchased neverlocked) This sucks

  302. Guys, It is a beta…. remember the first versions of 4.0 :)

  303. Guys.I don’t know if it’s bug.But when i move some safe apps to sd and create icon shortcuts to home screens, after restart the icon shortcuts of apps disappear.Please fix this in complete 4.1.2 release.I just want to let you know for this problem if it’s a bug

  304. wooooow very good

  305. Hi
    after installing the firmware on my gs2 i had the problem of sim network lock pin … well fixed that thanks to youtube … after using for 3 days every thing is good … yes there was bettery drain on the first day but now its ok
    cant wait for the official release … thanks sammobile

  306. I found that the Wifi connect loss problem is specifically for Buffalo routers, the phone is unable to auto-re-connect to Buffalo wireless routers but it is able to re-connect to TP-Link routers automatically.

  307. For the phones with the superbrick bug, is it safe to flash this?

    I am going to try to flash using Mobile Odin so that it can be rooted while flashing… if someone can confirm it is not dangerous for superbrick bug-affected phones.

  308. Alors si vous avez un téléphone désimlocker avec un programme root passer votre chemin car vous serez simlocker !!!!! Ce serait bien de l’indiquer car nous sommes nombreux à nous être fait avoir d’après les commentaires !!! Pas cool ! Obliger de revenir en arrière non sans mal ! Sinon c’est tout beau tout fluide mais pas fonctionnel !

  309. hi..noob here..should my samsung galaxy s2 should be rooted first before i begin installing the jellybean firmware?

  310. working excellently on my gs2. battery is discharging very quickly compared to ics specially in wifi mode.

  311. Can someone help me please? After I installed it is asking me for SIM network unlock pin. What should I do I can not use the phone at the moment.

  312. What about Samsung Galaxy SG2 i900p?

  313. Hi
    To all people who has SIM NETWORK UNLOCK CODE problem…
    first of all YES your phone need to be ROOTED before you install otherwise you get SIM NETWORK problem. you can anyway ROOT your mobile after as i did using simple way to unlock my SIM NETWORK problem.
    OK here what you need to do ( thats how i did it )
    1. YOU need to install your old firmware ( mine was 4.0.4 ) using Odin
    you will still have the problem of SIM NETWORK UNLOCK CODE after you install the ics firmware.
    2. go to youtube and type ( How to root galaxy s2 easiest method) download the file and do as it says in the clip…
    3. after you rooted your mobile turn it on and when the SIM NETWORK UNLOCK PIN comes up choose the dismiss option and use your phone… you need wifi to download SUPERSU from google market ( THANKS to superdz7 ) or download GALAXY S UNLOCK app.
    4. open the supersu app to unlock the phone it will give you the CODE and you need to press GRANT in the end it will ask you to pay money to unlock your phone ( $2.50 ) i think. i did pay to unlock my phone and its working just fine.
    i tried many other way didnt work like calling my network provider and etc…
    hope this work for you guys …..enjoy

  314. And yes it drains the bettery faster than ICS but i have 2000mah bettery and its fine with me

  315. And yes after you unlocked your phone install JB again using odin and it will work fine

  316. Did my Phone must be rooted?

  317. hello
    I Rooted my S2 with Philz-cwm6-XXLSJ-OXX-3.1.tar.md5, Triangle yellow appears at startup but when I install SUPERSU via Google Play it gives the message “there is SU binary not installed “.

    when I reboot with (Up button + Home + Power) I arrive at Philz recovery.

    Now I want to return to the KI3 ROM android 2.3.5, I flash the KI3 directly via ODIN or there is a risk of brickbug.

    Sorry for my ENG.

  318. Only one bug found ,battery Drain slightly more compare to ICS

  319. how turn off TTS? any time im changed screen says “page 2 of 3″ etc, etc :(

  320. Play store doesn’t download over wifi. I believe it is a bug.

  321. Those who having problems with the SIM lock try installing Galaxsimunlock.apk It worked for me. After many hours I downloaded it and it worked.

  322. Does any one know how to downgrade to 4.0.4 I keep getting error on Odin. Please help to downgrade.
    Thank You

  323. WHEN OFFICIAL JB for SGS2 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    WHEN OFFICIAL JB for SGS2 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    WHEN OFFICIAL JB for SGS2 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


  325. This is a great rom. I’ve been using it for over a week and didn’t have any problem. the battery life is just great. listening to music for about 3 hours and played for another 3 and the battery lasted for 1 day. there is just a minor bug when trying to unlock the phone or answer calls – sometimes the touch is not responsive.
    Good Job!

  326. I think i found the battery drain:

    Using better battery stats (2 euros at play store) you can see which programs/cpu freq/partial and kernel wakelocks keeps the phone active.
    It appears that google maps with active location service is keeping the phone active!
    What i did was in location settings shut down the wireless network-service.
    Next kill the Maps app and make sure in app manager the maps app isn’t active anymore.

    So when you use google now it says location settings are off. There’s a direct link then to the location settings.
    It’s a bit inconvenient to shut down maps but you get more battery life i guess.

  327. Also maps is a system-app so with titanium backup pro i changed this to an user-app.
    This way uninstalled and reinstalled maps from play store because the rom always tried to make maps active.
    Very annoying.
    Now maps is only active when i want to.
    Apparantly now i don’t have drain anymore.

  328. I Love Sammobile I Love Samsung… Go for glory!!!! Teary eyes… :D

  329. what about s2 19100g…we are also waiting…

  330. what about i9100g we are also waiting for jelly bean 4.1.2

  331. I Love Sammobile I Love Samsung!
    thank u very much :-*

  332. Does not work in brazil… or with tim mobile Sao Paulo. it register’s but won’t allow you to make calls i guess tim servers are not compatible with this build.

  333. Will it work in my S2, i have XWLPW & baseband is I9100DDLPB. ?????

  334. Coming back with more impressions about this version of the system:
    1 – The battery is running out very fast, does not last more than 10 hours using some social networks (facebook, twitter, instagram …).
    2 – I am having problems with the 3G network, it fails too …

    Once you have any more information I’ll be back …

    even more

  335. Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin

    I’m not getting the yellow sign -.-

    pls help

  336. never mind it worked thx anw

  337. Everything seems to be fine except some minor bugs.
    If something is installed on External Sd card n u remove it then next time when u insert it and restart the fone u wont find tht app. U need to open that thru by selecting “Open” Option after searching that app in playstore.
    also unable to connect it to pc through KIES though u can connect it directly
    Battery Report awesome mch more satisfied than ICS
    Missing Photo Editor in this unlike the ICS
    Smart Stay, Direct Call, Pop Up Play Working Awesome……

    Satisfied a lot and happy to use till I get the Official One…..

  338. Very Happy That SAM mobile brought JB fr SGS2

  339. I hope that in the final version back to add support for usb joystick and keyboard, I would like to add the multi-function

  340. que kernel necesita para que sea optimo el desmpeño de la rom

  341. Please Samsung release the source code of exynos for SG2… Help the XDA Developers Cm10… Please until now we haven’t have the Latest update for 4.1.2 because your focusing on other things like SG4 ,, Sg2 Plus or what so ever… We have old phones but please don’t forget about us… we also have your samsung product please HELP US… We also want to feel the celebration with Sg3 and NoteII… a Stable and Official Firmware not “TEST” firmware…

  342. We bought Samsung because you’ve promise us Sg2 users that we will have your full support for sg2… PLEASE SUPPORT US….

  343. Marc15 what are you complaining about????
    Samsung released a test version which means there will be a final version!
    That means they SUPPORT US…
    And btw the latest cm10 nightlies for sgs2 are very good except picasa sync.
    I like samsung roms better because of the facebook mobile number sync.

    Just wait and there will be a final JB samsung rom.
    You can also be more constructive and try this rom and tell people what you like and dislike

  344. battery life short pls fix release update… & ripple animation unlock and hspa signal boost :)

  345. 3G signal loss every time :( pls fix

  346. Hello, i’m having some problems. When I try to save my Message Center address it says unable to save center address. Please help i want to type sms =/

  347. Battarie wird schnell verbraucht und bildschirmsperre bleibt ab und zu hängen.
    Ich hoffe das bei der final firmware wird besser.

  348. Hi guys! I’m from the Philippines, and I am planning to flash this test firmware to my unit, but many complained about having their SIM locked after the update. Is it ok if I remove the SIM card before the flashing process. If yes, will this solve the “SIM locked” problem? Has somebody tried doing this, and did it work? I hope somebody could reply to this message asap, for I am about to start the upgrade. Thanks in advance!

  349. I think it ok, but you must be connect to WIFI

  350. everything working awesome, but not for battery

  351. thanks!!!! wishing official update is better than this !!!!

  352. Sjokoprins

    Are you blind!! :) Nov. Ends and now we only have a TEST FIRMWARE???!!! is that what they promise to us??? what the!! Your happy for this?? TEST FIRMWARE??? while their OTHER NEW PHONES is Celebrating 4.1.2 Official Firmware?? NOT TEST!! What’s the reason for the OLD one’s to be LEFT BEHIND!!!??? If they can’t make it Release the Exynos Source Code for XDA Developers! then the XDA Developers will gave us what we deserve! a Samsung Firmware that is Official and Stable…. READ THE FORUMS!! so you should know the feelings of other people using Sg2…

  353. 2.5 out of 5

    1) Battery drains like a eye blink
    2) Brick Bug
    3) N/W lost at the moment we stress the processor & phone restart.
    4) captured image pixels have lost little bit

    1) Really butter smooth
    2) Google now(Best feature)
    3) Some widgets and some shortcuts at drop menu
    4) New icons, sounds

  354. Does any one know how to downgrade to 4.0.4. Please help to downgrade.Thank You

  355. Battery is consumed quickly and screen lock is off and hang.
    I hope that will be better in the final firmware.

  356. Good work, no problems to install was quick and painless

  357. Is wonderful.
    Perfect installation and everything to work perfectly;
    Just I think that consumes more battery.
    By the way does anyone know how to make Full Wipe in this version?
    Good job

  358. Im facing a problem with this ROM after installing it on my S2.

    it is consuming lot of battery. 5 hrs and my phone is dead.
    I noticed that its consuming lot of internet data and stays awake all the time.

    Just to make there was nothing wrong in installing the ROM, I have re-flashed it 2-3 time but its the same thing happening again.
    Can anyone help me!!!

  359. thank´s for this ROM working great .very fast installation and easy to do(first time doing it).awarything working very good .after and before installation i did factory reset. turnd off gps to work only manually when jusing maps .so i dont have any problem with battery.more them 24 hourse use.THANK´S AGAIN FOR THIS ROM

  360. Mmitkar, the mediamanager keeps the phone active. Within battery setting look for mediamanager and stop the service.

  361. Mmitkar also open location settings and disable first and last setting. If you want to use maps it will ask you automatically to turn on location settings.
    By far mediamanager and location settings drains the battery.
    Especially look in battery management for mediamanager and stop the service. Possibly you have to do this more often, probably also after boot

  362. ive already tried this new leaked rom but it locked my phone. my phone is a network locked. so basically, i cant use it unless there will be a root file or new guide for locked units.

  363. If somebody still have the lock screen error (sometimes not working), just turn the buttons backlight to “always”, and after than works fine.

  364. Samsung We Still Waiting for your Final Update!! -.- -.- -.-

  365. Sjokoprins, mediamanager is not listed under battery on my phone and location settings are already disabled.

    I have configured my company’s email on my phone via MS exchange activesync.
    And exchange services is using 28-46 % of my phone’s battery. When force stop this service everything is working fine however, I will not receive any of my emails.

    Any suggestions?

  366. Tell us Samsung are we going to have the 4.1.2 official and stable or not!!!… if not then Goodluck to 2013 sales :)

  367. after i week with jb i cant finde any bugs.working very good and very stable.mutch beter and faster then ics that was on my phone when new.

  368. I need help can some one help me -_- ?

  369. been uing this firmware for last 15 days, these are the bugs i’ve noticed
    1. small black region on left and right of screen i.e unused screen
    2.lock screen lag
    3. battery is not calibrated properly, ex,, with heavy usage from morning to eve (100 to 58%) later from eve to midnight least usage (phone’s battery dead)
    4. very less standby time

  370. Mmitkar,

    Sorry mediamanager is dutch. Try to look for the service media. It will run after boot to scan the device for media. Or if you have a lot of media then it will run a few minutes. Especially with a slow sd card.

    I dont know about exchange email. Maybe stop sync?

  371. why, when I flashing via Odin always stop proces in factoryfs?

  372. i dont know if someone talked about a bug related with picture widget on main screen . when u add pictures to this widget pictures are losing right after rebooting phone. no need to talk about charge problem


  374. Well first time used i got bad battery life.
    After stopping media service it got a hole lot better. Especially after 3 to 4 full charges.
    Right now with network on 2g and no active mobile internet and during the night sleepmode i’m at 62% and running 2 days 1 hour…!!
    Thats with following battery list:
    1. Screen 52%
    2. Standby device 11%
    3. Android system 6%
    4. Android system 4%
    5. Calls 2%
    6. Media 2% (this can drain battery)
    Location services off, gps on

    Hope this helps for people who want long battery life.
    Also i got the 2000mah battery upgrade. really nice!

    When i want to turn on navigation i need to turn on location services and 3g and then for sure battery drains faaaaast!

  375. Thanx a lot…..hav updated my S2 to Jelly bean….love it
    Samsung Rocks…..n thanx a lot for guiding me through by simple guidelines….!!

  376. downloaded 4.1.2 jb last night works great i did have a battery issue but not anymore thanks sammobile

  377. Well… a month later, no news about ANY i9100 4.1.2 official update…

    Should we still have hope on this?

  378. TO


    why you are delaying the JBupdate for sgsII ?


  379. Added!!
    Odin v.3 engine (ID:4)..
    File analysis..
    Get PIT for mapping..
    Firmware update start..
    NAND Write Start!!

    Complete(Write) operation failed.


  380. any fix for the netwrok locked issue ? i want this firmware imediatly -.-

  381. how can i downgrade to 4.0.4?

  382. get 4.0.4 or 4.0.3 from sammobile and flash it via odin ..

  383. Vijay.8800 why are you using odin 4 and no 1.85? This always worked for me. I dont know version 4
    I suggest try odin 1.85 and flash again.
    I believe theres only modem/code/PdA file in the samfirmware download and no pitfile?
    So you can only select the pda/code/modem files.
    If theres only 1 big .tar file then only select pda.

    Try look on xda website for help

  384. please help me ! my phone is not swtchng on :(

  385. Nafseerck

    Probably the Rom was not flashed properly.
    You have to get back in download mode and flash again via odin or if you can get into recovery mode then try to go to factory wipe.

  386. when official roll out will began?

  387. what if i failed to upgrade my galaxy s2 to jelly bean?? it’s totally locked even if i restarted my phone. what should i do now?

  388. kenz0510, What do you mean with totally locked? Does not reboot?
    Black screen? Or sim locked phone?
    If not rebootable then try to get into download mode and connect with computer and do the exact thing mentioned in this thread for installing via odin:

    Flashing Instructions:
    - Unzip the file (you see 3 files)
    - Open Odin 3.04 (already included in the firmware package)
    - Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
    - Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin
    - Add CODE_I9100XXLSJ.tar to PDA
    - Add MODEM_I9100XXLS6.tar to PHONE
    - Add CSC_HOME_OXX_I9100OXXLS1.tar to CSC
    - Make sure re-partition NOT ticked
    - Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

    Everything is wiped though

  389. Do know that this rom version is for i9100 international and not us variants with different modems/radios or processors

  390. hi to all iam from india samsung galaxy s2 Gt-I9100 i updated it today is there no network problem and all features are working fine is there and body from india u can update it u can enjoy this features guarantee

  391. I have been testing this rom for the last few days and i didn’t experience any major problems.
    I experienced battery drainage above normal right after installing the rom but the only thing i needed to do was to turn off my phone and then back on. This abnormal battery drainage is no new bug, this happens just the same if your phone gets stucked in a given process…like sending an e-mail for instance. For some stupid reason the phone keeps on trying to send an e-mail but it just gets looping the process. You’ll know if you feel your batt overheat.
    I also got the lock screen lag but just once so if it doesn’t repeat i can rull out this bug too.
    Overall i find this rom stable enough to be a pre launch.
    I am not going back to ICS, from now on i am JBeaned ;)

  392. Is this safe for those who have the emmc bug in SAMSUNG GALAXY SII? :D
    “They called it emmc brick bug”

    It will hardly brick my phone if this is not safe..

    can you help me please………..

    i’m stock on my gingerbread rom 2.3.6.

    because gingerbread is more safer than those other roms for my phone. to avoid to hardbrick my phone.

    my phone is galaxy sII GT1900

  393. can you help me.. i’m stuck with gingerbread 2.3.6 and have a emmc chip that has a bug.
    i cant upgrade my phone.

  394. Tenjhin25
    Can you update via kies (official way) to samsung stock rom 4.0.4. ?

  395. don’t install this, you get stuck in sim lock code problem

  396. If I install this having installed the Russian version can I9100XWLPM_I9100OXELP8_SER bricking my phone

  397. If I install this having installed the Russian version can I9100XWLPM_I9100OXELP8_SER bricking my phone…my kernel is 3.0.15-1056084
    dpi @ DELL168 # 3 Build number IMM76D. XWLPW

  398. Thank you so much.

    Great Team!

  399. bonjour yaurai til une rom offcielle de jelly bean pour le galaxy s2 I9100G

  400. Well, I’ve installed it 8 days ago, after backup AND hard reset. I’m quite satisfied, even though missing ripple lockscreen, multiview and popup video, and the lockscreeen bug with wi-fi on, though. Samsung should still work a bit more on the battery consumption, but anyway…Nothing to compare with cooked roms from cyano or what else: can make a call for 15-20 minutes and the phone is still COLD. I mean..they did a very good job with the modem sw. PS:my device’s at brick-bug risk, acc.ding to the spec tool by Chainfire, but confess I’ve never bricked it even flashing custom roms. So, good job Samsung, carry on and push out the official one finally!! ^_^

  401. Danke,
    es hat wirklich funktioniert ich habe erst angst gehabt das es nicht gehen wird aber es funktioniert einwandfrei.

  402. Can some one please help me ? I’m having issues with sending an sms i know where the problem is but i can’t fix it ! The problem is in the message center bit i can’t save any other address it just keeps saying unable to save message center address. PLEASE HELP!

  403. I have flashed this file in other phones, but now when I download the file again it can’t be unziped… I don’t know why this is happening

  404. Maybe redownload?
    Or are you unzipping on your phone? With es file explorer app it works

  405. I update my S2 but my whatsapp account missing the auto downloading button, so I can not sotp the auto downloading.
    what can do for this issue.

  406. Who will the official firmware, can I flash back to original get KIES updates?

  407. it works on my SGS2 Singapore(GT-I9100 ; CSC – XPS).

    no need to root your device.

    i set my device @ debugging mode under Developer options in settings.

    just follow the steps with ODIN.

    i can’t tell anything about battery issues.

    flash player not support @ Google play. if you manage to get latest flash player apk file. it will works. am sure b’coz it’s works for me.

    some people said there is a option for 2 Home Screen.
    That is home screen layout
    1.Basic Mode
    2.Easy Mode
    you can customize both but one can be enabled.
    you can swap @ any time so you have 2 Home page setup.

    last one
    it works with Kies(Backup & Restore)
    but is shows – ( Your device’s current firmware version is not supported to Update firmware via Kies.)

    go ahead if you really wants the new firmware.

  408. i set my device @ debugging mode enable under Developer options in settings.

  409. and also i take out my SIM & memory card while updating my device
    to avoid SIM locked and data lost.

  410. Some touch problems I’ve noticed with this rom forced me back to Ice Cream Sandwich for the time being. The lock screen, at most times, freezes to the point where unlocking is impossible. I am required to put the phone to sleep first and then when waking up, I can unlock again. This is frustrating. Even more so, when I want to quickly access a lockscreen shortcut like whatsapp or camera quickly. Many a times, I’ve found that my scroll gesture is misinterpreted as a pinch to zoom gesture – annoying … try reading the bottom of a webpage when all that happens is constant zooming! The last bug I found, and not sure if this bug is an Android bug, or an Android compatibility bug, but Swype keeps failing …. A clearing of the swype app cache, or a change to a different keyboard tends to fix this. These ARE the only bugs I’ve found thus far, but it has caused me sufficient pain to move back to ICS until the official stable JB is released.

  411. This firmware is compatible with T-Mobile version SGH-T989 Galaxy S II ???

  412. instald jelly bean3 weeks ago and i have no problem with lockscreen.battery or anything.did you wipe user data and catsh before and after instaling jelly bean??? .and if you did this firmware works great better the orginal ics…

  413. printscreen not found


  415. i already installed this firmware. i wanted to root my device and install CWM 10.1

    any one can help on this?

  416. how to root the same rom

    need help to root

  417. Its pretty stable, but the main disadvantage is the very high battery drain, it hardly last only 12h with 3G open without even browsing, cannot wait for the official release. I check every day!

  418. Some bugs noticed, like the unlock screen some times goes unresponsive and the hang up button some times hangs too

  419. Flashing Instructions:
    - Unzip the file
    - Open Odin 3.04 (already included in the firmware package)
    - Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
    - Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin
    - Add CODE_I9100XXLSJ.tar to PDA
    - Add MODEM_I9100XXLS6.tar to PHONE
    - Add CSC_HOME_OXX_I9100OXXLS1.tar to CSC
    - Make sure re-partition NOT ticked
    - Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

    there are some other files also

    what to do with these files?(what is the use)

  420. This is a test firmware for SGSII and it’s great, much smooth, much faster, but it does not have all the new futures as the SGSIII. We all hope that in the final release version will apear…. and then all the owners of SGSII will be happy and satisfied. I strongly believe that the SGSII it’s able to support android 4.1.2 at it’s maximum performance and speed.

  421. For all the people who cant wait…….the final version will come according to a dutch android website in januari.
    Beginning or end they dont know but i think it definitly will come because Samsung MADE A TEST VERSION !

    Why make a test version , just for fun?
    Please relax and wait.

    By the way, although i dont use the phone often still i get very good battery.
    Right now 4 days 3 hours and 28% to go!! (2000mah)
    I’m not joking.
    Never had any reboot or crash or whatever only that Google now (active 3g and active location) and media service drains battery.

    And the reason why on xda theres no custom rom is because those rom-cookers need the official version

  422. I flashed my device and have been using it for more than a month, and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed. Not the experience of “real android” and all the improvements I was expecting from all the blogs.

    The battery life has decreased incredibly and the lockscreen problem reported by other users is quite annoying. Approx 10% of the times I try to unlock it does not work.

    Another issue I saw in previous offcial versions is that when receiving a call, rarely, but it happens, I cannot answer. I have to turn the screen left and right and then the screen is responsive.

    I hope the final version solves all these problems, or I will go to Cyanogenmode (9.1 works very well and battery life is amazing).

  423. It’s the best firmware !!!

  424. Is this compatible with ntelos version of Galaxy SII? (SCH-R760)

  425. Nope, it’s not, this is only for international version (GT-I9100)

  426. After updating to Jelly Bean my Galaxy S2 is not rooted, is that correct ?


  428. HEY; Can i also download this firmware to my phone if my sales code is
    “xsg” and I bought it from dubai?

  429. After updating to Jelly Bean my Galaxy S2 is not rooted, is that correct ?

    i did without root my SGS2. now am running 4.1.2 test firmware still not rooted.

    wait wait wait……………
    just wait for Official release.

    it’s soon.

  430. few days before i updated my Galaxy S2(GT-I9100) with Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Test firmware, what is this CyanogenMod 10.1 Nightlies
    can i install this in my SGS2?
    If you want to flash Cyanogenmod .. Run First in iCS official then flash Kernel ICS_with_CWM5.tar by Codeworkx ( find it in XDA Forum ).. Now u ready flash CM10.1 with ur CWM.
    Report this comment
    Iyenk Vines
    my device not rooted yet.
    1.how can i go to ICS mode
    2.how do i root my device
    3.please let give me some steps to install this into my SGS2(GT-i9100)
    anynone please….!

  431. Great! Downloaded, installed and running great! Thanks a lot for sharing this in advance of Samsung!

  432. First thanks Samsung for the update. I update jelly bean to my SII on the very first day of the firmware leak using odin. Thanks Sammobile for firmware . I like to share my experience after using it for about 1-1/2 month.
    I have to say it’s really very stable but with some bug.

    1. Screen is unresponsive for about 4-5 second when unlocking the screen.
    2. Little slow when switch from app to widgets page.
    3. Gets hang & start to reboot, need to disconnect n connect battery to restart, after restart battery will drained by half. suppose battery was 50% before hang after restart it will be 20-25%. when i) after streams 3-4 video on YouTube continuously. ii) when Bluetooth head phone get out of range.
    4. Music Player Custom Equalizer Not Working Properly.
    5. Use too much RAM.
    6. Battery consumption is very High.
    7. Issues with Setting Wallpaper in background & Lock screen.
    8. Smart stay is not working properly.

    Everything else work great. Hope all the bugs will be fixed in stable release.


  433. thank u so much …. it works …. i love jelly bin wonderful fantastic … my s2 run super fast thank u so much God bless

  434. Hi,

    Thanks to Sammobile for this 4.1.2 firmware.
    I have successfully upgraded from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2. This really looks great and it has all the features which has been mentioned in the blog and are working.
    Will share more of my test results in some days of time.


  435. Finally I have come to 4.0.4 ics. This leaked versión of 4.1.2 was amazing, but it has a lot of bad things like the screen loosed colours and all seemed to be blue, the camera quality was quite bad, and the battery life so por. I left the movile pone at night with 80% of battery and when i wake up in the morning it was 60% without using it…. So i can only wait until they reléase the oficial versión with all corrected and much stable. But i’m getting tired of waiting and maybe i will install cyanogenmod with 4.2 … S2 it’s the last phone i buy from Samsung.

  436. please tell step wiseme how to go back to ICS 4.0.4 ,

  437. Please tell me step wise how to go back to ICS 4.0.4

  438. Samsung i hope soon you will release the official Jelly Bean 4.1.2 for Galaxy S II I9100 this month or February because already galaxy s advance with lower hardware get this and run perfect.So S2 must take this asap to also users of S2 get the amazing experience of their device

  439. Hi sachinkedvin, I’m going to tell you what i’ve done to come back to 4.0.4 from the test firmware installed with 4.1.2. First I’ve downloaded the firmware 4.0.4 from Nordic Countries (it depends of where you live) and I installed it on my phone via odin. Then when it was installed my pone always stopped at samsung’s logo. So I made a hard reset and it worked…. ;)

  440. I can’t flash back to stock 4.04 I have downloaded the stock uk tar file but it gets stuck on HIDDEN when flashing with ODIN Help!!

  441. Does anyone knows the release date for official 4.1.2 ?

    I use the test firmware 4.1.2 since November and i love it (despite the bugs) :)

    Samsung is very very late for this already!

  442. It is rolling now ;-)

  443. Hi,
    Thanks to Sammobile for this 4.1.2 firmware.
    I have successfully upgraded from 4.0.4 to 4.1.2. This really looks great and it has all the features which has been mentioned in the blog and are working.
    Will share more of my test results in some days of time.

  444. Hi All,

    I flashed this ROM over my Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I777 with AT&T and was able to boot the phone as well and all the features work really fast and slick, except for the fact that I am unable to make or receive calls.

    I cannot hear what the other person is saying and neither can he hear what I am speaking.

    Could anyone please suggest how I can resolve this issue? Do I need to go back to the AT&T firmware?

  445. r support arabic language for midlle east user`s

  446. When will be issued to the Arabic version of the Galaxy S 2

  447. Wow this firmware look good, thanks SamMobile for this 4.1.2 Firmware :)

  448. Now Samsung’s started to roll out the official Jelly Bean in my country (Sweden) but it does not seem like I can install it.
    OTA says I have the latest version and Kies says that my device cannot be upgraded by it.

    Does anyone have an idea as to how to proceed?

  449. i think this is a buggy released of firmware inorder to test it or whatever Sam is planning. Some users are experiencing bugs ( not for me though, except CSC for Asian ). Both test and Spanish firmwares are good. Just need Thai CSC cause of the SMS over GSM failed.

  450. Butterfly, anyone? :)

  451. no but i want fix note 2 gallery in s2 bro

  452. Good work!!! Thanks!!!

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  455. wow….its Amazing..all options r working nicely…..thanx uploader …keep uploading these helpful tips……..

  456. bolck on hidden.img step

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  460. Hi,
    I want to upgrade SHW-M250S 4.0.4 to 4.1.2 Jelly bean.Pls tell me this firmware is suitable for this model or if not can u provide appropriate firmware for this.
    Model Number:SHW-M250S
    Android Version:4.0.4
    Base Band Version:M250S.UD18.1125.ST
    Build Number : IMM76D.UH07
    Kernel Version:3.0.15-M250S.UH07.16552-CL906886

    • yes u can
      i already updated XXLSJ.
      but two errors i have
      1.IMEI no is wrong 004999010640000
      2.Radio is not work

      then other is working superb
      susala sri lanka

  461. hi guise

    i have SHW M250S Samsung Galaxy S2
    one week ago i update is XXLSJ version.
    My imei no is wrong.
    Radio is no work
    what is it.why is that. will i try rooted one more time
    plz give me answer.

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  463. thank you so much got mine unbricked with this!

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  467. شكر

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