Samsung starts Jelly Bean Updates Galaxy Note 10.1

Today Samsung updated their Galaxy Note 10.1 to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean.
The update is only available in Germany at the moment and downloadable through
If you have the Galaxy Note 10.1 in Germany you will receive a OTA update of 300MB
Samsung will update the Galaxy Note 10.1 to PDA version N8000XXBLJ9 CSC version N8000OXABLJ9 and MODEM version N8000XXBLJ9.
Samsung introduced the Galaxy Note 10.1 at MWC 2012 in Barcelona the Galaxy Not e10.1 uses a 10.1” screen with a quad-core CPU and a 5 megapixel Camera.
The Galaxy Note 10.1 is Samsung’s first tablet with S-PEN features.

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  1. Hope you can get the ROMs for other countries too! Can’t wait! :D

  2. That is great! Now we can expect the Jelly Bean update for other markets to be available soon.

  3. I cant wait for the JB update for S2! :D

  4. Sorry for asking this but Samsung wont update directly to 4.1.2 as you said before?

  5. Looks like my S2 is the last in line to be updated, as long as it will push through I’m all good.

  6. Roberto.sousa.lima: Not in the Note 10.1 case.. the 4.1.2 is only for Note 1 N7000 as we know now..

  7. Great…I Hope coming fast in Indonesia..,.Im so excited

  8. Is there a way to install this JB update on other N8000 devices from other regions? Can we change the CID to receive this update or somehow?

  9. Good news for all Note 10.1 owners. I too got my S3 update in India. But the problem is that it is still not showing notification for update.

  10. Ah lama kali pun update buat Samsung Galaxy S 2. Mananya woi samsung ini? Mahal ini hape kubeli ya 5,5 juta!

  11. Next is galaxy the ceo stated earlier 10.1.then note and then other…thanks samsung for being kind…
    Update is welcome…

  12. But plz beware dont flash different country rom than you are reciding…it may change your imei….
    If i am wrong expert advice plz

  13. Here I come ! B)
    It wont change IMEI it may brick your mobile for which no one would be responsible except you. Flashing other countries ROM may not perform smooth. It will rather contain many bugs. Better wait for the official update and be patient till then like I did. I got my S3 update of JB India today itself.

  14. When are they updating P6200 (Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus)???

  15. What about Android 4.2???.

    Yeah, we are terrible

  16. So can I flash this over my ATO (austria) firmware?

  17. it’s great,any video about this update?

  18. From all these comments, it should be clear by now, to most, about the Samsung pattern of releasing updates. This is abnormal by the company to behave like this. Delayed release for one, and followed by buggy release. So, Sammobile leak the news about up coming updates, then consumers go crazy and mud slinging at Samsung for releasing the update slow and then follow by buggy updates. ok, delayed and buggy updates – What the heck? If S3 gets buggy updates for 4.1, why is it buggy when they have successfully installed on the Note 2 already? What are the differences in specs between S3 and Note 2?

  19. Drill the core guys, don’t just give them reasons to make a fool out of your all.

  20. Free things always take time :P

  21. update is our right…one buy android for update is what i think..

  22. im so happy and im so excited that nature ux is coming to my galaxy note but when samsung?

  23. And time is what we don’t have. I though time is money.

  24. Hi

    What’s with the N8010? When will the update since that.

  25. 终于让我等到了

  26. not sure when it will come to China

  27. Got a quick video review on my youtube channel KingDenzel92.
    I’ll be making an In-Depth review in the next few days, if you have questions about the update you can leave a comment in the video and I’ll try to answer them in the next In-Depth Review video. :)

  28. Waiting for Samsung Galaxy S duos Jelly bean update…………….

  29. it’s good. But i ask: for this device, can i use in italy Skygo?? though I will put jelly bean??

  30. Thanks sam.M

    I updated my note 10.1 with F.M

  31. Waiting for Galaxy S2 update…

  32. And the Galaxy S2 buyer is the last a.. who get this update, Galaxy 3 isn´t worth to upgrade for Galaxy 2 owners, if that 3 Month update speed for latest models not get speeded up, no Galaxy 4 buy! Only Nexus with speedy updates! Tanks Samsung for disapointing me for this slow turtle update speed ….

  33. martingranec.98
    I say the same…
    Waiting for Jellybean in Galaxy S2

  34. when Indonesia received jellybean?why indonesia so slow update firmware zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  35. galaxy s2 ıcın gelsın artık şu guncelleme !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. When will jellybean update for galaxy note n7000 for samsung confirmed jb gor galaxy note will be in november but till now its not. Too late. ….

  37. when i got update in indonesia?why samsung only update it in europe only?when indonesiaaaaa?i’m so bored i need the new update especially premium suite

  38. we are still waiting the jelly bean in Dubai for galaxy note 10.1 ,3G….. every body waiting from long time here in Dubai !!!!!!!!!!

  39. we are still waiting the jelly bean 4.1.1 for galaxy note 2 10.1

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