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”Samsung to update the Galaxy Note directly to Android 4.1.2”

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According to a movie floating around on Youtube Samsung will update the Galaxy Note directly to Android 4.1.2.
The Galaxy Note Below uses firmware version N7000XXLS7. The firmware is based on Android 4.1.2 and includes the new Touch-wiz interface called Nature-UX.
Which is not normal but really good to see if Samsung is doing the same the Galaxy S II too.
Since the Nature Ux from Samsung many CUSTOM rom users decided  not to use CUSTOM Android roms anymore. Of course the question one remains: is this Youtube movie is real.
But we have to say it looks like that, even the leaked N7000XXLS2 uses the same icons as the Galaxy Note II and that uses the Nature UX.
Samsung even added an icon of the multi-window feature at the notification bar!

Lets hope the update is close!
The updates for the Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note are planned for this quarter.

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55 comments on “”Samsung to update the Galaxy Note directly to Android 4.1.2”

  1. trifonwifon 1 year ago said:

    Great news for NOTE and SII.

  2. dlis92 1 year ago said:

    where to take?

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  3. Robbie Hood 1 year ago said:

    Nature ux allready in note 1 since xxlrt man :D
    And dont know where you got the info that users dont use custom roms anymore.
    The scene is only getting bigger and bigger.

    Bad info here :p

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  4. DannyD 1 year ago said:

    Compare the current skin with the move above…

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  5. eybee1970 1 year ago said:

    that’s right, Robbie ;)

    Maybe we will have less users of AOSP, CM and so on, cause they lack all the new features of Sammy-based ROMs

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  6. evilbeast3 1 year ago said:

    Im way too happy now….Galaxy note 2 features on my galaxy note!

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  7. aqli.sulthon 1 year ago said:

    I hope in sgs2 too

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  8. myint thu ya 1 year ago said:

    i can’t wait anymore jelly bean for sII

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  9. andnote 1 year ago said:

    Thanks once again sammy…and will note get multi window feature….

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  10. laveypewthers 1 year ago said:

    When Galaxy S Advance to get updates Jelly Bean?

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  11. AlbertoBN 1 year ago said:

    How about releasing some source code like HW composer and let older devices enjoy AOSP ROMs if their precious TouchWiz can’t run on them? I have seen Galaxy S running Jelly Bean ROMs

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  12. BeyongGalaxy 1 year ago said:

    Another two step Sammy..

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  13. mikilovestv 1 year ago said:

    i have a galaxy note gt n 7000 i want jelly bean !!!! galaxy note is better than galaxy s2 and we are waiting more than s2 please !

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  14. sam10102539 1 year ago said:

    Oppa @DannyD
    Please Release Infomation For S2 JB Update
    Just a Little Bit Before Rom Release


    Plan Of GS Note1 it’s Same S3 (Have 2Times Update).

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  15. vavrorvav 1 year ago said:

    seems like note I will get 4.1.2 before note II? :)

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  16. arbi1234 1 year ago said:
  17. arbi1234 1 year ago said:

    jelly bean for s2 please.

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  18. vivekmahajan 1 year ago said:

    S2 may be you will have to wait till next year. We are still waiting for S3 Jelly Bean update.

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  19. Addled 1 year ago said:

    Good Job Samsung.
    Here’s hoping the SII Galaxy will run JB 4.2 soon

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  20. karansridhar 1 year ago said:

    What all new features can we expect in JB 4.1.2 for Galaxy Note N7000?
    Air-View? Multi-Window? Smart Stay?

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  21. ethun78 1 year ago said:


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  22. BlueOfBlues 1 year ago said:

    It’s awesome for GNote and S2 !
    I think we would life to know if S2 will get TouchwizzUX and all the features like GNote ?

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  23. Rony Wijaya 1 year ago said:

    What the ? Samsung galaxy S3 ??

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  24. kyien23 1 year ago said:

    were waiting for jelly bean for Galaxy S Advance unlike Note and S2 user were still in Gingerbread.. Update please..

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  25. sam10102539 1 year ago said:

    I Want To Cry
    With Update Samsung

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  26. BeyongGalaxy 1 year ago said:

    Foe the people who are crying with late updates or not at all, this is the true fact of marketting life – they play with us and use us for pawns. On the Note, this could save us some money by buying Note 1 because specs are almost the same as Note 2. This could work well for Samsung if they are SMART and follow this instinc for a change. Immaginning the kind of damage this could do to iOS.

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  27. Bolindro 1 year ago said:

    But the main deal is when the update is coming. We all know samsung how it updates their devices :P

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  28. rma1902 1 year ago said:

    thats amazing i love you samsung… just galaxy NOTE

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  29. wonderham 1 year ago said:

    Ohh how great is that? Turtle Samsung releasing an 4 month old update called Jelly Bean in this quarter, how great is that? Still no update 4 the S2 …

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  30. aren34 1 year ago said:

    Samsung not even release the XXLRQ to users in Malaysia yet. Now they telling the people that they are going to release the 4.1.2? I think we have to wait until the end of year 2013 to get this update officially.

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  31. jinggothegreat 1 year ago said:

    does this update enables the USB audio support in SG Note? and also USB OTG function?

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  32. Valerios 1 year ago said:

    Where can i download it?? There is just the 4.1.1 version?? Plz help

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  33. andnote 1 year ago said:

    Any one flashed this room .I arm waiting for it.. I am using jellybean is very nice.

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  34. sollehmc 1 year ago said:

    when is the exact date for this update?

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  35. acidemic 1 year ago said:

    SIII must get this before anyone else as the flagship phone of all times!

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  36. alooy 1 year ago said:
  37. Slitex 1 year ago said:

    # begin build properties
    # autogenerated by Oct 29 22:40:12 KST 2012
    # is obsolete; use ro.product.device
    # Do not try to parse or .fingerprint 4.1.2 JZO54K N7000XXLS7 release-keys
    # Samsung Specific Properties
    # end build properties
    # system.prop for smdk4210

    rild.libargs=-d /dev/ttyS0





    # Multimedia property for Smart View

    # System property for Default Brightness

    debug.hwui.render_dirty_regions=false or
    ro.config.media_sound=Media_preview_Touch_the_ligh t.ogg

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  38. cosako63 1 year ago said:

    I hope arregle the clock weather widget with the time zone of latinoamerican. the XXLS2 don´t work properly…

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  39. mrbit 1 year ago said:

    it’s amazing !
    its will upgrade early :D

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  40. thieugiahota 1 year ago said:

    i’m watting for you

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  41. Feffapreview 1 year ago said:
  42. Blackghost24 1 year ago said:

    I can wait to 4.1.2 oficial release here on sam mobile I try LS2 leak bad for me not working s note and no airview and multi window next a try 4.1.2 leak on xda and is have multy window but no Airview but with a fix you can fix that and your phone gonna have a airview but again not work a s note and because of that I dont like custom roms or leaks I whait on you sam mobile and 4.1.2 ofical for the Galaxy Note Gt n7000.Thanks!

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  43. MasterBushido 1 year ago said:

    ”Samsung to update the Galaxy Note directly to Android 4.1.2…..a year from now”

    What’s wrong sammy? Can you atleast give a definite time frame for g note n7000′s jb update? What’s taking it too long?

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  44. aren34 1 year ago said:


    I agree with you! It might takes a year to release the official update. Are you in Malaysia?

    You know anyone working in Samsung Malaysia that might be able to tell when the next update will be available?

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  45. marquenis 1 year ago said:

    donde la puedo descargar para mi note

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  46. shaguarbog 1 year ago said:

    I think I’ll buy my iPhone 5 because I’m tired of waiting for shit to update almost half a year. Sammsung sorry, but you’re the bullshit.

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  47. arleirossi 1 year ago said:

    jb 4.1.2 samsung galaxy note N7000???when???!!!!

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  48. Feffapreview 1 year ago said:

    When official jb for note n7000??

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  49. komando1231 1 year ago said:

    nerde kaldı bu androıd 4.1.2 galaxy note türkiyeye öncelik tanıyın güney kore sabırsızlıkla bekliyoruz.

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  50. cemx 1 year ago said:

    kardeş sen direk yükle napcn orjinalini.s2 kullanıyorum ve JB 4.1.2 gayet iyi beklemen hata.TR için çıkınca yine yüklersin.

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  51. hp79 1 year ago said:

    I tried N7000XXLS7 for couple days. It’s kind of too slow. Opening links in a mini browser and being able to multitask easier is great and all, but maybe the hardware of Note 1 is too old already. I’m going back to ICS until Samsung releases a real stable version.

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  52. samsammobile 1 year ago said:

    Can’t wait for the update. It’s damn too long and still no date.

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  53. qazibasit 1 year ago said:

    I know it took 8 months to get ics on my note and it was already there on the galaxy nexus. Both devices were released with less than a month gap. I got ics in june. So i guess samsung will make us wait a little more.

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  54. iper 1 year ago said:


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