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Galaxy Note N7000XXLS2 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Leak

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We of SamMobile just received a new Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmware for the Galaxy Note GT-N7000. N7000XXLS2 firmware doesn’t have Multi-View built-in as it’s in a testing phase. Samsung is currently testing N7000XXLS3 which has Multi-View and we are trying our best to get it for you.

Samsung is currently testing Android 4.1.1 but they might update it to Android 4.1.2 before rolling out Jelly Bean to the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II. According to our insider is Samsung already working on Android 4.1.2 for the Galaxy S III. Android 4.2 updates are planned in Q1 2013 and Samsung will give this update to the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II first.

Again, we have no information yet about other Android devices.
Samsung’s focus is always first high-end than mid-end/older devices.

We of SamMobile will keep you up to date about the latest firmwares for other devices. With a bit of luck we might even receive a Galaxy S II Jelly Bean leak soon.
But we have to say the Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S II are almost ready!

We know that there is already a N7000XXLS2 Firmware floating around the web but that firmware is made from system dumps of the device. Where as our firmware comes directly from Samsung’s servers and our firmwares also contain new Jelly Bean bootloaders as well.
- Firmware N7000XXLS2
- Date October 9.
- SPEN cursor air-view. (expected to see real air-view later)
- Jelly Bean.
- Same screenlock as nature UI.
- Firmware isn’t really fast.
- How to flash. Open ODIN, hit PDA select file (N7000XXLS2.tar.md5), DOWNLOAD MODE, Hit start and wait!  Make sure you use original Samsung firmware.

Below are a couple of screenshots from N7000XXLS2 Firmware! Download this firmware trough our firmware page.
Remember if you want to flash this firmware is everything on your own RISK!
SamMobile recommends you to wait till the official Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update arrives.


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72 comments on “Galaxy Note N7000XXLS2 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Leak

  1. alexrv.ea 2 years ago said:

    Wow!!! Am excited… Would be waiting for the official firmware from Samsung for SII… This wait would be long…

  2. vavrorvav 2 years ago said:

    that wouldnt be a bad move by samsung to skip 4.1.1, since there are no major changes between 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 and updating straight to 4.1.2 would mean a lot to customers

  3. arbi1234 2 years ago said:
  4. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    you sould make this rom for s2

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  5. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    galaxy s2 ics is very bad rom not smoot not fast you sould make a very good jelly bean for s2

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  6. ciuppy 2 years ago said:
  7. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    s2 is bust phone of 2011 samsung you forgot it.

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  8. vavrorvav 2 years ago said:

    maybe it is bcoz sgs2 with jelly bean would be as good as sgs3 and samsung might lose some money :P and they dont want it

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  9. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    s2 jelly bean should reality very fast and very smooth

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  10. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    you should very fast very good very smooth top graphic and like s3 jelly bean make for s2

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  11. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    s2 s2 s2 s2 s2

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  12. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    jelly bean for s2

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  13. wonderham 2 years ago said:

    4 weeks old leak and still no S2 Jelly Bean! I´m going to hate Samsung 4 this mess. LG Nexus 4 is my next mobile. Touchwiz can Samsung move somewhere else. Nexus Phones will dominate the future …

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  14. andnote 2 years ago said:

    thanks samsung and thanks sammmobile for good news….lets hope samsung will kick apple on ass in update procedure….always be loyal to your customer

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  15. alexrv.ea 2 years ago said:

    This time Samsung should release a stable Jelly Bean firmware with no bugs in it for SII…… ICS 4.0.4 is still buggy and very unstable…. Why does Samsung release such firmwares with so many bugs in in…

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  16. alexrv.ea 2 years ago said:
  17. tomikt 2 years ago said:

    Where is S2 Update?

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  18. Ezz Eldin 2 years ago said: waiting for s2 jelly bean :)

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  19. Erodim 2 years ago said:

    my gNote is very glad to see this leak, but i scary for the brick bug and i wait an OTA update

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  20. rockingsiva 2 years ago said:

    waiting for galaxy S II Jelly Bean…………………..

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  21. DannyD 2 years ago said:


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  22. pgehlot 2 years ago said:

    @DannyD can you please talk about SIII JB INDIA?

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  23. msedek 2 years ago said:

    S2 people its a plague damn.. Hope samsung never update that piece of shit

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  24. gacop4912451 2 years ago said:

    what about galaxy not from at&t will have the same update soon

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  25. mk1980 2 years ago said:

    thanks Samsung for 4.1.2 work and 4.2 for s3, even confirmation doesn`t people doubt about your support :P I feel much more happy now :DD funny but it`s nice, keep on progress guys

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  26. ehsanmm 2 years ago said:

    thanks sam mobile !
    we are waiting for official release.
    but for more information about XXLS2 our friends can take a look on XDA.
    this leaked rom has some bugs, for ex. S Note has FC bug right now.

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  27. tbl4kar 2 years ago said:
  28. tbl4kar 2 years ago said:

    jelly bean 4.1.2 for s2 ……………….

  29. bangyos 2 years ago said:

    I want Jelly Bean for my Samsung Galaxy S II !!!!!! Why this take so long ???

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  30. vanderlay 2 years ago said:

    will this wipe my rom or just update it to jellybean ??
    any help would be great

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  31. coolfsx 2 years ago said:

    does samsung forget her asian galaxy SIII? WTF

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  32. gonzalobici 2 years ago said:

    Hello danny! shall we see touchwiz nature ux in our Samsung galaxy note and sgs2 like in Samsung galaxy sIII…?
    Best regards from Tenerife , Canary Island

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  33. evilbeast3 2 years ago said:

    Someone should make a tutorial on installation of this on the note.

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  34. evilbeast3 2 years ago said:

    oh my bad..installation is already explained on top

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  35. xarfrost 2 years ago said:

    Come on Samsung, hurry up with the JB update for S2 :) am excited to have someone to talk to (google voice search) lol.

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  36. BeyongGalaxy 2 years ago said:

    What is with the fireworks? Even when 4.1.2/4.2 releases, it is going to be BUGGY..

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  37. davidf 2 years ago said:

    Will you S2 drivellers give it a rest I know your pea sized brains can’t do math but for the 20 or so of you that bag out the S2 you’re pretty much out numbered by the 30 million users who are smart enough to know that there is nothing wrong with an SII and those that don’t like touchwiz change the launcher (anyone with an IQ of 5 points above brain dead can do that but obviously there are quite a few brain dead trolls on on the sammobile forums.)
    SII is a smart phone so you brainless morons should go to a dumb phone such as iphone 5.

    S2 is getting JB everyone knows that it will be ready when its ready in the mean time STFU and stop trolling every f#$king thread.

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  38. sam10102539 2 years ago said:

    @FaryaabS You are Pretty Good For Infomation ,an I want to Know infomation For S2 Update ,Are You Have This ,or Same @DannyD???

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  39. hsckishan 2 years ago said:

    After installing this update, when I’m connecting my mobile to KIES, POP up coming as device is not supportive to connect to KIES, how to overcome this, I would like to restore my back up…. Pls help SAM Team…..

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  40. thunderwalker 2 years ago said:

    Does this leaked rom have any issues? (like annoying bugs, camera bugs, or any other kind of bug that affects the usability of the phone)

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  41. hsckishan 2 years ago said:

    Polaris Office not available in this update

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  42. leoammy 2 years ago said:

    I m wondering If I can flash this ROM over Notecore Kernel because my Stock kernel has the emmc brick problem. Please Reply what is the safe kernel to flash this ROM.. Thanks in advance

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  43. Bolindro 2 years ago said:

    Cool… But samsung wont change they will make delays :P

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  44. CBK 2 years ago said:

    I test it, it seems be fine nd good exept few probs, First when u write using the keyboard, the “M” he dont write it, it write “N” when u tap on “M” nd 2nd, there is’nt arabic lang in it, hope to get the 4.1.2 soon, nd hope that they will fix all this probs, nd evvry time i use my note it seems that he gone so hot, anyone can tell me why ?

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  45. itswill7 2 years ago said:

    but where is the download link??

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  47. anil_n73 2 years ago said:

    Looking nice. Same features like Note II. Thanks for the rom.

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  48. aqli.sulthon 2 years ago said:

    When for S2?

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  49. yotikmol 2 years ago said:

    I’ve flash this firmware last night, and then a big”WOW”!
    I’m very happy that Ive done this.

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  50. mydejiko 2 years ago said:

    heh, having problem with deep sleep. deep sleep never being used even i turn off everything and leave it for almost 24 hours.

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  51. moh3n 2 years ago said:

    can you tell me that when it release for Iran?

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  52. oldbritbike 2 years ago said:

    Hello All,

    Is there somebody here know how to backup this ROM after we installed it?

    What apk I should use to make a back up? Can I use ROM manager?

    Is it compatible with the Galaxy Note N7000? If it is not compatible, please tell me what’s the apk that I can use to make a backup?

    Because when I installed ICS 4.0.3 and update to 4.0.4, I never make a backup :) ….that’s why now I want have a backup, just in case if I meet some problem in the future with my device when flashing a ROM.

    Will appreciated for all answer/ info/ help


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  53. rogerioabreu.cunha 2 years ago said:

    I’m trying it out. Not really fast, as stated, but very nice. Google Now and Smart Stay are awesome. My car bluetooth connection isn’t working ok – it keeps going on-off every few seconds. Hope this will be fixed.

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  54. anil_n73 2 years ago said:

    No social Hub. S Note Productivity tools not working

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  55. R34P3R 2 years ago said:

    There’s another JB leaked based on 4.1.2 XXLS7 for Galaxy Note GT-N7000 in the web which supported multi windows…can Sammobile check on that?

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  56. kohtoo 2 years ago said:

    somebody can tell me how to root this rom?

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  57. Bijoux 2 years ago said:

    Why worry about J/B 4.1.1 just install sweet rom V5 it’s the best i gave J/B a try and went back to sweet Rom V5 it rocks and nice and smooth no bugs and gives you more as well.

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  58. everestprint 2 years ago said:

    very very bad!! do not try this.. my phone turn off every 1 minute

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  59. lunge940217 2 years ago said:

    very good! thanks。。。

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  69. mhmdmstfa 2 years ago said:

    i have problem in mobile galaxy note n7000
    My mobile is very slow

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  70. tedabner 2 years ago said:
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