Samsung to switch to LCD displays for 2013

Bad news for all AMOLED fans, Samsung isn’t ready for full HD AMOLED resolution displays.
According to the korean newspaper Samsung will choose for full HD LCD displays. Samsung need to have one more year, to find the clue why they couldn’t use high-resolution in AMOLED displays.
Because Samsung’s LCD factory is ready to produce full HD LCD panels, Will Samsung choose for LCD displays for one year. Samsung’s LCD chief reported to compete against LG, and Sharp.
Full HD LCD displays by Samsung will reach a pixel density of 440 ppi. (Pixel per inch). Sharp’s Full HD LCD panel has a density of 443ppi. In this month’s beginning LG reported to be working on full HD AH-IPS displays.

We hope Samsung can find a way to start the production of FULL HD AMOLED displays.
From AMOLED back to LCD seems like a step backwards even when you can’t see the differents between both displays with your own eyes.
Of course we have to say AMOLED is still young! Samsung used their first AMOLED panels in the Samsung JET and Samsung Omnia. From the first Samsung Wave and first Galaxy S is Samsung’s AMOLED displays are hot items in every cellphone.


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  1. Ok then no Galaxy4 for me ;) I`ll stay with my S3,anyhow I was planning to skip full Hd madness, which is mostly marketing selling point not exactly improvement. But Samsung pls update S3 next year with S4, like something S3 Amoled HD + display like NOTE2, on that 4,8″ should be subpixel density briliant like on Galaxy Premiere(as it`s specs are true). and pls upgrade hardware on S3 to model name S3 Plus or whatevery faster CPU more RAM , HD+ Display different colours worlwide, that will make the trick to forgot to no full HD Amoled superphone from Samsung next year ;) Everybody is fine with HD on around 5″ displays believe me :D I am happy on 50″ Samsung HD plasma , no need full hd :D first 3D plasma in 2008 made.

  2. This is so stupid…..for a tablet……its ok..,..but for a cellphone??? Come on….more than 330 PPI is pure marketing….

  3. why you are people are in love with samsung…which infact never cares customer..everyone who buy samsung high end mobile felt sorry for buying it..
    they never confirm update date…
    will selling of their product decline if they give update…
    i dont think so…
    be loyal to your customer samsung….

  4. OK so no samsung in 2013 for me, nobody cares anyways, but still^^……amoled screen is 50% reason that i buy samsung phones, guess just gonna have to stick with my beloved S3, or maybe i will sell it and buy note II or SGSIII LTE….who knows :)

  5. Hmmm… suddenly iPhone 5 becomes an option… lol

  6. i think this is good…i mean..super amoled display is very good tech but its not mature enough..the main problem of this display tech is the blue pixel degradation is way faster than other which will cause pixel burn effect..its quite annoying when you buy a flagship phone that have a problematic display…maybe samsung should invest in IGZO like display/lcd

  7. Galaxy S is AMOLED. Then I buy another a brand. Because, I love AMOLED especially for its real black color.

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