Samsung start for second time Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean updates Galaxy S III

Samsung  just started for the second time the Android 4.1.1 updates for the Galaxy S III.
The Galaxy S III is Samsung’s best world-wide selling phone ever. Samsung sold over 20 million Galaxy S III devices in only 50 days!
The Galaxy S III uses a big 4.8” Super AMOLED HD display an 8 megapixel camera and a quad-core processor.

At the end of September Samsung started the first update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean in Poland.
Samsung decided to push back this update, the reason was because of battery drain and some interface bugs.
Since this month the Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update is out for Korea.
Samsung will start with steps to update the other countries.
We expect the most updates this month for the most countries.

Keep your eye on @SamKiesUpdates.
You can update your Galaxy S III trough Samsung KIES or by using OTA.

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Watch the latest 10 official firmwares for the Galaxy S III here!
You can find our live feed here!

October 31th
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update The Netherlands
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Korea
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Spain

October 29th
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Greece
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Thailand
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Malaysia
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Vietnam
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Indonesia
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Singapore
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Philippines

October 25th
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Nordic
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Afghanistan
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Egypt
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Iraq
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Pakistan
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Algeria
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Tunisia
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Mauritania
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update United Arab Emirates
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Turkey
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Sprint

- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update United Kingdom (Information…)
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Romania
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Switzerland
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Luxembourg

October 22th
- Vodafone Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmwares online!
- O2 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean firmwares online!
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update Germany!
- Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update France!

The Jelly Bean update will have a few enchantments like:
- Better performance, thanks to Project Butter it’s even smoother and faster
- Reorganized settings menu
- 2 Home screen modes
- New Notifications bar
- Google Now
- Sizable Pop-up play screen

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  1. no news for our beloved s2 :(

  2. Please keep this message only for Galaxy S III.
    Samsung will update the Galaxy S II later (Q4)

  3. Samsung is No More Interested For Old Valuable Customers Of Galaxy SII And Galaxy Note N7000, Just Keeps On Updating New Handsets, Which Already have Lot New Features
    What About Galaxy SII And Note N7000……Nothing Just Samsung Sold Handsets and Earned
    Profit….Thats It

  4. Hey should just update all international versions at once

  5. They*

  6. update for S2,please.><

  7. WTF!!!


  8. samsung korean group of ill wolf
    … f… in your a.. samsung.
    plz dont buy samsung is group of lair and ..
    they never gives update…

    NOVEMBER , Q4 ,Next Year or No UPDATE or LIE UPDATE.
    I’M NOT Understand.

  10. yawn yawn yawn come on guys lets keep this professional

    I SEE S3 Come 3Monts ,IT HAVE UPDATE
    iP5 ARE BETTER Than S3 Sure 10000000000%

  12. Chill….

  13. @sam10102539 ask your daddy to buy you a new iphone5, or go to xda, and get a jb rom…


  14. why dont samsung just do update like apple does. Global update!!!

  15. cone on samsung what the S3 uk update. sweden. poland. weres tge uk update

  16. global update is patented by apple! lol!
    this is why we need to wait too long for s2 update.

  17. lucky s3 owners, come next year for s4 and samsung will forget you all, just like us s2 owners.

  18. This subject is about JB for the S3 not S2. So everyone who is asking when JB will arrive for the Note or S2 **** off! Danny doesnt work for Samsung but still gets some inside information. So please be thankfull for that and stop flaming here.

  19. OFF:

    For Christ’s sake, people, learn English! Sometimes it gets really tough to read what a members post here in comments..

  20. @sammobile, what about multi-view functionality? didn’t your insider tell something about that?? I dont think its in the new swedish rom is it?

    Greetings Dimitri

  21. same shit happen there black bar when viewing ficture and cant coping more than 4GB file on micro sdxc card .

  22. WTF!!

    Are you dont reading Dannyd second post?? You all just came here and tell whatever to spread the shit you have in your hands… The users of S3 want to use this posts to know how about new update… This is no Samsung official page so dont claim about f*ck*ing updates… if you´re impatient, just flash CM10 on your S2… if not… sit down and watch TV… as soon as it will be ready it will be shipped to your phone by OTA…

    If you dont like Fragmentation… Buy Nexus or iPhone…

  23. when is coming the update for S Advance?

  24. I dont know why samsung develops so many versions of the same software for the same device.. Would be hell easier to release a global OTA for the same device. Apple didnt patent a globla update shyt wich in that case would only works for USA and not for the rest of the world.. As you can see google does releases OTAs for the nexus globaly for takju/yakju devices wich are the most…

    Another thing its why doesnt they fix all the bugs before releasing an update..they should stop releasing so many crap devices or at least have a dedicated team for flagships… I mean being one of the most valuable companies around the world and sIII being the best selling device they should keep the costumers beyon happy I beleave that hiring 4 or 5 great developers dedicated to flagships only can not hurt samsung.. Its in fact it becomes in instant profit because they will have millions of people talking about how good does samsung with updates and no the other way around ..

  25. For all the against (complaints) comments, by now you all should know that they are not going to update JB to previous smartphones. So better get new Samsung Phones with Jelly on it. I think that is the only way or the high way for us. Samsung is not as professional as the fruit is. The fruit is truely a software and hardware firm. Where as Samsung is only hardware produce company. At first I thought I was the only black sheep cpmplaining,but from the look at the first 5 or 6 comments …hmmm. I can not believe that consumers are startingto feel the heat and may cheat? Even though some keep arguing that it is only a small percentage of consumners that are not satisfied and keep sending us to CM. Some don’t have the skill to do it properly or safelyso they have to rely on official releases to be safe. The funny part is that there are warnings for flashing firmeare on your own and at the sane time someone in this room encouraged unsatisfied consumers to do likewise.

  26. when i see that article, i was first very happy coz i thought they are finally giving the update all over the world…..
    but it is again restricted to one country only

    YES the Poland version of Jelly bean sucks
    the battery drains very fast
    and so many FC of touchwiz home

    remember that even the S3 mini comes out with JB
    and also the G note II comes with JB and better functions like the Quick glance, mutliscreen view and even the gallery is more beautiful

  27. Oh God, all this talk about S2… Can someone say a few things about this new rom, did anyone flashed it?

  28. just sold my sgs3

  29. I updated my s3 with jb, I would like to ask does anyone knows where I can find the voice cmd button? I used to find it before in language and input but now its gone. Can anyone help me? Thank you.

  30. @ttomorad I flashed this one but I did not do a wipe/factory reset because I was on the previous jb rom that was intended for Poland. So far things are good, still you don’t have a full screen use when viewing picture, there is still a black border around the pic.

    @Sammobile, do I need to wipe/factory reset my phone? or is it okay to leave it this way.. I came from the previous jb ROM intended for Poland.

  31. Galaxy s3 is my last android smartphone or phone whatever nex time APPLE

  32. If anyone is leaving the S3 for Apple, simply because they haven’t got a software update on a 3 month old phone, deserves everything they get from iOS 6.

    If you’re still on the S2 you should be upgrading to the S3 anyway. Your phone is an out of date piece of dual core shit, just like the iPhone 5.

    Off to flash this one on my shiny, fast S3 :)

  33. Coman guys! There was aritcle about update to JB.We had picture from nordic countries or other country ‘s samsung tweet wich sais that S2 will have JB (leaks ?) in november.Just go to xda and flash some roms.Don’t tell me that you have no ClockWorkMode Recovery ?!Flash Siyah and wipe all :-)

  34. wonder what would happend if samsung made an apple update and made 20 million customers update to a firmware that didnt work propperly….
    what would happend then.. the same guys who is sitting here complaining about not getting JB, would complain that sammy released an update that drained their battery in 5 hours. now if you really want to get JB.. sit down, and read on how to update it manually. it takes like 3 min. and it does all the work for you, all you have to do is live with the bugs because you were impatient

    if you dont have the courage to try yourself then you have to wait until sammy thinks they have got it rigth, or go buy a PRE scrathes apple device with massive baterydrain, wifi/3g errors that will offer you 3500 pound bill next month.. i really really would enjoy your faces when you go buy your 600 £ rotten apple, and gets a bill like that… just because you couldnt wait for an official JB update for the S3..

  35. And of course no info about s2

  36. All these comments annoy me…

    Why should they upgrade the old devices at the same time as the newly released devices? They run a business – their business is to sell phones… Not everyone is a tech head like most of us. They want a nice phone with nice features. Most probably never know about – or know how to update their phone. And what better way to get these people is to entice them with new ‘features’ in a new phone.

    Do you expect your LED TV company to provide you with software to make it 3D .. No why would they. If you want 3D you buy a new TV.

    The same goes with phones. You buy them for that they have today – and not what they MIGHT get in the future. And it is only natural that an older device is down the pecking line and will get an upgrade at a later date than the newer devices…

    Common Sense people and a bit of realistic thinking rather than ME ME ME.

    If you want the latest – buy the latest otherwise just wait your turn.
    Apple does one version a year. Jelly Bean was launched mid year and we have K-Whatever coming soon a few months later. Be grateful for what you have – and the features you will have when you do get it.

    S3 will be first .. then S2 – it amazes me that the S2 guys demand a new version at the same time – or before the S3 … sheesh.

    Be thankful you don’t get the ‘latest version’ with all the goodies ripped out giving you a new version number by none of the features like iOS.

  37. s2

  38. ssssssssssssssssssssss222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  39. i think Samsung are the first to give JB update among other Companies ( HTC, LG, Motorola, Sony)
    the only problem with them is that they can’t show an exact update schedule..

  40. Since no one wants to talk about this ROM release, I will… I flashed this ROM yesterday and I have to say it is smoother than the Polish release but there are still lags all over the place. The most annoying thing I discovered is that the music breaks, stutters if you browse through Play Store, and it stutters alot! So for me, 4.0.4 is still the best version, there are still too much problems to solve with 4.1.1.

    S2 owners, please be patient, believe me! You don’t want this kind of unfinished ROM on your phone, do you? :)

  41. S2 User More Than S3 User ,DannyD
    Please Send Our Comment To Samsung.

  42. Installed, a little better then polish but also bugs:
    Gallery not again in full screen !!!!!!!!!!!
    I think not so difficult to solve this big bug!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Better having an old good rom than a new bad one. And how can tell me a non nexus phone already in 4.1.2?. Go cyanoden if you obseed by having the last rom on your phone.

  44. If you cant wait till 4.1.1 (or 4.1.2) is officially out, do like I did… try the Viking 7.3 (JB 4.1.1 XXDLB). It is pretty light and fast (no bloatware). (but remember that full wipe is mandatory)

  45. update for note (n7000) Please :’(

    لطفا برای گلکسی نوت هم آپدیت را ارائه کنید

  46. For the iSheeps losers only!!!, OK Apple make “famos” global update, that is OK. But what is in that update?! A f***ng ability to change home screen and lock screen wallpaper, how the f**k that is hard to make? So get a life, and give samsung space to make awersom update, or buy iPhone and kill your self! And my english is crap but i’m sure that you (iSheep) understedt evriting what im sead….

  47. Still awaiting the German (DBT) Version of 4.1.1

  48. s2 sucks. all people that are waiting for s2 are bums. go out and buy yourselves an s3 you peasants

  49. sadam1 that is funny. Unfortunately, it is not only your spelling is at fail mark, but you are not making sense. Your sentences is only statements without premises.

  50. Yeah I would agree that minor change in iOS update might be easy that is why they got it done. One the hand would it be easy for Samsung to do the same, if it is a petti update? HHummmm…..

  51. Come on sadam1, I am lying and waiting….:)

  52. hmmmm! waiting for Galaxy Note. :(

  53. Downloading from Romania on Vodafone :)
    The update size is: 318.58MB

  54. Pocketnow reports that the JB 4.1.1 update currently being pushed out to the other countries is the Exact same Firmware that was sent out to Poland a little while ago.
    Which means that the bugs present in the Poland firmware will also be present in this one.
    Absolute bloody brilliance inint?!!

  55. what sammobile and other forums need is an automated winey fucktard detection sensor, those that cant wait for JB please just shut up, really do, please really just shut up, put a sock in it, ferme la bouche, button it, take you’re ball home i dont care just keep you pointless rants to yourself and maybe next time buy and Iphone next time.

  56. bla bla bla………

  57. come on….. i`am UK BTU ROM gS3 international, where is the update!!!!! no via OTA

  58. @ stoolzo ferme ton cul

  59. Thank you very much DannyD. Finally JB is here for SG3.

  60. @BeyongGalaxy
    I’m sure you understand everything I wrote…But again I say sorry to my poor English writing..

  61. @Addled it’s not the same version. Poland was I9300XXDLIB, this one (Sweden, Spain, France, etc.) is I9300XXDLIH

  62. When is JB update coming to Pakistan? any news

  63. pakistan release is 9.11.2015

  64. Jelly Bean update has arrived here in ICELAND :D

  65. November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November, November… please come! (S2)

  66. Where is samsung promises to rollout the updates for S3 “Very Soon”.. Why rollout the updates stage by stage. Such a pathetic loser. Samsung will never beat Apple. Im a Samsung user. And im very disapponted with samsung management & promises.

  67. leave every hell thing aside when is it gonna come to India

  68. Here we go for Switzerland (Swisscom).

  69. I have S3 free (I9300XXLH1), I bought in (spain), but when I want to update my device with Kies, it say no updates, and I my firmware version is the last
    PDALH1 / PHONE:LH1 / CSC:LH1 (EUR), why? have I any problem?


  70. I ju0st got the jb rom here in papua new guinea :-)

  71. Samsung looks after papua new guinea but not uk ha ha ha

  72. ok, so i had plenty of time on my hand to waste and managed to go through all d comments above, must say indeed it was hilarious at times n extremely frustrating at others.

    #1 – the heading says JB updates for s3 <– m sure most of u all are aware 3 means 3 and not 2, so why all the rants over "when is JB comin for s2?". Get to a different section dedicated to s2, if u cant find one, create it, if u cant create it then do anythin else but stop spammin this forum.

    #2 – Apple can do this.. Apple can do that…. yeah no doubt it has its own tricks, so…???? u like an apple ..get an apple… dont spam here, the url is "sammobile".."sam" referring to samsung. if u like apple, guess u r on d wrong url. go search for "appmobile" (wonder if it even exists)

    #3 – for all s3 users, i have a sincere request, "wait for your turn", i understand that you may not like samsung's policy for releasing updates subsequently based upon your geographic location, but u better learn to live with it sad but true. Read the clause that Samsung provides for SW updates, they never promised global launches, stop cribbin about why your location has to wait so much.
    Even i was eager for JB, and could not wait for the official release, but….. nothing to be amazed with, trust me on this. you are better off with ICS (s3 ships out with the latest ICS flavor @ India)
    I cant talk on everybody's behalf, but my experience even with the official upgrade was not upto the mark, so wot did i do ??? revert back to ICS and not cry all over various s3 blogs about why didnt i like it. yes there is still lot of improvements needed and i shall wait.

    no offense to anybody on this forum, since you all are simply exercising your freedom of expression, i just tried being a bit logical towards the approach, give it a thought and lets try to keep the forums clean and helpful, not to mention specific and to the point.

  73. Ok, what crappy shit is this right now???????? Branded firmware???????????? BEFORE THE UNBRANDED VERSIONS??????

  74. My first smartphone was Galaxy 1, the 2nd S2, now I use Galaxy Note. But from this time I will buy online Nexus phones. The reason is the late updates…

  75. But always first branding Galaxy Phone, in Austria A1, Tre (3) not open ATO ? Why ??? pay for free unbranded phone and now…

  76. For all you dickheads having a whinge about not getting your precious updates as soon as you want them… Get a f*cking life. If you think the iShit is so great, then piss off and buy one and stop your bitching like a little girl. You’ll get your update when Samsung have tested it thoroughly and it is fit for distribution. This is a FORUM…. Not a bitch site for you narcissistic losers to vent because you’re not getting laid. And to all you wankers who CAN’T SPELL or use proper grammar, pull you ugly heads out of your arse and get a clue. I’ll cut you some slack if english is your second language – but at least make an effort… Or do what thinking people do and use SPELL CHECK. I appologise for profanities, but it had to be said! And for all you lot with helpful tips and info – thank you very much! And finally to “andnote” – you are the biggist fucktard of all. Peace

  77. avantgardist its apologise not appologise!

  78. SamMobile/Samfirmware do not release firmware…they are just updating with what Samsung have done.

    If you want to complain at least complain to the right people, tell Samsung not the rest of us.

    @SamMobile….thank you for updating us with news

    @Samsung….I’m used to your firmware roll out program, great devices btw.

  79. I m gonna sell my galaxy note if jb is not available next week

  80. I m gonna sell my galaxy note if jb is not available next month

  81. i was just wondering. im still new to all this rooting and flashing business. I rooted and flashed my s3 with cf-root and the polish version of jb. Can I simply just flash the latest firmware for my country? or do i have to un-root first? Thanks anyone who can help

  82. @el-rampage…usually flashing a firmware/rom over the current firmware/rom will remove the root.

  83. alright cheers tufftoad

  84. I don’t understand how in the UK, branded Galaxy S3 got JB before the unbranded….that just doesn’t make sense….if the Samsung decided the unbranded ROM was good enough to be released to the carriers for their customization and testing why didn’t it release it to general public…?

  85. Can anyone else back me up.. I find the “kinetic scrolling” really slow on these builds I’ve tried ‘Polish, swedish ..Flicking in playstore , the phones menus and web browser etc dosnt seem so fast and smooth ..oh and opening contacts is sluggish ..Hopefully the unbranded uk build will be alot better ?

  86. I’m not gonna update my S 3 cuz JB doesen’t support flash… that sucks

  87. Hola >Gente from mexico, I:INstaled this roms y I have problems with hotmail, the rom works good is the One published on september from poland its the Good one

  88. poor samsung everybody’s bitching about it and big nerves on guys who run sammobile when there is so much negativity around here

  89. avantgardist, you sounded as though you did not get enough of something, if you know what I mean. If this site is not for bitching then where can we bitch? This is, after all, a Samsung fan site.

  90. i’m from Indonesia and use firmware i9300 update from UK.. my phone work fine.. does it safe?

  91. A big disappointment Samsung. Samsung i9300 Galaxy S III do not understand why that smartphones have removed 2 gb ram why not put first on the i9300. Especially if it is the best selling device is the latest update 4.1. I’m a big fan of the occurrence samsung SII S i9000 and i9100 and i9300 SIII. Please update via Kies i9300 Romania (COA) 4.1 .

  92. Hello everybody. I just signed up to post a comment about JB update. I am in Romania and have a Vodaphone branded S3 though unlocked. I recived JB update via OTA. I GOT to say that its very glitchy. Only thing thats is better is the keypad accuracy. It is very accurate indeed. Google now is nothing close to what you see on you tube reviews. Other thing is that ram usage is ridiculous. It reaches 750 mb very often. So am kind of sorry i did the upgrade.

  93. @shiizune – If you have Flash installed before Jelly Bean is installed, Flash will work. As far as I know there is also a workaround if you don’t have flash before Jelly Bean

    @BeyongGalaxy – You can bitch here if you want but it’s pointless. Really you should be moaning direct to Samsung since they release the firmware.

  94. Yes we know, Samsung is a bullshit…but don’t expect an S2 upgrade asap. Just look at S3….you can have JB 100% unbranded only in Poland.

  95. What about sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssS22222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222222

  96. Please leave us with s2, I understand a best smartphone 2011. but now in 2012 I have not received any new S3 4.1 may occur after the s3 comes out and s2.

  97. Please update for Philippines we are waiting many user here =)

  98. When TIZEN will come out, S2, S3, S4 ( probably ) Note , Note 2, Blah Blah will be FORGOTTEN.
    So guys it is wise to make a decision now, instead of 2013 by making the right move.

    Already double standards has cost us these frustrations…..
    Move to something reliable, Mobile companies who care for customers

    Apple did honour iphone3gs with ios6, WTF is wrong with Samsung..

  99. If S3 has 4.0.4, if you want to update to 4.1.1 or 4.1.2, wait for S4. If note 1 has 4..0.4 and you want to update to jelly bean, then buy the Note 2.

    So for every new Android update from Google, means buy new phone model from Samsung. That’s what it means update to Samsung.

  100. +100000000000 for MrFZ2011

    —> Sammobile ,First Say “JB For S2 Come October-November” ,Second “Come Q4″
    —> if it more delay For S2&OLD DEVICES or Sammobile say “Samsung start for third time Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bean updates Galaxy S III and First Start Note2 Update”

    When OLD DEVICES UPDATE COME??????????????????????????????????

  101. ……………………..SAMSUNG BIG FAIL…………………..

  102. iphone3gs = Galaxy S1
    iOS6 > Android2.3

    !!!True Story!!!

  103. Galaxy S1 > Galaxy Music
    Gingerbread < Ice Cream Sandwich

    !!!True Story!!!

  104. Are you have MORE TIME UPDATE FOR SAMSUNG GALAXY S3???????????????????????

  105. This update is verrrrrry slow.
    Pierdolą się z tym jak nowoprzyjęci.

  106. Just be patient…..

  107. what’s happen friends go and get jely bean 4.1 custm rom and flash it not wating

  108. I read these comments and all I can say to myself –

    “wow, there is some really @%#* stupid people out there” … maybe next time get a iphone guys….

    When will I get it?
    Why isnt (insert some tiny bullsh*t country) getting it yet?
    Samsung suck because I dont have it yet!

    Wake up people. Wait your turn. Try being a Sony user who has to waits til 2013 or that their 2011 sets who will never get it … or a 2012 Motorola set who never get it – but get $100 “upgrade” credit. 

    You are not doing yourself credit by bitching – other than making yourself look too stupid to have a phone of this calibre.

  109. @monoclonal26 , I feel your pain but you can’t talk common sense to mindless children, we are surrounded by consumer items that are controlled by firmware etc.. yet no one asks where is the 2012 upgrade to my 2011 refrigerator,washing machine, air conditioner, car, shaver,microwave, oven, tv, bluray player, sewing machine.. the list goes on, intelligent people buy product for what they get at time of purchase, dumb people use the anonymity of the internet to proclaim just how moronic they are, hence people like the ‘nothing better than iphone’ and ‘I want all my stuff for free’ filling internet forums with bad grammer and dumb comments. I wanted JB so I waited for the the SIII 4g i’m only expecting 1 update for the life of the phone and that I know Samsung will provide in time. SI gave me 3 updates SII gave me 2 updates and we know another is on the way. Samsung are better than most when it comes to phone updates….. case closed.

  110. I donno why there a lot of people aren’t patient, plus be patient, plus and honestly samsung is smarter than apple so, check what apple did, and if samsung does like Apple they they all the world will have the same problem then all the world gonna insulte and hate samsung, you so they taste with one country and they saw the problem then in this test they gonna fix a lot of things for other to have the best os and to have confortable usage of the os, check apple they did a big problem and they transfered the problem to the hole world so see what apple fans say about apple, and theater are increasing more and more so I think samsung is really doing something smart and good, they always want the best for people not like Apple

  111. I donno why there a lot of people aren’t patient, be patient, and honestly samsung is smarter than apple so, check what apple did, and if samsung does like Apple the world will have the same problem then all gonna insulte and hate samsung, so they test with one country then they saw the problem then in this test they gonna fix a lot of things for other to have the best os and the most comfortable android experience , check apple they did a big problem and they transfered the problem to the hole world so see what apple fans say about apple, and hater are increasing more and more because apple do wrong things without testing, so I think samsung is really doing something smart and good, they always want the best for people not like Apple

  112. Where is samsung promises to rollout the updates for S3 “Very Soon”.. Why rollout the updates stage by stage. Such a pathetic loser. Samsung will never beat Apple. Im a Samsung user. And im very disapponted with samsung management & promises.


  114. Never mind JB update where is the wireless charger promised for september?

  115. in romania when arrived jb for free s3, not vdf, orange

  116. Australia one of the first places the sIII was realised hasnt when been Updated yet :-\ pick up your game samsung

  117. For S2 users…try JELLY BAM ROM…Its good and nice rom…

  118. Hi
    I am waiting to Jelly bean for Iran. I hope it comes soon.

  119. Samsung, good product bad customre care and bad organization for update.

  120. Well second time, and still no s2 4.1.1 update btw. 4.1.2 is out, i got it on my Nexus 7! When will 4.1.2 released from Samsung? Next year? No Touchwiz crap anymore! My next Phone is a Nexus, that´s 4 sure … we love Samsung 4 that´s update mess!

  121. If you cant wait just go to (google (wont provide like as I think is against the rules and even more, I do not have anything with the guy/guys who did it… Once you find the place just search for a good JB 4.1.1 (or even 4.1.2) or try VikingxROM (v7.3)… it is 4.1.1 JB and runs flawlessly… I did that and will keep it running until get the official from Samsung. (actually I already said this but so many complains about JB and not being released to S2… which probably is the wrong wrong place to ask, after all, this ‘news’ is for S3)

  122. well it looks like its here lots of updates around so mabee 1 day this week for unbranded uk :)

  123. How do i know if my S3 is unbranded?. I got it on contract from car phone warehouse with orange sim. Cheers, Matthew.

  124. @ttomorad Agreed, very buggy and music stutters so much that isn’t funny. The ICS was much smoother experience, what’s wrong with Samsung? I already made up my mind to get Nexus devices from now one, these third party manufacturers know nothing about software.

  125. It is perplexing isn’t it, Sam and its software probems?

  126. @Mattyjc …

    If your phone has branding on it (in the form of casing, specific apps or even a custom startup screen), your phone is branded… if it doesn’t…. well… it’s unbranded.

    If you need to ask if your phone is unbranded, then it probably is in fact unbranded, you would have known otherwise.

  127. factory reset phone if its laggy

  128. @jortlaban thanks for reply, yeh it must be unbranded then!. Looks like ill be the last ones to get Jelly bean then. But its ok because itll give the rest a chance to find any bugs :). Thanks pal.

  129. **Do NOT ask for firmware releases!!**

  130. **Do NOT ask for firmware releases!!**

  131. **Do NOT ask for firmware releases!!**

  132. **Do NOT ask for firmware releases!!**

  133. Do not ask if it was an update for your country because it is only known in Samsumng and be patient. This mounts for most country.

  134. **Do NOT ask for firmware releases!!**

  135. II wonder if Samsung actually reads these comments for customer feedback ?

  136. @paul:-) -> If not, they need.

  137. Yeah, there it is 4.1.1 for the German DBT via OTA ;-) just flashing

  138. When is jelly bean Israel?

  139. Guys please don’t ask for firmware releases! You’ll see it on Twitter and here! And please calm down and watch your language, otherwise it will rain warnings here..

  140. “Official Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Update France!” but who is this version please ? i cant find them on sammobile ! s

  141. Germany, now france… I hope Belgium (LUX) will follow today as wel!!

  142. The Open German file for Kies being offered via Hotfile is damaged. I have downloaded it twice and can’t unzip it.

  143. Thank God I did not upgrade my S2 for a S3 few months ago. S2 is my first android phone, but also my first and my last non nexus android phone.

  144. The newest german JB-Update zipfile for the S3 is corrupted, it aint possible to unpack!

  145. German Update-File is broken…pls fix :(

  146. German update is still broken.

    How about with a new upload?

  147. samsung are rubbish ive loved there galaxy phone but getting tempted by apple. i have a galaxy s 3 unbranded and all of the jb updates are for branded phones and samsung do not reply to emails ect. ignorant if you ask me i think this will be my last phone by samsung. APPLE HERE I COME………

  148. So an update for a perfectly working phone gets a lot of people to say they’ll sell their phone.
    Tell me; how much does your phone NEED the update, what features are currently broken or not working at all that actually REQUIRES this update???

    If an pending update that takes too long gets you to be angry at a device manufacturer, then shut the he’ll up and sell your phone already. At least don’t bother us with it.

    Or just be mature enough not to make stupid statements that you know you’ll never do.
    You know you love your phone, admit it… And NO you will never ever sell it just because a simple update takes a little longer.

  149. the thing I dislike is the principle , ie if you may a premium price for a product abduction a tariff I do expect a premium service in return ,witch I feel is punctual timely updates

  150. pay *

  151. LOL I really enjoyed taking my time to read all the comments, it is really funny how important can this be for some of the people.

    The thing is that Android is an OS developed by a third party, and it is just logic to give time to the phone manufacturers to fully test their customized releases in each of their products, is not an easy thing to do.
    Apple as the owner of both OS and HW, will have always smoother updates, they have almost full control over few products a smart strategy.

    There are other players on the release and these are the carriers, they also feel that they need to adapt their, whatever software/bloatware they want the devices to have . So as Run D.M.C said it is ‘tricky (tricky) tricky’.

  152. when the Polish version ?

  153. hi you know how many people have this phone in iran
    so dont keep them waiting anymore for update of android 4.1.1

  154. The german File is still broken! Come on guys….pleeeease! OTA and Kies doesn’t work on my SGS3 :-(

  155. Still waiting for Indonesian version…

  156. When UK nonbranded(BTU) Galaxy S 3 will get an update?

  157. When Italian nonbranded(ITV) Galaxy S 3 will get an update? H3G and vodafone already received it…

  158. What’s with the comment function here! My last 4 Comments are being posted!

  159. OK, the german DBT File provided here is still broken. A working file has been provided by Samsung-Updates, but I guess I’m not able to post the URL to it.

  160. No news about jelly bean lunch in uk for galaxy s2 !!!

  161. What about Jelly Bean release for the S1 and the Omnia HD!!! My Samsung Washing machine needs Jelly Bean too….

    I think it’s funny when people leave comments like this, especially when Samsung have indicated when firmwares will be released for each device.

    Just to keep things relevant here:

    Network locked/Unbranded UK S3 owners should receive an update soon….since Oct is nearly done it looks to be the start of Nov.

    Ps. I know it doesn’t seem right that Networks dished out JB before unlocked phones…but that’s what happened…you can’t change what has already happened.

  162. When updates will be ready in the Middle East or Egypt specifically?
    Not rushing, just any news about it would be useful.

  163. where is JB update for S3 in UAE….everyday 2-3 update for s3…what is going on samsung ?

  164. looks like France and germany are now getting JB for unbranded phones, maybe UK next

  165. UK maybe 31 Oct.2015 hahaha

  166. Please, Next time should be jelly bean for Galaxy S3 GT-I9300T .
    Thanks you so much my lovely Samsung :).

  167. Please Galaxy S3 S Voice Translate to Turkish Language…. Please Samsung

  168. bacon on toast

  169. Totally agreed with jortlaban… Guess what… a week after everyone gets the JB 4.1.1 Google probably releases the M&M 5.1.0 and then (almost) everyone in the planet will start crying and blaming Samsung ’cause it will take 3 to 6 months to have it on S1,S2,S3,Sx…

    As jortlaban said: The phone is perfect… period. The software is not made by Samsung…period. They need to check every single shit (and even thou, many problems might occur as carriers use to fill it up with bloatware too)

    In time: I have lots of friends with their S4/S5 and they ALWAYS look at my phone with envy eyes.

    Except for the fact that 4.1.1/2 from Samsung MAY (or may not) extend the time of the battery I dont expect anything else better. I solved all my problems with battery in a very simple way (and yes, Im using a modified 4.1.1). My wife’s phone still running original 4.0.4 and she loves the damned thing.

    Lets start to enjoy what we already have and not acting like spoiled children.

  170. you just keep updateing note II and nothing 4 GS3 -_-”

  171. Yes i am a tech head and yes i own a S3 and also a S2 and i want JB on both right away. I am not a spoiled child, in fact i am 41 and in my opinion high-end handsets are sold to power users and not to the rest of the sheep and that is why we are in urgent need to have updates released. I am on 4.1.1 on S3 and 4.0.4 on S2 but in fact i am already in need of version 7.1.2 code name Rubber Doll. ;)

  172. I totally forgot, i need S3 4.1.1 TPH in a hurry.

  173. Well… just confirms what I said.

  174. There are some bugs 4.1.1, like i cannot deleted, when i edit the pages drag it to trash (to delete) the screen hang up and unfortunately touchwiz error, i cannot delete the the blank page in home screen =(

  175. thank you samsung!! the update for luxembourg is finally here! I’ll update my phone as soon as I’m at home!

  176. when malaysia got jb 4.1.1…?

  177. IT’S HERE!!!!!!!!! UK UNBRANDED JB IS HEREEEEE!!!!!!! :D Finally! :D

  178. Can belgium instal the luxembourg one or? Is it gpnne be a BE/LUX one ?

  179. interesting … UK un-branded here but Kies says to update to the latest before
    you can update the FW – and yes it’s already v2.5.0.12094_27 !!!!!

  180. The latest kies version is So you’ll need to upgrade.

  181. Do update comes at the same time across OTA and KIES?

  182. I have a question. I updated to android 4.1.1. But I don’t have the jelly bean lockscreen… How do I get that? is it standard or do you have to work with widgetlocker etc… grt Bram from Belgium

  183. hhhmmmm Kies says I must upgrade, then tells me I’m already using the latest version !!!!

    un-installed and re-downloaded, re-installed so I’m now “_28″.

    Now I get to do the firmware upgrade only to get told the downloaded file is corrupt :(

  184. This is ridiculous!! Samsung promised end of August and yet JB has been released and introduced since July. Why can’t you keep your promises Samsung?? I love your gadgets and everything but you are decreasing my confidence in you! I am a proud user of Galaxy S3 but you do not release JB in all countries.. What’s the catch? or any difference between the countries you have released JB now?? When will Asia (Philippines) receive your updates??? 2 years from now??

    You need to take care of consumers that are using your products. Instead of manufacturing too many hardware, focus on the ones you already release in the market!

  185. downloading JB via KIES UK UNLOCKED NOW

  186. OTA says wait your turn lol

  187. this is kinda weird… Luxembourg has the update, but so far none for Belgium or Holland…
    I always thought Samsung made a Benelux version of their software (the XEN firmwares).
    But now we have a PHN version for NL, a LUX version for L and a PRO version for Belgium…. weird.
    Oh well, guess we’ll have to wait just a couple of more days.
    I’ve had the Polish and the Swedish ROMS so far… Swedish ROM is bug free as far as I could tell.

  188. @Babaorum,
    What do you mean by “jelly bean lockscreen”???
    Samsung has their own lockscreen in touch-wizz that basicly stays the same with JB…

  189. @ Sylle: The LUX version is indeed for Belium users!

  190. I think better samsung update all international at once. No need wasting your time to update separately. Easier for customer and easier for samsung as well. Sammobile pls send this to samsung company and get their response asap.Thanks.

  191. when jelly bean update comes to arab country ?


  193. Finally we got it in sweden.

  194. @jortablan: in many movies I see a jelly bean locker for the samsung galaxy s3 updated to android 4.1.1. A circle when you go left, you unlock camera, right you unlock the phone, and when you go up, you go to google now…

    but I allready found it. its holo locker. when you install that for google play, you get the jelly bean locker! really nice!

  195. open austria ??

  196. I am also waiting for open Austria. I do not understand why does it take so long. Because A1, 3 and T-Mobile already received it. Nevertheless…right after Nexus devices the S3 is among the first to get JB so i declare myself lucky and satisfied. And if in the next 3 months also my S2 gets the JB 4.1.1 or 4.1.2 update then it’s perfect, considering i bought with 2.3.3, got 2.3.5, 2.3.6, 4.0.3, 4.0.4. Both are great phones anyway.

  197. and when in Portugal vodafone?

  198. the update is available in Kies but I couldn’t upgrade. this message appears “failed to run firmware upgrade unknown error occurred”. and I can’t update it through OTA because this message appears “Access to the software update service is provided to users in the order in which they request it. Try later”

    how to solve it??

  199. hope 4.1.2 for S3 in December, to fix some bugs in 4.1.1 =)

  200. since the jelly bean update the music player when the screen is cut off the music … is very annoying because I have tried almost all the players music and they all feel the same and I changed several firware of jelly bean and same thing happens happens Anyone Like? Any solutions? help me.! thanks.

  201. SVP , c’est pour quand la version italienne officielle “ITV” , toutes les versions operateurs italiennes sont sorties .

  202. Wow..just got my Jelly Bean update in Finland (nordic)..loving it..but the LED for charging is a dull red..other than the notification shade.

  203. yeah, official 4.1.1 the LED for charging dull sometimes not, also cannot delete the page in home screen…when you drag it to trash it stock…and camera now there’s a little delayed to take a picture with flash…the rest nice performance. very smooth…i think this will fix for the next update 4.1.2…we hope to fix some bugs =) Thanks for the update JB 4.1.1

  204. Yay – Got JB on my unlocked UK S3. Wasn’t worth the wait! :)

  205. When is gonna be able Jelly Bean for IG 9300 in Dominican Republic ?????

  206. Now..hopefully we can get the Note 2 split screen

  207. But Update for S3 Italian ITV…WHENNNNN !?!?!?!

  208. tommorow is Greece

  209. Unable to connect to Kies after applying the update. Please find a solution.

  210. is anybody like me waiting the JB of galaxy note 10.1??

  211. Samsung has released updates to countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan & Iraq and whole of Asia is missing, India, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Australia all missing.

    Are you freakin kidding me you south korean punks …. it aint a service provider thing, you buggers havent released the firmware to the service providers in these countries.

  212. Piece of horse shit!!

  213. @babaorum…The holo locker indeed isn’t natively available in touchwizz.

  214. 4.1.1 are you kidding me?! I’m still at 4.0.4. Wow Samsung, I guess you forgot that there is a country called the Netherlands. I’m gonna start rethinking whether to go for the S4 next year or start supporting Google’s Nexus.

  215. Your comment is awaiting moderation.: What I’m doing is just a question I hope the units can answer and explain.


  216. any news about other phones? most people do not have an i9300.


  218. Where is the update for india Samsung ????
    how long will u keep us waiting ???

  219. HTC One X in Asia is getting JB … Looks like samsung forgot to look at the map … and forgot that more than half of the world’s population lives in Asia … Even US has reported an update on Sprint … WISS-KEY TANGO-GO FOKS-TROT

  220. The also forgot the Netherlands, one of the only country’s in Europe that hasn’t received the update yet. :(

  221. Try jelly bam….very nice 4.1.2 rom…the developer (igio, the italian) dedicated on galaxy s2 phone…i’ve been usingi it quit sometimes…no major bugs…now it integrated with paranoid android, aokp and cm rom….the best….

  222. Open austria didn t update

  223. All these little counties looking for jb ie holland, austria,india etc should just use the uk btu rom its by farthe best and the most superior :-)

  224. Dude india is not a little country ! And ya india gets jb in november!

  225. @leerock360
    Hahahaha good joke bro India is little country, before any comment just have a look on the map

  226. Still waiting for the release Jelly Bean for Iran.

  227. When JB update coming to Australia. :(


  229. Not sure when they plan to roll out in Asia

  230. Which countries didnt update yet?
    1. open austria

  231. I downloaded the UK firmware for jelly bean 2days ago, the UI is amazing but this Oct 24 firmware has alot of bugs in it. 1) the battery don’t charge up faster as in ICS, 2) Battery drain is terrible, even during charging. and some UI bugs, which shuts a running app down. pls Samsung fix this bugs ASAP. APPLE are laughing at u and people are beginning to lose confidence in ur products. am planning on downgrading to ICS, cos battery drain on JB is so so annoying and uncontrollable. Alfred from Nigeria.

  232. Is India is listed in todays live feed

  233. How does Samsung release JB only to certain countries, as Vodacom in South Africa says, they are still waiting for Samsung to release JB to them before they can start testing it prior to releasing it to the customers????

  234. Me too waiting for India S3 update !!!

  235. Still no Dutch ROM, which is strange, but the thing that bothers me is that “dock-mode” doesn’t work at all in the lastest UK build…
    Since I use this feature alot, I hope this will get fixed ASAP

  236. Ther is a mistake in this page. for Tunisia and algeria anrdoid 4.1.1 is not avalable

  237. does anyone out there having severe battery drain issue in galaxy s3 jelly bean ???

  238. when I download OTA it installs up to 26% then crashes my phone isn’t rooted or anything dose anyone have any suggestions please

  239. Asia is starting to roll out at the moment…

    I’ve already seen Philippines and Malaysia being updated.

  240. Malaysia is at HIDSWVER I9300XXDLJ1/I9300OLBDLJ1/I9300DXDLI5/I9300XXDLJ1

  241. I am now updating my JB (M’sia), very exiting… :-D

  242. Finally, got my S3 updated to JB (M’sia), the home screen and menu transitions become very fluid and smooth. There’re now more customisable functions in the setting menu. Need time to explore one by one. Wish to have multiview feature in the next update. :-)

  243. Once again, India is left out by Samsung. Does this mean Samsung doesn’t count India as an Asian country? Or does it mea there were so few S3 sold in India that its on lowest priority… Does anyone know why india is being left out?

  244. do you have any news for Italy? it’s strange that 2 carriers had already delivered their update and the other 2 (and no brand too) still not..

  245. and hungary?

  246. Hi! Very nice :) But where is the Hungarian Jelly Bean update?

  247. Does anyone have any clues on when the dutch (holland) version is being released?
    Most of europe has received its update already apart from holland.. I reckon it’s weird :)

  248. When is it going to come to India?

  249. When is it going to come to India? waiting for indian update

  250. What about South America? will be the last?

  251. Ma l’italia? MAledetta Samsung?

    Samsung forget Italy? WTF Salmsung

  252. Hello Slovak republic , Slovakia :P when I can get fixed no good many issue having first 4.1.1 update for Poland market ? Pls update to normal firmware or give us without issues jelly bean fix, we`ve been testing region!!! no other areas will get fixed version why you keep us stucked, so that`s to be very said is very kind, pls make repair action now, not in 3months or never, thanks,

    your big but kindly said fan

  253. Brazil is always the last to receive updates…. u.u

  254. Now my next Smartphone is the LG Nexus 4! That´s the price 4 Samsungs slowmofo updating service of those crappy Touchwiz, after 3 Month no Jelly Bean update of the Galaxy S2. This mistake of a Samsung Phone with Touchwiz, i don´t do a second time be sure!

  255. I update my sgs3 to jb but battery is going down very quick!!

  256. KOLIMAN –> Google Now drains the battery. Disable it and you’ll be fine.

  257. Two days left for Samsung to end this month with updates.

  258. NICOLASRQ, how to disable it?

  259. For those who still do not have the update of your country, pls try out several firmwares of UK, Europe. I’m in Vietnam and have tested many JB versions of UK, Sweden, France, Poland. All of them are working smooth without any major bug. Finally, I decided to keep up with the I9300XXDLIH version of UK Vodafone that is working great on my SGS3 even though SS has just released JB update for Vietnam yesterday.

  260. when i upgrade my s3 to jelly bean my device is very slow and lag.. what i have to do ?

  261. Hello to all,

    From Yesterday here in Greece Cosmote has role out the JB 4.1.1. Vodafone Greece made this upgrade the previous week.

    Everything works normal and the smooth looks better than ICS.

    Have fun!

  262. My phone was in SAFE MODE after updrage to JB from OTA.
    Anyone can help?? TQ.

  263. @ funkenny
    Had this with my s1 once, just restart the phone and you should be in normal mode

  264. I just updated my S3 to Jelly Bean. I’m in Viet Nam. After updating, S3 is running more smooth and faster.
    Thanks to Samsung & Sammobile!

  265. According to a german site (androidpit de): JB rollout early December for Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile branding). Unbranded = mid November..

  266. CHOWJIAN –> Hold the touch button on the left of the home button until Google Now opens. If it doesn’t, try holding the home button and then touch the Google symbol.

    Once you’re in Google Now, touch the button on the left of the home button to display the options, touch Settings. Then touch Google Now and turn off the switch.

    I guess that’s it. I don’t remember quite right.

  267. For Hungary: There is no official information about the 4.1.1 update for GT-I9300.

  268. @ operationflash

    I restart many times and taken out the battery many times as well.
    But the problem seems can’t be solved. :(

  269. @nicolasrg
    Thanks alot =D Its off now.

  270. what’s wrong with u Samsung!!!?

    here in Hong Kong is left out once again, even if other Asian neighbours got it already. im sure there’re plenty enough of ppl are using S3 (also one of the highest in proportion).

    i assume the whole Samsung HK team should be fired because every single time they just let us down, they’re simply hopeless..

  271. When does Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean for Portugal (TMN)?

  272. jelly bean has some bugs in it. e.g. the driving mode to speak the caller name again, battery charging takes longer time, battery drains like hell even after turning Google now off. I just updated to UK ota release n I wish to revert to ICS now, how do I go about it without bricking my phone? ????
    Samsung has disappointed me. bugs everywhere.

  273. S3 has bugs from 4.1? I do not understand. If Sam can equipped Note 2 with 4.1 without bugs, what the heck is the problem with s3 specs that Sam can not get it working smoothly? — unbelievable. This is not professional. Professional get paid to deliver result not service.

  274. Boring…same old Samsung. I bet that this will be for 4.2 as well. Why not? It happpened to every new generation Samsung smartphones – idiotic i would say.

  275. I m waiting austria (ATO).

  276. I already using 4.1.1 on my S3, but then go back to 4.0.4.coz lastest firmware make the battery drain much faster and charging much slower. The graphic smoother than ICS

  277. @latido44 Hi mate, can you explain me how to do same thing as you. I am also unhappy with recent update to JB so wondering how to rollback to ics. Can you help me please? Tnx in advance.

  278. @sammobile When will India recieve JB Update for Samsung Galaxy S3?

  279. Guys, I think Jelly Bean just came for us Dutch people. My phone has been busy downloading a software pack for almost 50mins now. (and then my connection died on me so I have to start all over again..) But I bet it’s finally Jelly Bean.. I have an unbranded phone btw. :) Yay for patience!

  280. why the battery very slow charging when i upgrade to JB ???? it’s take about 4.30 hours but with ICS was take about 2.30 hours ….

  281. Hello Samsung, When You want to launch a Phone then INDIA and when after sales S/W updation then where is INDIA???????? Please show some manner………. Today is last day of October and according to your words all S3 will be update to Jelly Bean in October So mind it and be on your words.(Coming Soon means what please explain???)

  282. Still waiting voor the Vodafone branded S3 update for the Netherlands :(

  283. Time to remove this news from the top.

  284. spain (orange) needed asap

  285. cz t-mob,cz o2,cz vod, CZ FREE????

  286. no news for Saudi Arabia ??? Galaxy S3 GT-I9300 KSA ?

  287. austria (ATO) ????

  288. Omg everybody receiving the update for gs3 just us in canada and us are waiting for the update, I come on, we are in November and we still don’t have the update omg

  289. I think its Canada and India still waiting.

  290. when time jelly bean update in myanmar????????
    please tell me

  291. Still waiting for free czech variant. Don’t understand why, all branded variants are on JB. :-(

  292. When time jelly bean update in Iran??

    We are waiting”

  293. waiting …………. waiting ………….
    when will we get update in India

  294. Gdzie to wcięło polską grupę programistów ? W szachy gracie ?

  295. Just upgraded my international GSIII I9300 from ICS to the official unbranded UK Jelly Bean I9300OXADLJ4 from here this page.

    No complaints so far other than the slight lagginess and high RAM usage! I can feel this my phone now lags more than the original ICS that came with the phone. RAM is sitting at around 650MB/833MB with no apps open and around 750/833MB with only a few stock apps open. That’s crazy! I know that “unused RAM is wasted RAM” but isn’t that a bit extreme? I don’t really care so much about that if my phone was running smoothly but the fact that it was worst than the stock ICS!

    Does any of you guys have a similar issue as me?

  296. Galaxy S3: CSC: I9300OJVBLF3, CP: I9300XXLFB, AP: I9300XXBLFB no update from Kies or OTA update till today. Samsung where is the update 4.1.1 for this phone?

  297. Can you please let us know when will we receive the update for unlocked Indian S3? Its been like all the countries has it except India x-(

  298. Samsung start for second time Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean updates Galaxy S III
    samsung galaxy s3 jelly bean update south africa

  299. Yesterday one of my frend got OTA update in India to 4.1.1 …basbeband i9300xxdlid and build number i9300xxdlj1….lets hope everyone in india gets this update today….

  300. Still no Jelly Bean Update in INDIA. I tried it several times but nothing. I thinK Samsung will release JB by end of November (OR) first week December in INDIA.

  301. india got jb I9300ODLJ5 today, happy dewali sammobile and all friends

  302. I9300XXDLJ5

  303. I9300XXDLJ5 ia very fast no bugs.good job samsung

  304. When is the Jelly Bean release for Indian S3 (DDLH1)? I still don’t have the update x-( this is frustrating

  305. No JellyBean Update for SGS3 yet in INDIA, this is so frustrating.The whole shit world got the Update and India is excluded. When the hell are we gona see JB for indian SGS3.

  306. @adpoon,
    Last summer i bought 2 S3 in HK, for myself and my wife, we lives in Holland.

    I’m still waiting for the new firmware….

    Almost other neighbores of HK got his upgraide already…

    I’m thinking to make a switch to the UK ( unbrand ) by using Odin, but my wife want to keep the HK version…its a long wait…..

    Now this is too much.

  308. Still No Jelly Bean Update for INDIAN Galaxy S3. Is SAMSUNG thinking nuts about INDIA. When is SAMSUNG actually going to release the Jelly Bean Update for Galaxy S3. This soo not funny :(

  309. Jelly Bean Update for Iran???
    please tell me ?????????????????????

  310. why don’t update galaxy s3 to jelly bean in Iran?why?

  311. Finally Indian S3′s getting Jelly Bean Update.(25-11-2012).Updated and Enjoying.Update is 310.78 MB in size. So all Indian S3 phone owners enjoy ;)

  312. why don’t update galaxy s3 to jelly bean in Iran?why?

  313. Please Please Please Please

    ***Jelly Bean Update in Iran***

    People In World Wait For 4.1.2 But People In IRAN Wait For 4.1.1 !!

    Please Jelly Bean Update In Iran!

    Please … !

  314. Hello!
    when the Hungarian is a update t-mobilos mobile phones?

  315. Just got the Jellybean Update Here in Finland , two days back. Was Happy Out of my mind !!! yeah Right !!! :( The battery Drain is insane!!!! Give it 5 minutes and battery drops 1 to 2 percent with just 3g on and using just Facebook . How the hell is that possible .. i turned on GPS and 3g For google navigator for 10 Minutes and WOOP !! Almost 10 % battery drain before it was just max 5 ..tht too pushing it to the limit.
    Love the other improvement in the jellybean .. But for heavens sake … Please fix the damn battery drain !!!
    A Samsung Android Lover !!!

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