EXCLUSIVE: First Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Jelly Bean OTA leak

Samsung just leaked their Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3100) for India.

This OTA update is not yet available to anyone but we of SamMobile found a way to get the update before…

This is the very first Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean TEST OTA Update for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3100). We wanted to give Samsung’s Die-Hard fans a taste of Jelly Bean before it’s officially released. This update will also help 3rd party Android Developers, like CyanogenMod Team, to improve their Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean custom ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

OTA Firmware Details:
Android Version: 4.1.1 – JRO03C
Country: India (INU)
Build Date: September 8, 2012
Size: 295.2MB

OTA updates’ require a specific base firmware on which they can be flashed upon and are flashed through the stock Samsung Recovery.

This P3100DDBLI1 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean OTA update requires the user to be on P3100DDBLH3 firmware.

Don’t worry we will guide you through all the steps on how you can apply this OTA update on your Samsung Galaxy Tab2 7.0 (GT-P3100). Make sure you perform a backup of your data before attempting to install this!

Instructions for flashing the OTA Update:

  • -  Make a backup of your data
  • - Download the Base firmware required by the OTA Update, P3100DDBLH3  - Get it from HERE
  • -  Unzip the file
  • -  Open Odin 3.04 (Download it from HERE)
  •  - Restart the device into download mode (Press Power Button + Volume down)
  • -  Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow/blue sign in Odin
  • -  Add P3100DDBLH3_P3100ODDBLH1_P3100DDLG1_HOME.tar.md5 to PDA
  • -  Make sure re-partition is NOT ticked
  • -  Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes
  • -  Download the P3100DDBLI1 OTA Update (Download it from HERE)
  • -  Copy the OTA update to your External SD Card
  • -  Restart the device into Recovery Mode (Press Power Button + Volume up)
  • -  Select Apply update from External Storage
  • -  Browse to the OTA update and flash it
  • -  When OTA update is flashed perform “Wipe Data/Factory Restore” (Will format your internal SD Card)
  • -  Reboot your device and Voila!
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  1. Galaxy. Tab 7+ ?

  2. Makes the device more desirable ,samsung you should have sold the product with the message that you will provide support ,your sales would have increased exponentially for this product

  3. I Have One Question

    Why New Devices Have SW Update Very Fast ??????

  4. So since Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 getting a Jellybean upgrade, and Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus having better specs and all vs Tab 2, so 7.0+ getting Android 4.1.1 soon? Hopefully. Please dont disappoint us.

    PS. Tab 7.0+ just got official ICS upgrade internationally last week. Months after they said they’re rolling out ICS on the unit.

  5. For galaxy tab 7.0 +? any news about jelly bean?

  6. screen stopped at patching remaining system files. what to do now

  7. this works for galaxy tab 2 7.0 P3110 ?

  8. And for Galaxy Tab 7.7 :( :(

  9. I’m waiting android Jelly Bean for upgrade my galaxy tab 7,7 (p6800)

  10. When is the P3113 JellyBean update going to be leaked?

  11. Hope in final release samsung should give tab 2 7’0 TABLET UI not phablet ui .yet nice
    Update .

  12. So in a month or 2 i could upgrade my gt – p3100? I’m from Chile and can’t wait :-)

  13. Upload some pics, please :-)

  14. when for 7.7 ?

  15. Please, 7.0 plus T_T

  16. wait for galaxy tab 7 plus

  17. Everyhing works smooth, but I hope the ui gets changed to tablet version

  18. Brief Review

    Screen shots here


    Installing the update: OK, about 5 mins, it will take up sometime at “Applying the patches” be patient

    Bootanimation: New and smooth

    Overall performance: much better than ICS but lags a bit compared to Nexus 7 ( I own one so I know) and maybe TW could be the culprit here (or the official release will be better, we just have to be patient!!)

    Big Change: No screen shot soft button, setting menu on the home screen has been moved up, tweaked notification menu when compared to stock JB notification

  19. Hey, harshaaithal007, your link isn’ working

  20. is there any jelly bean ota leaks for the galaxy tab 2 10.1?

  21. What about the premium line gt-p75XX, will we get jb?

  22. well, and P7300 8.9 is still waiting for ICS!! WTF samsung!

  23. I want it for GALAXY TAB 2 10.1 P5110!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE SAMSUNG

  24. Holy Sh*t


    Galaxy Tab 7Plus are still on Honeycomb.

  25. I have Galaxy tab 2 7.0 but with different base firmware “p3100xxld4″ , when it will be available to this firmware , or when it will be available officially

  26. Any news on the Wi-Fi version? (P3113)

  27. doing it now..installing from ext sd..

  28. 4.1.1 !!!

  29. I really like it,very nice.

    Thanks for sharing it.

  30. Good my tab2 7.0 now Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean thx bro….
    run vary fast..

  31. Hola desde Venezuela saludos a todos. Un semi novato nuevo por aca…
    Alguien ya actualizo, flasheo esta version ya en su GT-P3100.
    tiene capturas, fotos, videos, como anda y funciona? que ayuda, informacion nos pueden facilitar.
    Yo descargando ambos archivos.
    Si queria actualizar a Android 4.1 Oficial, por que con Cyanogenmod 10 No me fue nada bien. ( muchos errores en las aplicaciones, muy inestable ).

    Hello everyone greetings from Venezuela. A novice semi new here …
    Someone already update, flash this version on your GT-P3100.
    has screenshots, photos, videos, and go and work? to help, we can provide information.
    I downloaded both files.
    If you wanted to upgrade to Android 4.1 Official, that with Cyanogenmod 10 I was no good. (Many errors in applications, very unstable).

  32. I tried your process , however when I connected my Tab GT P3100 to Odin it fails to show yellow/blue light. My Tab build number is P3100DDBLF3. Does your new firmware apply to my tab.
    Please help

  33. galaxy sII

  34. My tab 2 p2100 has updated recently on 5th of this months. Now my baseband version is P3100DDLG1. Build no. Is P3100DDBLH3. Will I able to flash 4.1 to my device?

  35. My tab 2 p3100 has updated recently on 5th of this months. Now my baseband version is P3100DDLG1. Build no. Is P3100DDBLH3. Will I able to flash 4.1 to my device?

  36. When will Android 4 to P-7300?
    Samsung did not keep his word to update it in July or August.

  37. Can’t samfirmware/sammobile use torrent to link ROMs. That way it would be easy to download since there are three problems solved that way – fast download, no corruption of downloaded file and saving bandwidth for users with limited/slow network.

  38. Does any one know if this works for GT-P3113 Model?

    Thank you.

  39. every things seems working smothly but the ui is not cool as tablet ui

  40. Flashed 2 days ago, works fine :-) smooth and fast. Much beter than ICS.

  41. che stile, bellissimo!

  42. stuck at “patching remaining system files” for around 30 minutes

  43. is it ok?

  44. its working great

    thanks everybody

  45. Hi, i got installed JB, but after attending the call suddenly phone goes of to blank screen

    please help

  46. Its stuck at applying remaining system patches… Please help, what to do now…? Reply asap someone…


  48. Everything works fine except for the home and lock screens…..it does not auto-rotate.

  49. if i have different firmware base, could it be possible to install these update? or does it really need the firmware base india?

  50. I have updated jelly bean in my Tab 2. It is very good and works fine. Added new features. Device response is better than ISC. But after this, there is some area that needs improvement. Like Home Screen doesn’t rotate and also perform slower than Nexus 7.

    Samsung will improve these and fix these bugs in their final official release.

    My important question is this …. those who have installed leak Rom, will able to update with final official updates?

  51. What about rooting? Is there a way to root this since the rom comes unrooted? A speedy reply is appreciated. Thank you.

  52. after installation of the OTA it works greats.. but when i try to connect my gt-p3100 to pc with the update, i cant connect anymore.. pls help

  53. cant go back to stock rom because my gt-p3100 doesn’t recognize my tablet anymore

  54. Hello every1,
    My baseband version is DDLG1 and it’s Build Number is DDBLH3,should i go for 4.1 jellybean or wait for official rom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ASAPreaply will be appricated.thanks in advance.

  55. So does this work on the GT-P3113? I have seen the question but no answer.

  56. Awesome updated my GT-P3113 and it works GREAT! Scared to try but Very Happy!!!!!
    Now I have the pull down menu .

  57. stuck in patching system files ….
    wht to do plz reply..

  58. patching system files ….for long time
    wht to do plz reply..

  59. patching took about 10/15 minutes.

  60. Any one with GT-P3113 make sure to download the “P3113XARBL H2 XAR 785MB” that you need plus the patch which is 275 MB. Don’t use the other ones!


  62. I have a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 (GT-P3100) Android Version 4.0.4
    I attempted to do the update, Added P3100DDBLH3_P3100ODDBLH1_P3100DDLG1_HOME.tar.md5 to PDA
    Made sure re-partition is NOT ticked
    Started the flash
    Instead of saying Pass Odin says “Fail”
    Now Software update fails and states “Unable to connect Network”

    It also looks like the tablet now has telephone components..
    Can someone please help..

  63. already updated my galaxy tab 2 GT-P3100 to jellybean update(leaked and got from sammobile.com ) but now I am thinking to update CWM update to this device and want to extend ROM and root the device….

    I got a CWM update through Odin and many other options from the net and SAMMOBILE But That was old and was a CWM update for ICS 4.0.3/4 …But I already updated it to JellyBean 4.1.1 so I think that old update will not work…

    So please anyone help me to do this Update… If anybody have any information about CWM update for root the device Galaxy GT-P3100 and on 4.1.1 JellyBean OS then inform me…

    Thank You..

  64. i am stuck up
    after putting the file on external memory card. i followed the following steps

    - Restart the device into Recovery Mode (Press Power Button + Volume up)
    - Select Apply update from External Storage

    I am Stuck on the below step!!!!
    - Browse to the OTA update and flash it
    i have folders coming up. which file to select. please help. my tabs in a sad mode now! :(

  65. ciao a tutti …..ma può funzionare con il gt-3110?qualcuno mi sa dire?

  66. “Installing the update: OK, about 5 mins, it will take up sometime at “Applying the patches” be patient ………”

    How long is “take up some time”?
    I remember seeing the “Patching remaining system file ….” message at 9:33 and it is now 10:05.
    It is still not ready!

  67. Seems like the “Patching remaining system files ……. ” completes without further automated actions (eg. reboot or complete messages).

  68. Completed the upgrade and it is definitely smoother than 4.0.4.
    BUT, wifi connection don’t work!

  69. Fixed the wifi problem with downloads from XDA.

    I am using a HTC WFS as a WLAN and the problems at the moment are:
    1. Web browsing is fast and smooth
    2. Google Play download speed is slow and very very laggy!

    Not sure if Google Play will play nice if it’s downloading from a wifi router ……

  70. Hi

    Need some help, started the update process everything was working fine, but nw its been an hour stuck on patching remaining system files …., how long does it have to take to pass this step

    thx in advns

  71. It’s better to wait official JB firmware…

  72. super speed better than ics every 1 shoud try tiz thnk u so vry much sammm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  73. reboots twice without any updation messages to the green robot with the rotating ball n then reboots back to the old firmware. the wipe option also did not make any change. donno what went wrong :(

  74. Hi,

    I have installed the JB on my tab 2 and it is running fine but why is the main screen and the menu screen not rotating

    And also some apk’s get closed automaticaly and a flash message is displayed for eg.. ( unfortunatly the frontline commander is stoped working).

    I would also like to know that after I updated the OTA settings can I update the next updates via samsung or do I have to download the OTA settings from sammobil

    Please help me

    Regards Vinu

  75. Is there still gt-p3100 bug after 4.1.1 update?

  76. “i am stuck up
    after putting the file on external memory card. i followed the following steps
    - Restart the device into Recovery Mode (Press Power Button + Volume up)
    - Select Apply update from External Storage
    I am Stuck on the below step!!!!
    - Browse to the OTA update and flash it
    i have folders coming up. which file to select. please help. my tabs in a sad mode now!”

  77. rhovs use volume up or down ky to move the selection line. Use power button to apply (something like double click)

  78. yeah the update takes close to 15 min. If it is stuck inbetween just hold the power button for few seconds the tab should reboot. if its still ics just try once again if itss JB enjoy, if its bricked hmmm you lost it aint you

  79. Thank you so much, Sammobile!!
    I’ve done it, and now it working perfectly..
    Only take at least 30 minutes to do this update,,

    There is only one problem, because it use phablet U/I on homescreen, so it can’t do auto-rotate on it.. but don’t worry, just download HOLO Launcher HD to fix this problem..!!

    Jelly Bean rocks!!! ^_^

  80. question is how can I root it?

  81. Should i unroot my tab before installing this if then how……….?

    PLZ HELP…..!

  82. very very nice.very smooth. everyone seem to have the same problem (patching remaining files taking too long) . dont worry about that. just wait for around 15mins and just reboot your tab. everything should be fine as long as u closely follow the instructions.

  83. Hello frnds.
    There is a screenshot option for the jellybean update of tab2.
    Press “power + lowervolume” button together for 2 seconds.
    You will get the screenshot.


  84. Hey guys…seems there is some problem with teletalk….when on this function….my devide get slow and response is too bad….anyone else is facing same problem ?

  85. Hi, did anybody knows if the galaxy tab 2 7.0 P-3113 is going to be updated officially too?

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  87. when i Browse to the OTA update and flash it, it starts the update but then says: “assert failed…..”
    E:error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip
    status 7

    can anyone help?!?!?

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