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I9300XXDLI2 – Galaxy S III Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean TEST firmware

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We of SamMobile would like to give you the latest I9300XXDLI2 Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean Test firmware for the Galaxy S III. I9300XXDLI2 is the most stable leak EVER. Almost all issues from the previous TEST builds have been fixed and we are very happy with this build. All the annoying FCs from I9300XXDLI1 have been also fixed!

This build is very much near perfect so we believe that Samsung will actually start rolling out the Official Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy S III very soon. The day Samsung starts to roll out the official update you will be able to install the latest update through Kies or OTA update.

I9300XXDLI2 Noticeable Changes:

  • Revamped Settings Menu (Again..)
  • Increased Total RAM from 818MB  to 833MB
  • All FCs FIXED
  • 3rd Party Keyboard Issues Fixed
  • Copy & Paste Issues Fixed
  • TouchWiz Issues Fixed
  • Redesigned FM Radio App
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity vastly improved
  • Very Fast and Smooth
  • Much more Stable then previous leaks

This is a PRE-RELEASE version so not official from KIES.
We want to give you BIG warnings if you want to test this firmware.
As this is a PRE-RELEASE firmware so expect some minor bugs

Firmware Details: 

Android Version: 4.1.1 – JRO03C (Jelly Bean)




Changelist: 122059

Build Date: 5th September 2012


Flashing Instructions:
- Unzip the file
- Open Odin 3.04 (already included in the firmware package)
- Restart phone in download mode (Home+power+vol down)
- Connect phone and wait until you get a yellow sign in Odin
- Add I9300XXDLI2_I9300OXADLI2_I9300XXDLI2_HOME.tar.md5 to PDA
- Make sure re-partition NOT ticked
- Start flash, sit back and wait a few minutes.

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64 comments on “I9300XXDLI2 – Galaxy S III Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean TEST firmware

  1. mkalter 2 years ago said:

    Wow, a new update again. Nice, hopefully Galaxy Note will have the same stuff as S3

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  2. lastword112 2 years ago said:

    have they included the note 2 gallery in this update? or is this exclusive to note, similarly what about that smart rotation feature?

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  3. husney86 2 years ago said:

    Just about to download omega v19.1. Guess have to wait a bit again.

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  4. ricksanz 2 years ago said:

    we hope improvements … touchwis specially … because is not working good and other errors for fix also nice work we hope the official release for this weekend!! thanks aloud!

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  5. ricksanz 2 years ago said:

    why is necessary erase all our data of the internal sd card?? whit the other version wasnt necessary well we hope the oficial release fix it ….

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  6. losteagle 2 years ago said:

    Any news about JB on GS2 ? Do you ask for any information at IFA ?!

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  7. Kelvin2509 2 years ago said:

    Does this update gonna fixed battery issues on S3? Cause whenever i use my phone on 3G…from 100% it will slowly drop to 90% on 40 min without touching it…

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  8. arnelelero 2 years ago said:

    So smoooooothhhh… so far I got only 1 fc on TouchWIZ when clicking the apps folder on dock menu. (it’s the same issue since the early JB firmwares)
    Suggestion. please make the dock menu autoclose after clicking apps or it might encounter a touchwiz FC/error.

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  9. arnelelero 2 years ago said:

    Samsung please include the new Gallery UI from NOTE II, same as the new leak firmware on original NOTE.. also is it possible to have 15 toggle on notification bar?

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  10. Guantanamo86 2 years ago said:

    i hope samsung adding some note2 features to the s3

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  11. nejilali 2 years ago said:

    what about live streaming video????????flash streaming is not supporting……..

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  12. Tylwith 2 years ago said:

    just install flash player for flash support (seach internet not on google play anymore)

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  13. AnnaMikk 2 years ago said:

    Is this update for any of the SIII’s?

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  14. haffid 2 years ago said:

    works great thank you, one question if I wanna comeback to my original rom 4.04, I can?

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  15. Anatomy 2 years ago said:

    I have a problem: It is not possible to download the file from hotfile. Does anybody know why? Does anybode have also this problem?

    If I click on “regular download” I have to wait 30 seconds but then nothing happen.

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  16. magmar100 2 years ago said:

    How is the status with jelly bean on the s2?
    Any news for the s2 users?

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  17. ozzfest 2 years ago said:

    Works great so far. I spent 3 hours playing with my GS3 and there were no single bug :).
    Seems to be the most stable version so far.

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  18. lalithbhaskar 2 years ago said:

    what happens if i install this update and in the future if i get official samsung jb firmware. can i install official firmware in future?

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  19. ko77 2 years ago said:
  20. charlie9 2 years ago said:

    Greetings, which version or from which region I have to select if the cell is from Puerto Rico or the U.S. … thanks

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  21. cokeht 2 years ago said:

    Esta solucionado el problema TOUCHWIZ. Estoy en espera de revisar si aparece nuevamente el MTP :)

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  22. keshav 2 years ago said:




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  23. netogdiaz 2 years ago said:

    Gracias, Thanks, arigato.

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  24. chilly 2 years ago said:

    Can this be installed on AT&T SIII? Please advice

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  25. miltonjhon 2 years ago said:

    The arrow or cursor disappeared in google maps. (it’s the same issue since the early JB firmwares)

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  26. lprodan 2 years ago said:

    Social tags makes fc.
    The battery drains very quickly.

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  27. Deybycm 2 years ago said:

    gracias por las actualizaciones.

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  28. wgenious 2 years ago said:

    Guys i have two Questions,
    1. I have a rooted SGS3 but running stock FW LH1, if i follow the instructions above and update my phone, will it brick it? i know root will get lost but i was wondering about device getting bricked.
    2. How is the battery life? guys how many hours and min of screen on time do you manage to get with one single 100% charge?

    Thanks alot. i hope you lads can help me out.

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  29. ricksanz 2 years ago said:

    if you are root … the root will be lost … but to brick an SGS3 is almoust imposible maybe unplugging the cable when you are flashing roms … i rooted my sgs3 like 20 times testing all JB roms and finally the most stable is this I9300OXADLI2 … the last one… and remenber all your data will be erased … in your internall memory when you flash JB

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  30. ciprian.ruse 2 years ago said:

    Any news about S2?

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  31. nmcunix 2 years ago said:

    Jelly Bean for the S2 is said to be released by October.

    This new ROM I9300XXDLI2 for the Galaxy S3 for me has no bugs and moves quite smooth. The force close issues i was having with DLI1 are all resolved. There is more usable RAM now 833mb . I think this is probably a good candidate for for final code .. some optimizations still need to be done in terms of the whole “Project Butter” thing. I would like to feel more of a drastic improvement over ICS where zippiness and smoothness is concerned.

    Running DLI1 my benchmark score with Quadrant was 5020.

    Running this DLI2 my benchmark score with Quadrant is now 5493.

    So optimizations are being made for sure.

    We should see another leak before the final ROM goes live sometime next week.

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  32. sam10102539 2 years ago said:

    Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2 Galaxy S2

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  33. maxximuscool 2 years ago said:

    Wow good to see more RAM :)
    780MB just does not cut when using the phone. Hope this will fix the aggressive clearing app cache problem and better multitasking

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  34. adesirello 2 years ago said:

    Faryaab, Hello
    I am the developer of AndyX Rom
    a small contribution, the close button disable notifications in status bar expanded, because that function makes the button next to the setting


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  35. Eins Gaston 2 years ago said:

    Rendimiento Quadrant 5300.
    Rendimiento Antutu Scores 12247

    Ram: 833


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  36. amelwin1 2 years ago said:

    Again wifi reconnect problem :( it was better on DLI1… fix that samy :/

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  37. Eins Gaston 2 years ago said:

    amelwin1: No he tenido problemas con el wifi. San Luis, Argentina

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  38. belch 2 years ago said:

    YA no más Betas…. Samsung debe lanzar ya la versión final…..SGS3 con JB

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  39. DarioRonkanccio 2 years ago said:

    Esperando la versión final :D Se nota q va hacer excelente :D saludos a todos los amantes de Samsung, en especial de los espectaculares Galaxy ( S, S2, S3) Nada como esa porqueria de Apple

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  40. eneox 2 years ago said:

    han probado si les funciona el boton de bajar volumen???

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  41. qwertyedu 2 years ago said:

    i guess its better to wait for the official release….. i would have flashed it already if siyah kernel supported dual boot on GS3

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  42. eneox 2 years ago said:

    me parece que esta teniendo problemas ahi porque ya hice un Test Keys y me responde la tecla que es la 114 y la de subir es la 115..

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  43. eneox 2 years ago said:

    Bueno luego de 2 reinicios volvió a funcionar!.. esperemos que salga pronto la oficial

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  44. DarioRonkanccio 2 years ago said:

    acabado de instalar… presenta fallas en una libreria… la scloud o algo asi… =(

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  45. Nimzy1992 2 years ago said:

    Guys I have Baseband version as DDLH1 because I stay in India and this leaked version is for BTU region ie Europe I guess… So will it work for me if I flash it through ODIN 3.05..??
    Please Reply..

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  46. cuietviper 2 years ago said:

    well what are the noticable changes from DL1 build, please list down if possible guys :)
    Yea it will work

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  47. redlich 2 years ago said:

    what does that mean “FCs fixed”?
    besides that thank you very much for your work!

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  48. Rony Wijaya 2 years ago said:

    Good almost perfect but why,,so wasteful baterry

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  49. kerrmuir 2 years ago said:

    Polaris viewer and Polaris office still force closes I’m sad to say.

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  50. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    samsung please galaxy s III touchwiz stayle for galaxy sII

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  51. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    galaxy sIII touchwiz for galaxy sII

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  52. arbi1234 2 years ago said:

    new touchwiz for galaxy sII

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  53. amelwin1 2 years ago said:

    Does anybody got wifi reconnect problem? I got every 2 minutes wifi reconnect…how to fix anybody know? Montenegro .

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  54. kulasse 2 years ago said:

    Why the auto brightness is still low??

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  55. Kunal2306 2 years ago said:

    Galaxy S III latest test firmware – I9300XXDLI2


    1. Can really feel the smoothness brought in by “Project Butter”
    2. More RAM – 833MB
    3. No home screen redraws observed
    4. Fast and smooth
    5. Really helpful blocking mode
    6. Helpful new widgets added


    1. Images clicked at 6M(3264×1836) are not shown on fullscreen when viewed in gallery. Also, the images previously clicked are shown in the same cropped way on the screen.
    2. Touch and hold ripple effect on the lockscreen is no more.
    3. Did not like the revamped settings menu. Needs to still be worked on.
    4. Still exists, and I never really liked this, the scrolling of the toggle switches when the notifiation bar is pulled down.
    5. Google Now or S Voice are just not the assistants that iv been waiting for.
    6. Please please please!!! Either get rid off the ascending ringtone or add an option to enable or disable it. Kills the feel of a song that has been set as the ringtone.

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  56. miltonjhon 2 years ago said:

    Aun tengo los siguientes problemas:
    - Después de usar el equipo unas horas, se pone lento el sistema con aplicaciones como chrome o flipboard.
    - Todavía no aparece el cursor o flecha en Google maps.

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  57. pravheenmanohar 2 years ago said:

    still the gray color status bar? WHY SAMMY WHY??? :(

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  58. kennethlow 2 years ago said:

    Can i flash this update if i’m not from those region mention?cause i’m in malaysia..please reply

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  59. vannarath 2 years ago said:

    Can I flash this firmware my phone : AP : I9300XXALF2, CP : I9300XXLF2, CSC : I9300JVALF1

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  60. ricksanz 2 years ago said:

    kennethlow i m in south america and its work completletly full but remember you will lose all your data in the internall memory becarefull with it and when you has finished flash the rom make a reset factory for make sure the installation again (*2767*3855#) and then will be ready

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  61. saubhagya013 2 years ago said:

    Likes about the firmware
    1)jelly bean os …….
    2)project butter brought smoothness
    3) no of new widgets.
    4) the best —– google now. Very fast and responsive miles ahead of svpice and siri….trust me.
    5)more amt of Ram….
    6) nice. Blocking mode..


    1) grey colour notification bar …really hate it.
    2)diff colour screen wen call is made. Dark grey or black.
    3)no control of brightness in video player separately …really bad…
    4)video thumbnail not moving.
    5) new gallery not present of note 2!!!!!!
    6)lag while scrolling widget list …….

    hope all are removed in finala release…….but thanks sammobile …for always providing us everything beforehand……..

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  62. RobertAG 2 years ago said:

    Calender is Force Closing
    and LBE Privacy Guard restarts the device ant startup

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  63. ricksanz 2 years ago said:

    Ok i found!! a problem really really serius … WHEN YOU ARE CONNECTED BY WI FI the incoming calls no get in … i mean you CAN´T RECEIVE PFONE CALLS WHEN YOU ARE CONNECTED BY WIFI any body else have the same problem??? THIS IS A SERIUS BUG !!!


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  64. mameyo1 2 years ago said:

    so far the best upgrade without error alone which should improve battery consumption good job

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