No more bada and TIZEN in 2012

Samsung will not bring any kind of new Bada phones in the second half of 2012.
Samsung’s latest bada phones showed up last year at IFA 2011 in Berlin.
Samsung showed the Wave3, Wave M and Wave Y., all those devices run on bada version 2.0.
The focus of Samsung in the second half of 2012 is fully on Windows Phone 8 and Android.
Because the Windows Phone market is in the hands of  Nokia they will try to get that share back.
Samsung will also try to make their Android position better than before.
Thanks to some new Galaxy products in the second half of 2012.

Another sad thing is Samsung moved their first TIZEN OS devices to 2013.
Samsung already gave away some developers devices with TIZEN 1.0. The only problem is the support from TIZEN itself.
Which is very bad, developers are blaming for missing tools and software upgrades.

We of SamMobile will join IFA at September 1 and 2.


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  1. Good.. BADA Sucks!
    They should focus on Android more, like the Galaxy Note 2.

  2. Good.. BADA Sucks!
    They should focus on Android more, like the Galaxy Note 2.

  3. What for old devices like wave 1,2,3??
    Any updates for that???

  4. I think there will be no more updates for Bada phones. This is very sad. The Wave 1, por example, was a masterpiece of engineering…

  5. Fuck Samsung ….

  6. fuck samsung
    apple is very good because of good support even in old phones
    shame for u samsung
    where is bada 2 for iran ? iran have 75000,000 people and samsung dose not relase bada 2 for iran yet
    fuck u samsung fuck

  7. iSheeps, behhhhhhhh

  8. Otherwise Devlope Androis os for bada devices

  9. What crack are you smoking :D

    Windows Phone sales will fall in coming quarter. So if anything Samsung **may** focus on Windows Phone **8** when it will come out.

    Right now sales of Bada OS are equal to 8% of all Samsung sales, while WinP7 amount to 1%!

    Also Bada OS amount to 3% of worldwide market share while WinP7 is also 3% :D On top of that WinP7 is not really profitable, and that will not change since MS declared WinP7 handsets obsolete, while Bada OS is profitable and on steady grow. And there is also this little dirty detail that WinP and Android simply are too heavy to run on low end headsets.

    So you clime that Samsung will **fully focus** on WinP :D FAIL ….

    Also Samsung already poses 45% of Android market which means that from every 2 sold handsets with Android one comes from Samsung. Samsung do not need to “fully focus” on Android to gain more market they just need to keep doing whatever magic they are doing now. And since now Samsung support 4 OS with 5th coming soon, than, Samsung is fully capable of dominating Android market while supporting many other Operating Systems.

    So you clime that Samsung will **fully focus** on Android :D while pointing out to info that Samsung is simultaneously working on WinP and Tizen. That is prime multitasking in my humble opinion. Fully and completely focus on two different things and work on third at the same time. :D

    Could you read out lout what you wrote **before** pressing “publish” button. ;)

  10. Logical explanation would be that Tizen is not ready yet. And that Samsung think that Bada powered handsets can be released once in a year cause people will not change them faster anyway. (Very fast 6-9 month exchange rate are associated with high end smarthpones!)
    Current standard being 18 months between buying new smarthphone. While Bada is targeted more at developing markets in developing countries where handsets must be cheaper, and want be bought so often.

  11. BADA is dead……..My wave is very sad..and crying

    Lesson learnt from BADA Chapter…..

    Dont buy a phone with new OS, unless it is matured atleast wait for 2 years before trying your hand on any NEW OS.

    SO…….NO TIZEN………. Only Android……..

  12. will there be any new firmware atleast for bada?

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