Are these the specifications of the new ”Nexus” (GT-I9260)

It looks like Samsung will make the next generation of the Google’s ”Nexus” line code name: GT-I9260.
Samsung  made before this phone the Google Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus.
The next generation of the Nexus looks to be a small upgrade.
When we see the specification we can say… Yes the screen, processor and camera is better, but for the HIGH-END market the processor isn’t that great.
Google will use a 1.5 dual-core processor. Really strange? No why? Android 4.1 runs fine on a 1.2 dual-core processor so there is no need to use a quad-core processor.
Some good things are that the next Nexus will use a better screen and a better back/front camera.
Both are updated to a higher level.
For us the only sad thing is the 1.5 dual-core processor.
But the device price will be cheaper, and there would be more market for Google in that.
Samsung is the big boss in the HIGH-END Android market with the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note, but Google could be one of the biggest players in the MID-RANGE – HIGH-END market with this device if the price is cheap of course.
Maybe we will get some high-end quad-core devices by Motorola which is owned by Google.

Let’s wait and see.

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  1. I hope that is not true. Cortex A15 would be better.

  2. Hah, at least the SD card being present will make some more people buy it. Let’s hope the processor is at least a Snapdragon S4 and not the same Ti OMAP or the Snapdragon S3.

  3. the processor cores is not the scale
    which chepset going to use in the new device

  4. Just a little upgrade (should hace SD slot from the beginning)…
    Unless Google’s strategy with Nexus 7 continues on “New” Galaxy Nexus (nice specs, much better price).

  5. Any idea about its release date?

  6. I would still buy it, I have had an S2 for a year, then Jelly Bean came out and grabbed myself a Galaxy Nexus. It’s so much better than the S2 in my opinion.

  7. Doubt so,
    1)Galaxy Nexus is Super AMOLED HD,NOT Super AMOLED.(Figure/Picture is wrong)
    2)Google was always against SD cards for according to them providing unified storage for apps and stuff,They suddenly changed their mind after releasing Nexus S,Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 without SD card?!!!!
    3)This is not tablet market,in tablet market,you’d ask yourself “Do I really need one?” or “does it worth the price?” or “I have a smartphone why should I buy a tablet?”,So Amazon and Google tried an impressive price point to lure customers in to “Its only $200 anyway,And it does this and that so it might worth it.” to AT LEAST make users try tablets once.
    Smartphone market is DIFFERENT!
    Google knows that.
    4)A company which always made flagship quality smartphones which were always High-End phones(while admittedly not the best in specs) doesn’t make a 180 degree turn around to Mid-Ends,Galaxy Nexus was chosen as best smartphone(by many editors and reviewers),and Google doesn’t possibly want to change that.
    But IF its true,It might be that Google is making multiple Nexus Phones,Just like one of WSJ rumors(which are often correct)

  8. Seems a minor upgrade to 9250 … how much RAM ?

  9. Now I’m glad that i didn’t buy a GSIII :)

  10. First, the Galaxy Nexus I9250 has HD Super AMOLED. Just watch the launch event. Second, the SD card slot? I don’t think so. I wish, but don’t think so. By the way, it’s the only thing that kept me from buying a Galaxy Nexus.

  11. Guys, why are you wishing for an SD slot and a Snapdragon? No way, these are things that an Android purist would dread.
    Google has been having no SD card slots to achieve a unified storage. Google wouldn’t be deviating from their own ways.
    And, SURELY WE WOULDN’T WANT A SNAPDRAGON. OMAP is way better. Otherwise when whatever manufacturer stops supporting upgrades for this device, the phone could not be further upgraded thanks to the proprietary binaries.

  12. We made a mistake in the second picture sorry.
    And we are not sure if codename GT-I9260 = NEXUS.

  13. I probably want the ARM Cortex A15…!!!
    That would be pretty great…!

  14. so nothing is sure here just your wishfull thinking dany :D

  15. no we have the information about I9260.
    But I9250 Galaxy Nexus is close…. so thats the reason we used ” nexus ” as name.

  16. @DannyD I agree with you.

  17. Maybe galaxy nexus plus or something like that?

  18. I hope they include a quad core in the next Nexus, if i’m might have the slightest interest for the Nexus. In anyway i’m happy with my International White GS3.

    I always liked the Nexus because of the pure Google experience + getting updates directly from Google.

    For me, the Nexus has always been behind in hardware specifications compared to other devices, such as the Galaxy S2.

  19. If there is an SD slot in the new Nexus, then I’ll consider buying one.
    However, at this point, I’m not wasting money on a “top” phone with A9 CPU (and it doesn’t matter if it is a dual or quad core). Knowing that A15 based chipsets with improved GPUs are around the corner, I’ll wait for the next good thing in the market.

  20. i hope this is true and also the price will same as current gn, and gn drop price when new nexus release!! for what we need so fast processor? better battery pls!!

  21. Hopefully, it supports GSM video calling!!! All the above is great for me

  22. This is the reason why I detest nexus devices…their hardware is weak compared to non nexus devices released BEFORE them lol.

  23. The bigger question, “Will Samsung launch this phone in India or it will again sneak out Nexus plus as it did for Nexus”. :(

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