CONFIRMED: Galaxy S II to get Jelly Bean!

Yes you see it right! The Samsung Galaxy S II will get Jelly Bean.
The insiders of SamMobile reported that Samsung is busy to test Jelly Bean (Android 4.1) on the Galaxy S II.
The tests by Samsung are fine and Samsung will make the public KIES release version.
If everything goes according to plan you will get this update to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean in September – October.
We of SamMobile will try to get some leaked roms for the die-hard Samsung owner!
Please do not ask for this, when we have things like this we always post after we tested first!

More good news.
Now we know the Galaxy S II is to get Jelly Bean we are also 100% sure for the Galaxy Note now too!
So Samsung will update more devices than HTC, LG, Sony or even Google to Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean
So blaming Samsung about slow updates is a bit of FAIL!!

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  1. I’ll believe it when it’s on my SII. Not before!

  2. still waiting for ICS on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Russia…

  3. Now that’s awesome news! I can barely wait for JB

  4. Yeah!!!
    and You Must Give New UI From S3 To S2
    Becasue I Very Bored TW4
    and It Very Look Like Galaxy S1.

  5. Not surprised. Galaxy s start from eclair and finish at ginger bread. Its still 3-3 now
    If sii get key lime pie or what ever its name. But this is good effort from samsung.

  6. This will not happen. Only 1% of all GALAXY owners cares about updates.

  7. “So blaming Samsung about slow updates is a bit of FAIL!!”

    well I see Samsung as a total fail :)
    besides the Big Ones (S and Note) NO phone received ics nor jb so far. That is indeed something to be proud of…

    I bought my i8150 early this year, and a few weeks later it turned out that I will receive no updates from Samsung? (oh yeah 2.3.5 -> 2.3.6 wow…)
    HTC, Sony-Ericsson, Sony and even Alcatel updates its phones with the same/or worse hardware, but Sam won’t

    If they can only care the A+ customers (premium/luxury category) and does not give a d@mn for the rest then there is nothing to be proud of there..

  8. Awesome News, Make it happen SAMSUNG, Show everybody that U can do It.

  9. Okay great, will this be only for GT-i9100 or also for GT-i9100G ?

  10. “Samsung is make the public KIES release version.”
    Samsung will release Jelly Bean for Galaxy SIII, Galaxy SII, Galaxy Note and probably one of their tabs. In my opinion that’s still a fail no matter what other brands do. Although I’m sure Sony will update more than 4 devices to JB….

  11. Good news indeed , hope we’ll see lot of improvements with the new update . Thank you Sammobile .

  12. Well HTC is gonna update the one x, one xl, one s and one very to jb so no big deal.
    However I’m quite happy that my precious note is gonna get jb because the cm10 is broken and needs Samsung firmware to get project butter fully working.

  13. i want to touchwiz nature ux

  14. And HTC still hasn’t announced which devices will get Jelly Bean, neither has Samsung, so already saying Samsung will update more devices at this point is stupid. And Samsung updated fewer devices to ICS than HTC or Sony etc, so they are a fail in updates, slow or fast.

  15. @sam10102539 i dont think this will happend. The SGS didn’t get TW4 and the SGS+ and GalaxyW with similar hardware have different TW version. No idea why. I was suprised that the galaxy tab 10.1 and 8.9 get the s3 look.

  16. As Rogerbond said, I’ll believe it when it’s on my Note. Not before!

  17. Good to have you guys from sammobile!

    Now we have to wait and wait and wait… ;-)

  18. Well, Let us see if it happens. It was Galaxy SII that that took Samsung to skies.

  19. What about the tablets? 7.7?

  20. Will it be available for “i9100g” or not???

  21. thank you very much samsung

  22. very good job samsung

  23. please the new touch wiz in this update for galaxy sII

  24. please galaxy sII touch wiz 4 update to touch wiz ui in this update samsung is best in the world.

  25. I hope that inside-person is right…
    Galaxy S2 deserves Android 4.1…5.0 – MAYBE (but probably not, let’s be honest)…afterall, the devise is not some low-grade hardware.

    Do this, and seal your dedication to your customers. That’s all I can say to Samsung.

    To the fellow supporters of the idea (and people who question the possibility for 4.1 to run on the S2), check here:

  26. Any prediction for the Advance Galaxy S (I9070)?

  27. What about Galaxy R? What about Galaxy R? What about Galaxy R?…. C’on Sam people… c’on…

  28. Yup, I’ve got a prediction voor de Galaxy S Advance and the Galaxy R.

    They Wil Not Get ICS Nor Jelly Bean Period!


  29. ‘voor de’ should be ‘for the’. Talking Dutch and writing English seems te be a hard thing to do lol!

  30. If Galaxy S2 getting JB then Galaxy tab 7.0 plus should be too, since the hardware almost the same (eventhought i’m still waiting the ICS for my tab -_-)

  31. wow thanks samsung i cant wait.but.i want touch wiz natural
    god job sammy

  32. Woohooo!!!!!!!!!

  33. Great news…
    Bring it on!

  34. i hope that samsung will update GALAXY SII but if Galaxy sII had get a chance to update to Android Jelly Bean ….So kindly Change the whole Samsung Galaxy SII (Gingerbread) LOOK..
    Ex:- if android ICS then Icons Like Google NEXUS…

    SAMSUNG ???

  36. still waiting ics on my galaxy s2 in pakistan

  37. If Samsung puts touchwiz to jelly bean, I switch to Cyanogenmod.
    Touchwiz sucks!!

  38. I am sure that it will not get the version after jelly bean (Key Lime Pie).. And the Nexus will get it :)

  39. Danke u bel for your prediction Steef but you are really wrong

  40. So much for your 1 % Danny. And I wish you would stop using lame excuse like this one for Lazy Sammy. If it is 1% like you have said maybe you should tally total of comments on this topic and percent it out and see how many actually do care about firmware updates.

  41. Thank you sam. we will stay with you!..

  42. thnxx samsung gr8 news

  43. well
    I wish samsung do it soon not until 2013

  44. che fayde vase ma ke akhar az hame update mishe!

  45. This is about the Samsung International Version … Samsung India on the other hand are soooooo sloooooowwww i guess they will release this update in Jan/Feb ’13 :(

  46. Wat about galaxy note GT N7000

  47. Is it possible that the 4.1 update will be provided for I9100G?

  48. I also want to know if the GT-i9100G will be updated to 4.1 …

  49. I also want to know if the GT-i9100G will be updated to 4.1 TOO …

  50. the GT-I9100G will not gonna have this update due to hardware limitations and differentiation. Don’t care when or where it will release to, there’s always “XDA” :-)..yahooooo..

  51. can’t wait for the jelly bean for my sII (Indonesia)

  52. JB 4.1.1 for the S2 is great, but I think we get JB on October/ September 2013!

    Please Samsung add TouchWiz UX to the S2!!!!!!!!!!!

    For this time I still have ICS 4.0.3 and waiting on 4.0.4

  53. This is fantastic news. Samsung is going to be a big game changer if they update their phones

    as this speed (provided the update arrives by Oct 12). Also it will help them to compete with iPhone.

    Way to go Sammy.

  54. This is going to be more fun. :D

  55. Great news! :)

  56. To the ppl with Samsung devices that haven’t had ICS released for their phone yet don’t bother asking about getting Jelly Bean on your device because if you haven’t gotten ICS yet chances are pretty Damn good that your not going to be getting it. Thus if your not getting ICS then you definitely arnt getting Jelly Bean obviously. Face it you bought a cheap phone or you have a now old phone & you can’t really expect a phone valued at a couple hundred dollars to get upgraded with the cost of producing a version of a new OS, it doesn’t make any business sense at all. If you want updates buy a top of the line device & you won’t have to worry about bitching. With a top of the line phone you can expect 2-3 upgrades which is exceptable considering you should without a doubt be upgrading your device at least every three years. Upgrading from ICS to Jelly bean is a very minor update compared to the update from gingerbread to ICS which was basically a complete rebuild of the OS from the ground up. Jelly Bean is just optimizing ICS & adding a few extra features, it won’t take half as long as ICS updates so don’t be so “I’ll believe it when I see it” & “ya what in 2014″ is coming & it will be faster then you think. ANDROID IS THE FUTURE – KID ANDROID (TEAM.ANDROID.CANADA)

  57. Cheers. But you can try jelly bean on galaxy s2 right now, you can choose a cook rom from

  58. I don’t have the ICS yet, it will be direct to 4.1 or first update ICS and after 4.1?

  59. El S2 se merece totalmente esta actualizacion a 4.1.1. simplemente sensacional, gracias !!!!

  60. please leak out tat firmware as soon as possible..!!

  61. very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood job

  62. just samsung

  63. only samsung

  64. add new update galaxy s3 unlock style and new TW.. IMPROVE SPEED

  65. You See this Review S3 Stock jelly bean
    And you see S2 in the future.
    You must imagine this to s2
    And so you want new look on s2 SO MUCH



  66. Will Galaxy S Advance (I 9070) get ICS update ?

  67. “So blaming Samsung about slow updates is a bit of FAIL!!”
    Personally, I think Samsung is not smart about their ROMs & yes they are to be blamed. How? You might ask.
    For a start they have many different hardware to release updates for, so far so good. But when it comes to single hardware, you find that they release a different ROM for every country/countries in a region.
    Here in Sammobile, open the ROMs page for any device and look at the number of ROMs developed for one phone in one region say “Europe” for example. It’s a HUGE list! Imagine if they put that effort in one International ROM.
    Yes you read that right, “One International ROM”. we need a single ROM that acts as a base ROM for that mobile, Samsung can then take that ROM and do customization for carriers that requires special features.

    Building a different ROM for Germany, Italy, Nordic Countries, UK, UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arabia…etc it’s just ridiculous.
    What differences do you have there? Language & keyboard? Those last three Arab countries they use the same language & there shouldn’t be any difference in radio. Include everything in a single ROM and let the user choose the language, let him select the country & then you can install whatever offers or Samsung market for that country if Samsung wants to do that.

    I once flashed the Open Europe ROM and I didn’t find Arabic support, that’s because Samsung releases the Arabic support before Android 4.1. So if an Arabic speaking customer buys the phone in Europe he cannot write in Arabic.

    Other benefits of International ROM would be faster bug fixing. I mean who ever heard of minor update for bug fixes on his SGSII for example?

    I updated 2x Samsung Galaxy SII & 1x Note for me, my sister & father to ICS using KIES and all phones now heats up like crazy.

    If Samsung had one single ROM they would be able to test it once & for all & make sure it works properly on the device instead of releasing tens for ROMs for the same phone full of bugs & then never release any updates till the next major update if they ever decide to release it.

    I sent an email earlier to Samsung East Asia CEO as that was the closest thing I could get to Samsung mobile CEO. If someone can deliver that message it would be great.

    I loved the features in Samsung’s ROM but I flashed Cyanogenmod to have a stable phone that doesn’t start cooking itself (overheating) while browsing Twitter or while sitting *idle* on the desk!

    I still don’t know how to answer my father & sister about their mobiles heating up for no reason after the update. (Some might say flash another modem, I did on my mobile that someone said it’s stable but crashed my mobile while on call. This should be fixed by Samsung in their ROM period)

  68. Its good @0x00FE but carrier of many country must tweeks many things
    Example i9100 for All 3G ,i9100t for 3G 2 channel , i9100p included NFC

    So I want Asus style
    US Version
    TW Version
    WW Version – This is For All Country and International model
    CN Version

  69. I live in Ireland and own a Note running Gingerbread. I really love the phone, my only gripe is that I still haven’t got the ICS update. I’m on the Vodafone network, we have been told for the past few months by Vodafone that the update is coming ‘in the near future’ or similar vague answers. This is on the Vodafone official forum.

    It’s a pity that there isn’t one European version that would cover all of Europe or even if it was split into Eastern/Western Europe and that everyone would get the update then at the same time.

    What do carriers put onto our phones which need testing? I have never been able to get an answer to that question.

    I know that friends who own iPhones all get OS updates at the same time and the update runs on all of their phones some of which go back 3 or more years.

    With Jellybean running on the Note 2 in the near future we will still be on Gingerbread which is a real pity because we are not getting the best from our phones for which we have paid a substantial sum for.

    Hopefully in time the roll out of new OS updates will be sped up and get to all phone owners no matter where they live on the planet at the same time.

    Now wouldn’t that be a novel idea!!!!!

  70. Cheer UP!!! Cheer UP!!! Cheer UP!!! Cheer UP!!! Cheer UP!!!

  71. Jelly Bean on SGS2? No Problem, if you die hard, try this:

    Who cannot wait and has an experimental mood can try 4.3.1, which is not running bad on rooted SGS2.

    - make backup (Titan (Apps+data), SMS Backup & Restore, Google Sync)
    - copy zip from google docs on internal sdcard
    - boot into cwm
    - wipe system/cache/data/dalvik cache there
    - choose flash from internal sdcard, flash
    - reboot, enjoy


  72. Ahh forgot to say: It is RushDroid 4.3.1 for SGS2, running with Android 4.1.1


  73. nice work

  74. It is happening! Not ‘It will happen’

  75. gooooooood :)

  76. what abt i9100g? it shud too b leaked out asap.. waitng eagerly

  77. I9100G my dear am soo sorry u r always last I hope this time you will be last but not out of the ship

  78. How will the trial outcomes affect this great piece of news?

  79. Please add touchwiz ux to S2 Jellybean

  80. I definitely will flash my SII. Whether they provide an update or not.
    You’ll still have a chance to update your phone by the help of the glorious
    magicians of xda developers to JB (custom ROM).
    I’m very exited…

  81. Currently I am waiting for 4.0.4. It is good to hear that Samsung provides Jellybean update for SGS2.

  82. When will this update available for India?

  83. i dont blame samsung for slow updates. i will blame them for no updates.

    execpt S3,S2,Note (and phones based onn same hardware) they dont do very much to bring ICS to other devices.

  84. Excellent news. Im using cm10 already and its good!

    Well done Samsung! :D

  85. This JB upgrade JB is taking ages. After more than a month of the news, even the S3 has not got the upgrade. I hope it takes no longer than a couple of weeks to be released or I’ll die of impatience! Also I expect it to be a fully working release, not a leak or a beta, lol.

  86. ya estamos en noviembre… cuando lanzan Jelly Bean?


  87. I agree.. one device, one ROM/firmware.. much easier for publisher and also users..

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