Jelly Bean updates by Samsung for SGSII, SGSIII, Note and Note II

This weekend we tweeted about Android 4.1 updates for the Galaxy S II, Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Note II.
Let us explain what Samsung will do and how far they are at the moment.

Galaxy S III
The test firmwares for the Galaxy S III are passed and they are working on a public version of the first Jelly Bean updates for the Galaxy S III.
The wait is on the public version and the agreement of Google.

Galaxy S II
Samsung is still testing Android 4.1 for the Galaxy S II. The first tests are looking fine. Because the Galaxy S II is still selling very well and Samsung will update the Galaxy S II to Android 4.1.
If Samsung decides at the last moment not to update the Galaxy S II, all Galaxy S II owners will get a value pack update. But so far there is no reason not to update the Galaxy S II to Android 4.1.

Galaxy Note.
For the Galaxy Note it is the same story as for the Galaxy S II.
Tests are fine but there is still no official words by Samsung.

Galaxy Note II.
The Samsung Galaxy Note II would be showed at IFA 2012. The test software is currently based on Android 4.0. Our insider isn’t sure if Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Note II with Android 4.0 or Android 4.1.
If Samsung decides to use Android 4.0 at launch, an update to the Galaxy Note will be available a couple of months after.



Samsung Jelly Bean updates. (NOT CONFIRMED BY SAMSUNG YET)
Galaxy S III – End Q3 begin Q4
Galaxy S II – Q4
Galaxy Note – Q4
Galaxy Note II – begin Q4

For tablets we still dont’t have any information.

This information is provided by the same insiders that told us about the Galaxy Ice Cream Sandwich updates for mobile phones and tablets.

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  1. For the Galaxy Note and the Galaxy S II; tests are fine but there is still no official words by Samsung. They can not explain this to the million of customers if they won’t release the JB.

  2. And what might this “value pack” be for the S2 ?

  3. And still no leaked 4.1 firmware for SGS3? Disappointing :-(

  4. Till now Samsung will update all devices placed in this article. But you never know in KOREA.

  5. booo for value pack

  6. Lmao …. what is a value pack ??? for SGS II ? we want that jelly bean OS as Ice cream sandwich freezes , i was on Ginger then i got the updates , suddenly it freezes often ,,,,, anyway i wonder if they encourage people to root their phones because people will do that if you OS’s disappoint .

  7. very good news, we hope that will be done very soon

  8. Dream on customers because you are not getting it, (SII) that is. Remember they are testing it only and it is probably working already but decides not to release it because of the SIII AND note II revenue is not high enough yet. They will release it at the latest 2 nd quarter of 2013. For Samsung you would have to be a bit pessimistic. If you don’t believe me wait and see — 2 quarter.

  9. But of course there are always alternatives ans motivations. Motivation being Apple release a killing iPhone (very unrealistic) and force Samsung and Google to perform 3 times what they have put their effort into for the last 365. days. Alternative is if iOS do have 4 Aces in hand then we will see some defections. But SIII is quite powerful with thw hardware. But remember Apple can make it smoother even without quard core processor!! Of course the tech leading company is still on the lead for now. It all depends on the rest can catch up or not and force Apple into its own overdrive. Would not that be a journal to read about.

  10. Frankly speaking, as one of SII consumers, Samsung is busy in other areas such as refridgerator, oven, TV, dish washing machines, dryer and washing machines…etc. They would use the same operational business model use on those departments as for mobile section. But mobile devices are not drying machine that can wait to be sold after 7 or 8 months!!

  11. Yeah… what the heck is Value Pack? Microsoft Security pack is much more sound updates. Or is it De-value Pack? Hhhuuummm…

  12. Samsung have to start treating consumers as an adult and not teens because some of us and maybe most are not stupid like you would assume that 80% of consumers do not care if Firmwares are great or get updates or not.what knid of business mind is to assume in such a way?

  13. Let’s hope Samsung releases these JB updates soon! I have an S3 wich is good news but i also use a Ace 2 here’s hoping it will get ICS and JB in a timely manner otherwise i will flash with CM9/10.

  14. Value pack? My last samsung ever! #fucksamsung

  15. Yeah gerar_farre, you have just said the word but they can block you from this site and also from your devices too because they can not take heavy criticism especially when the truth hurts them to the bone marrow.

  16. Samsung is here for mobile units only and not the firmware development – I wonder why they have that section in the first place.

  17. There is nothing wrong with Google just the partnership deal with these mobile phone companies. Google should go roque or solo and built its own machine like Apple. I am sure it should do better, much better and more economical and speedier. If Google can perform alone it should be gigantic and very competitive with Apple.

  18. “For tablets we still dont’t have any information.”
    I still don’t have ICS on my tablet, so I think Jelly Bean is very very wishfull thinking.
    Maybe they should hire more programmers for updates.

  19. I am presently receiving an upgrade notice (I’m running ICS 4.0.4 XXLRG) and the last time I accepted and ran an update (XXLRK) it cost me a whole day’s pay and endless flashing to try and recover everything destroyed.

    I’ll never, ever, EVER accept an update OTA! Ever Did any other International Galaxy Note Owner’s receive this update notice?

    (I started this comment 4 hrs ago so I’m sorry if this is a repeated inquiry – it tool forever for sleepy night night meds to kick in!)

  20. I have the GT-I9100G no ICS yet, when Samsung update this version? My next phone will be google, i want seller my S2 for buy the nexus phone.

  21. For real?
    It’s a month old news…

  22. yeah and by the time JB is released, Google will already have released a new OS, which means, we will always be behind… S2 here. Hate the fact that Samsung is controlling this so much instead of just releasing the updates. Why don’t you release JB and give people the choice to come back to ICS if they’re not satisfied? This is my first… and probably, last Samsung phone.
    I don’t like to be manipulated.

  23. Bottom line here Samsung is doing it’s BEST on the update front. Yes the GALAXY S3, GALAXY NOTE 2, GALAXY S2, and GALAXY NOTE all will get jellybean before the end of the year. Count on that….

  24. Wtf is fuckin value pack? Last mobile from SAMSHIT for me.

  25. I dont really know why 75% of comments here ran into words value pack……what did op say? There is NO reason for note and sgs2 NOT to get jellybean…..i think biggest disadvantage is in us-customers…..we lack patience, and for little wait we will get enhaced anndroid, not plain one…..however if you want instant upgrade and you can live with plane android GTFO from here and buy nexus….my 2 cents :-)

  26. (sorry- I lost my internet as I was trying to post earlier, but after rebooting my PC-my comment is still here!Thank you Chrome!… Gaspernemec has already said[some of] this better)

    “Yeah gerar_farre, you have just said the word but they can block you from this site and also from your devices too because they can not take heavy criticism especially when the truth hurts them to the bone marrow.”
    …er, BeyongGalaxy… are you on drugs? Have a little ADD? Firstly, this is not a Samsung website- besides, they probably have other, more pressing matters to attend to than someone on here saying ‘fuck you’ at the prospect of a ‘value pack’ (polished turd)[and if they let all those millions of GSII owners down (the way they did to me and millions of other GalaxyS owners down over ICS, when it would have run just fine without Touchwiz- minimal tweaking of the Nexus S version would have ensured Samsung didn't piss me and millions of others off, though I'm sure Cyanogenmod are very grateful), they will DEFINITELY lose sales]…

    And how exactly do you think Samsung can block gerar farre from Samsung devices? That’s just crazy talk… how would they know WHICH Samsung device out there to block? And, more importantly… HOW?

    And gerar farre-(and everyone else freaking out) why are you overreacting with
    “Value pack? My last samsung ever! #fucksamsung(or similar)” when it’s looking likely now that the SII WILL get JB, and NOT the value pack?

    Anyway, since I plan to get a NoteII, I’d prefer it if they didn’t rush the JB update just to meet a tight launch schedule… besides, CM10 on the NoteII will probably be stable before the Samsung JB! :P

  27. Apparently, Android Jelly Bean is the latest version of the popular operating system for mobile Google, with its new platform, “Google Now” that will rival the Apple Siri, the virtual assistant popular iOS. It is safe to say that the biggest advantage of Google Now is the power of search engine Google, which seeks information from the Internet.

  28. and what about samsung galaxy R??

    is this phone getting jelly bean or not ???

  29. Moonbeam if Android is perfect in itself you would not have to tweak it wouldn’t ya? And if I am on drug I would not be on this website cause this website have enough toxic already,no? And about blocking you don’t know what you are talking about then. How could you know of something that has not happened to you. Huuum.

  30. Ryarrell, with all due respect, what is your quarantee? If it wiil and become available end of q4 (31 Dec) then you have got some info that I would not know about, if there are any floating arpund. Bu the way, this is a Samsing fan site, so there is an association with Samsung because the whole site is filled with Samsung info.

  31. This site is heavy on Samsung mobiles. Are there any other site that provides firmware updates more intensive than this one? I don’t think so. Is this the primary firmware downloading for most consumers?

  32. Moonbeam if Android can track down the amount of activated mobile devices, what else could be impossible?

  33. Gaspernemec, if the word value pack has no importance then there are no concern. Then why it is even mentioned if JB will be available?

  34. If Samsung decide at the last minute not to release update to SII… does this imply anything? Why say it when they would have to anyway in the near future(if it us imminent thar is)?

  35. If the tests are fine for Note, what logical reason would Samsung use for not updating firmware for Note? Come on guys…this is lame.

  36. Moonbeamsyndicate, you must be someone savvy with flashing custom and stock firmwares, but not everyone can do that will full knowledge and safety like you. So please talk without your ego attached to it next time, humm.

  37. avidave, I agree because my ICS freezed up so often that I spent more time trying to locate the problem (which is unlikely) than using it. And entering text into this kind of text box is still buggy. I thought they would fixed it by now. And flashing? I have done about 30 to 35 on both stock and custom firmwares and ended up with stock eventually because of incompatibility with signal providers and other freezes phase.

  38. I think consumers are caught up in their marketting strategy, for now. Especially with iPhone still pending, who knows what kind of other delays will surface. When I said that JB won’t be available till March next year is true for some consumers because not all zone countries will get them ar once!! So, if it is release for Israel or EU zone, it will probably snail out to other zones after that a couple of months later.

  39. If I am wrong, I will gladly trade in my SII for a more restricted and less flexible iOS.

  40. Thanks Sammobile. really. we don’t want Value pack. we Need Jelly Bean for our Galaxy SII , It was the best phone in the world. and I feel still Galaxy S2 Rocking.. Slim, weightless., fastest Phone! 1GB ram + dual core processor.. yes. Our Galaxy S2 is powerful enough. we need Android 4.1


  41. Please help support the proof about the S2 (and Note obviously) in the Sammobile forum in this topic:

  42. Yo, BeyongGalaxy, how about you take a step back from your keyboard and stop spamming the comments on this article? About 85% of the posts here belong to you, and majority of that is mindless fanboy spoutings. Take a chill pill, go outside, live a life.

  43. update samsung galaxy sII android 4.1 please

  44. @BeyongGalaxy
    Firsr of all i must say you are quite an immature person, spamming this post with lots of comments, would it be really too hard to write it all down in one comment?
    Second, what if? Samsung really doesnt provide jellybean to S2. They will loose s2 and note customers, those who actually care about upgrade (because believe me, I bet lots of those 20 million units sold are still on gingerbread), next phone they will buy will be htc, lg, sony, motorolla (since those 4 do so much better with upgrading their devices), google, apple or nokia(so guys i beg you, dont come here and say “that was my last samsung phone, im buying nexus”, because nobody cares if someone from the other side of the world wont buy samsung). But thats not all, if samsung doesnt upgrade device with same amount of ram and same gpu as their flagship its devs will fall out as compleetly immature (how the hell would immature devs create such a great rom on s3), that would be really big shame for samsung as biggest smartphone producer.

  45. please samsung please give 4.1 jelly bean to Galaxy S2

  46. Samsung galaxy s2 deserve JB.

  47. I’m sorry, I don’t believe that the USA variants of the phone will get this update anytime this year.

    It could be true for the 9300 international and any other quad processor version that they might release but the dual core phones, not only have to go through the Google process, they have to go through the carrier process which can add many months as they clog the phone with crapware and modifications. I would be very very surprised for a dual core version to be released this year, unless Apple wins the court case, then a move to JB could be different enough to get Samsung out of a jam (with different icons of course).


  49. Gaspernemec, exactly as have reasoned in the last paragraph of your last post. If devs are good at what they do, what other reason will they not develop firmware for the flagship phones? It is already unwise to even mention that SII might not get it because some consumers know that SII spec can handle JB. Moreover Danny wrote on top of the post does not make any sense except creating ambiguous conclusion. He said first test is fine and still wait for further test. But he also implies that even if test is good in the next stages Samsung might still pull the plug. What the… And release Value Pack instead.

  50. Oh, and he also gave reason that SII should get JB full update because it is still selling like hot cakes(bad reasoning). That should not be the only reason for upgrading SII. Specs compatibility should be taken into consideration as well, otherwise it would not be possible to update SII anyway from the begining.

  51. By the way, Gaspernemec, with all due respect, I am not the only one who is suggesting the updating flaws of Samsung company. Scroll up. Unless of course I am having double vision and thinking too much.

  52. And yes I like to give short comments, I do have rights, yes?

  53. The S2 RAM drops from 1GB to 862MB after ICS. If they ever roll out 4.1 then I should expect the RAM to drop to 256MB!! Might as well change to a cheap low end phone as it will have more ram then the S2.
    How can Samsung shortchange their customers. If I upgrade my 4GB PC from XP to Vista or Win7 should the RAM drop to 1GB? Well that is what Samsung is doing..I have 1GB on gingerbread but 682mb on ICS!!

  54. i just want to know what you mean by economic package, what is the will include…. details..

  55. If this is truthful and the SIII has passed test phases and is working on a public build then we should be able to download the test build for SIII using programs such as Check Fus. However there has not been a new build posted yet at least for my SGH-I747 model.

    As for if this will come out for the International GSM builds first versus the US. I think the updates will be fairly similar as long as Google approves because the builds will have been designed to meet specifications already. Since US carriers will have to push the update it will be best to download it and flash it but still. Either way since US and Canada devices are so similar it should be easy to get a hold of a test build when one pops up. International builds do not work in the US so we can’t us those. But i’m not worried. I just check everything so often from my programs for test builds.

    I have used CM10 and also an AOSP build of Jelly Bean, the only problem is that you lose so much function from the SIII device such as the great camera and other common SIII features many people commonly use I found myself missing a lot. The battery life also seemed to drain more in CM10.

  56. I don’t care…i use cyanogemmod 9 now…much better

  57. Value pack samsung can stick up their @ss.
    I want the JB update not some crap you can’t sell on your samsung site.

  58. What I do not get is that Apple IPhone 3GS, 4 and 4S got upgraded from IOS 4.x to 5.x and will receive updates to 6.x and they are all single core or dual core CPUs.

    Why would the S2 that is also dual core and slightly higher speced than the IPhone 4s not get Jelly Bean 4.1.x when it is a slight update over ICS 4.0.4?

    Please think about that Samsung when deciding what to launch i.e. a value pack or a full upgrade.

  59. Value pack?…Jelly Bean for SII?….no offense , it can be released in 2013….. Custom Rom will be better rather than joining turtle race….

  60. All the bickering about having the latest OS lol such tards I must say. The most noticeable difference between my galaxy note’s Gingerbread OS(with ex go launcher) and one of my friend’s galaxy nexus’ ICS(stock) is the “feel” thats all.

    Why all the bickering to have the latest OS that just has a different feel and a few added features?

    When the galaxy note 2 comes out to sell I will obviously be a buyer come around christmas time, hopefully the price would drop a little and I may get some good deals idk. But a galaxy note with better hardware is a must for me, I cant buy any other phone thats below 5″ screen and I hate tabs so the Galaxy Note series is the only category of smartphones(or phonetabs) for me.

  61. how long does we have to wait for the updates??

  62. I9100G into the market , but you ‘re not any good software support

  63. I9100G into the market , but you ‘re not any good software support for iran

  64. I have the information for tablets here:

    Samsung Tablets will update to:

    Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0
    Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1
    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1

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