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Galaxy S III will get Android 4.1 soon Samsung test Android 4.1 for Galaxy S II

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The insiders of SamMobile reported that Samsung is testing Android 4.1 for the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S II.
Samsung is almost ready to update their Galaxy S III devices to Android 4.1.
There is no date planned yet but it could be around August / September.
More good news is for the Galaxy S II. Samsung started the first tests with success.
If Samsung will update the Galaxy S II is still a question, but because the Galaxy S II is still very hot the chances are very high.
According to the insider of SamMobile Samsung will update the Galaxy S II if the porting to Android 4.1 on the Galaxy S II goes well.

There are no words yet about any other devices.
But the insider told us that Samsung will update the HIGH-END devices more and more. That’s why the chances for the Galaxy Note will be bigger than ever.

There is still no public statement of Samsung about the Android 4.1 updates.

We of SamMobile put our bets on these three devices after the Galaxy S III.
- Galaxy S II
- Galaxy Note
- Galaxy Tab 7.7

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57 comments on “Galaxy S III will get Android 4.1 soon Samsung test Android 4.1 for Galaxy S II

  1. francis820 3 years ago said:

    if sammy pursues this then it will be +1 to their reputation of providing support to their legacy devices.

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  2. pzstm 3 years ago said:

    S3 will get it really soon…so maybe S2 can also get it by the end of this year….that would be nice ;)

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  3. rahmanikia 3 years ago said:

    Please update GT-I9100G to android 4.1 :((

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  4. losteagle 3 years ago said:

    I suppose Galaxy Tab 7 Plus also … about same hardware of Tab 7.7 …

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  5. alleineforever 3 years ago said:

    Nexus S Jelly Bean OK , Galaxy S ICS NO

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  6. zorro1 3 years ago said:

    no suprise – best in mking new out of obvious

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  7. vavrorvav 3 years ago said:

    lookslike the new CEO of samsung is trying to keep his word

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  8. pdimh 3 years ago said:
  9. sekhargreen 3 years ago said:

    S2 will be updated for sure to 4.1.
    But it will be in January 2013!

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  10. hrone13 3 years ago said:

    Not surprised. If nexus s and sii get full feature update for android os after jelly bean (maybe key lime pie)
    Then i will agree google and samsung is great for update.

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  11. vudh 3 years ago said:

    I wish Samsung will consider S2 in their list.
    And the sooner the better, lol

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  12. gasterakos 3 years ago said:

    I hope Samsung you give us the 4.1.Cause we have seen in youtube that Jelly Bean can run in S2 by custom rom faster than the official ics 4.0.3 that i have now.If you do this +1 from me as a customer of you.Give us the happy guys :)

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  13. gasterakos 3 years ago said:

    And by the way.S2 is just 1 year ago device.It’s so sad to ignore it cause is super hardware photo at all still yet :)

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  14. chilipalm 3 years ago said:

    Are they talking about just the international version as getting it soon or include other variants as well?

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  15. cardozclive 3 years ago said:

    S2 is still the hotest phone out there. It has out sold every flagships out there by other manufacturers. So hope Samsung doesn’t disappoints their S2 users, in-order to keep up their reputation.

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  16. fram2707 3 years ago said:

    plz update for galaxy tab 7 plus too…
    same spesification with tab 7.7..

    i hope my tab 7 plus will get update to jelly bean…


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  17. Djoul 3 years ago said:
  18. sam10102539 3 years ago said:

    @DannyD What About 4.1 For S2???
    Jelly Bean (4.1.x) Or Value Bean (4.0.x)…

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  19. zkyevolved 3 years ago said:

    I really hope they update the Galaxy Note. Samsung came out with their Google Android Alliance or whatever they call it, 18 months from the launch of the device. The Galaxy Note has been out for under 12, and if they don’t update the Galaxy Note I’ll be very disappointed with them. Android phones are hotcakes, but literally that, you use them and then you gotta get a new device if you want the new features. I rag on Apple all the time, but Apple updates their devices more than Samsung if this is the case.

    We all know that the SGS2 is MORE than capable to run JB. We just have to hope that Samsung cares about their customers.

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  20. mohsen_as31 3 years ago said:

    I9100 is very little found in Iran .I9100G and Iran are on the market. I’m forced to buy I9100G. Please do not forget I9100G for Android 4.1

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  21. mesutismail 3 years ago said:
  22. amon 3 years ago said:

    Galaxy R İCS longer publish :@

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  23. amon 3 years ago said:

    Galaxy R/Z İCS longer publish :@

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  24. nguyentronghue 3 years ago said:

    If Galaxy S2 can get Jelly bean, the next phone I’ll buy will be a Samsung!

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  25. wikiya 3 years ago said:

    wow,,,gr8 news

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  26. MICHAELYONG 3 years ago said:

    plss up ur all model to ics and jelly bean…(sony erisson)>>good update tell me y samsung just up new model for ics and jelly bean,WHAT HAPPEN FOR old model like samsung galaxy s no have ics?? they buy your samsung to support samsung plssss update for old model…also tq

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  27. mk.arifin24 3 years ago said:

    What about for gt-p6800, is there any news for jupgrade jelly bean?

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  28. aqli.sulthon 3 years ago said:

    Waiting for this

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  29. neoxharsh 3 years ago said:

    Come one samsung, you are not even updating Galaxy Tab 10.1, are you directly going to release JB, when you want customers you use all means to get them to buy your sammy, but once they buy yours sammy, you treat them as your slaves, you can see in this comments as well as many others, that people are begging to see there phones updated… and dont say that the hardwares not powerful ennough, if great people yet simple humans like Cyanogen can make roms for the phones that you think are inferior, you should sell your company to them for free…

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  30. AAquiani 3 years ago said:

    I am still looking for Galaxy Note. Otherwise custom rom will be the best option.

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  31. sanjog47 3 years ago said:

    just can’t waiting anymore for JB on my SGS-II…
    do it guys…

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  32. cirkinn 3 years ago said:

    is there any news about g version?

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  33. aplus96 3 years ago said:

    Please update GT-I9100G to android 4.1

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  34. AmaCha 3 years ago said:

    Please update the Galaxy Note to android 4.1.x, it will be much appreciated :-)

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  35. spazz21 3 years ago said:

    Sorry but there is no proof whatsoever to believe this story. In fact every single other blog reporting it is.only.doing so while quoting this blog. While the chances of the S3 getting JB are high, it is a RUMOR until Samsung states it. I personally asked 5/6 Samsung customer service employees, all who denied knowing this or was unsure of its credibility. Nothing against this blog or the writer but where is the proof?

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  36. fakpuppet 3 years ago said:

    Sorry but there is no evidence whatsoever that five guys from Samsung told you anything. Nothing against you, just saying.

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  37. hamoudy 3 years ago said:
  38. Emexrulsier 3 years ago said:

    So it will take 6 months for Samsung to launch 4.1 on the i9100 then it will take around 2 months more for the actual carrier to release their versions onto kies. I have the i9100P which took around 2 months more than the vanilla i9100 to get ICS so I reckon Easter next year before I see any Beans.

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  39. Emexrulsier 3 years ago said:

    On a side note I am pretty sure customer service reps know feck all about the upper management decision making with Samsung Mobile. Its the same with all companies they are told what to do as and when.

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  40. digg1980 3 years ago said:

    While this post is about Jelly Bean will be reaching or not to the Samsung Galaxy S2, I believe many people are still even waiting to get the Ice Cream Sandwich. For those still stuck at that stage you might want to check my post at: which will show you how to upgrade your Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE and other variants to Ice Cream Sandwich and get one step ahead toward the Jelly Bean.


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  41. Demons 3 years ago said:

    Very happy about this news update Galaxy S2!!!

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  42. konwaqas 3 years ago said:

    good news, hope they will resolve the mic problem in s2 as it can be controlled by the service menu.. This the only thing in s2 which hurts me a lot..

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  43. alireza1374 3 years ago said:

    I think Galexy S II to get Android4.1,I am very happy about for news and thank you

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  44. r.soltani 3 years ago said:

    Please update GT-I9100G to android 4.1

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  45. r.soltani 3 years ago said:

    I9100g really remote . It is only found in Iran waste
    Congratulations you put the phone to Samsung for third world countries

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