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Android 4.0.4 leaked for Galaxy SII

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Remember we tweeted about Android 4.0.4 for the Galaxy SII and Galaxy Note…
Today the first firmware with Android 4.0.4 for the Galaxy SII has been leaked.
You are able to download the first rom thought our firmware page as usual

Some details about this rom…
Android: 4.0.4
Build date: June 28

Please make sure you save everything before you flash.
This if a full rom so your phone will wipe!

Every Galaxy SII owner will get Android 4.0.4 by the next couple of months.
You will be able to update your device by Samsung KIES or over the air.

Thank tip 

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79 comments on “Android 4.0.4 leaked for Galaxy SII

  1. DebadattaBose 3 years ago said:


  2. vinceyeung 3 years ago said:
  3. Ntes 3 years ago said:

    nice, but did not change anything looks almost nothing since the gingerbread.. :S
    At least not show anything.

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  4. stivan 3 years ago said:

    whats so deff from the 4.0.1 ?? is it worth the wipe ?

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  5. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    Till nothing so far… only restart button is green in case of orange. Need some more time to check.

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  6. coolbuddyin 3 years ago said:

    any significant changes???

    Sammobile rocked again

    I will waiting for the day which shows sammobile leaking jelly bean for galaxy s2

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  7. ant987 3 years ago said:

    Guys, how is the browser? Coz in 4.0.3 was not as smooth as in gingerbread, there were some micro stutters

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  8. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    We just got a tip not sure if we were the first or something. Please take care.

    This rom is official Samsung but not out yet.

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  9. Riskytwin 3 years ago said:

    Thanks Sammobile. You’re great!.
    I hope jelly bean for SGS2 next…

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  10. stivan 3 years ago said:

    one more thought about this !! JB forget about it for the next year or so now …… at least for the next 6 months i dont see it coming any time soon unless samsung skips this update and jump to JB all together .

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  11. zilez2003 3 years ago said:

    it seems that most important thing is to have newest phone os. Only thing which I like on ICS and I didn’t have it with GB is possibility to use google talk to talk :). This is the only functionality which I get. Face recognition and similar …. things are so … bljak …

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  12. wikiya 3 years ago said:

    hope fix problem with data 3g on galaxy S2 and waiting jelly bean update :)

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  13. monybek 3 years ago said:

    im sorry about this question in advance, but which files do i use with which options in odin??

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  14. monybek 3 years ago said:

    lol sorry forget that i mixed up the files :P

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  15. lasic.2000 3 years ago said:

    is it 3-files rom ??

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  16. MemoteK9 3 years ago said:

    Do you have the rooted kernel for this firmware?

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  17. vladalex 3 years ago said:

    Suckssssssss!!! Fuck samsung !!! Is similar with 4.0.3 ics !!! Garbage !!!

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  18. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    Think before you post give me one reason why samsung should change whole interface for 1% of all galaxy s2 users. 99% of all s2 users don’t care about any update.

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  19. sam10102539 3 years ago said:

    OH! MY GOD!
    Goodness Samsung
    next step for S2 is jelly bean.

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  20. CHARMED_EMPRESS 3 years ago said:

    Thanks DannyD. Now I hope Galaxy Note 4.0.4 fixes the battery drain issue. ;-)

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  21. SalmanMulla 3 years ago said:

    though i m not owner of 9100G(G model),Samsung clearly cheated to customers which have 9100G.

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  22. kamrulhasanazad 3 years ago said:

    4.0.4 is awesome and now waiting for JB…

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  23. luzige 3 years ago said:

    hey guyz,does everything on this update work and can it be rooted????

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  24. ZouZou_J 3 years ago said:

    Hey guys, this might be a very silly question but where is the link for the download?

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  25. ammadali 3 years ago said:

    Any significant difference b/w 4.0.3 and 4.0.4 ?

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  26. maxwel1 3 years ago said:

    we didnt even get the ics 4.0.3 here in middle east :(

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  27. july1234 3 years ago said:

    not even the lock screen is changed…….and i give a formating usb storage and now recognize only 4,11 gb from 12gb……enyone know something?

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  28. YAYA-G 3 years ago said:

    i tried it and cant find any noticeable changes. Menu fonts a little bigger….icons appear slightly smaller. Screen appears slightly sharper, even in dynamic mode colours were not as over saturated. Other than that not really worth it in my opinion. Flashed back immediately. Prefer nova launcher with 4.0.3


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  29. maxwel1 3 years ago said:

    guys u talkin about if whether u change to 4.0.4 update or keep with 4.0.3 but we here in Middle east got none except GB so please samsung we need the ICS update like the rest of the countries

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  30. Steef 3 years ago said:

    Google made na visual changes in the 4.0.4 update. Just some tweaks under the hood.
    Samsung isnt going to make much changes with the 4.0.4 updat either so stop whining!
    If you dont like TouchWiz and want a pure google experience on the latest Android version go CM or buy a Nexus!

    Samsung will first update the GS3 to Android 4.1. Maybe after that the GS2 will be next in line or if were unlucky the Tab 2′s go first. But we may get lucky and receive an early leaked version of 4.1, SamMobile does it everytime _O_.

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  31. blueisland 3 years ago said:

    i hope 4.0.4 will also give changes on the flaws found in galaxy note like the way it plays videos and other bugs

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  32. dermanky 3 years ago said:

    It became even worse than 4.0.3 because, I have my camera sound back even in silent mode, brightness control over notification bar is also gone. quite disappointing… somebody show me one single diffidence between UHLPS 4.0.3 and XXLQ5 4.0.4 !! . I feel like cheated!

    I’m going to flash back to XWLPG which in my opinion has the least bugs.

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  33. MOMiN 3 years ago said:

    Guyz please could any 1 tell me
    What’s the capacity of the ram on 4.0.4?

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  34. komorka 3 years ago said:

    So many leaks for SGS2 and not a single one for GTab 10.1 :-(

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  35. gdstheking 3 years ago said:

    thanks…….i updated my fone now my fone is more smooth ,doesnt freeze, and battery life is improves…..

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  36. Ker0 3 years ago said:

    I updated this afternoon, most of the application stable.. but now i cant swipe at the top of the screen to change my brightness..

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  37. acmabuon 3 years ago said:

    So ,This is old tuochwiz ?why ?

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  38. wietze 3 years ago said:

    installed and works fine, dont get all the bla bla……………

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  39. jamejias 3 years ago said:

    According to XDA, if you flash without the PIT file, you won’t lose your data (no need to wipe either).
    Can anyone bring real feedback on what this ROM improves? Is it worth the change versus 4.0.3?

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  40. gionta 3 years ago said:

    Yeah!! I Wanna 4.0.4 on my GALAXY NOTE too !!!! :-)

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  41. wltklah 3 years ago said:

    I don’t think I will ever buy a Samsung phone, because it’s all buggy and they don’t know how to fix it. I own a GS2 for over 1 year, there were many bugs with samsung’s android 2.3.3 – 2.3.6. Now with Samsung’s android 4.0.3, it’s even worse.

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  42. nesar_7 3 years ago said:

    Reduced phone memory from 11.41gb to 4.1gb, I am shocked !!!

  43. moustafa90 3 years ago said:

    well in my opinion the 4.0.4 is much more stable and way faster than 4.0.3 …. just gaming and browsing is so much better and textures are sharper … the one thing that annoys me the brightness control on the notification bar which unfortunately has dissappeared :( … come on SAMSUNG !

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  44. paradise1409 3 years ago said:

    It’s great to hear that, thanks a lot. But GS3 sreen lock will be available on GS2???

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  45. tjapee 3 years ago said:

    Any one pls tell me wat to do as my usb storage shrink to 4.11 gb!!! .pit is reason for that? Shuld i flash it again without .pit? Pls guys suggest me how to gt back usb storage to 11.5gb….

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  46. akmes 3 years ago said:

    Be careful with any wipe or recovery use on this firmware. After it you will have a chance to hard-brick your phone without any yet known way to recover it.

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  47. themadba 3 years ago said:


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  48. KaptRoger 3 years ago said:

    The PIT file as stated above appears to be odd.

    Ext4 8GB? Nice format, but no thank you.

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  49. maxximuscool 3 years ago said:

    Hmm.. better wait for Jelly Bean for now…

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  50. MarcSant 3 years ago said:

    Everything is working fine. Bluetooth, Wifi, 3G, etc. Some Bugs have been corrected, screen is sharper than 4.0.3 and battery is very nice. I flashed just the big file (I9100_CODE_I9100XXLQ5_CL753921_REV02_user_low_ship.tar) via Odin and I wiped out the phone before the entire process (*2767*3855#), wipe clean procedure, and after that flashed the device. I’m in the second day, and so far so good.

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  51. viet_solution 3 years ago said:

    But i’m waiting for jelly bean.

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  52. superstarmani 3 years ago said:

    Flashed last night and seems to be better so far …

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  53. RYuval 3 years ago said:

    Nice, looking forward for an official non beta release :)

    IF SAMSUNG DOESN’T RELEASE JB FOR S2, I SEE NO REASON TO PREFER SGS3 OVER MOTOROLLA PHONE.. they get all the updates pretty quick too.

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  54. rh20009 3 years ago said:

    Please make some rom for galaxy r gt i9103.. i want ics and jeely bean for my galaxy r gt i9103.

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  55. moshegaf 3 years ago said:

    what abowt root it ? i trie and i loost my camera.

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  56. CVALLADOLID90 3 years ago said:

    Thanks SamMobile, great updated!, finally a spain language good translate, new icons in some option menus, the faster lockscreen, a new Samsung Account apk but the GPS it´s a bit slower and the baterry download more fastest than 4.0.3. Also the Email apk have a issue with the Folders don´t sync or not appear


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  57. deathgamerz 3 years ago said:

    Is samsung galaxy s2 will get jelly bean update ????

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  58. elctro 3 years ago said:

    Android 4.0.4 March 29, 2012:

    * Stability improvements
    * Better camera performance
    * Smoother screen rotation
    * Improved phone number recognition

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  59. jpfmi 3 years ago said:

    It works fine for me, more stable and smother. The problem came after I rooted the device, Netflix did not show any video. So i roll back to 4.0.3, hope a better root

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  60. dermanky 3 years ago said:

    I had same the problem after rooting. I’m going to try 4.0.4 ZCLPL though.

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  61. sadikm 3 years ago said:

    working fine.. no remarkable change.. except 4.0.4 the new milestone for galaxy s2.. waiting for JB..

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  62. nikolajordanovski 3 years ago said:

    Is this beta version or official?

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  63. cabral1320 3 years ago said:

    I’m waiting for the update for i9100G in France :D

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  64. christiangda 3 years ago said:

    it has some problem with video screen, I select full screen and my videos fails to see

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  65. denizgaiz 3 years ago said:

    after upgrading to 4.0.4, the upper left right slide to adjust screen brightness is no longer available. So, need to change the brightness manually via settings or use third party software available for download at google play. I noticed the screen transition is faster than 4.0.3 too. Thanks sammobile for this firmware, I like it :o)

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  66. saduna 3 years ago said:


    If you are talking about arabic ROM then try Iraq’s ROM from middle east, its complete arabic version

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  67. denizgaiz 3 years ago said:

    …been using this firmware for a couple days now & I cld say, it’s fast & no more laggy…. satisfied with it so to speak :-D

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  68. Angabow 3 years ago said:

    very fine update but … in my case shows no videos from youtub or whatever video just plays sound without picture
    I found the reason was that I changed the original kernel to Siyah kernel, so when am back to the original rom kernel the video played well

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  69. oreggin 3 years ago said:

    I was upgrade to this and difference is significant. More smooth and battery draining is better. I flashed by odin 1.85 without pit file and wiped everything before upgrade. It seems camera software is not as good as in last 4.0.3.

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  70. xhustler 3 years ago said:

    This ROM is definitely better than 4.0.3. I have used it for about two weeks now and here are some observations;

    1) Toggling Wifi /3G on and off is much faster
    2) Connecting to wireless networks is much faster as well
    3) Generally screen and apps ‘respond faster’
    4) Battery life is definitely improved ( I don’t have any battery management apps installed – no juice defender, no Go power master.)

    I flushed the PIT file despite the so many “DON’T …” pieces of advice. When I wiped my internal storage, the capacity was reduced to 4.11 GB.

    No sweat solution is simple!!!

    1) Flash a stock ginger bread ROM (with PIT file u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit)
    2) After you reboot, you will have a soft brick ( efs partition missing, cannot wipe cache etc)
    3) Flash stock ginger bread ROM again (with PIT file u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit)
    4) Reboot and format internal storage. Capacity should now be 11GB.

    Note: You should have a backup of your efs partition. The serial will show ’00000000000′. Restore your EFS backup to rectify this.

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  71. toplaptop 3 years ago said:


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  72. isht1008 3 years ago said:

    Hello xhustler,

    It is really a nice post.

    It fixed the issue completely.

    Thank you very much.

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  74. kyolei87 3 years ago said:

    What is the password of the firmware s2 Android 2.3.6?
    Me download from firmware parts but can’t extract it.
    Can u guys help me?Thanks.

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