HOT: Samsung start Ice Cream Sandwich updates Galaxy tablets

Remember this tweet: Samsung will start the Galaxy Tab Android 4.0 updates next month.
Today we are happy to tell you the first Ice Cream Sandwich firmware for the Galaxy Tab 7.7 GT-P6800 has been released on Samsung KIES.
You can download this firmware also on

Samsung planned to update their tablets to Android 4.0 in July and August.
One of the best tablets by Samsung is the GT-P6800 with Super Amoled Plus screen.
We of SamMobile will start the making of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 review today!

Some details about this firmware:
This firmware is specially for Open Austria (Android 4.0.4)
Build date June 21th

Link to firmware

Pictures are not original screen resolution!!!

The next tablets will receive an Android 4.0 update.
GT-P6210 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI
GT-P6200 Galaxy Tab Plus 7.0 WIFI + 3G
GT-P6810 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI
GT-P6800 Galaxy Tab 7.7 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7310 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI
GT-P7300 Galaxy Tab 8.9 WIFI + 3G
GT-P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI
GT-P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 WIFI + 3G

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  1. review video pls!!!

  2. finally now waiting for the 10.1 release wonder how long to it xD

  3. what about upgrading s2 for middle east?!!!!!!!!!

  4. hope the next my p6200 ;)…………….

  5. Hi, and for the p6810? :( i hope this week :(

  6. can now download it?

  7. i’m probably going to have to wait another 6 months for verizon to release the update for my 7.7 LTE hahahahah FML

  8. please update for p6200 after this! thx :)

  9. ICS is not far away from my P7500 any more, I hope. :)

  10. F*ck samsung! All devices has Android 4.0.4 but Galaxy Note 4.0.3 with moore bugs. HTC, Sony,… all use 4.0.4 !!! WTF? Plus kernel bug !

  11. I tried to update using ODIN and it always fails at the end. When it starts to upload modem, it fails. Can you help me please?

  12. flash a full stock rom and try again

  13. All devices that get ICS 4.0.3 will also see 4.0.4.

  14. I HOPE this is not the order they’re going to push updates… GTAb 10.1 is the latest on the list… meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh

  15. I HOPE this is not the order they’re going to push updates… GTAb 10.1 is the latest on the list… meh

  16. Thank you it’s better than the old firmware but it will be better in the future

  17. more faster for 1.4 Ghz

  18. Updated my Brazilian 6800 and its working pretty fine so far…

  19. can you tell me your firmware by *#1234# or did you by ODIN?

  20. To Mr.Prasatko..that means you use the wrong PIT file..I had the same problem and change the PIT file.It works like a charm..

  21. samsung is the worst when it comes to updates

  22. I’ll await the review with this firmware but I might finally buy one;)

  23. to greghart_mirrus: Where did you source your PIT file from. I’m using the P6800 PIT from and it is failing right at the end of odin update as well.

  24. working great I just installed to my samsung galaxy tab 7.7 3G here in meaddle east. thanks SAMmobile.

  25. Why it so long?

  26. ads, classifieds ads, we got tired of waiting, 7 months to wait and read ads, STRENGTH!

  27. installed Adroid 4.0.4 on my 7.7 yesterday – it works fine, good performance – location Norway

  28. Where galaxy tab 10.1 3g update? :-( i booring please fast

  29. The ics-update of the galaxy tab 7.7 stil isn’t avaliable in Belgium trough Kies… Is that normal?

  30. i really can’t understand why you guys started ics upgrade with 6800! samsung should have done with wifi version first!!! i really dont get it what is wrong with you guys. im 6810 owner and im sick of back to waiting!! answer me when you guys will start for 6810!! huh??

  31. Prasatko, just open ODIN use only PDA and start. no need the pit. it will work fine.. I just did.

  32. working gweeeeeeyyyyyt thxx!!


  34. I have just instal it and perfect work, very fast and in Portuguese-BR, I have a P6800 Brasilian version.

  35. How about Galaxy Tab Android 4.0 for GT-P7501 Galaxy Tab 10.1N WIFI + 3G?

  36. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the first release tablet but got the last update from the list. WTF is going on SS?

  37. what about the ICS update for GT6800 (7.7) for India ?

  38. just updated my GT-P6800 Tab 7.7 to Android 4.04 using the link at the top. started odin with PDA only and nothing else changed. did work like a charm, no problems at all. the tab runs with 4.04 without any problems/glitches/bugs etc., no visual lags, everything works. all settings did survive together with apps and files. one of the smoothest updates i ever did. i bought my tab 7.7 in Russia and i live in Germany, btw. no kies update here (probably Austria only now). kies says now: “Your device does not support software upgrading via Kies” :-) with all other Kies functions working as before.

  39. Flashed ICS 4.0.4 Open Austria on my GT-P6800 at the office. Looks cool. Wifi is ok and I can surf the internet. However, at home I can’t connect to wifi. But, after doing a factory reset (be careful it wipes all your data) I can connect to home wifi and it is working ok. Tomorrow, I wonder about the office wifi. If office wifi ok then you need to do a factory reset after the flash and everything should be fine. If office wifi not ok you need a factory reset when changing wifi. That would be a real show stopper for Samsung Android v4.0.4. Keep you posted. Moses.

    Also, secret dial codes (e.g. *#*#1234#*#*) no longer work. Downloaded exDialer from Google Play Store and *#06# gives IMEI. Is the only secret dial code I got working so far.
    Tried also “adb shell am broadcast …” for secret dial codes, no such luck with 4.0.4.

  40. pls, try to make it clear for me, the rest of you make update via kies, or with odin ? but the only version is for austria for gt-p6800…. please help me understand….

  41. I live in the uk, just bought a P6800 awaiting delivery .. I read everywhere ICS 4.0.4 has been released on Kies Austria … Please help and clarify, does that mean I can update the firmware here in the uk using Kies Austria ? what are the side effects ? if not, what is the way to do it ?

  42. Just finished updating my GT-P6800 using the instructions and software provided here, my tab now looks and works like my Galaxy S3.

    Glad I have joined up so that I can keep up with all the Android news.
    Easy to understand instructions and the firmware update was a breeze ….. keep up the good work!

  43. does anybody know why this upgrade is not available when I searched for it in kies?

  44. what is the date for release in Asia?

  45. I downloaded the and followed the instructions, but the install came back as FAIL.
    I studied the subject in more detail and notec that the PIT file is and as such seems to be for the WIFI version only.
    The ZIP file is and with the “P8600” in the name made me to believe that it covers both. No I know better – I should not have changed the PIT or paid attention that this is the wrong PIT ….

    Anyway – I now have a dead Tablet which is really disappointing and desperately looking for the correct PIT file for 6800 – anybody, please point me to place where I can download

  46. Download file broken..pls fix..thank

  47. Whats going on with the 7.7 update. It started and now nothing. Where is the update for open asia

  48. It seems like almost the owners of Android tablets and smartphones in the world are start using ICS firmware platform…….I keep waiting and wondering when the ICS official released firmware updates for P6800 will be available for Asia regions with chinese support!!!???

    Samsung mobile team…….please work extra harder…… are almost left behind the others!?!!??

  49. I’m disappointed. samsung firmware update is terrible. samsung only focus at selling new devices and forget their old product.
    I’ll never bought samsung product anymore.

  50. I Have a galaxy tab 7.7(XSG) but i live in Asia.. I’ve been waiting long for the ICS update on kies. When will it be available here in asia. been waiting since the start of june :(

  51. P1000L ??? :(

  52. just update via odin and just flash the pda part then voila..ics baby..
    no problems encountered here.

    happy ics user

  53. Please someone answer!…
    How about Galaxy Tab ICS for GT-P7501 Galaxy Tab 10.1N WIFI + 3G?
    Should I wait for it in Germany?

  54. when to update the galaxy tabs 7.7 GT-6800 in Lithuania? I’m looking forward to Android 4.0 update.

  55. August 27. / Denmark

    Still waiting for ICS for my GT-6800.

    Anybody who knows when it will hit Denmark?

  56. What a TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT!!!! After months of waiting, Samsung finally released ICS update OTA and I got to update my GT-6800. Everything else works fine but I could not connect to my Home WiFi. I even downloaded the firmware from this site hoping that it works but still the WiFi bug exist. If Samsung is just trying to please their customers by releasing this ‘THRASH’ it will be a big mistake! If any of you Samsung people are reading this, TAKE HEED!!!!

  57. I am reading this list of comments for the first time and I would like to make a suggestion before asking for help.

    It would be a great help if everyone said where they are living and where they bought their device so that other people would know what their chances were with using the unofficial update procedures.

    My request is for information about the Portuguese version of the Galaxy Tab 7.7 3G. I have this device but I am from Brazil so I would like to know how I can decide which of the updates from other countries are suitable for my device.

    The information about my device is as follows:

    (1) Kernel Version – 2..6.36 P6800XXLA4-CL616407
    (2) Latest Firmware – PDA:LA4/PHONE:LA3/CSC:KL4 (TPH)

    Thanks in advance

  58. Hi I have got a P6800 XSG – so UAE model and would like to know when ICS will be available or which firmware is safe to flash with?


  59. Does anyone knows when Samsung will release 4.0.4 firmware for Galaxy GT-P7501?

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