Rumor: Galaxy Note II to use a 12 megapixel camera and a very special screen

According to an Korean paper called Samsung will introduce the Galaxy Note II this year!
The Note II will use a 12 megapixel camera and quad-core processor.
And yes, this is not everything!
The Korean newspaper says that the Note II will also use a 5.3″ Flexible LED display! And it will run on Jellybean! The latest known Android OS.
Samsung will also upgrade the battery of the Note II!
If the rumors are true, this phone will ROCK.

Samsung said they would introduce the first flexible phones in this year, maybe Note II will be the first.

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  1. that’s what they said about the Galaxy S3. All just someone with too much time on their hands making up and spreading rumuor.

  2. Wow. This is really nice…

  3. Why on earth we need flexible screens on handsets?!? A quad-core with an upgraded SAmoled+ HD is more than enough

  4. i can’t imagine how flexible screen use on a phone… can you??!! %#$@ ?? oh man… headache

  5. My god will sammobile just stop it for a second. “and the latest rumour says the galaxy s4 will have an adamantium case with glass fashioned from a neutron star for its screen”… Seriously? I utterly guarantee the new galaxy note will not have a flexible screen… I mean why would it? What exactly is the game here? Guess and guess in the vain hope you get something right? Just makes you look like a set of amateurs. Maybe do a rumour roundup once a month and rate them in order of credibility… But having headlines like this makes you look cheap. I bought my galaxy s3 which only bears any resemblance to rumours in the week or weeks leading upto its announcement. Much much more likely for the galaxy note 2 is the same as the original… A rework of the current galaxy s model with a bigger screen, stylus and a slightly faster processor. If you KNOW better than tell us but stop telling us the next big Samsung is gonna be out of crocodile skin and snake oil!

  6. May i ask why we can’t post rumours and other sites can do?

  7. why do you think that samsung will not put flexible led on note2?really you think s3 is like s with big screen?i think you are blind and jus ttouch the phones and understand s3 is bigger.when GN came did you you think is will have s pen and 5.3 inch display and… .you didn’t think a phone like note will come and samsung made it.befor GN came anybody didn’t know that samsung will made a s pen.but now samsung made flexible screen for why it is impossible that GN2 has one? I’m sure GN2 will not be like note with better cpu because samsung can made a special phone that you can’t immagine until you see it.

  8. Samsung may use a flexible screen on a phone. It doesn’t mean that the phone will be flexible but they are thinner than traditional screens due to the plastic substrate instead of glass.

  9. I personally can’t wait til I have a PDA like the ones they had on “Earth: Final Conflict”… If you can’t remember, it was like a tube that you pulled the screen out of when you wanted to use it, and rolled it back into when you put it in your pocket.

    It’d be awesome if they can do something like that :)

  10. Noboday knows what Samsungs plan is with flexible screens we have to wait and see.

  11. @DannyD I apologise if my tone was a little off, i really love your website and that probably didnt come through in my comment. I’m not saying dont report these rumours – what i’m saying is give them some context so people can judge whether or not this is likely or a feature worth getting excited about. Half of the reason the Galaxy S3 was so “disappointing” to some was that expectations where raised too high by baseless rumours. Ceramic body, 1080p screen etc etc.. what we got as an obvious upgrade and evolution from the previous generation (and personally it was almost exactly what i expected) but it fell far short of the expectations. So rather than being in a rush to just re-report any random rumour from a Korean newspaper.. also give your opinion, maybe any information that could lend credence or otherwise to the story etc.. Phone Guru gave a very decent explanation for the use of a “flexible”screen on a phone that i hadnt considered. Things like that. Again i apologise, i should have been more constructive the first time round!

    @m4457 I never said the S3 was like an S with a big screen – i own an S2 and an S3 and use the Note at work, i’m very familiar with all these devices. I said the Note2 is more likely to be like a larger version of the S3. I stand by this, i am ready for Samsung to surprise me though. I’m not saying the above rumour is incorrect, just that at this early stage, from a source such as the above – its not worth getting that excited about. Speculation can be fun but it also leads to disappointment and i think we saw that with the launch of the S3 (which i think is awesome and i’m sure will outsell the S2)..

  12. now sorry man for what i said.

  13. no problem i was the one who got a bit overexcited and should have explained myself better rather than being sarcastic!

  14. well the next sgnote is on the go while the color banding is still a issue for the current note n7000.when will samsung resolve?…

  15. thaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  16. I wish to see it on IFA2012.

  17. Guys, greenmoose is totally right.
    Plus, all the top HW specs and innovations usually go with the S models, not with the Notes (IMHO).
    As a user of SGS, SGS2 and SGS3 now I think the latter is a perfect phone and exactly as greenmoose noted – it was just what I expected it to be.
    And the Notes are totally different story – a one I’d not use for a phone as it’s already too big. If I’d want something bigger – I’d get a tablet, but probably won’t aim at Samsung for this unless they unveil a SAMOLED tablet with decent HW specs.

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