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Samsung ChatON now available on Windows Phone

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Good news, Samsung’s own chat program ”ChatON” is now available for Windows Phone.
Samsung promised to release ChatON for Windows Phone.
ChatON is available for Android, bada, blackberry, iOS, Windows Phone and for your pc.

ChatON allows a 1:1 conversation, group chat, attachment and emoticons support and more.

ChatON is available in the Samsung Zone in the Marketplace.
You can download and try ChatON by yourself.


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2 comments on “Samsung ChatON now available on Windows Phone

  1. kkimber 3 years ago said:

    Samsung’s chaton site say it “bada” support BUT can’t be support. no download bada version.
    Samsung NOT say it or confirmed s3 gorrilla glass 2 but many site say it gg2.
    bla bla..

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  2. sumerian 3 years ago said:

    Where is it on Marketplace? Bad url.

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