This is the Galaxy SIII (UPDATE 16:18 Dutch Time)

We just got an extremely nice email in our inbox.
We just received a couple of details and some good pictures of the Galaxy SIII.
The Galaxy SIII is based on Android 4.0.4 out of the box.
Another detail is that the GT-I9300 will be the Galaxy SIII.

Our tip person told us this phone will be available the week after the release.
We are not sure if this is the final design or just a dummy but it looks REAL.
The ”dummy” is already thinner than the Galaxy SII

Some other detail is the camera will be a 12 megapixel!
We also can see a notification LED.
This could be for the battery.

UPDATE 16:18
Samsung want to show us more than only one phone!
Our tipster is pointing on GT-I9800
‘This is just the beginning.’

More details about the firmware. 
Model: GT-I9300
UB = Brazil
L = 2012
D = April
8 = FW Version

Funny detail: This phone is pictured in Brazil… (Gizmodo Brazil remember) (Or is this just a standard ROM)
UB = Brazil!

More information later!

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  1. Not up to the expectations :(

  2. Nice one! I’ve no idea what the I9800 could be??!!

  3. I can see Notification LED. A little too curvy (omitting the outer cover). Great looking otherwise :)

  4. Seems it is not a good update, just another useless samsung launch. Are you happy with a 12 megapixels camera??? Just view Nokia New model PureView 808 running symbian belle has a 41 megapixel camera!! Thats a good update.
    Samsung still launch obsolete phones, and ICS 4.0.4 is same as 2.3 gingerbread just with a few changes.

  5. Mate they are fooling everyone around. 808 has a 8 megapixel camera with 5 pixels digitally added per pixel. 8*5 = 40. Those extra pixels are not real.
    For a 40 megapixel you will required a very powerful Digital Image Processor (dedicated one definitely) and very large sensor physical size.

  6. @droppy ICS is just gingerbread with a few changes?? :O :O :O :O Understatement of the year.

  7. @droppy you’re right, Samsung should’ve stepped up and gone with Android 5.0. The latest and greatest *now* is just short sighted! Right!?

  8. Hey people, still 2 days left to be launched, lets wait to see it in action. We still must see how the new quad core exynos handle the 720p resolution and the tasks, be patient.

  9. i believe that it’s not a final design!!!!!!!!

  10. ABout the picture, it looks good..! Tipical samsung phones.. Looks awesome, and since i own the gs2 i always though.. Samsung should put a notification led in this.. Now the did..!

  11. Think the outline of the rounded corners covered by squared-off corners is the false case to hide the final design? Looks odd as is. Take those off and it’s very Nexus-like (which is fine!)

  12. It seems it’s another plastic phone that wants to be premium, ceramic they say..ya sure, ceramic 1 mm outside, the rest is all recycled plastic. Also a physical button? for android 4.0? too bad… oh I forgot is the lame touchwiz on top of with it will make you feel better, because of course standard ICS is to poor.
    The only good thing about this phone is its power the rest is low bar.

  13. @Florin And you must be an iSheep I guess!

  14. @droppy Obviously you do not have the slightest clue on Android OS and have now embarressed yourself lol

    @Florin Simple answer is don’t get it then. Honestly moan moan moan, the release date is still 2 days away. Why not wait till its official before moaning?

    I’ll be getting it in any case.

  15. People check HTC One you see they use a kind of same design style.

  16. looks pretty decent :) cant wait to see unboxing video :D

  17. good news!i love you!

  18. What about TW launcher update, no one talking about it.
    I am expecting newer version of TW launcher

  19. I can’t spot that redesigned, ceramic body :). I dope it’s a dummy case or maybe that other model that will be announced also that day.

  20. Can´t wait to hold the next Galaxy in my hands.
    I skipped the SII and been waiting SIII for a year now. I´ll hope that Samsung serves us all the goodies in one shell.
    PS! Been following U guys all the time.

  21. is this the bezelless phone??? common ))))

  22. i9800 is number far from i9300 ….just a guess…could it be the first Tizen device :??

  23. Insider. This is just a update from S2 to S3 Gt-I9800 is better. Not sure if they will show it.

  24. so GT-i9800 is SGSIII and GT-i9300 is just between S2 and S3 ??

  25. @IamSachin actually I own a bada phone, you see Samsung sucks on the android phones, the build construction is poor but on bada the phones are nice, aluminium, strong feel. You are the naive one, you like a product just because it’s against apple, who cares about apple let them be, I care to have a good phone and I wanted to switch to android but they are still behind, the quality of the phone is still not premium and the damn touchwiz is annoying, a stock ICS works way better.
    Look try to do a test, take the Samsung Wave I try to bend it with ur own hands, its rock solid! do this to this one or to SGS II, it will crack for sure.

  26. What about the Servicemanual from a few Days??
    There they told us: 8Mp CAM?

  27. Just my two cents here…..GT-i9300 is galaxy SIII with specifications we mostly know already…..meanwhile i think that this mystery device GT-i9800 is going to be level above sgs3 . For example dual core exynos series 5 , 12 mp camera with 1080p recording at 60fps…..not to mention 1080p screen… waw easy to hide its progression with everyone just focusing at sgs3……however i may be totally wrong… lets wait day more and we will see

  28. @thriumph

    !Tipser” said its old manual but he could be wrong same as this “leak” . We already saw these pictures and its dummy crap ^^.

    I agree with Gasper.

    I think GT-i9800 will be something like SGS3 Plus (smth like sgs2 hd) and that we are ending ERA with GT-i9XXX of the “NEXT GALAXY”… Assuming that SGS4 will be called differently .
    And this GT 9800 could be CORTEX A-15 …

    CORTEX A-15 = GT-i9800

    It sounds logical if you think for a second about it .. SGS3 will start shipping probably from this month and if Samsung worked on world wide launch and for us market we all are gonna get our sgs3 faster so next year (one year exactly) Samsung will have again new unpacked event for sgs4 and smth special … And this time difference is exactly GT-i9800 ^^ They need to offer something more in a year difference…

    Or GT-i9800 is new GOOGLE phone ^^

  29. @Gaspernemec – so something like SGSIII and its cheaper variant ?

  30. hmm.

    So if the i9300 is the S3 what happened to the i9500 that got certified a while ago ?

    Could the i9800 be another phablet like the note.

  31. @mark ….also what happened to TIZEN ?

  32. @mark

    GT-i9500 could be Tizien :P WP ?
    Two more days and we will have some answers :P

  33. @IamSachin You are wrong about the camera in Nokia 808 Pureview. It really has an 40 megapixel sensor. The camera works by taking an 40 megapixel image, dividing it to 5 pixel groups, checking the data in those 5 pixel and then compressing those 5 pixels to 1 pixel. So you get 40/5 = 8 megapixel image. You can also take full 40 megapixel images but those images have much more noise than the compressed 8 megapixel images. Check your facts m8!

  34. Actually I´m still waiting pure OLED displays this year for smartphones.
    Less power consumption with OLED technology.
    Few months ago there were news that samsung tore apart its LED/LCD display unit from all other screen development. I think this year we´ll see OLED and next year there will be flex phones (last year we read same speculations) :)

  35. Seems to get a big border case… I hoped the S3 to get not bigger than the S2 but with a bigger display :(

  36. @florin the only good thing about the wave indeed, it’s alu body. However, after some time also that begins to get loose at the edges, so don’t brag with it too much. Bada is way underdevelopped and has way too little apps. Btw, u moan about touchwiz, well u have the same touchwiz on ur phone… and in comparison with the galaxy s2, u even have an older touchwiz so that’s not a point to choose bada. furthermore, on android u can get a lot (real) custom roms, so u can modify anyhing u want, while very little developpers work on bada. Personnally, i had a samsung wave, i got rid of it and bought a gs2, it’s much snappier, and you can open any site and any app without having a low memory error.. Indeed, wave has very nice hardware, but can’t use it because of bada, and even then, it has too little ram, however it has 512mb, it can only use 256 of it properly. so really, buy an android phone and put dual boot android on your wave..

  37. @SaschaHa

    I had HTC ONE X on my hands two days ago and its not that bigger then S2!
    Actually its perfect :))) I wouldnt want more then 4,8

  38. Who says i9300 has to be SGS3? It looks like the Nexus. What about i9800 and blue or white ceramic??? Maybe Samsung shows more than one thing like Steve´s One more thing;-)

  39. I dont care about design. It can be make from wood but if it is faster phone in the world i would definitly buy it.

  40. i dont mean that I9800 will be S3 and i9300 its cheaper variant, but i do believe samsung might show something new with I9800, better phone, stronger variant of I9300 with cortex A15, beter gpu, better camera and better screen…..however, has samsung actually REALLY OFFICIALLY confirmed that I9300 is SGS3???? NO, however i know that showup in kies might mean as much as official announce, but since all beginning i got that feeling that samsung is distracting us on purpose, leaking and tipping useless stuff just to make their hidding easier (its easier to hide stuff if you “leak” something fake and every1 is so excited about it….i found things strange here-for example dummybox stuff, we havent seen single-or maybe one dummybox for which we thought ist SGS2+, but than suddenly samsung annouces something on 3 may and we see 3-5 dummyboxes spotted…yet another thing is leaked manual, i dont think samsung would make that mistake…here is description for mobile app, where samsung “incidently” leaked SGS3 name…..i mean WTF??? samsung is one of biggest manufacturers in the world, i dont think it would make a mistake in such an amateur level….but i might be totally wrong :) …however if i am wrong, i still think that GT-i9800 is going to be the real new galaxy, not GT-i9300 :D

  41. GT i9800 appears to be a Windows phone at least thats what logic would lead me to believe. Possibly even a Galaxy Note Windows phone ;)

  42. which logic led you to the idead that i9800 is windows phone ???? just dont get it

  43. Well minus all the numeric strategy of the phone. The i9300 is your Galaxy S3 which is pretty much a given outside of the official confirmation. Now however the Android phones are currently their own “Galaxy” now if you remember a little while ago when the released their invitations they keep saying the NEXT galaxy. They are not referring to their current line of Galaxy phones by Android but are rather referring to the NEXT line of Galaxy phones to be introduced which just so happens to be a Windows OS based phone.

  44. Just 2 days now :)

  45. @averymlewis thats a good idea you got there, but i think with the NEXT galaxy they mean tizen.

  46. GT-I9800 is the new Galaxy Note. GT-i9300 is the S3.
    This is not the final design. Final design is curve and round edges.

  47. @maxximuscool new Galaxy Note , so your idea is ….Galaxy Note 1 is N7000 and Galaxy Note 2 i9800 ??? little nonsense dont you think ?

  48. @drop Are you still attached to the “more megapixels” stuff? So 12 Mp is not enough? I’ve got a 12 Mp Nikon D700 and I assure you it’s enough. Do you really think a 41 Mp phone camera is desirable? Forget it. Such an amount of of pixels just doesn’t fit in such a tiny bit of sensor.

  49. @BoneMa while you are making mockery of him you do realize that the Galaxy Note was ALSO the gt-i9220 ;) so hush

  50. @BoneMa – While there is no proof to disproof the speculation then it could be anything. A little nonsense is what we need to keep us going. Samsung could label anything to it you see. So until then there is no correct theory and naming. I could name it Galaxy Note Plus.

    @Averymlewis – Thanks :D
    *Correction – it is GT-i9228 Galaxy Note

  51. Or GT-i9800 is a Galaxy S3 Tab :D or the new Galaxy Tab 7/10.1

  52. All Galaxy Tab names start with P not P1000.
    I is for smartphones.

  53. look at this :

    i think this screen protector can be for this phone(i9300).

  54. I don’t think this is the Galaxy S3. Look at the top of the device just beside the LED light, it doesn’t look like Samsung’s logo or anything like that. Another reason is that the company has put a photo covered with some blue thing, any the outline shows that it has rounded edges not like this photo.


  55. ugly.I quit first sam device was the last sam device.I sold my galaxy s and bought iphone 4s and never buy samsung again.galaxy s 3 won’t be a perfect device cause of wrong samsung economic creates excellent hardware but don;t supports well.I don;t want to jut say something bad about samsung but lokk at iphone,they also upgrade iphone 3gs to firmware v.5.1 but what did samsung??!!!!quit the galaxy s and said’galaxy s can’t get ics cause of hardware’ and at the other hand the nexus got ics.even samsung don’t release a value pack for middle east!!!this is the difference of a company.forgive me for disturbing this issue but plz understand me.I like my galaxy s but I was forced to sell it by SAMSUNG.I wish samsung thinks better.

  56. @ unforgiven

    Samsung is a pretty young company in comparison to apple.. It may be true what you said, but:
    Samsung listens to customers whishes and manufacture these into new devices. They also look to find the middle between price and quality to create a device everybody can achieve. Apple doesnt even listen to customers wishes, either they watch their prices…

    Imo Samsung does a really nice job! Keep working as hard as now!

  57. U guys of Sammobile know that it has to be Dutch time and not Netherlands time?
    C’mon guys, I have to stand up for my country;)
    The device itself does look quite nice, however I like the SGS2 more, because the curves in the corners of the SGS3 look a bit cheap, not so nicely build etc.
    The infopicture looks SOOO fake! This looks like the early versions of android, this can’t be!!:(

  58. I also agree that the 9800 will be a TIZEN device!

  59. This is a design i would like to see on galaxy S3, i will buy it in an heart beat.

  60. Allright people stop comparing it to 808. And to Iamsachin 808 does carry a 41 mp sensor. I think you voiced pure view mode. Really it captures photo with 41mp and make it a5mp photo with super high details. And there’s a fl resolution mode to take 41mp shots without using pureview tec. Allright SIII is a general purpose phone while 808 is a special purpose phone

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