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Exclusive: GT-I9300 Service Manual specifications and sketch

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We just received this specifications and sketch of the device from an insider who got it from the GT-I9300 (most likely the Galaxy S3) official Service Manual.

See the image below!







As you can see the Galaxy S3 will sport a homebutton, and will have a NEW type of Super Amoled screen which will measure 4.8″. According this manual the Processor speed is clocked at 1.5 GhZ, which is strange because Samsung introduced today their 1.4 GhZ Quad-Core processor. If you take a closer look at the front of the device you can see a notification-led on the left-side of the front-speaker, this could be due the wireless charging of the phone, which will be the case according the latest rumors.
Unfortunatly the camera won’t be a 12 mp according this speclist however this could be one of the first service manuals according our inside.

Update here is the sketch of the back






What do you think about these specs?  Let us know in the comments below.

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38 comments on “Exclusive: GT-I9300 Service Manual specifications and sketch

  1. Bilal Akgunduz 3 years ago said:

    Google already got rid of the Menu button!! Why would Samsung use it??

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  2. tom5 3 years ago said:

    Why “unfortunately not 12 camera” – who needs more than 8 MP in a smartphone? I’d prefer a superior quality 8MP camera over an average 12MP one.

    And as for the sketch: it doesn’t seem to be SGS3, I’m beginning to think Samsung will announce at least 2 smartphones May 3rd.

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  3. hrone13 3 years ago said:

    i think sam will release two type of SIII, one with 2core and 12mp, the other one with 4core and 8mp.
    really love the new design, its like nexus, hope it curve like nexus and with ceramic case

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  4. moldwest 3 years ago said:

    Is not that wat, i’m wathing… That can be bether…

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  5. haisol 3 years ago said:

    didn’t someone say that 9300 is not SGS3 but 2 plus?

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  6. Manum 3 years ago said:

    calm down… i think this is a fake.. there isnt even an information about the RAM on it…

    “i think sam will release two type of SIII, one with 2core and 12mp, the other one with 4core and 8mp.”

    i dont see any reason why sam would change the camera… i think they will make a LTE and a 3g version… the LTE with a dual core (because of the heat production of LTE) and the 3g with a quad core…

    otherwise they could publish a midrange (Galaxy M or Galaxy S2 HD) and a highend device (Galaxy S3)

    however, we’ll see in a week :) cant wait for it

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  7. Arthur Dent 3 years ago said:

    Considering the benchmark results of the dual core Exynos 4212, the 4412 must be one killer SoC. And there’s nothing wrong with an eight MP camera either. Any info in the manual about waterrepellant coating? Or a notification LED?

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  8. nilujeperchu 3 years ago said:

    @Bilal : I don’t think it’s a menu button but a multitask button.

    Is anyone knows what is “simplanner” ? Is it a “S-” app like on galaxy Note ? Or juste an app which name begins with an S ?

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  9. hrone13 3 years ago said:


    yes u right, but this gona be longest one week. really cant wait.. :D

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  10. derhpennerwinter 3 years ago said:

    simplanner might be a special calendar app

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  11. Bilal Akgunduz 3 years ago said:


    That’s the multi-tasking buttun:

    I think the picture of the I9300 is just a placeholder.

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  12. Erdem28 3 years ago said:

    Although 4412 a9 32 nm produced for energy efficiency improvement may have saved a little bit. For the accelerated current competitors, the market let human to travel can be passed on Mali’s say 400. (New ipad included)

    Was it just because you think the performance expectations? But I do not know about you more energy consumption and forward-looking, seeking out 3-5 months later, he did not want to transition to the architecture.

    As announced in the months of November and 28 February 5250 was shown at the fair. Mass production in the second quarter from April to June 2012 will be like the statement said. Delayed introduction of the S III was chosen in May instead of February. 5250 has been the direction that has developed its own expectations as samsung 12 mp cameras that can record 60 fps full HD 5250 had to be used to process the image.

    The so-called ship of Admiral and to be introduced as the best model of that year, the model would not be wrong to expect the use of these technologies. Especially when there is strong bi rival. (apple)

    It seems that Samsung have worked on a phone and pruning only if the above-mentioned properties have dashed expectations. There are many things to say more, but I say this on behalf of more than cut out …

    also agree with @ bilal

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  13. zoneking 3 years ago said:

    pls update the manual

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  14. Taifuuni 3 years ago said:

    When you watch the video demonstrating the power of the new quad core processor you can see that the processors clock speed is 1.5GHz.

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  15. jinesh786 3 years ago said:

    Why it has to have the 8mp camera n not the 12mp camera like the sony xperia S

    what is amoled mipi display ????

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  16. alejon1974 3 years ago said:

    Samsung CortexTM-A9-core basado en que integra las cuatro de cuatro núcleos AP (procesador de aplicaciones) eksinoseu 4 Quad (cuádruple Exynos 4) es una producción a gran escala.

    Este producto ha sido lanzado en mayo del próximo modelo montado en la serie Galaxy, pero. 1.4 GHz (gigahertz) que operan a velocidades de más de cuatro de cuatro eksinoseu primera industria de 32nm de bajo consumo de núcleo cuádruple proceso de la lógica AP HKMG aplicada a maximizar la eficiencia energética es un producto.

    NO 1’5 Ghz

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  17. twoeyes 3 years ago said:

    Is this the final SIII design? Also it´s mentioned that the Modelnumber will be i9300T ?

    Photo: Hersteller = manufacturer = Samsung

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  18. kmanaj 3 years ago said:

    I think screen bigger then 4.3″ is too big.

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  19. Vickylife007 3 years ago said:

    All these speculations come to an end next week.
    Fingers crossed.

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  20. roymustafa 3 years ago said:

    Look at this AnTuTu Benchmark test result..haha…

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  21. Hellover 3 years ago said:

    It looks. like a galaxy nexus design…. i hope they are kidding, i hate round corners phones.

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  22. T1beriu 3 years ago said:


    Jesus. Get an editor to correct your spelling and semantics before you post. Please.

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  23. maxximuscool 3 years ago said:

    Oh man I was hoping a 12Mpx camera. Better cropping and HD video. Yet another disappointment. Also please make 32GB internal phone Samsung. HD games taking a lot of internal space. We need more space.

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  24. Hellover 3 years ago said:

    @T1beriu I’m sorry, please forgive me, i didn’t want to offend you with my bad spelling. I’m a foreign citizen and English is not my native language, i promise I’ll do what i can to be better so u can understand me easier, agin, my apologies.

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  25. cholasuek 3 years ago said:

    Fxx ed up world of amateur phone makers. Like Toyota vs Mercedez, it is not the quality but the price. iPhone is still leading in reality and not by popularity or price tag. Had Apple lower its price to S2, I wonder how many would have difficulty in making decision. Which would you choose?

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  26. flekmatik 3 years ago said:

    you are kidding, you would really prefer iphone?? one thing is size of screen, 3.5 is totally unacceptable for me now

    also ios is problem for me, really boring on my ipad … just swipe right and left, there you are, you have seen whole os

    just desing quality for me: one s > iphone > nexus > rumored galaxy s3

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  27. cubicprotone 3 years ago said:

    Look at the bottom! it will have the S-Pen too, like the Note. Nice! I was thinking of getting a note, but now I’ll definitely wait.

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  28. Pop_81 3 years ago said:

    i think this specs, might be disappointing to me cause i thought at least camera would be 12 MP according to other roamers .but who knows what samsung could surprise us !!!!!!!!

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  29. Aureleuz 3 years ago said:

    This forum is filled with noobs and !diots with poor english (being non-english speaker is no excuse as this is an english forum, wtf would you else be doing here ?!)

    Anyway to my point: Samsung really is playing hardball here and there is no question they’ve had some terrible problems with Apple to this date. But that’s not the real reason why they wait for so long to announce this piece… it’s because they probably made some trouble for themselves when choosing that particular “design type” i.e. Galaxy Note kind of layout , probably will be very similar if not identical but smaller… Center Home button (just to copy Apple style AGAIN) and maybe if you think about it , will make sense that it’s laid out that way because it’s very much Samsung style.

    Also, who gives a f-n fk a bout camera?! It’s a PHONE not a camera.. wants to buy one then I’d recommend something from Nikon, Cannon or Sony. Also, quad core will suck that battery dry hard . Very hard

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  37. cutastrocks 3 years ago said:

    dear samee

    that’s very bad thing my next phone definitely not be the samsung phone because you are unable to update your handset properly as after updating my s3 GT-I9300 to 4.3 android which you gave after a looong time when all other companies already provided the same on there sets. then after also it’s the garbage update that u give of 4.3 which have lots of trouble like battery drainage, lots of errors of operating system apps and application errors due to same bug update, if you can not updated touchwiz of your’s so why u imposingly sold this garbage to us as we are not the software engineer dear and sudden u stop the update of this set with the excuse i don’t know.

    But i would like to inform you that i was purchase this set on July 2013 from Bansal telecom located in rohini sector-8 and you gave excuse it’s 18 month old that’s why u r not updating ?????? today is 22/5/14 it’s only 10 month old as per my calculation dear.. stop breaching the innocent indian customers dear.

    So i want to suggest you that first of all you need to stop selling these products in the market before the timeframe you excuses then only these crap is acceptable.

    my next phone definately will be either HTC, nexus & iPhone but not samsung they are crooks ….

    very bad response is going in indian market about you by your this decision and you will have to pay for this like the nokia..

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