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WiFi Certification for the Samsung GT-I9800

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WiFi Certification for the Samsung GT-I9800.
Nobody knows it, but today a new model number showed up!

What is the Samsung GT-I9800? A new high end smartphone?  Is it the Galaxy S III?
Again…    Nobody knows.
But one thing is sure, Samsung got a new WiFi certification for this model!

Samsung will show May 3rd in London a range of new Galaxy products.
We of SamMobile will be there.
You can follow everything at our live BLOG and our twitter page!


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5 comments on “WiFi Certification for the Samsung GT-I9800

  1. jinesh786 3 years ago said:

    what is I9800 now????

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  2. hateftotti 3 years ago said:

    With this news No one can reckon which model will be release on may 3rd.Actually I get confused right now…:))

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  3. jinesh786 3 years ago said:

    Exactly I am confused too. Samsung needs to clear the air SOON

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  4. thriumph 3 years ago said:


    53 S3
    i9 5 00
    i9 3 00


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  5. Florin 3 years ago said:

    No bada flagship phone rumors, useless android sick of it. :(

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