UPDATE: BREAKING: This is the Galaxy S III.

GsmHelpdesk Nederland got his hands on the first official picture of the Samsung Galaxy S III.
The Galaxy S III will use a 12 megapixel camera and a 4.7” Super Amoled HD screen (resolution 720 x 1280)
The screen is ultimate sharp with 313 pixels a inch.
The Galaxy S III will have a 1.5 ghz quad-core processor on board.
The phone size: 131,3 x 63,7 x 8 mm

Other specifications:
- Codename: GT-I9300
- Size: 131,3 x 63,7 x 8 mm
- Weight 125 grams
- 4.8” Super Amoled HD (313 pixels a inch.) (resolution 720 x 1280)
- 12 megapixel camera with LED
- 1.3 megapixel front camera
- 1.5 GHZ quad-core processor.
- Bluetooth 4.0
- Wi-Fi a/b/g/n
- MicroUSB 2.0
- Battery 1750 mAh
- 32GB intern












Update or just again fake?
Thanks tip: source of this informatioion  LINK







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  1. WOW!!!

  2. Is the screen pentile or not?

  3. Excellent News For Today :)

  4. Ty sam,shame on samsung another problem with battery life,eth im going to do with 1750mah with quadcore procesor and high definition,the phone will be dead in few hrs after turn on only stuppid samsung

  5. U.G.L.Y this don’t need no alibi it’s ugly

  6. Absolutely Fake.

  7. little battery and 1 or 2GB of RAM?

  8. Well, is it a 4.7” or 4.8” screen size??

  9. i think it’s fake… look at the clock and battery icon.. they are from gingerbread, not ICS.. and i highly doubt it that the Samsung flagship device will be launched with gingerbread. secondly a hard button for home screen with illuminated symbol.. yea right..

  10. No gorilla gl*** ?
    physical button with ICS ???

    it’s a fake

  11. phone measures and specs might be true, but that’s not the real photo.. it’s collage of a home screen from galaxy s2 and galaxy wi-fi

  12. the grey part is clearly a photoshop one. Touchwizz seems to be the ginger one and the 1750mAh is definetly poor. Hardly think this is the SGS3. Remember that Samsung committed 24h of use without charging for 2012 products

  13. Fake of course, no need to argue

  14. I probably don’t have that many apps on my i7 desktop which are Quad core compatible. Now a Quad core phone? Nice. People will buy these stuffs anyway and Samsung’s profit will urge once again.
    GJ Samsung, your cleverness is way better than Nokia’s, keep it up.

  15. Galaxy s3 uses Super Amoled “PLUS” HD display. NOT the old pentile one used in Glaxy Note.

  16. Ram ???

  17. think its no fake, maybe just a render but this is how the s3 will look like, reasons:
    - its the same style like in the reddit thread
    - its too ugly to be a mockup by a fan
    - itshas samsung’s new style with strong borders in order to clearly distinguish from apple’s designs

  18. Hahahahah ! let’s see what those apple bitches will say about this.

  19. Obviously fake. Icons look cartoonish. Even a child can design better icons. And of the specs are true, I am NOT getting this. Don’t care about quad core. But the battery is very small. Anything less than 2000 is FAIL. This is pathetic

  20. FAKE.

  21. Again a FAKE — 1280 x 720 in 4.8 inch display does not make 313 PPI. It’s actually about 306 PPI.

    People can’t even do simple maths properly.

  22. fake or not?!

  23. i tot the model is GT-I9500?

  24. I don’t believe the photo! Why on earth would Samsung revert to a physical home button???? Personally, I wouldn’t want it. The “touch” capacitive control is much better, can’t get gunk inside etc!

  25. Ziet er goed uit; Looks epic!

  26. sammobile, you forgot a word in the title : this is NOT the galaxy s iii ;).

  27. definately not samsung insiders said metal in black……ha…ha..hah…..fake…………lol

  28. This is not galaxy SIII….

  29. galaxy siii or not,think samsung is taking to long to announce this device,1750mAH battery is lame the write up say 4.7″ while spec sheet says 4.8″….

  30. H’mimed : You’re gonna be made seeing it !

  31. i hope its fake…. it looks awful O_o

  32. SGS3 looks better than S2, news is there about Samsung Galaxy S4 also… (http://www.xinz.org/mobile/google-adsense-for-your-android-mobile/)
    seems like samsung is planning to continue galaxy S series.. :)

  33. ugly design :/

  34. Fake!

  35. sammobile announce it like they got sponsored by Samsung lol
    fake concepts fake picture everyone trying to make topics hahahahah

  36. That’s almost identical specs as HTC One X

  37. Don’t know whether it’s true or not, but SGS II looks much prettier.

  38. Why 1.3 mp on a front cam ?????

  39. Anybody else noticed the calendar entry on the screen?

  40. Come on….the S II has a 2mp front camera and the S III a 1.3 mp?

  41. WITH ALL IT TYPES F A K E ! ! !

  42. I’m sorry but this looks like bull****… (sorry for the vocab) It’s touchwix 4.0 there. That can’t possibly be the S III NO WAY I’m not beliving…

  43. samsung may have other surprises like wireless charging.lets wait the presentation!!

  44. well i can say one thing about this picture and the previous picture of same device.. they are both designed by the same guy cox on the screen they both are displaying information about S III’s announcement event on 22nd may..
    hopefully the date is right if not the picture ;)

  45. http://www.xinz.org/mobile/is-this-samsung-galaxy-s4-exclusive/ OMG this is nice looks like have a metal back soo it si decent and have glamure maybe it’s the galaxy sIII

  46. Very nice! My next phone will be SGS3.

  47. I hope this isn’t it.. first it looks, well, pretty much like the SGS2. Nothing really different: the SGS1 to the SGS2 was an incredible change.
    Second, it needs the button. Sorry but.. that’s kinda a deal breaker for me.

    So, yeah – I hope this ain’t it.

  48. Hahahaha so fake..no ear piece speaker.. All lies

  49. no man i dont believe this even sammobile if getting this to the fake side. first they said in this very post 4.7 and now they are saying 4.8″ FAKE!

  50. Com certeza compraria se não viesse com esse famigerado TW

  51. Big, big fake one here, and for some reasons:
    1) Notification bar, is Android 2.3.X not ICS
    2) Docks icons, they came with the SII, 2.3.3 firmware and were never seen again
    3) Screen resolution, if it has a 720p screen it would have 5 icons on the dock not 4
    4) Home icon on top of a Home button
    So yeah its a fake

  52. there is a physical button

  53. fake!

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