EXCLUSIVE: 2 New Android 4.0.1 and 4.0.3 roms!

After 2 CUSTOM ROM from Samsung, Samsung has finally started making official ROMs for the Galaxy S II based on Android 4.0.1.
The first version is I9100XXKP4/OXAKP4 and the second is I9100XXKP8 / OXAKP8
I9100XXKP4 is based on Android 4.0.1 Build date: December 20 2011
I9100XXKP8 is based on Android 4.0.3  Build date: December 30 2011

Remember because this is a ”ALPHA Samsung Official”  your CUSTOM counter will not WALK!


Because of the time of the year we only got time to make some pics and movie about I9100XXKP4
Please use our DISCUSS THREAD.
Best firmware is I9100XXKP8

ENJOY and have a nice NEWYEAR


If you want to download this rom, you can do so through the following steps. (I9100XXKP4)
1. www.SamMobile.com/firmware
2. Click Firmwares.
3. Click Smartphones.
4. Click on Android.
5. Click I9100.
6. Click on Europe.
7. Click DOWNLOAD to I9100XXKP4.

Password of the firmware is samfirmware.com

If you want to download this rom, you can do so through the following steps. (I9100XXKP8)
1. www.SamMobile.com/firmware
2. Click Firmwares.
3. Click Smartphones.
4. Click on Android.
5. Click I9100.
6. Click on Europe.
7. Click DOWNLOAD to I9100XXKP8.

Password of the firmware is samfirmware.com

How do I flash it?
1. Open ODIN.
2. Select. PIT – PDA (CODE) – PHONE (MODEM) and CSC.
3. Turn your phone into download mode and start flashing.
4. Wait continuing until the until your phone reboot.



























































Screenshots I9100XXKP8

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  1. Thanks a lot and Happy New Year !

  2. Thanks sammobile!! Happy new year…. all the very best to 2012

  3. Thank you happy new year…

  4. Thanks a lot. Downlaoding KP8 right now!

  5. Awesome 4.0.3 ;)

  6. i love your music in the video :-)

  7. hows the new kp8 release?daily rom?

  8. I love you guys. You are best. Happy New Year!

  9. Happy new year!

  10. I9100XXKP4 (LOOK GINGERBRED) same touch wiz same icon SAME ANIMATION Same theme …..where look like ICS …**** :(………..

  11. KP8 could be used as daily rom!

  12. @DannyD LOL to be sure are you saying kp8 is usable as a daily rom

  13. Feels a lot better than KP4 :) And everything worked here.

  14. @DannyD Thanks for the quick reply,was wondering hows the folder implementation,is it like stock ics where you drag it on top of another app to create a folder?

  15. happy new year….this looks like Bada 2 :))

  16. At moment we can’t check everything. We have a party planned because of 2011 – 2012 :)

    We please use our forums thanks!

  17. thankkkk u sammobile happy new year

  18. lol forget about new years,was too excited about ics for the s2…anyways hope you have a great party….think i need to go out and do the same….thanks again sammobile for everything you do.

  19. What is installed as odin??

    I9100_CODE_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship. tar.md5
    I9100_EFS_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship.t ar.md5
    I9100_KERNEL_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_shi p.tar.md5

  20. Awesome 4.0.3 xxkp8 is usable

  21. What is installed as odin??

    GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXAKP8.tar.md5 =CSC
    I9100_CODE_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship. tar.md5 =PDA
    I9100_EFS_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship.t ar.md5
    I9100_KERNEL_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_shi p.tar.md5 ?????????????
    MODEM_I9100XXKP8_REV_02_CL1092599.tar.md5 =PHONE
    u1_02_20110310_emmc_EXT4.pit =PIT

  22. ODEN seems to have frozen on me hope phone isnt bricked as was looking forward to ICS

  23. Sorry if a stupid question, but you know… I dont want to see my phone bricked.

    When you say:

    - Select. PIT – PDA (CODE) – PHONE (MODEM) and CSC.

    1 – It means I need to point the PIT to the CODE file? OR
    2 – Point the PIT field to the PIT file? OR
    3 – Leave PIT field untouched cause its already on PDA (using the CODE file)?

  24. hey joesokhen1234, any issues running xxkp8? like phone calls, camera or contacts?

  25. @DannyD, you sure it’s built on Dec 30, 2012? Cause that’s in a year, bro.

  26. @nessboy any updates on what u did? My ODIN is stuck too :(

  27. Happy new year to all. Is this ROM good for daily use? Pls advice those who have already installed it. Thanks in advance…..

  28. hi iam downloading test it and giving reply

  29. @taz89 – folder implementation is TW in the apps menu. Haven’t tried the homepage.

  30. Awesome!!!!

  31. Too many force closures in messaging and contacts, not useable

  32. hi DannyD,

    is xxkp8 Supports the Arabic language ؟؟؟ thanx alot boss 4 this rom.

  33. 1 – When calling a contacts, the tag line under the thumbnail (updates from social networks) shows only html tags.

    2 – After setup a social network, calendar starts to crash but after it seems to work pretty well (when sync finishes I think,)

    3 – Pretty stable.

    4 – For those with stucked Odin, maybe you set the PIT field. I didn’t and everything went ok.

  34. apparently, no need to flash pit on KP8 so thats how it should be:

    GT-I9100-MULTI-CSC-OXAKP8.tar.md5 =CSC
    I9100_CODE_I9100XXKP8_CL42141_REV02_user_low_ship. tar.md5 =PDA
    MODEM_I9100XXKP8_REV_02_CL1092599.tar.md5 =PHONE

    Tks for this new year gift :)

  35. Thanks a lot, does KP8 still have the NITZ problem, and could it be used for a daily?

  36. It’s so so. It’s slow. Maybe that’s because of this launcher. ICS on my galaxy s (from xda) is much faster than this.

    I don’t like TW. Give us original launcher.

    It will be ok when custom rom will be released. Samsung please hire some other guys to program your launcher.

  37. Boldog Uj évet kívánok !!

  38. can i use it i have unsecure kernal ?

  39. Happy New Year !!!

    For me XXKP8 have more bugs , i wait for official ICS !!!

  40. Anybody in need of a full step-by-step guide to install XXKP8, check this — http://www.theandroidsoul.com/galaxy-s2-ice-creams-sandwich-leaked-firmware-xxkp8/

    Hope it helps.

  41. Happy New Year, Glückliches Neues Jahr, С Новым годом, 明けましておめでとうございます, Feliz Año Nuevo, La mulţi ani, Šťastný Nový Rok, Gelukkig Nieuwjaar, Joyeuse nouvelle année!

  42. random boots anyone? =]

  43. looks same as gingerbred…….

  44. Happy new year. Thanks for the info.

  45. I love it but what i discover is that screen lock is still experimental and it force close on set-up.

    locking screen while playing movie is still need a little bit of work and apart from this, it could be use as a daily ROM.

    I don’t give a SHIT what iphone can do.

  46. Thank You .

  47. Thanks!!! It’s the better gift for me!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. were I9100G ROM ICS

  49. yes i tried some error are still facing waiting for better

  50. ICS with TW is very ugly !!!

  51. not working so nicely…………….need better one

  52. THanks So much, SamMobile you are the best, thanks great Rom (Kp8)! Happy New Year

  53. XXKP8, there is a google process error most of the time. Can be rooted with cfroot xxkp2 from xda….rest still testing

  54. XXKP8 cant be used for dialy basis!

  55. thanks for a gift at new year day

  56. is the from rooted and will I still be able to boot back into recovery to install my backup if all goes wrong ….and thnks for Sharing the leaks with us and thnks for all your hard work happy new year every body;-)

  57. edit is it rooted will I be able to boot into recovery to install my backup if all goes wrong think …….

  58. will I loose root access??

  59. camera and some more futures doesnt work …….somany force closes……………better wait for full official version……………

  60. after ’bout 5 hours here are the issues i found (though some of them have already been reported above)

    1. face unlock – unable to finish the setup. after taking your picture and setting up an alternative lock, the setup goes blank and an error message occurs

    2. weak/intermittent wi-fi signal – sometimes the wifi signal just goes out or unable to register the signal (i would normally toggle the wifi to get the signal again)

    3. home screen problems – i would go on different applications, normally tweetdeck then google plus then go back to the home screen but it would be blank with no icons

    4. random reboots – it would suddenly vibrate once, then twice, then reboot..once during a phone call, then another instance while doing normal stuff

    thanks for the leak guys! hope to see more stable ROM soon! Happy New Year!

  61. Thanks. Happy new year!

  62. Hello and a happy new year,
    One question, this ROM is not ROOTed (at least on my phone). any thought or solution?


  64. I downloaded KP8 4.0.3, set all the rules, but to expose the keyboard layout English and Russian, but for some reason when the layout is still in Russian letters in English and printed in English also … how to fix it? (((

  65. KP8 is not bad and ok stable. Yes bugs here and there but its usable.

  66. There are many bugs in this room, i’m returned to 2.3.6.

    -No HSUPA
    -No Yoigo
    -No Face Detection and unlock
    -No run Plants vs Zombies

    But it’s a very nice rom to show the future update for our phones.

    P.D.: TW needs any significant change, it’s similar to gingerbread, i vote for a TW more similar than the ICS launch.

  67. Sorrry, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  68. have lots of bugs,restore to 2.3.6,wait for official,maybe next month.

  69. not.sure whether this is a bug but

    i setup my facebook account with social hub and when trying to sync my contacts with facebook social hub i do not get the option to sync contacts i only get calender sync and message sync

  70. When will the update is ready for GT19100G? Thanks in advance & Happy New Year!!!

  71. proper steps and video of installation process soon


  72. folks, no point to download thees firmwares and installing them. Very bad, lots bux, will not be happy nobody

  73. I cannot find any problem….

  74. for Full installation http://bit.ly/syxeRv

  75. @sammobile: Thank you very much guys. I wish you all well things in new year. And again,thank you very much for all those firmwares,especially for kp8 :-P

  76. Am I the only one whoes phone don’t want to turn off just the “back” and “option” touch pad is ON to the eternity?!?


  78. Hi Watch my Galaxy S II White in video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtDDbKRnpkg coming my video review of ICS 4.0.3

  79. Full of bugs, programs crash often, restarts etc. Rolled back to android 2.3.6

  80. nicht funktioniert:
    marktplatz hat nicht mehr alle programme egal ob gratis oder gekauft fast alle fehlen
    stürzt oft ab
    sporadisches ruckeln auch bei einfachen programmen wie whatsapp

    war mal ein netter test , ist aber noch nichts für den alltag

  81. not good for daily use
    and so many bugssssss…..!!!!

  82. Typical…no Norwegian language ;-(

  83. 4.0.3 is a peace of **** !

    Hangout every time, crashes…AWFUL !!!!

  84. Hi!

    I just tried the kp8. its wery instable, the setting of unlocking with face alltimes kill my phones. Dont show the signal strengt. some times go to death after the unlocking. The new installed apps put to the deskop. (sorry for my english)

  85. use nova launcher instead of the stock touchwiz and it’ll be just fine
    also use the faceunlock from cm9 :)

  86. yes. The Go launcher is easy medicin
    e for The home screen prorblem. but the other?

  87. ist ganz okay

  88. All Right this is my video review of the Samsung Galaxy S II i9100 run KP8 firmware 4.0.3, in this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TM6xSwq-3gY thanks SamMobile.com

  89. “Remember because this is a ”ALPHA Samsung Official” your CUSTOM counter will not WALK!” sammobile(dot)com

    before my counter was 2 after this it’s 3????????????

  90. Been using kp8 for a day. Sometimes phone hangs. Battery drains fast 37% left in 7 hours. The rest working good.


  92. The system byhimself is shining good, however it’s not a final ROM, I’m getting some bugs, bui I won’t flashback my phone, ICS is amazing!

  93. Has any one got the face lock to work? I have 4.0.3 on my s2.

  94. Not stable, you can test it of course but not as daily rom

  95. Not Stable…….. Center button doesnt work for me……..Face unlock, multi tasking, switch off button doesnt work for me………

  96. When I put this ROM on my device, then I lose my warranty?

  97. No support arabic

  98. i think a little more wait will be better. ICS without touchwiz will be more better, coz with touchwiz its similar to BADA 2.0 ROM

  99. Flashed the rom (XXKP8), TW on ICS looks good, but will be nice if samsung gives the option to use their UI or Google’s. Overall the UI of ICS looks very good, its really an improvement from gingerbread, love the new design of the google apps gmail, youtube, gtalk … The scroll in this roms feels strange, and i had a bug after doing a phone call, the home didnt show up and i had to reboot the phone, and it happened several times, but besides that 3g, wifi, gps, where working fine. I hope that sammy hurry up with releasing a final rom, it will awesome :D.

    And for people asking if they can use it as a daily rom, no you cant, its not stable, but for testing purposes and if you are courious, go for it :)

  100. Face unlock does work, but only at XXKP4, not at XXKP8!

    Camera was no problem, too. I tested normal mode, video mode and panorama mode on both firmwares. Unfortunately the great panaroama function from Samsung had the old bad resolution (It’s the old camera app!). Almost everything worked fine, but in XXKP4 you had to wait about 30 secounds to take a video and even if the photo was clear in XXKP4 the rectangle for the autofocus turned red.

    XXKP8 is better in daily use than XXKP4. At XXKP4 I had a few more crashes and you see these red lines at the edge and I think there are a few problems with vibration and some sensors.Many things (like center button, multitasking, switch of, aso ) do work, but you have to be patient and wait for a while. (A few) apps are working. Some Gapps are the old ones. (F.e. not the new google music app) Music app and media scan arn’t working perfectly, too. (But no problem using Power AMP ;) )

    Flashing was easy and working. (But I DID a re-partition. A *.pit file is only useful if you do a re-partition, isn’t it? If not pls send me an E-Mail ) Both firmwares ARE OFFICIAL SAMSUNG firmwares, so custom rom counter did NOT count!

    Finally both firmwares are NOT perfect and NOT finished. But you can use, play and (I think) you can work with it, too. But don’t forget it is NOT a FINISHED firmware.

    If you do have any questions or wishes, write to Braien@web.de . I’ll answer as soon as possible.

    Thanks and a happy new year ;) .

    P.S.: sry for bad english

  101. Hi I’d like to know whether i9100G can use this firmware?

  102. Surprisingly KP8 is the first rom from samsung to support RTL Right to left writings out of the box for European Roms. Heading to the right direction Samsug keep it up but pls pls do something about touchwiz and make it look like ICS…..

    the rom has its flaws due to being Alpha stages. it is not for daily use yet so be cautioned

  103. Can i use this rooms on att i777 ?

  104. Great Rom…..but…. No Signal on Edge/3G. Anyone else having this issue?

    Also, scrolling through browser is very stagnant. Again anyone having this issue.


  105. It is very easy:

    I’ve tried the latest version XXKP8 filtered and the truth leaves much to be desired,

    The issue of blocking usb phone, we will want to plug in a pendrive as gingerbread and not recognize it and if you insist wing locks and remove battery or pressing the power off for a while.

    With the camera does strange things and makes you reboot, wanting to see the photo taken for example

    The browser has lost is horrible scroll up and down fine now going to stumble

    In general it’s all a tad slower to move between menus eg

    Facial unlock does not work

    Several applications can not be restored with titanium backup

    And quite unstable in general.

    The only positive so that at least the connection to TV works mhl

    I expected ics among many other things to be plugged in via USB gamepads as to a nokia n900 or a tablet with honeycomb android but for now my joy in a well.

    In order for this reason is a beta hopefully with a lot of faith that the official rom is stable

  106. Yep all the bugs mentioned above…not good for daily use….ive gone back to 2.3.6

  107. The Vanilla Anroid 4.0 (ICS) has such a beautiful interface, with a cyan / teal highlight and a generally pleasing aesthetics….colour theme and icon theme.

    Both the builds (4.0.1 and 4.0.3) for SGS2 from Samsung, look UGLY!

    [1] Please make it atleast similar to the vanilla Android ICS.

    [2] Please stabilize the build! It’s generally unstable!

  108. Great post, I have SG2, try http://galaxys2apps.net/ for some good apps :)

  109. i tried to roll back to 2.3.5 but it keeps crashing :( any ideas ?

  110. Is there a good working ICS rom for the GalaxyS2 i tried running 4.0.3 but it’s unstabile and does strange things.

  111. once you try to roll back to 2.3.5, you have to wipe the cache and the user data.
    enter the recovery mode by pressing volume up+home+power, once you see the the galaxy screen leave the keys for half a second and repress them again; you will inter the recovery mode. then select wipe user data the wipe cache.
    it worked for me after this.

  112. thank you!!!

  113. If this looks like the final release, this is going to be very, very disappointing. ICS promised a unified UI for tablets and phones, but this UI looks very much like the Android 2.3.4 I have on my SII.
    On my Samsung Tab 10.1 with Honeycomb, I have soft buttons on the bottom, to view a list of open apps and to switch to any of them. Another button allows me to go back to the previous screen. These buttons seem present on the stock ICS, but not on this one.

    Besides individual improved apps, the ordinary user wont know the difference between this version and the previous one. It looks like Samsung is using the ICS code to upgrade Android 2.3 with TW, rather than that they are making some TW enhancements to ICS.

    Not the right way to go Samsung.

  114. Incredible.
    Every time there is an update one thing is better and another worse.
    With 2.3.6 no problem with VPN L”TP/IPSEC psk. With 4.03 no connection with the same paramteres.
    Home button does not work. Power button shut the device immediately.

    Too much persons hacking…

  115. this rom is not a office rom.

  116. DON’T DO IT
    4.0.1 seems ok, but there is a constant red boarder that appears at random times (too many times in a minute to count)
    4.0.3 is fcuked, it crashes more than a blinded cripple (too many times in 5 minutes to count).
    Back to 3.5.6 i go, sad cos 4.0 looks great and you actually get a social hub WIDGET

  117. —–IMPORTANT—–
    very error so many bugs but NO INSTALL THIS ROM..
    i waiting for new rom without ERROR and HANG….

  118. can anyone please tell me that is this rom support all things like wifi.bluetooth,,,and other application……please let me know….

  119. Bad news rSAP (remote sim access profile) is not supported in those 2 releases. But it worked in all Eclair/Froyo/Gingerbread releases.

    I hope Samsung will continue to support it in there ICS releases. In fact all Eclair/Froyo/Gingerbread ROM from Samsung for Galaxy S GT-i9000 and Galaxy S2 GT-i9100 have this function. But Android AOSP does not support rSAP and it is not possible to simply add it because of the lack of direct APDU exchange with the (u)SIM card in the Android SDK.

    rSAP is used to virtually unplug the SIM card from the server (the galaxy S2 phone) and remotely plug it into the rSAP client (in 99% of the cases a car phone system).

    I can’t understand why Google did not specified a method for exchanging raw APDU messages with the SIM card, because with this trivial development it will be very easy to add a generic plugin to the bluez bluetooth stack for adding rSAP support to all Android phones.

    For doing that Samsung add some funtions in the RIL library neither called from the AOSP RILJ framework. But obviously the samsung RIL library is not open source!!!

  120. Root for XXKP8 (4.0.3 ICS)


    Ps. KP8 is very unstable, forced closing apps and reboots :(

  121. ya lo intale pero es muy inestablo como ago para volver a poner 2.3.6

  122. To roll back to the 2.3.5, what do i have to do. I have tryed the volume up + home + power buttons but it did not change it back to 2.3.5?

  123. here is the link for the new Android 4.0.1 and 4.03 ICS…

    though i am not satisfied with the ICS on my Galaxy S2… here are my reviews…
    it is very unstable Android OS like for examples (w/ s because its to many to mention)
    1. then Viber Application wont run.. hangs turn to black screen then the SGS2 starts to vibrate
    2. application like GT Racing HD wont function normally example is when driving a car it automatically steers left.. (considering all settings int the game are set according to ur specifications how to drive/race)
    3. always hangs on other application then the phone automatically restarts
    4. i also experience when i turn off the SGS2, it vibrates contineously so i remove the battery to stop it.
    5. certain apps like Offline Dictionary from android market wont function
    6. the security lock “Face Detection doesnt function… (thats the special feature of ICS) tsk tsk tsk!!!
    7. the manually ***igning of IP Address (static IP) was remove w/c is present on Android 1.3 Gingerbread

    this apps i have tried and seen functioning normal on Android 2.3 but very unstable on Android 4.0, plus the OS itself is unstable since its a leak and its a Beta edition…

  124. how to go back to 2.3.3??

  125. There’s no 4G (HSPA) on version 4.0.3????

  126. Any news as to when the official release will come out?

  127. Dear friends.
    I have downloaded & installed this ROM on my samsung galaxy s2.
    After installing I am unable to use some of my existing applications like moboplayer, facebook.
    Please help.

  128. I wonder if it is possible to add other languages, i.e. Arabic to this ROM? if anyone knows how. please share it with me.
    I have installed ICS for SGS2 provided by this site.

  129. can’t setting static ip
    there is not Subnet mask

  130. >> Any news as to when the official release will come out?

    I just read v4 official release will be in April 2012.

  131. saludos alguien me puede decir si funciona la radio de su equipo despues de la actualizacion?? gracias.
    la mia no funciona..

  132. Do you have a clue when the update will be available in Bulgaria via Kies ?

  133. Just started to use I9100XXKP8
    Just marvelous..
    Thanks so much SamMobile.com – I really appreciated this. Thank you sooo much..

    I have done my first “flashing” on my first “Android” (Galaxy S2 I9100)

    For those of you who are new to this just like I am, you should factory reset before AND after you have done flashing. And also you should wipe cache as well. To do this, you need to enter recovery mode and this is how you do:

    Hope I helped..
    Thanks so much again..
    (Upgraded from Istanbul/Turkey if area really matters)

  134. where odin and pit links

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