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Welcome to SamMobile!

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Welcome to SamMobile!
Everyone knows us by now, we were Samfirmware but we changed our name.
Yeah it finally happened, we are now officially webs free.
At Samfirmware we had about 25,000 daily visitors so time for the next step.
A”real” Website!
Our team has worked very hard and now it is finally here.
The start of the Biggest Samsung fan page.
Made by you just for you.

Thanks to all your support we can now say that we will continue with Samsung Mobiles.
We of SamMobile are looking forward to this!

So what is new at SamMobile?
Compared to the firmware section we had, this one has more options and looks way better.
And we of SamMobile will promote everyone to use Samsung Kies.
We do this not only to stay Friends with Samsung but also to keep the unsure flashers away from flashing without Kies

Another big plus of the new Sammobilesite is our new support forum.
Completely made for questions about your phone!

Probably the biggest question among our loyal followers what will happen with will be linked to / Kies
Around 2012 this will happen.
We need to convert some firmware pages.
All firmwares will just be tweeted through our page and simply use the same password you use on the forum.


Unfortunately our team works full time besides running this website.
The following things must still be done.
- New forum layout.
- Minor layout updates.
- Samsung Kies page.
- Firmware Tool.

We can assure you that everything is ready by the end of January 2012!

Flashing is at your own risk. If you are not sure use Samsung KIES!

Have fun at our new site and forum.
SamMobile Team!
So what do you think??  Big step forward?? Leave a comment below…

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31 comments on “Welcome to SamMobile!

  1. superarnab 3 years ago said:

    The site looks very good and really cool..congratulations to samfirmware..we are always a fan of your site..
    1. Please wrap up the text so that it doesnt cross the white looks odd
    2. A few typos…it should be january..not januari and at the end of the post please add a “w” to make it ” so What do you think??”

    Thank you for putting up the site..really looks awesome!!

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  2. virtualsk 3 years ago said:

    Site layout is really nice and simple. I like it.

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  3. qsecofr 3 years ago said:


    The sentence:
    We do this not only to stay Friends with Samsung but also to keep the unsure flashers away from flashinh

    All firmwares will just be tweeted through our page and simply use the same p***word you use on the forum.

    Are to long and continues out of the white text sheet

    And at the bottom there is a misspell:

    So hat do you think

    Good luck with the new site!

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  4. bala_gamer 3 years ago said:

    take your own time, am sure you are going to give us the best

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  5. DannyD 3 years ago said:

    Hi about firmwares we still use
    We want to keep this name for firmwares.

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  6. superarnab 3 years ago said:

    “Flashinh” should be Flashing.:-)

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  7. nerotix 3 years ago said:

    ICS SGS2, Where are youuu?!:D
    Nice site, looks pretty good. Just noticed some typo’s in your welcome text :)

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  8. andyb_87 3 years ago said:

    Again, please update us in Ics Sgs2. I understand you don’t want a million posts about it, but if you don’t give us the definative release date/time your gonna get hammered with these posts.

    The site looks great guys, keep up the good work!

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  9. H-KaN 3 years ago said:

    Awesome work. Keep it up guys!

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  10. Stylooo 3 years ago said:

    Very nice site man, keep up the awesome work!

    Really looking forward to download all the updates from your new site! (Most likely the ICS updates (SGS2)) :D

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  11. FcCk 3 years ago said:

    Maybe it is an idea if you have chosen for and you want back to the starting page ( this can be done by pressing the HOME tap in that section, as for now it just goes back to the starting page op

    Further everything looks nice and smooth! :D

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  12. GadgetCheck 3 years ago said:

    Great site now waiting for ICS to Drop ;)

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  13. pep_dj 3 years ago said:

    When will be out ICS for I9100?

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  14. Dr.House 3 years ago said:

    will accomplish

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  15. mariusdroid 3 years ago said:

    i really like what u did with the site ….and thx for every thing!

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  16. the_hoho 3 years ago said:

    good job bro.. nice design..

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  17. maranello69 3 years ago said:

    great update guys, waiting for ics beta release for s2 :D

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  18. fernandosinaga 3 years ago said:

    Thankd for sammobile this excelent web site

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  19. Blitzkrieg28 3 years ago said:

    WE NEEDZ ICS FOR I9100!! =P

    Site is lookin sexy btw! =D

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  20. techneo 3 years ago said:

    Nice site .. clean and crisp

    btw. waiting for the GT9100 ICS

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  21. andyb_87 3 years ago said:

    wohooo ics! can anyone tell me which files go into which section in odin please, never flashed the sgs2 in odin just the sgs

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  22. Kashban 3 years ago said:
  23. imi 3 years ago said:

    Finally the future is here. God bless
    Thank you, i will miss you.

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  24. manu_katz 3 years ago said:

    So happy to see the SamMobile website !

    Now, we have to find our habits with the menus…

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  25. manu_katz 3 years ago said:

    I see a bug !

    When we validate our signature or our avatar (in “my account”), we arrive at the “Subscrided Threads” page…

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  26. Sleeper69 3 years ago said:

    thanks again guys for all the good work you do. may you get laid eventually for all the fruits of your labour…:-)

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  27. andre128 3 years ago said:

    sir, how to flash with odin v1.8 cos lately all flash is one package like 9000, 5360, 9100

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  28. dibbie 3 years ago said:

    hallo nice and easy to read layout thx for this and keep up the good work you are doing. greats dibbie

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