EXCLUSIVE: Android 4.0.1 by Samsung for SGS2 (CUSTOM)

After a long wait Samsung has finally started testing Android 4.0.
Last week our “insider” presented us with XXKP1.
The Android version of this ROM is Android 4.0.1.
The build date is 7 december 2011.

As you may know of us we often get these leaks prior to release.
After we did some checks on it we can confirm that we’re dealing with a “CUSTOM” Samsung build.
We strongly advise people who only flash stock ROMs to not flash this.
As you all may know we only offer stock ROMs so you will not find this firmware on our usual firmware page.
We at Sammobile offcourse have tested this ROM in all curiousity.
Samsung uses Android 4.0 with their own TW-Launcher and Android 4.0 tweaks.
Below you will find a video review of this ROM.

What works in I9100XXKP1?
All the Basics work like calling , sms , internet and more.
Some applications havent been worked out correct so they will force close on stress.
Because we are dealing with a “CUSTOM” ROM here it can occur that the phone will react very slow from time to time.
There is also the chance of some “RANDOM REBOOTS”
We at Sammobile advise people to not use thhis ROM for daily usage.
If you want to download this firmware then you can do so via the provided link below.

Password: samfirmware.com

Again if you only flash STOCK ROMs then dont flash this.
Because you flash this rom with “unsecure” kernel the phone thinks its “CUSTOM”and will start counting on your custom counter.
You will loose your warranty because of this.

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  1. YESS!!!

  2. FIRST!!!

  3. You The best..!!!

  4. We at Sammobile advise people to not use thhis ROM for daily usage , then why did u keep us waiting , I’m really curious ? On the other hand , does camera works?

  5. Nice

  6. And Thank you , you are the best (:

  7. Yes!! You people are great!!!

  8. waiting……………………….

  9. thank you so much!

  10. No offense, but basic spell checking should do the trick ;-) Thanks for the ROM though, you’re the best :)

  11. Thanks a lot…

  12. Niceeeeeeeeeeeeee………………….. will start d/w as soon as i get home ……

  13. Hell Yeah !!!!!!! \m/

  14. Thanks!!!

  15. Is this rooted ?

  16. LOVE YOU GUYS!!!

  17. Guys, you´re the best. thanks for sharing!

  18. flashing…

  19. AMAZING!
    THANKS A LOT!!!!

  20. Can anyone upload to multiupload?

  21. can some one please help out with the flashing which files goes where?

  22. All this staging for a buggy ROM. I Wait for you to go out an update stable or official :(

  23. thanks for sharing guys, i guess i’ll do a nand backup and maybe give it a try

    but Samsung’s take on ICS is very bad at the first look, hope they’ll tweak it some more until the final release.

  24. which file in what box in odin. pliz help. thank you

  25. 1-Download Odin

    2-I9100_APBOOT_I9100XXKP1_CL16459_REV02_eng_mid_ship .tar for Bootloader

    I9100_APBOOT_I9100XXKP1_CL16459_REV02_eng_mid_ship .tar for PDA

    I9100_KERNEL_I9100XXKP1_CL16459_REV02_eng_mid_ship .tar for CSC

    I9100_KERNEL_I9100XXKP1_CL16459_REV02_eng_mid_ship .tar for PHONE

  26. bootloader: I9100_APBOOT….

    pda: I9100_CODE….

    phone: MODEM_I9100XXKP1…

    after finish, flash again just the kernel as pda:

    pda: I9100_KERNEL…

    !!!! make a backup / use at your own risk / do not touch anything else in odin !!!

  27. Does this rom work on the EPIC 4G Touch?

  28. So much for this staging…

    Now im really disapointed, i was hopping that i would be abble to flash via clockwork…

    Better wait CM9

  29. when load 3 files, re-partition should be checked or not?

  30. no, do not check repartition!

  31. Which version of ODIN I use 1.83

  32. It says setup connection and it does not proceed

  33. after flashing like above, the phone stops at the beginning (display S).
    Can anyone help?

  34. Did anyone get the message of Fail after flashing
    but it still boots?

  35. Flashing but it takes a very long time

  36. xyrius16, I seem to be experiencing the same, I’m stuck on “Finishing boot”

  37. It looks like it stops at data.img now for more than 5 minutes

  38. Stop and boot again, I got to the welcome screen

  39. Still waiting for nude ICS from codeworkx =) What about you?

  40. Flashed , reboot , shut down , wait 2 min. , start , all works . few FC`s , but its running ! :-)

  41. Nice to see that Samsung has moved. “TouchWiz” is simply out of place and makes the beautiful “ICS” broken. I like to wait until codeworkx has published his build.

  42. I think I bricked my phone, can’t get back to the screen to flash using odin.

    Any ideas?

  43. OH YES!!!!!!!!

  44. can be flashed using mobile ODIN

  45. kishore, how do I get mobile odin. My issue I can’t get to recovery either

  46. Holy **** its buggy, better off with the alpha and no calls. Will be waiting for a stable release that hasnt been raped with a nasty hash of tw4

  47. installation was smooth but cant play with camera shuts down as i open camera

  48. Definitely not ICS. Good only as binaries source for CM team.

  49. I think I’m screwed, can’t get back to screen to flash using odin, nor can I get to recovery, any tips?

  50. runs fairly well in my sgs2. some FC’s on other apps, a bit slow but it’s worth trying it out. can’t wait for the official firmware. boots well on my phone though.

  51. betaICS on S2 = GB’s TW3 + partial blue not bar and cluttered menus => EPIC FAIL!

    waiting for CM9

  52. Why do my posts keep getting deleted im only trying to help people get the file from better places :S

  53. because we don’t want people to put their reuploads on our website and link to it. SamMobile website, SamMobile links. same thing for the forums.
    this is the only way we can make sure all people get our official un-modified roms and releases.

  54. my download just stopped at 236MB 3 TIMES!!!!
    could you upload to somewhere else?


  55. The poor GT-I9100G will get it or not?

  56. People dont you get it sjeeeeez ” it is a Beta” maybe an Alpha even!!!!

  57. what about csc what file to put in kernel file or what

  58. Friends, you’ve got a little to the final version is not the same graphical environment does not have the same tabs and widgets app … is a launcher on n firmware.

  59. Just a piece of advice to Samsung, please be careful with your wordings, do some research and know what is a Beta and what is Alpha, then name this accordingly.
    No way this one could be called a Beta.

    A BIG thanks to sammobile to upload this anyway, without you guys Samsung are half f*ed up.
    Nuff said.

  60. @snazy2000 I sent you a pm, check it please!

  61. Works pretty bad early Alpha not Beta, waiting for CM9.

  62. I really want to Install it on my SGS2.. But all I’m reading I think I will wait for one stable rom…
    Someone of who has tried this rom can say if it’s good for install, or there are a lot of bugs on it?

  63. Under dev tools the app go to development settings then go to strictmode visual indicator and turn off and then no more red when you clcik

  64. Do what it says above and I’ll love it somebcrashes but hey its aanroid rom you want no crashes buy an iphone

  65. Thank you!

  66. and…. on options of bootloader, pda, phone, csc. Which options with which files please?..

  67. Any solution for 3g? os just w8 to the next upgraded rom? :)

  68. “Last week our “insider” presented us with XXKP1.”

    How about asking your insider for the “leak” of gingerbread for the vibrant!

    just asking…

  69. is there any way to downgrade to 2.3.6 after we have upgraded to this? ive done it but i didnt see the part about no 3G before i did it and i really need it :/

  70. whats about the galaxy s2 i9100G


    Thank you

  71. excuse me.. may i know when is odin v4.44 launched?

  72. Thank for your KP1.
    But there are many bug, so after 8 hours now i reflash GB. I heard about the KP2 version. When are you going to release?

  73. Hmm.. I thought it’s beta.. At least usable in full fledged mode with some bugs here and there..! Codeworkx Blog misinterpreted the whole thing I guess.. Disappointed..! :-X

  74. Looks very simple and boring.. would be nice if you make like 2 diffrent versions……one with touchwiz and one without touchwiz…..would appreciate it if you manage this..:-)

  75. Installed is successfully, but it’s unusable at this point :( Waiting for something more stable :) Thanks for a sneak peak anyway! :)

  76. Detailed guide for all — http://www.theandroidsoul.com/how-to-install-xxkp1/


    Samfirmware ROCKS!!!

  77. this rom full of buggy.
    now i got problem to flash back to stable rom.
    how to install clockwordmod on this 4.0 rom ?

  78. @sentlon

    download ROM manager from Market.

    and then install clockworkmod from it.

    if any prob with KP1 visit dialandroid.com for help

  79. does it support Arabic language???
    plz help
    thxxx :)

  80. I returned to cm7 and I ordered a Galaxy Nexus, the TW is horrific

  81. nice but full bugs

  82. Well here’s some bad news for some (most?) :( of you. It looks like even though the Samsung Galaxy S2 will receive an update to Android 4.0, it will look nothing like ICS at all. In fact you’ll barely notice any difference in the UI compared to what you have now. It will mostly be the same old TouchWiz 4.0. So most of the changes will be under the hood….

  83. @wikiya – seriously, who told you that? or a you trolling like 90% of the peps here

  84. I flashed this rom bricked the phone because phone fal out :S during flash
    Finally got it running again with a 2.3.6 rom gladly :P
    And all my flags are gone now did three flashes before….
    I am original again dont know if that is a good thing..
    O well i`m happy i could fix it again

  85. LAME! Looks exactly like the SGSII stock rom, pointless….please give us Galaxy Nexus stock ICS, looks WAY better!

  86. The developer of this program receives my consideration. However, he has forgotten several functions, such as call forwarding or call waiting can be not activate or deactivate is not, for example, the menu available. Furthermore, only about one wireless data connection to be made ​​not on the SIM card. So without any contact with the wireless Internet. Perhaps this can still produce.
    The facial recognition is not accurate.
    Phone you, it is sometimes not possible to end the call and the phone restarts.
    Is it in the menu and you want the menu to the right goes to left and vice versa.
    It would be great, I know it is a beta version, but one can certainly make these points a little.
    It would be great if ICS would be available.
    I have many ideas, but I am no developer and no clue. But I use it a lot. So please, dear developer, and then listen to what the consumer has a lot more joy in your development.

  87. Hello.

    If anyone can help me with my problem would be grateful. Use this room in my Galaxy S II AT&T SGH-I777, everything works fine, my problem is I want to return to the original room, I have a backup done with the recovery mode of ClockworkMod. Now I can not enter the recovery mode to load the backup (vol up + vol down + power button). Try charging the original room from odin, but now my phone does not continue to turn from the boot animation, i still can not enter the recovery mode. Anyone thinks of something to help.

    Thank you very much and I apologize my English is very bad

  88. I am not sure about this but I am using KP8.
    Good features: Support Persian and Arabic language, Clipboard, Background Running App
    Problems: no spell checking yet, So much bugs every where even in SMS, Problem in Sync of Contacts with Google and Facebook

    Also you will not find huge different at all! They didn’t put new Gallery or new camera Apps. They are still the same!

  89. how about you make one for i9100G for the asian users??

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