Samsung is preparing to start manufacturing Z-SSDs

Samsung has developed a Z-NAND chip and an accompanying controller, according to industry sources. The components are currently being put through a rigorous testing process, with the firm hoping to start production as soon as next year.

“Z-NAND is small in capacity as it is based on a Single Level Cell, in which one bit is allocated to each cell,” reports Business Korea. “A Z-SSD incorporating this type of NAND has a reading speed of about seven times that of a [standard] SSD.”

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The creation of the Z-NAND chip and controller is all part of Samsung’s preparations to produce next-generation Z-SSDs, which will put it in prime position to compete with the 3D XPoint SSD chip manufacturer Intel, in partnership with Micron, showcased in April.

SSDs are replacing HDDs

It’s no secret that the traditional HDD is being phased out, because both manufacturers and consumers favor the smaller, less power-hungry SSD—and that’s resulted in a boom in the global SSD market; the total value is expected to reach $30 billion by 2021.



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