Connect Home is the solution to all of your home Wi-Fi problems

Following in Google’s footsteps, Samsung has launched its own mesh Wi-Fi network. It’s called the Connect Home and ships with an integrated SmartThings Hub, which gives users the facility to connect a whole host of appliances to the internet, letting them automate how they work.

Like most mesh systems, the Connect Home couldn’t be easier to configure. All you need to do is attach one unit to your modem, boot up the companion application on your smartphone, then follow the step-by-step instructions to position your extenders and configure a network name and password.

Each router has a range of up to 1,500 feet, according to Samsung, and multiple extenders can be paired to the main router to extend the range. I live in a three-story house with thick walls, for example, and I’m using a mesh configuration to provide reliable Wi-Fi coverage in every room.

Priding itself on usability, Connect Home also allows users to keep track of their family’s screen time using parental controls, create network access for guests and install the latest firmware updates for enhanced security — all from a simple application that’s available for both Android and iOS.

Pricing for the Connect Home starts at $129.99 for an individual unit and tops out at $279.99 for a three-pack.

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