Samsung starts selling the Ultra-High Quality MS750 Sound+ Soundbar

Samsung unveiled the MS750 Sound+ Soundbar back in January this year. It’s the flagship soundbar from Samsung this year which vertically expands the sound stage and provides a deeper sense of immersion from a single unit.

The MS750 Sound+ boasts features like distortion cancelling, ultra-high quality audio, multi-speaker control and a wide-range tweeter. It’s available for purchase in the United States starting today.

Jim Kiczek, vice president of Digital Audio/Video Marketing at Samsung Electronics America, says that the MS750 Sound+ Soundbar provides a sweet spot no matter where the user sits. Samsung’s patented distortion technology makes all the difference in providing a truly immersive audio experience.

This 5-channel soundbar has 11 speaker units that have dedicated amplifiers. It also features three wide-range tweeters, six woofers and two vertical wide-range tweeters. The depth and coverage of the soundbar’s bass is enhanced by simultaneous multi-array performance and long-excursion technology.

UHD upscaling functionality is present onboard with Ultra High Quality 32-bit audio support. The Smart Sound Mode automatically identifies content as Movie, Voice, Music or Sports to effectively optimize any scene’s sound effects. Samsung’s Multiroom app can be used to stream music wirelessly in HD quality.

The MS750 can be mounted directly to a Samsung TV for an integrated look and can be powered by a single cord used for both the TV and the soundbar.

Samsung is now selling the MS750 Sound+ Soundbar for $499.99.


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