Samsung mobile devices may have near invisible controls in the future

A patent application has been published recently by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office which describes future mobile devices that have transparent or invisible buttons that the company calls sensor pads. Users will be able to configure these buttons to work with different applications like the camera or a mobile game, for example if the device is in portrait mode users can change the camera button for selfies so that it’s conveniently located at the center-left or right if the user is right or left handed. Similarly these invisible buttons can be set for gaming controls allowing for a much more immersive and engaging mobile gaming experience.

Samsung originally filed for this patent with the USPTO back in January this year and it has been published only recently, it obviously can’t be said for sure right now if and when this technology is going to make it into Samsung’s mobile devices, but certainly a lot of users will appreciate having the flexibility that these invisible buttons will provide.



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