Here are the component prices for the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are among the best smartphones Samsung has ever put out to market, with both devices packing in pretty much all the latest technologies in almost every aspect. But how much do the components that make up the two devices really cost, and how much would it take to repair them?

We reached out to our sources for details, and we have the cost of all the major parts of the S6 and S6 edge. As expected, the displays are the costliest components on the list. The S6’s display costs around €100, and the curved display on the S6 edge is considerably higher at nearly €150. The 16-megapixel camera sensor comes next, with each unit costing about €35. These are the costs for manufacturing these components – the prices to get them repaired are much higher, with the S6 edge’s display sitting at the top with a price of €225.

Other components include the batteries on the two phones (these seem to be the cheapest to manufacture, and the low capacities are probably helping in that regard), the 5-megapixel front-facing cameras, and the glass that goes on top of the display. Naturally, there are a lot more parts that make up the whole, but these are the top components that usually need repairing for end users.

All the prices are laid out in the table below (along with the part names and codes), so check them out and let us know what you think about the fees you will have to pay for getting your S6 or S6 edge repaired should something go wrong.

Part codePartCost priceModelRepair price
GH96-08225ACAMERA-MODULE 16M AF 1/2.6″≈ €35,57S6 / S6 edge≈ €75
GH96-08131ACAMERA-MODULE 5M FF 1/4″≈ €13,49S6 / S6 edge≈ €50
GH97-17260ASVC LCD ASSY-OCTA (E/BLK)≈ €98,06S6≈ €200
GH97-17162ASVC LCD ASSY-OCTA,(E/BLK)≈ €146,78S6 edge≈ €225
GH43-04413AINNER BATTERY PACK-EB-BG920ABE,2550MAH≈ €12,90S6≈ €50
GH43-04420AINNER BATTERY PACK-EB-BG925ABE,2600MAH≈ €11,66S6 edge≈ €50
GH96-08275AASSY SUB PBA-USB PCB≈ €13,69S6 / S6 edge≈ €50
GH82-09548AASSY-B/GLASS≈ not availableS6 / S6 edge≈ €50

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Since they have included the repair price for the glass separately, does this mean they can do a glass-only repair without replacing the display?

Danny D.
Danny D.

ASSY-B/GLASS = backcover