Galaxy S6 has reportedly not performed up to Samsung’s expectations in South Korea

A report out of Korea claims that the Galaxy S6 has not performed as well as Samsung would have like it to on its home soil, apparently the company has only managed to sell just over 200,000 units of the Galaxy S6 and S6 edge combined ever since both smartphones were released on April 10. The report says that earlier sales forecasts might have been exaggerated as data shows that sales were significantly lower than the 300,000 pre-orders placed for the handsets.

Many analysts believe that the Galaxy S6 will perform quite well in the market with some estimating that Samsung might move as many as 70 million units, while others are more conservative with estimates of 50 million units. Some industry watchers do say that it’s not alarming that Samsung only managed to sell just over 200,000 units in the first ten days given that South Korea’s smartphone market is heavily saturated and that the country is strictly regulating carrier subsidies on smartphones. A local handset retailer cited in the report says that the market expects Galaxy S6 sales to improve once carriers decide to increase the subsidies they’re offering on Samsung’s new flagships.


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