Samsung NX1 firmware v1.20 now available for download, here’s the feature list


Last updated: January 15th, 2015 at 14:26 UTC+02:00

Samsung had talked about a firmware update for the NX1 camera back at the CES earlier this month. The company also said that the update would be available for download by mid-January, and it went live earlier today. As you expect from a firmware update, there’s a lot of bug fixes and optimizations. However, in addition, there are some new features thrown in as well.

This includes the ability to control autofocus speeds during movie shooting, and a higher bitrate setting for when shooting 1080p video to deliver even better video output. Also, ISO is now controllable via the hardware dial, which apparently was a much requested feature by shutterbugs. There are many more features, the discussion of which is beyond this article. Which is why, you can take a look at the list below and get the gist.

– Adjustable audio levels during movie capture
– Adjustable ISO during movie capture
– 23.98p and 24p frame rates for 4K UHD and 1080 video
– Addition of ‘Pro’ movie quality setting for 1080 capture
– Wider range of display options, including gridline, center, aspect ratio and action-safe area markers
– Output time code over HDMI (for use with external recorders)
– C Gamma and D Gamma curves added for movie shooting
– Master black level
– Luminance level limiting [0-255], [16-235], [16-255]
– AF speed control for smoother refocusing (3 settings)
– AF responsiveness control (dictates camera’s readiness to change AF subject)
– Added tools for selecting and grabbing frames from video
– Autofocus lock option in movie mode (if set to AEL button)
– AF/MF toggling in movie mode (AF ON button option)
– Wi-Fi and [REC] buttons’ functions can be swapped
– AF On and AEL buttons’ functions can be swapped
– Command dials’ direction of operation can be reversed
– Add ISO or Exposure Comp. to command dial (customizable per PASM mode)
– DoF Preview and Delete buttons customizable
– Auto ISO options (ISO, ISO Customizing, Minimum Shutter Speed) arranged together in menus
– Smartphone App can operate as remote release using Bluetooth
– ‘Quick Transfer’ to automatically send thumbnails to a smartphone as they’re shot
– Pair with multiple smart devices
– Check for firmware updates over Wi-Fi
– Trap Shot feature – fires shutter when a subject crosses a specified guideline
– Samsung Remote Studio for thethered shooting from Windows PC


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