Samsung granted patent for S View cover with two cut-out windows

Samsung’s S View flip covers are among the most useful cases for smartphones, giving users quick access to limited phone functionality (answering calls, taking pictures) and basic information, through a small cut-out window in the case without opening the cover. According to a patent granted to Samsung, it looks like the Korean manufacturer is working on making its S View covers even more useful – the patent reveals a cover design with two cut-out windows on the front instead of just one, which could potentially increase the number of functions one is able to perform without opening the cover.

There’s no telling what functionality Samsung will implement in the second window – it’s possible one will be dedicated to showing always-on info (time, date, weather), while the other would be used for access to the phone’s functions. There’s also the question of whether this design will actually make it into a real product anytime soon. We’re guessing Samsung would want to debut it as a case for the Galaxy Note 4, as a phablet is more suited to an S View cover with two windows thanks to its size, and maybe also for existing devices like the Galaxy Note 3.

Check out the source link for more details on the patent.



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3 years 27 days ago

I think it is use for using keyboard for instant reply messages…

3 years 25 days ago

If that is the reasoning behind this case, then why bother even having a flip cover?

3 years 27 days ago

This flip cover doesn’t make sense. Why don’t you just use the phone to check wateva cuz this cover practically is showing 95% of the screen already why not just use 100%. And anywys myt drain battery more. The htc one m8 dot view case is a better execution cuz dosnt seem like it uses much battery (y)

3 years 27 days ago

yep i agree. i’ll go for the 50% open

3 years 28 days ago

especially when you look at the layout (esp. cam and headphone cutouts I’d suggest that it COULD be for N3…

Ahmed Abd-Elhakam
3 years 28 days ago