Galaxy Note 3 gets “premium” accidental damage warranty in South Africa

Samsung South Africa has announced that the Galaxy Note 3 will come with ADH Premium, a new version of the company’s “accidental damage from handling” warranty, under which Note 3 owners will get two free ‘no questions asked’ repairs if their device gets damaged within two years of ownership, including screen or liquid damage. Samsung also guarantees a 24 hour turnaround for repair or replacement, and will also offer on-site collection of the handset through a dedicated Galaxy Note 3 call center.

Wait, there’s more. If a user doesn’t use the ADH guarantee even once in the first 12 months of ownership of the device, the guarantee will be carried over to the next “premium” device they upgrade to (Galaxy S5, anyone?), and will once again be valid for a 24-month period with the new device. ADH was announced with the Galaxy S4 earlier this year, and these new parameters make it even better than before, with the guarantee being extended to Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Senegal and Namibia.

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