Samsung and others aim to simplify mobile benchmarks with MobileBench

Samsung along with other companies like Broadcom, Huawei, OPPO and Spreadtrum have come together to form an industry consortium known as MobileBench. The consortium aims to simplify mobile benchmarks by giving developers better way to diagnose for a speedier solution and giving consumers a tool to evaluate their device with better and accurate results.

The MobileBench Consortium plans to introduce two tools – MobileBench and the MobileBench-UX that will be used for testing system-level applications to know what factors affect the user experience. MobileBench that was showcased at the event will be device based and will monitor system and synthetic workloads that will score user experience and will compare results with other devices.

MobileBench-UX will be a PC based tool that will monitor UX performance when the device will be connected via USB. This tool will be an advanced tool that benchmark UX, multimedia and even multitasking.

The consortium is currently looking for new members and going forward, will also release an app for consumers to evaluate their devices.


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3 years 7 months ago

People need to be more software aware otherwise they will be tricked by big comapnies (this also means for other markets like cars, TVs, refrigerators, etc). Samsung will build touchwiz, packed with all kinds of stuff, without any kind of organization which will slow down the whole system after some time (1-2 months). Who cares when benchmark tests are amazing when the realtime experience will always not be as good as it is on paper.

3 years 7 months ago

But will Samsung artificially increase the CPU to trick that benchmark too?