Samsung’s revenues in China down despite high sales

We recently reported how Samsung sold over 15 million handsets in the Chinese market and has been at the top position for the last six quarters. However, Yonhap News via a regulatory filing claims Samsung is struggling in revenue despite record sales. According to the filing, for the first half of 2013, Samsung’s net sales reached 77.2 trillion won (US$69.4 billion), out of which China accounted for 12.6 trillion won in revenues or about 16.4 percent of the total half-yearly revenues.

Now despite the high sales, year-on-year net sales for China were down by 4 percent, compared to other regions that are showing signs of growth or are unchanged.

For instance, the Americas accounted for 26.7 percent, up by 4.3 percent from last time followed by 23.3 percent for Asia (excluding China) and Africa, both registering a rise of 2.7 percent while Europe has gone down by 0.6 points at 21.5 percent.


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