Samsung Hub


Samsung is retiring Video and Media Hub service on August 1

Samsung has announced that it will be retiring the Video and Media Hub service to focus on 'exciting new video products'. Effective immediately, users won't be able to rent or purchase videos from video and media hub, though, they can down…


Samsung Hub could soon cease to exist from the company’s devices

So there I was on Twitter, having a conversation with Philip Berne, Samsung's Marketing Manager for Technical Media, about how Apple, Samsung and other companies try to lock users into their own ecosystems. Then, somewhere in between, I rec…


Samsung to offer discounted movies on Samsung Hub on Black Friday

Everyone is offering some deal or the other on Black Friday, and Samsung wants to do its part as well. We were contacted by the company PR with some good news for those who are fans of watching videos on their Samsung TV and mobile devices:…


Samsung giving free Rs. 555 voucher to new Samsung Learning users in India

Samsung has got a promotion running in India on the Samsung Learning service found inside Samsung Hub - new users of the Samsung Learning will get a free Rs. 555 voucher that they can use to buy content from the store (mainly textbooks). It…



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