Gear S2 smartwatch final design is very pleasing to gawk at

Samsung confirmed at its event earlier this month that the much awaited round smartwatch, officially called the Gear S2, is going to be unveiled next month at IFA in Berlin. Since the confirmation Samsung has teased the smartwatch a couple of times but we never really got a good look at the actual design, today we get to see it and it certainly is very pleasing to gawk at.

That’s the Gear S2 you see on Dennis Miloseski’s wrist, he posted this shot on Instagram, those who are not aware he’s the vice president head of study at Samsung Design America and also the head of Samsung Mobile UXCA in charge of industrial design, design UX and overseeing strategy as well as engineering operations in North America. This post went up on Instagram about two hours ago, we get a good look at the Gear S2′s round design and a watch face that features moonphase complication. We’ve already reported on the Gear S2′s specifications and the fact that it has a rotating bezel, now we just have to wait for Samsung to formally announce it at IFA 2015. Tell me, are you excited about this new smartwatch from Samsung?

Giving the new Samsung Gear S2 a test drive. #samsung #watch #wearable #nextlevel

A photo posted by Dennis Miloseski (@papanosio) on

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10 months 27 days ago

Too bad it won’t support 3rd party watch faces, as Samsunk has standards from Apple to abide by.

10 months 28 days ago

Its very pleasing to the eyes. Elegant, stunning display, more like a real watch. It will have the Sim card as well. Super Watch. I love it. My only difficulty to part from my current Samsung gear 2 will be the lack of camera and IR blaster. Hopefully it is water proof as well…
I know, many will say why the heck do you need a camera and IR on a wrist watch, well believe it or not, I find them useful and nice to have.
Keep it up Samsung. great watch!!!

10 months 28 days ago

It´s nice though not as nice as the Gear (not Gear S). Still a bit sceptical about the round facewatch, wonder if it´s really more comfortable to type on this than the Gear S. But yes, definitely looks like something more people will put on as it doesn´t look geeky.

10 months 28 days ago

why do smartwatch manufacturers keep on insisting on using rubber straps? They produce a gorgeous watch like this and then ruin it with a strap that looks cheap and will invariably cause allergic reactions and skin rashes for a large number of users, just like every other rubber strap on the market?

10 months 28 days ago

Are you joking???
Did you ever have and wear everyday leather strip watch??
I bet you dont, cause if you did, wouldn’t ask :)

10 months 28 days ago

I think there should be more options regarding the wrist band. If you are using primarily for fitness then I can understand the rubbery band but otherwise a more attractive option should be available. I currently have the Gear S and love the functionality of it. I am not sure if I will get the same experience with a round watch face. It is beautiful though.

10 months 28 days ago

Damn that is a beauty. It looks downright elegant, full stop

10 months 28 days ago

Looks very good like a real watch

10 months 28 days ago

power users be like does it have a removable battery/micro sd slot….. if no samshit u suck

10 months 28 days ago

Yes, because, sadly, for them, that’s all they’ve ever wanted from Samsung. And even sadder than that is the fact that the microSD card and removable battery advocates believe that those two features are innovation. How long does it take a manufacturer to place a slot and a swappable back cover on a phone?

10 months 28 days ago

man these are massed up Samsung wouldn’t have remove these features if the S5 was successful so we ended up with a gorgeous device lacking features some people use but as a personal opinion I never owned a spare battery for my S2 and S4 and looking forward to the note 5 so for me nothing really changed but still if they can make a sexy design with removable battery and compatible micro sd why not more costumers from both ios and android will lure to samsung

10 months 28 days ago

why do people need micro SD card on a smartwatch? but it should have a removable battery or a 1 week battery atleast

10 months 28 days ago


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