Posted by Martin R. 11 months ago

AT&T’s Galaxy S4 to start getting Android 4.4 KitKat tomorrow


While you can’t get your hands on the Galaxy S5 just yet, if you’re using a Galaxy S5 on AT&T, you can take a jump to the next version of Android starting tomorrow. AT&T has revealed that an update to Android 4.4 KitKat will start rolling out to the Galaxy S4 on its network from February 24, bringing all the latest features the OS has to offer to Samsung’s yesteryear flagship, through an over-the-air update that will range in size between 412MB – 842MB.

In case you’re unaware, some of the new features include white status bar icons, faster performance and smoother interface, option to select the default messaging and launcher apps, wireless printing support, a camera shortcut and full-screen album art on the lock screen, new emojis, improved landscape support in Samsung’s keyboard, and, according to AT&T, the ability drag and drop apps for uninstalling (a feature you can find on every third-party launcher app.)

As always, the update will roll out in stages, so don’t be too mad if it doesn’t show up on your device immediately, though you can make a check in the Settings – General – About device – Software updates menu to speed things up. We’ll be sure to let you know when the rollout actually starts, so keep an eye out.


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38 comments on “AT&T’s Galaxy S4 to start getting Android 4.4 KitKat tomorrow

  1. chevin0423 11 months ago said:

    Please released 4.4.2 Update here in the Philippines.

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  2. schhy 11 months ago said:

    Took long enough. Better have something good

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  3. RaptorOO7 11 months ago said:

    I will be interested to see what the update looks like. Did it get the new TW UI like the GS5 or is it the same as last years TW.

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  4. bruno96bs 11 months ago said:

    Please Galaxy S4 Mini Duos ( GT-I9192)

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  5. GilPangaio 11 months ago said:

    How come it comes out for branded phones first and other countries after! Bring to Portugal TPH first! I ve paied 700 euros for my phone and a branded phone coosts much less thann that!At least give us an aswer when is the release comming out.

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  6. gusbuendia 11 months ago said:

    Estoy en mexico y tengo el galaxy SGH-1337 AT&T, llegara aquí la actualización por medio de kies?

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  7. AlphaVictor87 11 months ago said:

    This is actually out today. Just finished downloading it about an hour ago.
    For someone who asked above, no its not the new Touch Wiz UI. Just updated to 4.4.2.

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  8. LATIS 11 months ago said:

    When 4.4.2 is gonna be launched in HongKong?…….Im really waiting about the Firmware…..

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  9. vineethkbhat 11 months ago said:

    I just updated my wife’s Galaxy S4 (GT-I9500 Indian version) Android Kitkat 4.4.2! now the firmware version is I9500XXUFNB3B

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  10. empairer 11 months ago said:

    y para España lte phe

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  11. lewent20 11 months ago said:

    My phone France rom 9505.When 4.4 kitkat firmware updates in my phone

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  12. B1lly 11 months ago said:

    Be careful people. Allegedly, Kit Kat will stop you from installing Apps to your SD Card and prevent Apps from writing to your SD card. Hope Samsung put right this Google wrong as I have a 64gb Samsung SD Card installed! Google had cloud “front-centre” when developing Kit Kat it seems…

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  13. stang23 11 months ago said:

    i live in new jersey, have not got it yet. is this a slow roll out

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  14. vwlover69 11 months ago said:

    Still wIting on this release, WTF??????

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  15. vwlover69 11 months ago said:

    Contact who!

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  16. stang23 11 months ago said:

    I contact att about 2 hours ago on agent chat he access my phone and tried to update it but couldn’t. ..

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  17. douglasphilippemaldonado 11 months ago said:

    This post was seven days ago…. and you didn´t has the firmware release in your data base…. i want to have kitkat on my SGS4 SGH-I3337M please make public the update

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  18. stang23 11 months ago said:

    LoL…went to att they said wait until it pushed to your device then went to best buy they said they havnt received the update software yet…but att rolled out the update 8 days ago and it looks like it could take a month to receive it…they have to get their shit together

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  19. celalettin 11 months ago said:

    Samsung s4 i9500 kitkat güncellemesi

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  20. dziubekam 11 months ago said:

    gdzie moge pobrać do sgh i 337 at&t aby zainstalować porzez ODIN. poszukuje plika i nic ;/ jest w polsce a telefoz z usa… i nie moze połączyć się z serwerm. jak to zrobic zeby bedac w polsce aktualizować d o kit kata i zeby mieć pliki do Odin ?

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  21. gagaraz 11 months ago said:

    HI all.
    Release date kitkat 4.4.2 for GT-i9506?

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