Android 4.3 update for AT&T Galaxy S4 reportedly pulled because of unmentioned issues

Well, things don’t seem to be going too well for Samsung’s Android 4.3 updates for various devices. After the Android 4.3 update for the Galaxy S III was put on hold because of major issues, it looks like AT&T might have done the same for the 4.3 update for the Galaxy S4. According to Android Police, the update has been pulled and AT&T is currently investigating some unmentioned issues, and is looking with “potential improvements” with Samsung.

There’s no telling when the update’s rollout resume, and it makes us wonder what could be going on with the update. Has Samsung’s huge amount of add-on features become too much for the company to handle and is causing issues when adapting Android 4.3 to older devices, or did they start pushing out the updates prematurely without testing them properly? Whatever the reasons may be, here’s hoping Samsung gets everything fixed as soon as possible, instead of making users suffer by giving them half-baked updates.

Have any of you using an AT&T Galaxy S4 witnessed any major bugs or issues after the Android 4.3 update?


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  1. They put their best technicians on Tizen. Apprentices for updates of older models.

  2. Good way to add traffic to your site and others. So many ways this thing is benefiting Samsung but customers are affected

  3. Issues? well for one.. the Mobile Data toggle is GONE..

    When you play music, and you select a song, it automatically goes to the large view, instead of playing and letting you keep scrolling through songs.

    Compared to the Verizon 4.3 update, there are a lot of missing things. The long hold of the home button menu only shows icons on AT&T. Verizon shows labels like “Task Manager”, “Close All Apps” and “Google” for Google Now.

    Also, the phone feels faster, but I compared it side by side to my dad’s Verizon S4 and his feels better for some reason.

    Oh and the status bar is not transparent anymore, which really made me mad as that is one thing I loved about this phone.

  4. looks like the status bar was a glitch.. NVM. it is transparent.

  5. Salam 3alikom ,good evening ;until now I have not received the 4.3 version on my mobile at & t s4 I337 (I use 4.2). these things is not acceptable for 7 months we have been waiting for this new android, despite that we see these problems. my point of view if Samsung does not solve these problems in a timely manner, it will lose a lot (its customers, quality … despite its many mobile manufacturer ram, processor …). why it is better than samsung solve problems about new android versions (stability, quality, compatibility between programming and composition of the mobile).

  6. Its been fine here. I dont like some of the changes, but its been stable. THe only change I dont like worth mentioning is the way folders stay open after selecting a program from them. Its an extra tap to close the folder. But thats a usability issue, not a bug.

  7. They really did rush these 4.3 didn’t they. U.S. Cellular’s OTA has issues connecting to hidden SSID as well as wifi getting blocked by knox, Sprint’s wont even download / install right and wifi issues (reported to be knox related as well), and Verizon’s is causing wifi / data related issues (Also knox…).

    • Edit: U.S. Cellular / Sprint / Verizon just pulled their updates as well. U.S. Cellular is now showing 4.2.2 as the current update (MF5) and Sprint / Verizon stopped releasing OTAs according to some sells reps.

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