Samsung to officially announce the Galaxy S5 in January?

This is something you should strictly file under rumors that have little chance of turning out to be right, but according to the Korean media, who cite sources inside Samsung, the Galaxy S5 will be officially announced in January next year. The reason? Well, it’s apparently the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S4, so Samsung is hoping to get the next flagship out earlier than usual, supposedly in February.

The Galaxy S5 is expected to be the first Samsung flagship to sport a metal construction instead of a plastic one, and also debut Samsung’s 64-bit Exynos processor with simultaneous eight-core processing and a high-end 16-megapixel camera with optical image stabilization and improved low-light photography. As has been the tradition since the Galaxy Note II, it will likely run on Android 4.4 out of the box.

Again, none of this is confirmed, so take everything with a giant pinch of salt. Launching a flagship less than a year after the previous one, and especially just a few months after the Galaxy Note 3, doesn’t seem like the brightest thing to do, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Samsung is planning.

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  1. The problem is they would be stupid enough and user “unfriendly” enough to do just this. We’re wasting so much money buying phone after phone within months of one another.. Having been a samsung fan since the Galaxy S, i’m strongly considering moving to apple.
    By now, they’re no more expensive and at least they don’t spout out phones within months of eachother.

    • I have been a devoted Samsung user since the first galaxy S phones as well, but if they make this move come to fruition, it will truly demonstrate to me that they don’t care for their customer’s loyalty as much as they should. If they actually do this, i too will be switching to a phone company that focuses on updating their flagship phone’s firmware instead of spitting out new devices every couple of months. Sorry Sammy, i don’t approve of this “rumoured” move.

      • i agree… too many new devices… and firmware updates to older devices is a forgotten story…

        • I guess its because of the F series rumoured as they have to put it in a good date as it will be coming eit the best specs better then the S series

    • So you (and others) are saying you don’t care if you have a good phone, you just don’t want anyone else having a better one than your’s… :(
      Sorry if I misunderstand…

      • Yeah, I have to agree with this, that’s what it sounds like

      • That’s not what they are saying. They are saying that Samsung’s “shotgun blast” of new phones every year make it VERY expensive for consumers to keep up.

        If you are purchasing a flagship Galaxy S Series, or Note Series, of phones outside of the US, you are likely paying full price for these devices ($800+ USD).

        If you are purchasing one of these flagship phones in the US, you’re likely locked into a 2year contract..AFTER spending $200 USD.

        From a consumer standpoint, when do you pull the trigger, if you know you’re phone will be a legacy device, and largely ignored with later firmware / software updates?

        From a US perspective, having to miss out on 1 device (during your 2 year contract) is problematic enough. Potentially missing out on 2 iterations of the flagship phone will cause consumers to look elsewhere.

        Going Apple is a little extreme, but Moto, HTC, LG, and even the Nexus lines look more attractive if that’s the case.

        No tech envy….just finances & poor customer support for legacy devices.

        • ah! thank you for the explanation. unfortunately I still don’t buy it.

          You say “From a US perspective, having to miss out on 1 device (during your 2 year contract) is problematic…”. Why? you don’t explain and the only explanations I find are the one I exposed already (my limitation, sorry).

          I’m talking from the user point of view. for the manufacturer point of view please check the post by caesantos on 10 October 2013 at 18:40.

          If you’re going to upgrade every 2 years what difference makes how many iterations did you miss? 1? 2? 0? 15? it shouldn’t matter to you. Either the phone you have serves your needs or not. if not – either you can afford to upgrade or you are stuck with it… :(

          • I’ll try to explain further…

            Given: Samsung spends more time supporting & maintaining the most recently available hardware. There are marketing drivers that make it more benefical for Samsung to NOT update a previous iteration of thier phone, in a timely fashion, because the consumer’s desire for the latest version of Android (and all the new features that come along with it) will drive them to purchase the most recent phone if that is the only place they can get it.

            Look at the S3. If Samsung updated the S3 with the new version of Android, shortly after it was available, less S3 users would have upgraded to the S4, in order to take advantage of all the new features offered by the updated version of TouchWiz / Android.

            The same could be said for the S2. Many of the people (in the US) that purchased the S4 were S2 users rolling off of their 2 year contract. The S2 was a very solid phone, and if it were updated with Jelly Bean before the S4 release, less people would have purchased the S4 because the Android update would give them access to things like Google Now, and updated features.

            Samsung knows this, and (IMO) prioritize maintaining & supporting older devices lower than new devices. They hold back updating older devices so that it helps drive sales of newer devices higher.

            SO, if phones are being replaced every 6 months….and if you are locked in a 2 year contract, the probability of your device getting updated & supported drops dramatically as your device is replaced with new ones.

            If Samsung updated all of their phones with the latest & greatest updates the hardware could handle, I would have no problem with faster releases. That, however, just isn’t the case.

          • @ RajCaj on 11 October 2013 at 19:17 said: (Can’t reply to your comment)

            better hardware, better software. You say that’s different things, I say it’s the same thing, my argument applies to both.
            You have an excelent phone hardware with an excelent phone firmware with many, many excelent available phone apps.
            you just don’t want anyone else to have a better hard/firm/soft ware then you.

            sorry if I didn’t explaind better at first :(

    • Samsung can go f theyr selves

      My “flagship” S3 LTE (i9305)
      Launched with 4.1.1 here we are with 4.4 coming out very soon
      what am i running 4.1.2

      The other problem is bloat and stupid partitioning

      1gb cache patition sitting there doing squat
      560mb hidden patition sitting there empty
      i have removed a moderate amount of bloat all core samsung functionality is intact on the system partition 605mb free space

      thats 2.1gb sitting wasted i could have had a 13gb main partition instead of a 10.8gb one

      and aparently its worse on the s4

      the only reason i buy samsung is

      1 hard buttons
      2 removable battery
      3 sd card support

      if an when google wake up and add this to nexus devices i will be gone for good

      • Samsung Glaxy S3 LTE GT-I9305 Release Date, 10 Aug 2012

        1 year 4 days old and all we have had is one minor bump
        from 4.1.1 to 4.1.2

  2. Maybe a rumour throwed by the competence to scare the samsung buyers in the pre-christmas sales ?
    But, from Samsung, I can expect anything, there always be some folks that can´t live without the last flagship phone.

  3. Who said the sales of the S4 were disappointing?

    • Samsung. They think that 20 million is too low?

      • Its not low but the S3 is a more positive device this year also even after the S4 came out in the market

  4. I support this thought and hope it does come true. If they felt dissatisfied or disappointed by the S4 from a sales standpoint then bring something better to market that will sell. Either people will buy or go fly a kite. Samsung rules period.

    • I disagree. Sales on the S4 could be down because Samsung has saturated the market with dozens of iterations of their other phones.

      How many versions of the S4 are out there? (Snapdragon, Exynos, Active, Mini, just to name a few off the top of my head)

      How about the Note line of phones?

      Look at the other 5-10 phones Samsung released in other international markets (most of which come at a much lower price than the flagship S4)

      Almost forgot about the Mega line…

      Releasing all of these phones every year create a situation where their flagship phones end up competing with phones from their own parent company, let alone all the flagship phones from other manufactures.

      People will either buy, or give another hardware manufacture their hard earned money. That’s not how you raise stock prices buddy.

  5. Take this rumor with a grain of salt.

    - If Samsung release S5 too early, it would have pissed off S4 owner for having such a short life span of a flagship phone.
    - It would have hurt the sales of Note 3 for releasing S5 too early.
    - The development of 64-bit Exynos SOC would take time.

    Why don’t Samsung go back to the drawing board and think about why their sales flopped? For me, it’s the unclear positioning of their Exynos chip against the Qualcomm equivalent. If they want to have their own designed chip like Apple they must place it on their top lineups, not to cripple it without 4G connectivity.

    Besides, there is no reason Samsung would have dropped the support for FM Radio when HTC/Sony/LG are keeping it on their flagship. People love the idea of swappable battery and removable memory card just because they know they can. Sames goes for FM radio.

    • I agree.

    • They have already made the 64 bit Exynos SOC as the A7 64 bit chip in apple is made by Samsung its self of there is a probability of them having sotck of it already

  6. Is there a way Samsung can be reading our contributions in this forum? It might give them necessary feedback needed to avoid making foolish decisions.

    • This would be nice, but if they did come here all they’d be reading is empty demands or incessant whining from most people.

  7. Hey everybody….dont believe it….Samsung won’t do want to kill themselves so early….it just rumours….they still want to earn more money with Note 3….April will be the date probably….not now

  8. I couldn’t care less. When S2 was released, the competition was weak. Now the competition is getting stronger every day. I have a S4 but if I was going to buy a smartphone right now, I would never buy S4 Snap 600, there are better, newer and more interesting smarts to buy in the market. They’re only trying to catch up with the competition.

  9. Give us Vanilla android bootable option and software bundles as separate download or two mode configurations (Stock or TouchWiz).
    Fast update and no eFuse locked. Allowing customers to do what the fuck they wanted with the phone would be a good start.

  10. Just remake touchwiz with a more refresh UI or fix the battery life issue for the next flagship.

    • I agree in this ad the S4 battery sucks like hell the S3 was better in Battery life I guess htc one would have had been a better option

  11. i still don’t understand why samsung phones are selling so much, people bitching about high prices, slow updates, slow system and whatever… who hasn’t tried nexus doesn’t have any clue what android really is, everyone’s 1st phone should be nexus and then compare every other product with it, then everyone would see how heavy and missbehaving touchwiz is… i can’t believe that people are tolerating this and buying expensive samsung… is really prestige so important? look at me i have expensive samsung, think of me i am cool!

    • Not neccessarily, TouchWiz enhances alot of features in stock Android, in addition to offering additional capabilities that you dont’ have on Nexus devices.

      Also, (prior to the Moto X), TouchWiz has been much closer to stock Android than HTC’s Sence, Moto’s Blur.

      Also, the hardware offered in the Galaxy S phones have been industry leading. Top performing processors, one of the best screens, data radios.

      The Nexus line of Phones are JUST getting LTE, while it’s been available from Samsung Galaxy S phones since the S2 Skyrocket) (Which was released over 2 years ago)

      That said, all these extra features tend to cause performance issues…so it comes down to how much are you willing to trade features for performance? Thats a very subjective answer.

  12. Now what I’m trying to figure out is why everyone is complaining about them releasing devices every other 6 months or year. But why the hell would you? MY S3,Had since launch. Still runs like a damn champ and I’ve had no problems. I love and use CM. Just because they release a new phone every 6months (which apple does btw) DOES NOT MEAN YOU NEED TO get a new phone. It’s called technology and technology is always, I mean always evolving and being added to new phones whether we like it or not. I personally don’t care, I’ll be getting the S5 anyways, I skipped the S4 for obvious reasons. Ya’ll have a good day.

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