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Samsung announces Premium Suite update for Galaxy S III, S4, and Note II in the US


Following a leaked Android 4.3 update roadmap for U.S. variants of the Galaxy S III, S4, and Note II, and Android 4.3 firmware leaks for the S4 and (international) Note II, Samsung has officially announced the Premium Suite software package for the aforementioned devices in North America. The Premium Suite will update the devices to Android 4.3, and add features such as updated Easy Mode, Multi Window™, advanced camera options, KNOX, and additional features with new functionality.

Apart from the new features, the update will also add support for the Galaxy Gear, which Samsung announced in a separate press release a couple of days ago. The update will begin rolling out today, and will complete over the course of the next few weeks; the Galaxy S4 mini and both Galaxy Megas are also confirmed to be receiving Gear support, though Samsung didn’t mention a time frame for those devices.


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13 comments on “Samsung announces Premium Suite update for Galaxy S III, S4, and Note II in the US

  1. demlasjr 1 year ago said:

    Samsung: “In Europe we call it scheduled update, in ‘mericaaaaa we call it Premium Suite”

    Samsung fail LOL

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  2. roeldeckers 1 year ago said:

    Really Samsung? Us carriers before the international version (S3)? Then there really might be a RAM problem. All Us versions have 2gb ram i believe, while the i9300 has only 1gb.
    And all because touchwiz is such a heavy interface.

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  3. adrien_razvan 1 year ago said:

    And what about the international version of the S3 ? …. Does Samsung really think there are more S3 users in the US ore is Samsung trying to kiss some over there so they won’t ban all of they’re products…

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  4. ProdByEchelon 1 year ago said:

    I hope the GT-N7100 will be included and I’m excited to see which S4 features are coming to it

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  5. AdL2012 1 year ago said:

    when the hell is coming 4.3 for i9300???

    the lag contacts/dialer is still there on 4.3?

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  6. TouchWiz 1 year ago said:

    Nice… Just waiting for it to my international Galaxy S4 (i9505)in Finland (Nordic country)!

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  7. wiijordends 1 year ago said:

    Even if it was in Europe I shouldn’t download it.

    Of course I like the new note 3/s4 features on my Note 2.
    Of coure I’m happy that I finally can buy a galaxy Gear without another phone.

    But there is one DISAVANTAGE that hold me back:

    I can’t root my Note 2 again without increasing the Samsung Knox bootloader counter

    I wish there was a way to disable the Samsung knox bootloader or there was a way to root without increase the Knox counter.

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    • ProdByEchelon 1 year ago said:

      Don’t install it then

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    • ElComplotDel256 1 year ago said:

      The note 3 has Knox counter since september, and about two or three weeks later, people can root the note 3 without changes in counter. I have a I9300 rooted and I hope the GS3 will root without problems in a few weeks, so I can wait some weeks without root (I hope… jajaja)

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  8. tester215 1 year ago said:

    When we have the 4.3 actualization for the Sgh-i747m ?

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  9. pbm5362 1 year ago said:

    Its nice to see this time around the US to be among the first to get the update. Were usually the last to get updates. Although I would have wanted to an official update, good job Samsung!!! Now lets just see how much of the features the carriers will cripple.

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  10. ictorn 1 year ago said:

    For which Samsung does not explain on what basis it will work KNOX?. Recently I buy phones from Samsung: Wave I, II, III, now GALAXY SIII and this company always has trouble or software updates – always!!!. Or is there someone with the eggs that it directs. Or who earlier rises, then make rules?.

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