Samsung already testing ID chips for accessories on the Galaxy Note 3?

Yesterday, the Korean publication ETNews published a report indicating that Samsung was looking at controlling the accessory market for its devices, by implementing an identification chip inside accessories such as smart covers and wireless chargers. Today, ETNews has followed up with another report, and this one says that Samsung is already testing that chip in accessories for the Galaxy Note 3.

ETNews cites industry sources saying Samsung has already distributed authorization chips to its own accessory making unit and suppliers and made their installation mandatory. Accessories that don’t include this ID chip won’t work as intended – it’s not clear what that means, though maybe we’ll see devices not getting charged properly, when, for example, we don’t use an authorized wireless charger?

Of course, this is just a rumor, but at least for now, there shouldn’t be a problem buying third-party accessories for the Note 3, thought it might become a problem with future devices, like the Galaxy S5.

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  1. BTW somebody could tell me where can I find the original wireless charger for the Note 2? The back cover receiver at least. Thanks!

  2., ebay or your local wireless carrier might have them. Seems Samsung pulled them off of their website, in the US at least.

    • Thank you, only compatible devices found.

  3. Oh and BTW, this is no different than what CrApple implemented last year with their lightning port crap.

  4. Before blaming customers for buying third-party accessories, Samsung should put their s**it together and make accessories available ASAP.
    I can’t find wireless charger kit anywhere.
    If you buy anything from Samsung web store you have NO customer support.


    • BTW, wireless charger kit for Note 3. (Backorder? No thanks, I want it NOW!)

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