BREAKING: More images Galaxy S IV DUOS showed up [PROTOTYPE]

New images of Galaxy S IV (GT-I9502) have appeared on another Chinese website. The day before Samsung’s Unpacked launch many new pictures of the Galaxy S IV DUOS showed up. The Galaxy S IV looks similar to the Galaxy Note II Samsung uses even the same speaker grill.



According to the website these are the specifications…
- Android 4.2
- 4.99” AMOLED/PHOLED display
- Resolution 1080 x 1920
- 13 megapixel
- Exynos 5410 1.8GHz Octa-core processor
- PowerVR SGX 544MP3 GPU
- 16GB internal memory
- 2600mAh battery
- 140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7mm
- Weight 138 gram
- Smart Scroll and Smart Pause and Air View that supports fingers instead of the S Pen.

UPDATE: According to our insider who gave us the first info on the Octa-Core and the PHOLED screen this is not the real deal. This is just one of the prototypes flying around and we know there are a few flying around of those. He told us to trust him. We will know if he was right tonight!


Translation images special thanks to Lien Wee Hoo
2/19: There are only 2 phones in the world that will drag peoples attention: iPhone & Galaxy series.
So we will let you preview the Galaxy SIV prototype.
3/19: This is Dual-Sim model (WCDMA+GSM), with a carrier bloatware preinstalled.
4/19: New SIV uses new dotted, cross-hatch textured design on the body, compared to SIII brushed metal-effect.
5/19: Thinner bezel to get bigger screen (4.99”), with embossed home button.
7/19:Y ou can take front & rear shot at same time, voice control.
8/19: The plastic back cover uses new design, which is much pretty than SIII. They hope the final version will not cracked easily.
9/19: 8 cores
10/19: High Specs
11/19: Feel premium, sleek & solid in hand. The side is made of “metallic feel” plastic. You can barely notice it is made of plastic. It has brushed metal-effect.
12/19: Impressive made, with such size & weight.
13/19: Replaceable battery. No info of the battery, but tested to be 2,600 mAh.
14/19: Dual sim slot & micro-SD slot.
15/19: Smart stay, smart scroll, smart pause, Air View.
16/19: Testing Air View with finger.
17/19: testing Air View. Samsung had open SDK, & hopefully more developer to include it.
18/19: Testing smart scroll. A little bit slow, probably due to prototype.
19/19: What experience will 8 cores bring to us? Thanks for review.

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  1. Transparent status bar. But this is very disappointing :\

    • Quad A15 + SGX544MP3 at 533Mhz + micro-sd support + exchangeable battery + Pholed 1080p display = disappointing? Are you on meds?

    • transparent status bar only in lockscreen, just like in the S III

      • Look at the first pic, that is definitely not the lockscreen.

  2. Coming from an iPhone 4 and tired of Apple this S IV is awesome! It looks good (maybe not the best) but factor in what it can do from a hardware standpoint and you have to love it. Stop being unrealistic and setting the bar too high. If you want a cosmetically great looking phone then try the iPhone, HTC One, or any of the other underperforming handsets.

    • Sorry but the iPhone 5 looks way too outdated. It’s boring. The S4 looks too much like the S3.

      Hopefully, Samsung has a better design than this.

      • iPhone5 outdated? It has simplicity and class.

        • The design is about 7 years old. We first saw it on the LG Prada back in 2006.

          It’s not simple by any means. Simple would be the Sony ZL. Not much going on. I would get that but it’s way too big. Really not liking how these manufacturer are going with these 5″ screens.

  3. i have samung galaxy S3 and if it is next Galaxy SIV than Samsung gonna loose this time

    • No, the design is phenomenal, and the screen looks brilliant. This design looks less naturey/plasticy and more sleek and sexy. The screen is also brilliant.

      • The design is not what I’d call phenomenal, but considering the fact that I always use a case on my phones, I’d say it’s not a big deal.

  4. Why MP3…I expected(hoped) to be MP4:(

    • I expected MP6. Anything less than MP5.5 is total fail. MP5.75 is still acceptable.

      My brother says he needs MP6.31 or else he isn’t getting the phone.

      • The iPad 4 only has MP3 I believe, and it blows everything else away.

    • 544MP3 at 533Mhz is going to rival even the iPad 4, and the SGX544 has much better support, so maybe we’re even going to get a decent CM version this time around! Let’s also not forget that it has four A15 cores as well with incredible memory bandwidth, which is going to only help improve the performance. The SGSIV is going to be the fastest phone out there, bar none.

      • At least until the Tegra 4 phones come out ; )

        SnapDragon 800 shouldn’t be faster than this, though, only ‘comparable’.

  5. Hey guys this gs4 have an Ota update….
    Is it possible, according to you? O_O

  6. I was hoping for this to at least have a thinner bezel. I guess I will wait for the galaxy note 3 as this does not seem as an appropriate upgrade from my s3

  7. This is fake i am 100%

  8. Note the notification led.. Its not visible in the final product.. its hidden inside the body..

    So this confirms this is a prototype.

  9. What is the 3rd card slot for, if it is a card slot, as shown in pic 13? I know that 2 are for the SIM and SD cards.

    • Never mind. It’s another SIM card slot. D’oh!

    • This is DUOS version.. dual sim.
      2 SIMS.. 1 for SD card.

  10. No doubt FAKE.. look at the horrible thickness, why make thicker than s3 , look at the LED.. Chinese dummy knock up

  11. Looks like S3 to me. Please, I hope this isn’t S4. Same ol hardware design, same ol TW.

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