Samsung could release its own Turtle Glass displays soon

Samsung’s display division has recently issued a registration for a brand new display entitled ‘Turtle Glass’, which could be an alternative to Gorilla Glass. Following a long collaboration with Corning it seems the two companies will part ways for now, and Turtle Glass could have many applications in Samsung’s TVs, watches and other products as well. It could be that Samsung plans on using Turtle Glass for the Galaxy S7 considering all the rumors that have emerged lately, and it will be interesting to compare with Gorilla Glass once we get our hands on it.

What’s interesting about this recent registration is that it matches the timing of other display rumors such as foldable displays and Project Valley. If we put these things together we could be seeing an exquisite project which will bring us a foldable smartphone with a really resistant display, which makes sense because such a design could easily get scratched or damaged. Samsung is also known for its fantastic quality of displays so something really good could come from combining all these things, but we’ll have to wait and see.


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10 months 3 days ago

I think you forget that Samsung is now a majority share holder in Corning Glass. What actually took place is although Samsung still owns and built the Corning and Samsung Joint Ventures properties in South Korea, they are leasing them to Corning Glass. But the Samsung’s employees still work there. Samsung basically traded their share in the Korean Corning facilities for shares in Corning USA itself. This is what has put them in direct majority shareholder control of Corning Glass themselves.

It’s why Apple quit using Corning, to get away from being dependent on Samsung as much as possible. When the Samsung Corning Joint Venture was under Samsung’s sole , it was considered completely separate enterprise from Samsung Electronics itself. Now those shares are directly under Cheil and the Lee Family’s control, along with the holding company now being absorbed into Samsung Electronics. Where the Fashion leg alone is said to have plans to add $40 Billion in Revenue alone!

This new Turtle Glass is a trademark only and could very well be just the reworking of Corning Gorilla Glass as in the case of S6 Edge and Edge Plus. It could also be a totally new product, but just remember Samsung is not in competition with Corning Glass. They now own controlling shares in the trade off of Samsung Corning Glass Joint Venture to Corning only. Which gave Corning all their LCD Glass works factories in South Korea! …..what are they making there? Still most likely products for Samsung now still!!!

10 months 12 days ago

Corning does produce a very thin substrate for flexible displays, but most flexible displays are produced on a plastic substrate. Samsung and Corning have a number of joint development projects for the development of large format OLED substrates and ultra-thin glass and encapsulation, so it would make little sense for Samsung to compete with its joint development programs. If you have a factual reason to believe that Samsung (who does not produce its own glass substrates) has changed it mind and is going into the glass display substrate business or they have developed a glass product for another part of their product line, please let us know.

10 months 11 days ago

Flexible is not foldable.

10 months 12 days ago

It seems that Corning is not able to manufacture foldable displays and Samsung had to develop its own “turtle glass” to release its new products.

10 months 12 days ago

I have always wondered why they don’t use a poly-carbonate for screens combined with a sacrificial toughened glass layer like you can buy aftermarket. this would mean no more cracked screens but still be resistant to scratches and impact.

10 months 12 days ago

This is not a patent application but a trademark. It could be for anything that Samsung potentially makes. Do you have a reason to think it is a substitute for Corning’s ion-exchange glass or is this idel speculation?

10 months 12 days ago

Well the quality of the GG4 is also extremely bad. Already have several scrathes on my S6 screen, which i have never had on any of my galaxy devices before.

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