Galaxy S6 edge and related accessories could be offered in Marvel themed limited edition

The Galaxy S6 edge is already a looker of a phone, but if these renders are anywhere close to being a real deal, Samsung might have something special in store for fans of Marvel characters. Renders of the S6 edge in various Marvel themed characters are in our possession and for you to see. Not only is the device itself themed to the characters general color language, but a few accessories including the Clear-View case (about which Samsung talked a day back, too).

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The device itself and the cases can be seen themed as popular characters including Ironman, Hulk, Captain America, Thor (this one looks dope to me!) and more, as you can see below. However, it isn’t confirmed if Samsung will be making these (refer to embedded tweet), although we (and I believe our readers) would want these dearly.













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1 year 4 months ago

Iron man red/gold def the best one!!

1 year 4 months ago

I have to agree about the red and gold. Sexy as hell! Samsung needs to make that as a color option for both the S6 and S6 Edge. I’d buy that in a second.

1 year 4 months ago

Aww that would be great, I really love the Iron Man edition Red and Gold stand for nobility xD! i want one

1 year 4 months ago

IronMan Clear view Cover is Awesome !!

1 year 4 months ago

I hope its not overly expensive. I have to get one of these omg!!!!

1 year 4 months ago

O_O I hope these are available at launch!!!!!! I want that black and gold one with the man and the bow and arrow…..Dont know his name lol but the phone looks wicked!!!!!

1 year 4 months ago

His name is Hawk-eye. :)

1 year 4 months ago

That’s Hawkeye it’s pretty too

1 year 4 months ago

I want one of these. They look awesome and the logo flashing up when someone is ringing looks amazing. These would be highly sought after.

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